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Spears had gone on ahead. Jake had collapsed in the corridor and Marvin was staying with him. These were the last minutes for the engineer - Spears had seen it before. But this time there was no unit to hand out the last of their morphine, nor chaplain to administer last rites.

Jake was going to die. And he only had his friend Marvin to comfort him at the end.

Spears had left them... because it was not his part to share that moment, and not the time to stop. He had to keep going. Things were falling into place, and every revelation sent fresh adenaline to his legs... fresh sparks to his exhausted mind.


That world... that place of darkness and the machine towers. Were the Elders being built there? And inside those towers... what were those spheres of light...?


The towers held spheres of light, like the one the Elders were going into... the one that led to Iwaku. Were worlds being stored in the towers, processed by the Elders, categorized, filed...? And why was Iwaku causing them such a problem? Why wasn't it being categorized?


Then the spacestation... descending through the Elder World... frying the Spiders, deactivating them. And now it was here. The Spacestation was here in Iwaku City and there was celebration in the air...

But the symbols were the same. The symbols on the towers and the symbols on the spacestation...

Something was missing from the riddle, something that would make these things fall into place. But Spears was a Sergeant, a drill-man, a grunt. He could not join the final dots. He just had to collect as much as he could - gather the intelligence then get back to Dystopia, in whatever state it was in now.

He paused at the next intersection, lowering his flashlight and pistol and peering through another viewing port. There was a long extension of metal protruding from the side of the spherical hull. It was of different design, sleeker and of a lighter silver-blue. And it was not as rusted or rundown as the rest of the station.

Pressing his face to the glass, Spears made out the telltale shapes of docking clamps and fuel lines. It was a ship... moored to the side of the station. He turned off the flashlight to cut down the glare, his half-open eyes narrowing even further as he tried to make out the markings.


His hand gripped the pistol again, his lip curling at the sight of the legend. He had never seen Asmodeus's flagship during the War. His company had been caught up in the Cult Quarter skirmish like most of the ISAF and Spears was just a corporal back then. After the Markovian raid where RoadRage and Lieutenant Travis were taken, Spears's duties had been little more than clean-up and then withdrawal to Goering Field (where he narrowly avoided being stepped on by a 50ft demon, but that was another story). But he had heard enough about the Legacy to know what it stood for. The Asmodeus Roleplaying Corporation, the Empire of Structure and the Tyranny of Ideas.

The final piece of the puzzle was locked into place, albeit crudely and haphazardly. What had begun as Razbots and Prolific X had become this: Supporters of Asmodeus, or perhaps the long-lost angel himself, building arachnid war machines and spacestations. Spears glanced below and saw the crowds beyond the castle. Perhaps Asmodeus was down there now, rallying the people as he did in his golden years.

But why were they listening? How could they not see the Legacy? What was happening down there?

Holstering his flashlight, Spears took out his camera phone and switched it on. He would use the last of its power to record what was on the Legacy... to find out what were the A.R.C. were planning.

And then he would try to find a way off this thing and get some help to Jake and Marvin.

[SUMMARY: Spears finds the docked Legacy and as he tries to piece the puzzle together he comes to the assumption that Asmodeus's followers have built the ship and the Elders. He starts trying to find a way onboard, so that he can expose what is happening.]


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"This is all getting overwhelming!" Diana didn't have to pretend or exaggerate her confusion with Yuri. Only an idiot wouldn't expect an assassin or an angry vigilante, but Yuri's behavior seemed out of place. While her guard Spike handle him, and several members from the crowd stood up to help intervene, she stepped back.

A clearing of her throat, Diana motioned a hand towards the double doors of the castle. "Why don't you join me inside. All of you. I would love to speak with everyone, but I think we'll be more comfortable inside." She was worried, but her body language remained calm. The moment she flipped out, so too would the mob of people. That wouldn't be good for any of them.

Diana turned back to the people to wave a hand, before she motioned her head for Spike to follow her inside. She led the way, and it was up to the others if they chose to follow her or not.


