Iwaku World - Founding of the Luna Ashe: Diana's Coronation

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Iwaku City reveled in the perpetual gloom cast by Diana's space station above them. Crawling from their nooks and hiding places the disheveled citizens flocked toward their savior. For weeks the city had shivered beneath the thumb of the Elders and freedom was a draft some thought would never come. Rory was gone and his Knights with him. The throne of Iwaku sat silent for the first time since the Admin war. Even with the scourge defeated, the scars of their presence remained. Surviving n00bs were coralled together, surprisingly complacent in their defeat. Even the flamers looked on with uncharacteristic sorrow, as though wakened from a drunken dream to poverty and ruin.

Some simply killed their prisoners, token retaliation for the torture they had endured. No n00b raised a hand to stave off these fiery killers, wary eyes skyward at the harbinger of their defeat silently drifting.


A Hijacker pushed through the ranks of clustered n00bs, feverish eyes searching the face of each Flamer before dropping away. He kept low, the jeering of Iwakuans a rising din.

He could smell blood.

He found her huddled between two trolls, eyes a slack dusty glass. Both hands on her shoulders, the Hijacker shook roughly.

"Why stand with thy jaw aslack woman? Hath thee no shame?"

She stared at him, not seeing the swaddled face or worried eyes. She didn't blink.

Hissing beneath his cowl, the Hijacker pulled her from the trolls and into a mass of spammers. The creatures muttered without purpose, slang and references no longer shouted in exultation but in dismal habit.

"Too long we stand beneath The Hero,"
he warned, casting a worried glance at the station above, "What use has it for slaves? We breathe to but be slain as warning!"

It was a deadpan order, the flamer's red hair caressing the side of her face.

The swift sound of flesh against flesh was the retort, the Hijacker's hand risen and the flamer's face turned sideways. In a moment the woman was atop him, eyes twin pyres and fists furious with rising flames.


The Spammers acknowledged the exchange if only to move away, a circle around the strange pair growing as Iwaku rejoiced.

"Stay thy hand!"
The Hijacker pleaded, both hands raised palm up, "Mine flesh is not thy enemy Nan! Gaze into mine eyes and leash thy fury! Tis Syracuse, tis SYRACUSE!"

"FUCK!" Nan growled releasing her flames into the scorched cobblestone, "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK." But her eyes were almost relieved, and the curses were not angry...they simply were her way of atonement...words she was bound to say by station.

Brushing auburn locks from her pale face, Syracuse let his hand rest against her skin for just a moment. The scalding heat was worth the burn and the knowledge she was fine gave comfort to his hammering heart. Deep inside the folds of fabric, he smiled.

"I forgive thee, Nan...my heart is glad to see thine eyes alight again,"
Shifting out from beneath her, the Hijacker pushed several spammers away and helped the woman to her feet, "But reunion must be held in stasis till long we set our backs to here."

She gave no fight, her muttered curses almost tearful...but no water fell from burning eyes.

Smiling despite the circumstance and relieved in even this annihilation, Syracuse grasped her arm.

And they were gone.


"Daddy? Who is the Hero?"

A legion strong, the people of Iwaku thronged across the rubble of their once defeat and cheered a woman no one knew. They clutched the flag of Rory, the only sigil they knew to represent a peace almost faded from their memory.

"The Hero is our savior, she came to send the monsters crawling back into their holes."

Many carried weapons, wary of the n00bs herded penitently together. Some men sang songs, deep voices praising Engel and lifting spirit into anthem. Children ran along the streets and kicked the bodies of the fallen horde. Stunned into a passive silence, the n00b forces gazed skyward like frightened savages. For now they were but prisoners by their once captured city...tomorrow they may die as Syracuse had said...as examples.

"Can she bring Mommy back?"

Behind them came the mourners, the sobbing faces downcast as a dirge beneath the cheers. Iwaku had not survived unscathed, the bodies gathering in the Courtyard of iwaku castle proof of that. They came to be buried, to be blessed, to be remembered. No victory came without its sacrifice, a statute firm upon the somber faces of survivors. Engels were placed upon the eyes of the departed as a gift for the Goddess to ferry them to peaceful shores. But not a soul existed among the scattered Iwakuans that wouldn't want them back.

"No darling, but Mommy is with Engel now and the Hero will heal our city."

Diana stood atop the battlements and looked down upon Iwaku with a smile on her face. Framed by the soft glow of the Space Station she seemed almost ethereal...angelic. Long had Iwaku been ruled by Angels and Demons and somehow seeing this hero as human and somehow better collectively assuaged Iwaku's heart. Already the brighter minds had gathered gear for broadcast, surviving journalists snapping photographs and interviewing survivors in a mad dash for the biggest scoop. Word had it Diana would be named the first Queen of Iwaku, a unanimous support rising from those she had saved. Rory was nowhere to be found and already the media spun it towards a valiant death. The Princes were gone from rule and new blood would steer Iwaku from its damaged course.

"Daddy? When I grow up...can I be like her?"

A Hero to vanquish Shadow.

A Queen to replace a King

A Hope to triumph Sorrow

A Face to be called Savior

Diana had come and all Iwaku City basked in her presence.

Peace had been restored.

"Of course my darling, we all should try to be like her. She gave us back our freedom."


The Harbinger landed not far from the Castle Battlement. As one of the few surviving ships from the war, Iwakuans clustered around it to witness who had lived. The hatch opened with a hiss, folding crimson stairs settling at an angle on chunks of mortar. A token few reporters left without a perfect view of Diana turned their attention to the new arrivals. Other Iwakuans looked on hopefully, too fearful of this savior to but their faith in her. They hoped for Rory...for the symbol of their kingdom and some even prayed for Asmodeus to step from the sleek vessel.

They would be disappointed.