Acqua kept quiet as Archy creeped her out a bit. Not really paying all too much attention, she was occupied in taking in her surroundings. However, somebody suddenly caught her eye. Acqua watched as Yuri attempted to attack Diana, only to be interfered with. Acqua sighed with relief as the apparent assassin was dealt with. At least the peace was kept for a little bit, Acqua thought.

However, more people continued to fill her view. A man named Sindri caught her attention and she noticed that he gave a look to GMK. Not really sure what to think of it, she continued to survey the scene around her before Diana spoke once more. I guess I should follow her inside if the others are coming, Acqua thought to herself.
Natalie continued to look around, not really feeling comfortable in this situation. There were too many people around and she was not liking that at all. She felt running back to the ship they had arrived in and hiding from everyone. Natalie continued to stand in place and contemplate what she could do. It's not like these people want me around here, anyway, Natalie thought to herself as she began to walk back in the direction of the ship.

Karsikan the Berzerker

Karsikan's attention was captured by the Heretic Sindri, Rage burned within him and he felt his muscles tighten as his strength skyrocketed, but now was neither the time nor the place. With the chaos going on, someone had to preserve order here. Thankfully Drake had grabbed him before he'd gotten to do any further damage, The Grandmaster strode towards the area, holy wrath filling every step.

"First, you would do well to calm yourself boy, before I crush your insignificant skull with my bare hands" The Grandmaster wasn't bluffing, but he was venting some of the rage he felt at him, perhaps unjustly, "Second," he turned his attention to Diana, "Milady, I would be cautious to accept any gift from that...Heretic," He growled those last words as he turned his burning gaze to Sindri, and Eldrtch flame lept from his eyes. "His kind have never given anything freely without an....ulterior motive," he kept his blazing eyes locked on Sindri, as his sword hand twitched invisibly for his blade.


Spike kept his eyes on Yuri, tense as ever. More people were interfering, making this job more complicating and frustrating. This is what he was hired for... Was it really necessary to make more commotion?

...Perhaps. No mercy for the wicked and Yuri, to Spike, was the wicked.

Thankfully, Diana was signaling Spike to follow her into the castle. He handed the mage to Drake and gave the fellow a small pat on the back before retreating,

"He's your problem now. My lady needs me."

Spike's ears unfolded from his head, but only the tips poked from his hair, all muscles relaxing. He decided to spare this stranger a hiss and a cruel name because he preferred to look a little less beastly in front of others.

He caught up with Diana and walked beside her, whispering an apology but saying it was for the best. He looked down to his gloves and saw the fabric was singed from when he grabbed Yuri by the wrists and the skin on his palms took some of the damage because of that. Spike ignored the pain... More than anything, he was mad about ruining his good gloves.


A Relic of a Bygone Era
Cold. That's all Chaos felt as he dragged his sword across the ground in his sheath. He had awakened on the shoreline of the lake new Iwaku Castle, the tides from the temple taking him there. The temple...was it still standing? His memory was so muddled up there was no point in even wondering. How many people remembered him? Had he just become a relic of the past? And his power. Why were his powers so weak? When he drew Ragnarok its existence was weak and unstable. The banishing power of the blade was gone. He was forced to fill the empty core with a fragment of his own soul to re-stabilize it. And the most horrifying thing of all to him was...

"...I...died...didn't I?"

The vague memory of death. It would only make things hard if it was true. Because if it was, he was a dead man back from the grave for reasons he could not explain. He shuffled towards castle from the lake. Someone. Anyone. He had to talk to someone who could tell him what was going on. After the Admin War was nothing but a big blank. He didn't sense anyone he knew anymore his powers were so weak. And even Rory, a power he had always been able to feel, no longer existed. At least not as he knew it. And until Chaos could discover what was happening...

"I am alone...truly alone..."

Chaos, weak and wounded, makes his way towards Iwaku Castle coming to grips with his current state. On the verge of collapse he realizes that as of now, he is alone.


Yuri was about to headbutt his opponent when he was torn from the cat person thing by the powers of the Sorcerer. He sat up almost immedatly after, stunned. Not just physically stunned but mentally. Could he have made a mistake? Or maybe his school specifically targeted? Questions ran through his mind as he sat there.

"What is your name?"

A strange voice whispered to him, snapping him back from his reverie. He had paused to long, missed his chance to escape and now he was bound. He began kicking himself mentally for the mistake only to stop when a giant came over, filled with rage and bellowing threats at him Only then did his resolve harder as he looked over his shoulder at the other.

"My name is Yuri Tepes of Class 3A of the Gariland Academy of Magicks..." He responded to the man's question once the giant had turned to the woman.

Neko Archy

Sindri cut a less-than-welcoming figure in the crowd, and Archy wasn't entirely sure how she felt about new politicians accepting gifts from men who may or may not be Sauron.

At least it was a box and not a ring.

Though it could be a box with a ring.

But that brought up a whole 'nother set of thoughts, and the lady-Diana, was it? Didn't much seem like the type to accept marriage proposals from Melkor's archagent.

Still, the motion to party was a political platform she could get behind. If only more candidates used it.

Archy hung back from the crowd a little bit, as she noticed Natalie sneaking off. What was she up to? The catgirl followed her while the rest of the crowd went forward nervously to the party. Nothing like a good chaos sorcerer to creep people out. Very quickly, they were left almost completely alone, and that was when Archy decided to start talking.

"Hey...What are you up to?"
She bent down, getting her head next to Natalie's ear. "The party's not going to be as good without everyone there, you know.."

Archy muses briefly on Sindri and how he may or may not be the lord of the rings, recognizing him as a chaos sorcerer. She then follows Natalie while just about everyone heads off to drink and be merry.
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The sudden speech startled the girl as her hair flashed and eyes, changing into a bright red color to signal her alarm. As she slowly realized who it was, the bright red hue in her hair faded until her hair was a fair shade of blond again. Her eyes followed soon after, becoming a more normal greyish blue. Turning to Archy, she stuttered for a bit unintelligeably before finally mustering the courage to speak coherently as she stood in place.

"W-well, I wanted to go back to the ship," Natalie responded frankly, head turned to Archy.


Neko Archy

"Really now..."

Archy looked over the girl. The hair color-change was rather strange, but hey, this was a gendershifting mad scientist catgirl talking, so maybe it wasn't that far-fetched.

"The ship's kinda boring. C'mon, let's at least go take a walk if we're skipping out on the party. Mind telling me your name, kid?"


"Natalie," she quickly responded. "Depressing . . . ," Natalie suddenly muttered, taking in the surroundings yet again as she walked away from the crowd that was heading where she wanted to get away from. "Fitting that the 'Hero' would come down from the stars, eh?" Natalie threw out the question quietly, not really expecting a response from Archy as they walked. Hmm, this person seems a bit familiar; I don't know why, Natalie noted as she took another glance at Archy.

Karsikan the Berzerker

Seeing the group pacify, and feeling no need to join the others in heretical indulgence The Grandmaster walked to the ISAF staging area to check on the status of his damaged armor, He found a familiar ease with the military environment, hearkening back over two hundred years to his time in the Imperial Guard, though he had to admit, The ISAF were far better equipped and more organized that his guard unit was. After asking around for a moment he found Beach Head, repairing some machinery that The Grandmaster didn't recognize. "So," He asked, getting the soldier's attention "What's the status on my armor?"

Arsenal XA4


Beach Head looked up from the Strike Comanche he and a few others had stripped down for maintenance.

"Glad to see you came." the senior sergeant said, wiping his hands on a grease rag. "C'mon, we've got it at the temporary armory." Karsikan followed Beach Head past a number of large CV-141 Starlifter II VTOLs, two of which were in the process of lifting off.

"Where are they going?" Karsikan asked the Minigunner, dust whipped up by the two transports.

"Someplace I never heard of in my fifteen year plus career. But that's for a later discussion." Beach Head replied as he brought Karsikan to the armory.