Drake and Myrnodyn stepped out first, their eyes unanimously drawn to the immense space station hanging above them. The kitune had donned a better fitting pair of clothes and left his robes behind. The time of no involvement had passed and the kitsune could not idly watch this world continue on its mad sprint to drowned. Myrnodyn had tried to trim his beard but cut as unimpressive of a figure as he always had. Despite that fact, his face drew the cameras as questions of the Shapeshifters rose above the clamor.

Myrnodyn's face grew taut, the memory of the ruined kingdom too fresh in his mind.

Drake stepped forward to intervene but was dwarfed as Kariskan strode down the stairs to scowl a path for them to walk. The large man had come armed, insisting on being prepared and Drake reminded himself to thank the Grandmaster later...his intervention saved Myrn his anguish.

The rest trotted out with a mixture of emotions, met without interest or too much depending on their roles before.

Mccarthy and the ISAF were treated to icy stares and silence, the product of their folly earlier in the war. If they were bothered, they did not show it...walking smartly to keep up with Drake, Myrn, and Porg as they took the head of the procession forward. No Iwakuan gave them challenge as the group stepped to the castle grounds and looked up to behold Diana...and at first not a one spoke.

"The Hero has a space station..."
Drake began at last, an eyebrow raising skeptically.

"She had to get here somehow."
Myrn answered, his own face drawn into a frown.

The sound of humming engines drew eyes momentarily from Diana toward the approaching ship. Dropping out of the atmosphere, The Legacy cut an impressive figure...docking to the Space station far above their heads.

"Is that..."
Dr. Grant began, his face twisted in confusion, "The Legacy?"

Summary: Diana has arrived, the prophecy is completed! People herd up the n00bs and cluster to hear her words. The media is working into overtime and people are muttering that Diana may be crowned Queen. The Harbinger crew arrived and are now below the Hero...Grant is surprised when the Legacy docks to the Space Station.
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The Grandmaster strode from the harbinger slowly as to keep pace with the rest of the group, he stopped just behind Myrn and Drake as they stood and remained silent. He'd managed to find more modest clothing but not much, only a pair of boots and jacket, but kept his Rosarius around his neck, with Exsanguinatus chained to his back, and an ancient tome bound at his waist. Everything else was being repaired by Beach Head, how a human knew the secrets of Mars he'd never know, but the only thing that mattered to him was that he was able to fix his equipment, not that he was really defenseless without it...not any more.

His green eyes scanned the area immediately, the Space Marine instantly processing all tactical locations, probable locations for assassination attempts, exits that would funnel the crowd. The "Shadow" as they called it may have been slain, but that would do is create a power vaccum for a new one to rise. as for this "Hero" what efforts she had given to aid this world? What had she done to earn that title? the answers to those questions had better be made clear, lest this world trade one evil for another.
Acqua followed the others in the group, finding herself towards the tail end of the people coming out of the Harbringer. Noting the area, it made her feel distressed that all that had been before was gone, yet hopeful. She briefly paused, noting the strange girl sitting near the exit of the ship but not exiting. Acqua wanted to ask what was wrong, but she didn't want to be nosy, so she went on.
Natalie looked at the exit in fear. She had followed the others up to the exit, but she was afraid of leaving. She knew that if she came out, she would probably not fair well. There's gotta be something around here, Natalie thought as she went back into the part of the ship where she woke up. Come on, a robe or something! Natalie searched. Here we go, Natalie found a particularly lengthy robe and put it on before following the others out. Making sure the hood completely covered her face, she rushed after the others, almost tripping over her robe as they walked to the castle to see Diana

Upon realizing the lack of sunlight due to Diana's space station, Natalie pulled her robe's hood down and looked up at the supposed "Hero." Hmm, that's a first, Natalie noted the oddity of a human, more so a female being the Hero. But then again, we will see, we will see, Natalie cautiously reminded herself as she glanced at the others.

"Hold on, buddy. We're almost home."


Sergeant Spears lowered the flashlight and looked back at his two men. Marvin was doing his best to carry his friend, Jake, even though he was a foot shorter and trembling just as much. But his were shakes of fear, whilst Jake's were shakes of pain. The morphine was wearing off, and Jake was starting to feel the torn muscle and bruised bones. He wouldn't last long. None of them would if Spears couldn't find a way off this spacestation.

The last two days had been ones of continuous peril, and it was only adrenaline that kept the three soldiers from exhaustion. They had been in Moscow Town when the Elders attacked, their poker game rudely disturbed and the three of them half buried beneath a clocktower. Then Spears had decided on their new mission - to take one of those bastards down... to be a symbol to the other troops - to rally them. And it had worked for the mostpart. They had crippled one of the Elder war machines. But then it had activated an emergency jump and Spears, Jake and Marvin had been dragged along for the ride.

Jake was hit bad, almost paralysed. And Marvin, though unscathed, was steadily losing his mind. Spears had kept them going and they had explored the strange cave system which the crippled Elder had returned to. HQ... point of origin... Elder Central. This was their chance to make a difference. Spears had started recording there and then, storing what he could on his camera phone.

And now they had ridden the big ship back home, leaping onto the hull of the AFTA spacestation as it descended through the Machine City. Spears had found an access port - an air intake that he smashed through using Marvin's helmet. And they had fallen inside moments before the station made the jump from Elder Central to Iwaku.

They were home.

... almost.

Spears ran the beam of his flashlight along the spacestation corridor. It fell on rust and dripping water, cracked pipes and dented bulkheads. This thing was old... and neglected. There hadn't been a sound for hours. He wondered if there was any crew at all, or if the great chunks of machinery he had seen further back were completely self-sufficient. The station seemed to be running itself on minimal systems, self-preserving with no human input. Some of the corridors were completely sealed, with no atmosphere inside, as if the oxygen had been kept to only access routes. And the discharge arrays that had fried the Elders had neither power lines nor service shafts maintaining them.

Stopping by one of the viewing ports, Spears shifted his pistol into his torch hand and peered through the scratched glass. "Iwaku City. We're about a hundred feet above it."