It consisted of a HEMTT Palletized Load System with a tarp thrown rigged from the flatbed and attached to a Mortar Humvee. There was a Marine sitting on a box of 80mm mortars cooking summer sausage on a few strips of C-4 he had lit up with a match.

"Brady, the customer's here for his order." Beach Head said to the soldier as he flipped the sausage over to cook the other side.

"It's on the other side of the truck." the Marine replied, taking a sip from a canteen that had to contain moonshine instead of water.

"Right, this way..." Beach Head led Kariskan to the other side of the PLS where his armor was.

"It's... different..."

"We had to rip some skirt armor from a pair of Crusader tanks that one of the Starlifters was carrying." Beach Head explained, pulling a lizard out of the helmet then jamming it into a mag pouch for a snack later. "It's not up to factory standards but it will stand up to a couple direct hits with sabots. After that you may want to see us again to get it patched up."

"You've been very generous, Beach Head. I am grateful." Karsikan said, collecting his armor.

"Well, my generosity isn't over with. Wait here..." The Minigunner left Karsikan to put his armor back on. He came back ten minutes later with a large rifle and a ditty bag full of rifle magazines.

"Captain Pile Driver said to give you one of our spare Payload Rifles." he said, setting the weapon down on it's bipod then emptying the ditty bag. "He also said to give you some of the Armor Piercing Disposable Sabot rounds that go with it. Again, when you run out, look for us and we'll top you off."

"I thank you, Beach Head."

"Yeah, yeah, just watch yourself out there." Beach Head replied, looking over his shoulder to see a Chinook taking off with a Humvee slung underneath.


Iwaku City...

"There they are!" someone shouted, catching Carl's attention. He and his staff looked to see a gaggle of reporters approaching.

"I got 'em..." a Minigunner snarled, opening his Bullpup's grenade launcher to load a round of White Phosphorous. Carl grabbed the man's hand and shook his head.

"The wind is blowing our way, soldier. You'd kill us and them." he said, the civilians pushing past perimeter guards.

"What has become of Dystopia?"

"Is it true Shapeshift town was nuked?"

"What do you think about the Hero?"

"Why haven't you opened fire yet?" Carl raised his hands to calm the reporters.

"Easy, easy... One at a time." he said, taking a deep breath. This is not my line of work...

"First and foremost, this so-called hero, is an opportunist. I would think twice before flocking to her like rats from a sinking ship."

"But where were you when-" Carl cut the reporter off, staring at her with his good eye.

"As for the Nation, so long as her soldiers stand, Dystopia will not fall. Iwaku is just one of several posts where our flag has been placed. We will make the call to them and begin Operation: Moses. Any who wish for a better place may come with us."

"Why should the people follow? Especially after you nuked-" Carl tore his eyepatch away, silencing the reporters.

"Those that authorized the nuclear strike are most likely dead. As far as I know I am the highest ranking officer still alive. My division wasn't so lucky." Carl took his cap off and replaced the patch, running his hand over his scalp before covering it with his hat.

"Again, any one who wishes to leave with us head to the outskirts of Iwaku City. We've established an LZ there and are heading East." Carl turned away from the reporters and started in the direction of the LZ. Carl's staff and vanguard were quick to follow.

-Beach Head gives Karsikan his repaired armor and a 25mm anti-tank rifle.
-Carl says what he thinks about the 'hero' then offers a way out for those who will take it.


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Zypher Hamasaki, knight of the once proud city of Moonwings, servant to Contessa Diana, champion of Rory, and apparently Westy as well, ally of TK and Faramond, Aki and Aya, was being dumped on the floor in the middle of the ball by Westy who had unceremoniously tossed him over her shoulder and barged in on the festivities, the Hero of Iwaku had arrived and it was his lady, the Contessa herself!

Zypher grumbled as he rubbed his lower back, shot a glance at Westy with a raised eyebrow.
"Well you could've just said come on...sheesh..." He stood up and looked around the ballroom, realizing that a large group of people were staring at him. He chuckled and began to look for his mistress, she had to be around somewhere...

He pushed his way through the throngs of people standing about chatting, speaking of the Hero of Iwaku and how she should take the throne, little did they know the previous king was standing amongst them, although in a different form. A knowing grin crossed his face, maybe Diana would take the throne but the crown was apparently his. Zypher didn't wish for the power that came with it, he simply felt he could help the people of Iwaku and if the Contessa was around he could certainly aid her in helping the people of Iwaku. Apparently he had missed her speech but she had retreated further into the castle.

After searching for what seemed like forever he had found the room that Diana was occupying her time in. With a light push Zypher entered the room, hoping Westy and TK were close behind.

"M'lady Contessa Diana! Madame Secretary! It's you! It's both of you! You're here! At first I thought it might have been a lie, or even an impostor but it truly is you!" Zypher cried out throwing himself to one knee and bowing deeply in front of her, much like he had done back when he had been a knight for her in Moonwings, usually hiding nearby Sir Sable. He could feel a sense of safety and happiness come over him, finally he had found his Mistress.

Zypher arrives in the ball and seeks out Diana, finally finding her!

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"While I could have said come on...But where'd be the fun in that Zyphie? I'm supposed to be a mentor of sorts and being a trickster, means that I have to teach you that you must humble. Plus, it's not my fault, you're a light weight." Westy mentioned just before Zypher made his way through the crowds to reach Diana and her court. Westy remained cautious while advancing through the court. While it was not her doing that Rory had disappeared and decided to ditch the throne, she didn't need people to know that she was an alternative form of the same being. "Also hello to all!" She then waved at the small group of people watching the eccentric brown haired, purple eyed girl.

She followed closely behind Zypher as he advanced through the gathering of peoples. "Damn...This Rory sure has a fancy ass home...And a throne. I guess it's good to be the king, save for the whole having to listen to people's complaints all day. Oh well, that's why I live in a humble little shack surrounded by windmills. At least they don't complain, except when they don't work. Focus...You're rambling in your head again..." Westy thought to herself. She was brought back to reality when TK started kicking about in the back pack she had been stuffed in. "Relax little one...Remember safety first. If you are seen with me, bad things can happen. There should be some crayons or bacon in there. I don't know what you eat...Sorry hun."

When Zypher was face to face with Diana and her court, Westy held back from going any further. This was not her scene, after all....

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"Please to meet you," Drake answered Yuri, guiding the man from the departing Diana, "I should like to know more of this Gariland Academy if you will enlighten me."

"But..." Yuri started, his expression almost tragically confused

"All will be explained," Drake assured with a nod and smile "We'll retire to my ship and I'll answer as many questions as I am able."

Both crossed from the parapet and down to the masses surging toward the open castle. Drake was tempted to join them, witness the coronation no doubt to follow and the statutes which would be raised. Once he might have been a hero, heralded by people and led within some cavernous castle. Circumstances and prejudice were symptoms of his state now, some formulaic excuse for what he'd done...who he'd been.

A prodded Troll growled at Drake and Yuri as they passed, a prisoner dog without its fangs looking for escape. In that wrinkled face Drake could see the thousand faces that had passed before it. Survivors and war torn all gazing back with the same morbid dismay as they were marched to fates unknown. How had he been able to look upon those faces and sneer? How had he justified his own sense of mutilated esteem by persecuting the lives of others?

Abuse begets abuse and all tyrants were once the tyrannized themselves.

The Cycle was no different.

Iwaku clung to the Cycle as a man clings desperately to the spiked back of a sea turtle during a storm. No matter how deep the barbs cut, Iwaku was too frightened to let loose their murderous lifeline and swim into the unknown. An entire world dedicated to a pompous god.

Approaching the Harbinger, Drake neatly skirted around the ISAF and the media parade following them with a storm of light heralding their passage. The ship remained as it had been left, cold, silent, and forgotten in the wake of the events beyond it. Nodding at Yuri, Drake stepped up into the vessel and across the carpeted room toward the cockpit.

Myrn was inputting coordinates, no doubt preparing himself to take stock of what remained of shifter town.

Drake put a hand on his shoulder.