"I fucking knew it, man," Marvin grunted as he lugged Jake's arm across his shoulders. "Inside job - I fucking told you. I bet Rory's been plannin' this shit for years. Buildin' his spiders and spyin' on us. Prob'ly used the Teknikans to co-ordinate."

"Yeah..." Jake whispered through clenched teeth, "Cos they're... the best of friends... right?"

"Hey, shut up Man - I know what I know."

"May... maybe they used... the Shapeshifters... to go through our garbage."

"You gotta join the dots, Bro. They're all in on it."

"Guess they... didn't count... on Gunner Marvin... working it all out."

"QUIET!" Spears snapped again, shooting the two soldiers a glare. Then he took out his camera phone again, switching to video. There was barely any power left in the device, but he used it to record the glyphs around the frame of the viewing portal. They were the same style as the symbols on the Spiders.

For all of Marvin's paranoid ramblings, Spears had to admit... maybe he wasn't a million miles off the mark this time.

[SUMMARY: The three soldiers who hitched a ride from Location X are now inside the AFTA spacestation. They are trying to unravel the mystery.]
Meanwhile, aboard the Harbinger...

Before his eyes even opened, Palonis could tell that something was wrong. There was a faint mechanical whirring in his ears, coupled with the sounds of many feet walking about at a brisk pace. Somebody was carrying on a faint conversation behind and just a little to the right of him. There was a strange chemical smell in the air, like someone had left the cap off of a bottle of acid.

Oh, and one rather important detail...

He couldn't move his arms.

The ninja's eyes snapped open, and even as he forced himself to take in the details of the room-the number of people, their positions, who had weapons, where the doors were, and so on-he began to thrash about desperately, to no avail. He was on some sort of examination table, and there were men and women in surgical and laboratory attire everywhere. Even a man so unfamiliar with modern technology as he was could tell where he was, and he wanted out. And so, even as a pair of burly men moved in to restrain him, he called to his inner chi, trying to tap in to his inner power in order to teleport himself out of his bonds.

The power wasn't there. He tried again, concentrating as hard as he could on this singular goal, but nothing happened. A third and fourth time, and even a fifth, and still he felt absolutely nothing except a growing dread. "Where am I?!" he shouted, trying in vain once more to spirit himself across the room. "What have you done to me?!"

"Please sir, try to relax," spoke a firm female voice, and Palonis craned his head to see a tall woman, possibly in her 50's, walking around the examination table so that he could see her straight on. She appeared to be a doctor, judging by the way she was dressed, and by the way that she was looking down at him, Palonis got the feeling that he wasn't a prisoner so much as he was a patient. Most disconcerting.

Even more disconcerting, as he calmed down a little, the ninja noticed one other rather important detail: his ninja suit was missing. Instead, he was wearing some sort of gown which, he was rather startled to notice, only came down to around his knees. "What happened?" the ninja asked in a far more relaxed tone.

"With your suit? It was contaminated, so we had to get rid of it." The doctor gestured to the two male nurses, who obligingly got off the ninja and went off elsewhere. "I'm sorry for the restraints. When we first brought you onboard, you were thrashing around like you were having some sort of nightmare."

"I see..." The ninja didn't recall having any sort of dream, but perhaps it would come to him later. "And the war?"

"It's over. We won."

"WHAT?!" If the ninja hadn't still been restrained, he would have probably been up on his feet at this point. As it was, he merely snapped his head up to get a better look at the doctor, who seemed partially amused by Palonis's actions. "But how? I mean, there was this big explosion, but that couldn't have-"

"I'm sure that you'll have time to figure it out later. For now, I have other patients to attend to." As she filled out a clipboard and attached it to the front of Palonis's bed, she turned to him again and added, "Try to get some rest, Mister...."

"Uh...Palonis," the ninja said, and immediately regretted it.

The doctor huffed and walked off, saying under her breath just loudly enough for him to hear, "Palonis? There's a familiar name..."

Left to his own devices for a short while, the ninja stared at his hand and attempted to conjure a fireball. He felt no familiar surge of power, and a fireball failed to materialize. He attempted to seek out Asmodeus and the others, but in his own mind, he saw only darkness and his own confused thoughts. Staring down at his own hand again, he gave a start when he realized something else important about it: it was no longer a sickly gray. In fact, it wasn't whitish at all. Neither were his legs, for that matter. As he tensed and loosened his arms, he could feel the muscles in them once more, as well as a slight aching every time he did so.

I'm normal again. For once in who knows how many years, I'm human!

So why do I still feel so empty?

As if on cue, the ninja's stomach growled, and he became aware of a pain in his stomach. Hunger and thirst had never been an issue ever since his transformation into a ninja warrior, and having it come back like this was more than a little overwhelming. Wherever he was, he hoped that there was food and water to be had, because he was long overdue for both.

(Summary: Palonis wakes up in the Harbinger's medical quarters, confused and depowered. Piecing together a little bit of what is going on, he eventually comes to the realization that as a full human, he is now both hungry and thirsty. His number one priority is rectifying that problem.)
Just inside the Grand Hall

Hero of Iwaku..! Queen of Iwaku..!

It would be a lie to say it was unexpected. Yet, as she leaned against the frame of a window sill looking out at the people that were gathering around outside in the courtyard, she couldn't help but feel surprised. No matter how many times it happened, how many places she saw rise and fall, it was still a sight to behold. People downtrodden and beaten. Abused and despaired. Only looking for that one shining glimmer of someone to believe in.

"You look pensive. Having second thoughts?"

Diana glanced over her shoulder at the woman that was currently setting a tray of tea on a small table. Most only knew her as The Secretary, but for her she was affectionately called Ocha. With a shrug of her shoulders and a half-grin as Ocha handed her a china cup, Diana took a sip before responding.

"No. Never second thoughts. Iwaku needs this. We can't let Iwaku end up the way Mo-" He sentence fell short when a woman dressed in snow white and a viel covering her face entered the room.

"Contessa, forgive me for interrupting, but SPACEK says someone has docked. Should they be removed?"