"No castle is knocked down that can't be rebuilt,"
He comforted, "We will see Shifter town renewed again."

"But so many will not." Myrn sighed, laying back in the seat and rubbing his forehead

"They will be remembered," Drake assured, hurt himself to see what depths Myrnodyn had been dropped to. "And we will never let it fall again."

Myrn smiled, turning to Drake and winking up at him, "I have more than a fair share of improvements I'll be making to our defense systems, and your tunneling technology will help us in case of a siege."

Nodding, the wererat turned to Yuri and motioned him to approach.

"I've found another displaced character," he said as the mage stepped into the cockpit, "Perhaps you'd like to explain where we are?"

Karsikan the Berzerker

"My thanks to yo,u" he said after donning his armor and inspecting it's new features, he examined the rifle he was given "You even scaled the hand grip to me, your people do work fast," he placed the Rifle in the recently modified holster along the outer casing of his armor's rear exhaust vent. McCarthy caught his attention, noticing he was hounded by reporters "You'll excuse me it seems someone needs my help," he nodded to Beach Head and strode over to where Comandant McCarthy was standing, it felt good to him to be encased in blessed ceramite once more, he stopped next to the Commandant. The sound of heavy ceramite boots against the ground caught the attention of the reporters, and the near eleven foot Tactical Dreadnought armored Karsikan had them quaking with his mere presence "The Commandant will be taking no more questions," One simple sentence, laid down with the force of an entire Chapter of Space Marines massed in one location.

Seeing the reporters reluctantly turn away and check their recordings, The Grandmaster similarly turned to stand beside McCarthy "something about this 'Hero' Person leaves a bad taste in my mouth."

Neko Archy

"Arachnion, myself. Most people just call me Archy, though."

The pair kept walking, heading down the bridge towards the shoreline.
"I dunno. Personally I think that the greatest heroes come from the riff-raff. Moisture farmers, freelance journalists, poor jew carpenters...still, it's a bit early to pass judgement on Diana back there." Archy smiled a bit, and continued. "Who knows, she could have been a poor farmer in Kansas for the past ten years!"

Something caught her eyes, though-a person, sprawled out on the beach. This was not a common occurrence, particularly while there were serious government restructuring issues going on. While, they did happen then, but were less likely to be general drunkenness during revolutions.

"Hey, there's somebody over there. C'mon, let's make sure they're alright."

Archy talks, and maintains optimism about Diana's role in the future. She notices Chaos and suggests that she and Natalie make sure he is alright.


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Having warnings and greetings all swimming in her head, Diana didn't even bother to pretend like she had everything all under control. She didn't. What she had here in the grand hall, as people started piling in and introducing themselves was pure chaos. But order always started with chaos. This wasn't a bad thing.

With a slightly embarrassed and faint exasperated look across her face, Diana leaned to take Zypher's arm and return him to his feet. "You don't need to sound quite so surprised. I am glad to see you, though." Behind here, there was Ocha, coughing politely and pretending not to be amused by the scene. And Spike who was warily eying the ever growing crowd.

"I seem to have showed up with fated timing and had to think quick. But that isn't so important right now... Why are you covered in dust and where exactly is Rory?" Rory, King of Iwaku. The man she was invited by and was supposed to be speaking with. Instead, Zypher seemed to be accompanied by a woman who was unfamiliar.


A Relic of a Bygone Era
Chaos broke into coughing fit which after a few moments turned into coughing up blood, "Ohhh...That...that's not good..." he staggered forward a little more but soon dropped to his knees supporting himself up with Ragnarok. Though his vision was blurred, if he could make it to the castle someone there had to know some degree of healing magic. Though his eyes were failing him, he looked up to see two figures approaching him. He let himself fall over to retain what strength he had and scrawled a message out into the wet sand next to him.

"Take me. Castle. Quickly."

The moment he was done, the world faded to black around him with one final thought, "Hope the sight of a guy who's supposed to be dead doesn't freak them out."

Chaos' physical state continues its rapid decline. When he spots two people in the distance. He scrawls a message to be taken to the castle in the sand and passes out.