Looking back out the window at the ever increasing crowd, Diana gave it some thought. "...Let them explore. I don't have any secrets."

The veiled woman looked unsure, but she bowed before a quick exit. Ocha took a seat in a waiting chair, casting her companion a curious expression. "Are you sure about that?"

Diana only smirked. "Every Hero has their past. I believe it's time to introduce myself, don't you?"


The double doors opened at the front court yard on to a stone porch. It wasn't high up above the crowd, but rather low nearly down to eye level. Only a few stone steps separated it from the people that were now falling in to hushed whispers. Without introduction, it was Diana stepped out. Instead of dressed in the black of the suit she had arrived in, she changed her clothes to soft light blues and white. Contrary to the intimidating metal structures that still hovered over Iwaku Castle, she looked bright, human, relatable.

Stopping at the edge of the first set of stairs, she fidgeted with her fingers in a strange nervous way before she took a stilling breath and offered the crowd and wide smile. That was when she spoke.

"IWAKU!" Her voice was loud and clear. "You might have notice my little space station..." her hand motioned up as she gave a soft embarrassed laugh. "It wasn't my intention to arrive with such a big scene. Honestly, I might have preferred to drop in quiet and unannounced."

"...But when I arrived in this realm I am so glad that I did." Her cheerful tone switched to something firmer, more serious. "What did I see when I entered this world? I expected beautiful land and flourishing people, yet here I stand on the steps of a castle that only weeks - No! Days, perhaps hours ago was a battleground! Blood, murder and insanity. Unearthly creatures taking the lives of innocent people. Brethren fighting each other for power and glory. This is not the Iwaku that I admired from afar..."

Silence fell over her for a brief moment as she let those words sink in. "Why does it have to be this way? Is it written somewhere in prophecy or prose that Iwaku must suffer from war after war? Is this what you want for yourselves? For your families and friends? For your future generations?"

Now people in the crowd were beginning to murmur again. Agreement to the words, malcontent with the state of their lives. Someone shouting Praise the Hero! Rescue Iwaku! Take the throne!

She smiled. "I've not come to be your Queen, Iwaku. Nor am I your Hero. ...You are the Hero. You the people of Iwaku. ALL of you. You are the Heroes of this world. It is YOUR choices and YOUR actions that dictate your fate. Happiness is within your own hands."

"I can help you find happiness again, people of Iwaku! Heroes of Iwaku! I will not take your crown, but I can be your pillar! Let me show you what life can be free of war, strife, blood, and insanity! Together we can wash away the chaos of the past, repair the damages of our sins, and create a new Iwaku! Give me your trust and your loyalty, Heroes of Iwaku, and I will give you the world you have always dreamed of."

Cheers, hollers and joyous uproar sprang from the crowd! The excitement was thrilling and infectious, nearly irresistible. Even she who spoke could not refrain from her wide grinning.

"You may call me nothing more than Diana. All I ask from you today is to let go of your past and work together for a bright and beautiful future. The Order of Luna Ashe are my Knights and dearest friends. We are here to serve you."

"And to show you my trust in you, Iwaku, I invite you to a party in YOUR honor! This castle belongs to you, like this world. Lay down your weapons and your heavy hearts. Tonight enjoy the company of your loved ones. If you still have misgivings, come to me. I have no secrets and my heart is open to hear all of your worries and concerns."

"I hope that you will join me in making a better tomorrow. Thank you!"

Summary: Diana is unconcerned with someone snooping around her space station! Then she gives a big fancy speech and invites EVERYONE to a party! YAY! :D
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The Grandmaster only raised a single eyebrow while he left his arms crossed over his chest, she seemed sincere, though not as eloquent as the High Marshall was before a battle, or the chaplains, to them a speech was an art perfected beyond any fresco or sculpture he'd ever seen. For all her sincerity he still diddn't trust her, her arrival seemed to convenient, victory was too...easy. No opponent of that caliber could be defeat that decisively, every space marine strategy he'd been taught and even those he'd created out of necessity told him that victory against those beings would have come at a terrible price, if at all, were it any other world he'd have consigned it to destruction in a heartbeat. Any other world but this one, Iwaku, by the will of the emperor, must be saved. He knew this in both hearts, the Black Templar and the Grey Knight within him agreed on this point as well.

Perhaps this person shared his goal, to save this world from the darkness that held it in it's talons, maybe she was that darkness. Only time would tell.
Somewhere in the Multiverse...

The smell of smoke and fire had filled Yuri's lungs even before he began hearing the screams echo through the school. Whoever was attacked did not seem to be sparing anyone and it was only a matter of time before they reached him in the library. He needed to prepare.

The doors burst open as a girl close to his age came running in out of breath. Quickly he shut the doors behind her and moved to a bookcase. With gathered strength he was able to push it over some how, its mass barring the door. As he turned back around the other student lept into his arms, sobbing madly. "Its so terrible Yuri..." the girl managed to get out. Anything else she tried to say was muffled between the sobs and her own exhaustion. "Don't worry Mina, we will figure out a way to get out of here." Yuri replied with false bravado knowing full well that he blocked off their only viable escape route.

Then they came. Attempting to force the door at first. When that didn't work they tried forcing it and yelling curses. Yuri and Mina both looked at the door, Yuri in slight shock while Mina was looking at it in absolute terror. Quickly he broke from her grasp, rushing to one of the shelves towards the back of the library. Scanning the shelves he grasped one of the tomes and began flipping through it, pushing himself to find whatever it was faster. Then the axes began to fall against the door. Chunks of wood splintered as the metal cleaved through it.

Mina panicked at the sight of the first axe ripping through the oak and let out a sharp scream before running to the back where Yuri was. There she felt a bit safer knowing he was there, knowing that someone else was alive even now. With great excitement he grinned commenting silently to himself, "This will save us, it has to!".

Boldly Yuri moved to be in a direct path of the doors, seeing the faces of the men who were were behind the slaughter he scowled. A week ago some of them had been kind to them, people students had called friends. Now they were mad beasts. He knew this spell might be to complex for him however he would have to try. Slowly he began to run through the gestures, not wishing to mess a single one up. Then with great conviction he slammed both his hands to the ground. The pair were surrounded by an incandescent blue-white glow, their hunters beginning to grow fearful of the effect, slowing their hacking then stopping when the entire room began to radiate.

Then without warning a shock wave shot out from them, knocking the mob from their feet. By the time they had gotten back to their feet the pair had disappeared mysteriously.

Iwaku Castle, Present Day

"The Order of Luna Ashe are my Knights and dearest friends. We are here to serve you."

At these words Yuri opened his eyes. Where ever he was it was not the library and he was on the floor, the tome laying next to him. It was not something he remembered being in the spell's description. Frantically he looked around. "Mina? Mina!?" He asked, hoping for a reply that never came.

Slowly he began to stand, strangely sore all over as he looked about. Everything was blurry around him though he was able to make out a figure standing ahead of him. Squinting beyond it he saw a crowd and began to rush towards it. His mind began to race, these people had to have been the ones responsible, and if he was going to be next then he would take as many of them with him!

As he moved the sorness began to fade and soon he was at the figure, a woman preaching to the mases. As he got close he muttered something and his hands became drenched in flame.

"I hope that you will join me in making a better tomorrow. Thank you!"

Yuri swung with everything had.

Summery: Yuri shows up on Iwaku after some shit with almost getting killed by a mob along with the rest of his school. Separated from his friend after a spell gone he believes her to dead and Diana leading the same mob that destroyed his life. He uses his magic to wrap his fists on fire and try and take Diana out in revenge along with as much of the crowd that decides to interfere.
"Like rats fleeing a sinking ship." Archetype mused of the cheers as Carl's staff listened to Diana's speech. "What say you, Commander?"

"The Gift of the Silver Tongue is reserved for good officers and good liars." Carl replied.

"Hmm... If I didn't know better you said in such a much nicer way that she is 'full of shit.' Correct?"

"Bingo... I think it may be time to enact the Moses Plan."

The Moses Plan was Dystopia's contingency should the Nation fail in Iwaku. If circumstances degenerated to that point then the Nation would pack up and relocate to the location of the nearest ISAF-EF Firebase. The nearest one had been subject to a very bloody coup spearheaded by Ryker before he was to return to Dystopia.

Such a relocation was being considered by the Acting Commandant.

"Once we get to '88 we're going to broadcast an extraction signal." Carl confided to Archetype.

"There's an Underbase 88?" the geneticist was very perplexed by this revelation.

"It was built concurrently with Underbase 57 as a weapons storage depot. Most of '57's production is stockpiled there but I don't think even that's enough should it come down to another war immediately after what we just went through." he added as Breaker stepped up.

"Sir, the LZ has been established..."


LZ, Outskirts of Iwaku City...

Signal flares had been set off, marking flat terrain for the transports to land. The bigger Star Lifter II VTOLs had priority over the Chinooks and the Strike Comanches flying cover.

"Breaker, this is Beach Head. The limos are on site. I repeat, the limos are on site."


"Ten-04 good buddy, watch for bear, over." Breaker replied.

"Uh, yeah, ten-04..."


-Carl and his staff listen to Diana's speech. The Moses Plan may be put into play.
-LZ Established.
"Nice ship, nice speech, nice timing. Personally I'll want to look into her more, but today is a day for celebration!"
Okay, so maybe Archy was the only one in the group of people from the Harbringer to be chipper, but come on!
"It's time for booze and wine!" She wrapped her arm around Acqua's shoulder, squeezing the girl. "Booze and whores! Delicious meats, as far as the eye can see!" Archy's eyes practically sparkled with delight, as she made a wide sweeping motion across the crowd.

Realizing herself, she let go and went back to a less excited and more relaxed posture, folding her arms behind her head. "Well, we're guys with a cool ship. It would be rude not to go in and say hi, but I draw the line at drinking the kool-aid. Karsikan, my good man! Clear the way for us!"

Archy is less dismissive of Diana than the others, but still wants to get to know her better and not totally join the fanfare. She kinda creeps out acqua and asks GMK to clear a path through the crowd for them.
"A party~?" Obskeree's ears perked up at the thought. Finally, some cheer. Finally, a situation she was familiar with!

A lot of what the woman - Diana - had said made sense, but the mention of a party was what drove Obskeree to put her sewing away. She now flew off Porg's shoulder, giggling at Archy's actions. The mantra of the Blue Faction Fairies from her homeland rang in her mind - "Frivolity is the root of joy! Let festivities be the solution, and let no boredom be unpunished!" The prospect of something fun for the first time since she had arrived in Iwaku was welcome, and cheered her instantly.

"Mr Jack," she implored, flitting about in her excitement. "Are we going to the party? Please say we are! I haven't been to a party in so long~" The use of 'we' was loose, she intended to go regardless of what he decided, but she did want him there. She had yet to see him relax and enjoy anything, and judged that it would be good for him.

Unable to contain herself while she waited for an answer, she darted around the others with them quickly, a trail of blue dust glittering in her wake.

[Obskeree likes the sound of a party. A lot.]
Jack couldn't help but smile as he saw Obskeree perk up for what seemed the first time since he'd brought her to Iwaku."Of course we can go to the- woah!" He scuttled forwards, grabbing Karsikan by the shoulder and pulling himself suddenly, harshly forwards. Reality bent around him as he flew forwards towards the new Queen.

His flight took him into Yuri, and he grabbed the young man's fist and curled midair, causing the two to slide away from Diana to stand, rams around each other's shoulder. The man's fiery fist was hidden from the crowd behind Porg's back and he forced an embarrassed grin at the crowd, a fair chunk of whom were looking at him like he was crazy.

It looked as though people hadn't noticed the boy's intentions, only Jack's rash actions, though Karsikan was giving him a knowing look. Jack continued to grin and shuffled away talking to Yuri through his teeth "Before you attack me I think I just saved your life you stupid bastard. And please put your fist out.. it's starting to burn through my cape" he muttered through gritted teeth.

Feeling the fire go out he relaxed a little, and moved his arm off the young man. "I swear.. some people.." He said quietly as he walked away from him and towards Diana. "Sorry about that miss, uh.. and everyone" He smiled to Diana and then the crowd "My friend here downed a bottle of absinthe when you valiantly destroyed those Elders and is a little worse for wear!" He gazed at Diana's slightly shocked grin, but she hid it well.

"So uh.. Party?" He grinned, rubbing the back of his head again.

[Porg stops Yuri's move and does it before anyone sees, but draws attention to himself and makes himself look a little silly in front of a huge crowd. Noone saw Yuri's move except maybe some player characters (it's implied GMK did.) no crowd kick off.. Party now? =D ]
'She never told me how unusual this place was…'

It wasn't until he got a look at the crowd that he decided this world was strange. He came from a land where the people were the same species and the technology wasn't as advanced. Nervous as the new surroundings made him, he wished to explore the Space Station more. That's one thing he and his sister had in common: Easily amused.

Spike was standing behind Diana, staying out of the crowd's sight. Glittering eyes observed Diana as she gave her ever so inspiring speech. He felt honoured to be in her presence, let alone work for her; she was so important. At least, that's what he was told; his sister would never lie to him.

Just thinking about her made him look away from Diana for a moment. His eyes went upward, as if he was looking beyond the skies where he was certain Fluffy was looking down from. He set a fist to his heart and smiled meekly, mentally promising to serve at his best.

When he looked back to Diana, his ears perked from his hair when he heard applause. His gloved hands clapped as well, the feline ears slowly burying themselves back into the mess of hair. Spike deeply admired her desire for a peaceful world of happiness. She reminded him a lot of his sister… Perhaps that is why he's so determined to this heroine her on this quest.

Spike quietly complimented her, "Those were wonderful words."

A bit shyly, he slowly walked out of the shadows that hid him, the smile fading from his lips as he looked at the mix of people and creatures waiting for the party to begin. This still could mean trouble for Diana, though. There wasn't a single being here he could trust yet. He gently patted a strap that hung diagonally across his front side and continued along the back. It was a feeling of security to know his trustworthy blades were accounted for.

"Shall I escort you?" he asked Diana, remembering she offered to give words to people that wished to speak to her. He couldn't help but sense there might be danger in the crowd. Or, somewhere else...

Summary:Enter Spike, Fluffy's fraternal twin brother. He's in Iwaku to find a purpose better than assassinating people for money at his old home. After Fluffy left to be Engel, she invited him to Iwaku and pointed him in Diana's direction. He's still warming up to the new environment but stays protectively near Diana.
Myrnodyn had initially ignored all the camera's and reporters that had swarmed his diminutive form and stoically listened to the speech the heroine of Iwaku delivered. During the speech itself, he could not help but think of the similarities this 'queen' had with the Lycan Queen he was once bound to follow, yet...there was something missing. Of course he knew what that something was. He had always known. He had also always hidden it very well, fooled the entirety of Iwaku regarding it. 'It' would not allow him to follow her, his duty was elsewhere and he knew it.

He was roughly shaken from his reverie as Jack jumped to the front, drawing everyones attention to him while at the same time skillfully hiding what seemed to be a brazen assassination attempt. In the opinion of the scientist, he should just have had the poor fool try his chances and try to off the queen. It would have at least shown them whether or not the person on that stage was a true heroine or not.

Myrn had seen enough. He tapped drake against the shoulder and nodded towards the reporters that had stayed at a distance. "I'm going to go give them some words. I've got something to do that might interest you as well, so maybe you'd like to listen in."

As he walked to the reporters, several camera's and a couple of magical devices functioning as cameras were aimed at him, though the majority was still focused on the figure on the stage.

"I have got a statement for the press now." He simply stated and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "First let me explain that Shapeshift Town is no more. It has been destroyed in the recent cataclysmic events and I mourn everything I and many others have lost that day. There is however, a very large number of survivors. Now that my part in the recent events is over I will seek them out and start anew. I plan to build a new sanctuary for all outcast beings, being shifters or otherwise. Just as before, we will strive for understanding amongst those who would fear or loathe us for who we are and create a peaceful yet strong society that looks to advanced studies of magic and science as a primary means of progress and economy."

"But what of the heroine, our savior, what do you make of her?" A tall bat-like reporter asked him, shoving a microphone even further in his face.

Myrnodyn sighed and looked back for a moment, towards the center stage of this whole happening. When he looked back he looked tired, as if he had just traveled the world in a single day while fighting of mechanical constructs, monsters and the occasional nemesis.

"I support the new administration with all authority I have left. I'm sad to say however, that I won't be joining under this new administration and I declare myself independent from it in all shapes and forms. The Shape-shifters guild in it's third incarnation will share this independence and should any wars erupt will remain neutral until provoked."

Another reporter sprang forward. "You expect there to be wars even after the heroines promises to end all wars?"

The shape-shifting puppy rubbed his eyes. "Nobody will be more pleased than I am if we can avoid all wars in the coming days. However, the political climate in Iwaku is currently highly unstable. The ISAF, despite Dystopia's destruction, are still around and will want to remain as independent as their name suggests. I have also witnessed the destruction of the Mirror of Insanity with my very eyes, and though I do not know whether Paorou is alive or not, there may very well be various fanatic religious groups in Insanity that might pose a threat to the new administration." Myrnodyn sighed briefly before finishing his answer. "Not to mention the dozens of smaller cults that inhabit Iwaku proper. Now, if you'll excuse me, it has been a long and disastrous period for me, and I would like to have some rest. I might be available for comments in the future."

With that he turned his back towards the camera's and walked back towards the harbinger. He needed rest...Rest he hadn't had while his companions had been recovering. Rest to clean his mind of the grime of the last few days. Rest that would no doubt be invaded by Asmodeus' words. "Has your journey meant so little? Will you not test your destiny against mine? Kill me Myrnodyn…drive my blade through this heart. You are the only one who has not tested his strength against me… Tell me, Myrnodyn... is it you?"

He had not tested his strength against Asmodeus, and now he never would. Of course there were very logical reasons not to do so. For one, they needed his energy to power the bomb. A second good reason was the waste of time it would have brought, time they did not have. But a little part of his mind nagged at him with a third reason. He had been afraid. What if he had turned out the be the hero? All those countless lives his responsibility. He who could not save one town, responsible for the world? He dared not take on that kind of responsibility, and so he had failed.

Myrn shook his head to clear his mind and step into the ship. He had not failed. He had succeeded in both stopping Asmodeus and destroying the giant war-beast of the noobs. It was a great accomplishment. He had no reason to feel so glum...All would be better after a nap, he assumed, and stepped in the direction of his temporary sleeping quarters.

Summary: Myrn states his intentions to the press after listening to Diana's speech, even as Diana still stands in the background. After this statement exhaustion finally sets in and he walks back to the harbinger to sleep, perchance to dream, while thinking of the events of late.
Yuri was not about to be dissuaded by this stanger, the man's words failing to brake through his rage. While he doubted he stood a chance he would have to try. Rather than extinguish his fists he raked his hand along the mans back before leaping back towards the door way he had came from.

"If that mob moved now I will be in trouble, but I have to try to avenge them!" Yuri thought as he acted, slamming both hands to the ground. As he did he began shooting forward at the crowd's demagogue at a startling speed, fists at the ready and still on fire.

As the earth propelled him at the woman he began to shout, "This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! It's burning grip tells me to defeat you! Take this; my love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!"

Yuri ignore's Porg before making a double take and rushing Diana, this time using his other spell to create a kind of earth wave to ride at Diana on while spouting a cheesy line!
Spike looked away from Diana and looked to the ground where a magical stranger was commanding the Earth to shoot him upwards. Without hesitation, he removed one of his knives from its holder, the metal making a slight shing as it slid out. He bared his fangs, his nose wrinkling as he gave a threatening hiss to the attacker.

The knife was pulsing with excitement in Spike's hand, longing to be thrusting into flesh so it could drink the blood. Spike kept it under control with quiet, calming words and held it parallel to his chest and slightly outward,

"You're an idiot," he said crossly.

He wouldn't have been so harsh if Yuri wasn't a magic user. The only sort he allowed himself to appreciate was healing magic since it actually was useful. Destructive magic? The would would have been better off without it. He saw mages as cowards in a way--they were too spineless to fight with their own fists or actual weapons instead of a wooden stick.

The Neko stepped in front of Diana and hoped she'd run from here so there were no more chances of her being harmed. He then put the handle of his dagger into his mouth before making a jump towards Yuri, attempting to grab him by the wrists and bring him down. Of all the elements, fire was the second most hated by Spike.

Summary: Spike prepares himself to defend Diana by jumping to Yuri, with a knife in his mouth, and trying to bring him to the ground. Much as he'd like to hurt Yuri--because he hates destructive magic--he hopes the guy will stop being foolish.
Like twin Cannonballs, Spike and Yuri had flung themselves at each other, and those watching could see that the momentum of both would make for a savage collision, anger clearly shown on the faces of both, but just as their bodies were about to meet, chains wreathed in purple flames erupted from the floor, two running across the chest of both spike and Yuri, stopping their forward momentum before hurling them backwards and towards the floor, the chains dissipating as the two fell to the floor.

Heavy ceramite boots pounded the floor as the sinister demonically armored Sorceror Lord Sindri entered the chamber, his body language that of contempt for the two combatants in whose fight he had interfered clear for all to see
"foolish children" he muttered, striding past them and towards Diana, behind him, two Cultists bearing a heavy and ornate stone chest struggled with both carrying their heavy burden and matching the pace of their master.
"Milady Diana, as a token of the Kabal's gratitude and acceptance of your most timely arrival, we present this gift, a token of our high esteem and hopes for a peaceful future" the Sorceror bowed his head slightly as he finished, and indicated for the Cultists to place the large chest before him, and sweating and struggling the two Cultists deposited the chest then moved to stand behind their master
"Again, on behalf of the Kabal, welcome and thank you for bringing peace to this trouble land" as Sindri turned to move away, his eyes locked with those of Grandmaster Karsikan, and behind his ornate helmet, a cruel smile split the sorceror's lips.

OOC: enter Sindri, who intervenes in Yuri and Spike's fight, though not really doing much other than moving them out of his way, before some far too nice words to Diana, he presents her and the Order of Luna Ashe with an ornate stone chest as a gift, before making eye contact with GMK.
Drake had turned to Myrn with a nod, allowing the shapeshifter to retreat to the Harbinger. He had spoken truth, the kind that could not be ignored. Although not much time had passed since they left Insanity, Drake and Myrn had quickly settled on a common path in the wartorn remains of Shifter town.

A new empire.

Lycan Queen's dream of a safe haven for shape shifters had been an effort grand in scheme but short sighted in population. Even when the Elders brought their mighty force to bear, the Shapeshifters had not been capable of enough force to turn them back. As a kingdom, the shapeshifters build a stone of their own metamorphic designs, but while offering haven to those who needed it they had quietly set a wall of prejudice with the notion of their very name...Shapeshifter Town.

Jack had similar ideals, relocating the brunt of mythical creatures from Airune forest and surrounding areas to live their lives beneath the earth. It wasn't the most decorative environment and the fliers suffered most...but it kept them from being targets by adventurers and wizards looking for quick ingredients. Myrn and Drake were similar in the fact they both had an empire looking to them for advice and safety. Myrn's had been decimated and mostly ignored in the wake of the Elder War, and Drake's civilization had not been seen in years. Both agreed that in the ruins of shapeshifter town, a new empire would rise. Harbor to those who needed harboring, this empire would shelter those who were the targets of racism, hatred, and aggression. Fantastical creatures, beings who did not fit in with the natural order would find solace and home here.

The question of who would rule was a trivial manner as was the name. Such things could be decided at another time.

For now, Myrn had opted to retire and Drake would soon join him.

Turning his attention back to Diana he noted the commotion between Porg and some unknown assailant. An Asmodeus supporter? Misplaced n00b? Who would have reason to attack Diana so soon after her arrival? Gritting his teeth, Drake sped toward the incident. A neko bodyguard had pinned the mage momentarily, but his struggling and spellwork was becoming frenzied.

An ambassador from one of the Astartes cults had given his offering by now, a tall creature with ornate armor and a manner of arrogance. Personally Drake could not appreciate the space going warriors. Most were obstinately proud and convinced of their own self importance. Simply because they had learned to jump from star to star did not make them any better than those in Iwaku, but the conquered planets in their retinue made arguing with them pointless.

Skidding to a stop beside the neko and Yuri, Drake wrenched the boy up form his place and away from Diana.

"My name is Drake and whatever reason you have to attack this woman you must understand this is neither the time nor place."
His whispers cut sharply into Yuri's ear as the stronger lycanthrope restrained him. "I have no doubt your magical aptitude is mighty and further do not doubt you have a reason to attack, but before you do at least take account of where you are."

The crowd looked up expectantly, unsure of what happened but grateful the woman was unharmed. They could not retreat down there...the survivors might rip Yuri apart.

They would need to leave from atop the level Diana stood upon.

"What is your name?" He hissed, bowing deeply to Diana and taking another step back. The neko guard looked ornery, as though one false move might entice him to tear the mage limb from limb.

An option Drake did not want to occur.

Summary: More restraints...more explanation, Drake wants to know Yuri's name.
Leaning back on his hospital bed, now free from his restraints, Palonis sipped apple cider from a fountain drink cup and watched the coronation with a certain amount of trepidation. Though he'd had a cliffnotes version of the events immediately following his lapse into unconsciousness, they failed to provide a satisfactory reason for why the N00bs would have simply surrendered at the same moment that this hero had arrived. Moreover, why had the Elders also shut down? The entire thing reeked of suspicion, but lacking any proof, the ex-ninja was content to merely watch and see whether anything odd would happen during the televised broadcast.

Not surprisingly, only a short time after Diana had delivered a stirring speech which made Palonis comment out loud, "Must have been writing that one for a week," the cameras caught something stirring in the inner chamber that led into Diana's balcony. Someone, or something, had gotten into a fight with a few people who had leapt up to the new leader's rescue, and the man holding the camera had zoomed in past the leader herself to get a good luck at what was going on. Palonis chuckled and wondered whether this "Diana" person would be annoyed to learn that a battle taking place behind her was getting more coverage than her own coronation.

Palonis was tempted to stand up and join in the fracas, but as he was about to rise up from his seat, he simply smiled and leaned back down. He wasn't a ninja anymore. His powers that would have allowed him to teleport right to the scene of the battle were gone as well. And so, for the moment anyway, he had the perfect right to sit back and relax, maybe take one of those vacation things that he had heard about a long time ago. Perhaps he could ask the people running this ship to deposit him back at his temple on Mount Iwaku, where young Turd would no doubt be waiting with a cup of tea and a chipper, "Hello, master Palonis."

He had drained the cup of its refreshing cider. He could tell that because the straw was now making an obnoxious sucking sound. Handing the cup off to the nurse standing nearby, he asked, "So...when am I allowed to leave?"

"Now's good," she replied curtly, having had to refill his cup at least twice that day. "You're in good shape, mister Palonis. Just get some exercise on your own, at least once a day, and you'll be back to normal in no time."

"Exercise, eh? Well, won't THAT be an adventure." Placing his hands behind his head, Palonis leaned the chair back a little and asked, "You wouldn't happen to have anything I could wear, would you? Last I heard, they burned my suit, and I can't walk outside in this." Not that he hadn't tried, of course. Palonis had long ago realized that these gowns that the patients wore on the Harbinger were not something you could bend down in without sacrificing a bit of your dignity in the process.

In short time, they had found him a spare mechanic's uniform. The thing was a little baggy and it smelled funny, but it'd have to do until Palonis "found" himself a new set of duds. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until he tried to leave.

"Sorry, mechanic," said one of the four soldiers positioned by the docking bay doors, "but we can't let you out there until the ceremony is over."

"Any way to convince you otherwise?"

"Not a chance in Hell."

And so it was that the ex-ninja now-mechanic found himself sitting in the ship's bar, watching the rest of the coronation from a large television hanging over one corner of the counter, and silently wishing that the blasted ceremony would just finish already, so that he could get off this ship.

(Summary: Palonis has a few shenanigans aboard the Harbinger while watching the coronation take place on TV. He has a few suspicions about Diana, but nothing solid.)

This is impossible.

I'm staring up at the sky in the midst of a cheering crowd, oblivious and uncaring about the words of our apparent saviour washing over us all. The sky is beautiful, calm, but that's not what's got my attention.

This is fucking impossible.

It has docked with the space station, hovering above us all. Beautiful and sleek, just as I remember it in my dreams.

I am staring up at the Legacy, the ship I served upon in the universe I left behind.

This is fucking impossible.

"Excuse me..." I mutter, not even sure if the people I was with are still around and not overly caring. I begin to push my way through the crowd, past the cheering crowd, past the debraggled remains of the invading hordes and towards the Castle. Memories rush through my head. Doctor Wright in the Med Bay, filing patient reports and keeping check on our supplies. Captain Lamord standing at the Bridge, tall, proud and leading us onwards in our journey to Sanctuary.

This is impossible. It shouldn't be.

And I want fucking answers. Now.

Grant is more than a little shocked by the appearance of the Legacy, and, ignoring everything else, sets off to get answers.