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Ok then, time for some potential shameless shoehorning and for some discussion before a poll.

What groups/races/people would everyone like to see as potential badguys in Iwaku World?

Now this is mostly as a matter of random talky about "That would be cool" so please don't take this too seriously, I'm just kinda curious to know, and also a little keen for maybe some activity in this forum even if it's just discussion.

Myself? Well maybe some of Asmo's old past could come back in some silent hill monsters? or perhaps some sort of random atlantian style race could emerge from the seas?

I know some people would be keen to see some 40k Chaos appear.. which would be cool actually.. what about Necrons?

I dunno there's a lot of possibilities.. what do people think?
Are you talking global villains? Because I'd actually rather not have those.

Anyways, 40K chaos is already a factor. Check the From Out Of The Warp IC for them.
Necrons would make badarse enemies. but what about "Iwakuan Necrons" which is to say the idea of necrons, so rather than a C'tan sday one of the old missing members could take that role.
Wow, that a pretty scary idea. How the heck do you deal with a landing party of zombies? That's so gross! I vote for the fish people, myself. At least they're alive and not smelly. Well, they might be smelly. Still, that would be pretty cool.
Every time I hear zombies, I think smurfs now.

Smurfs are actually suffocated reanimated dead babies. That's why they're blue and tiny. It's a legend from the UK area (I think Scotland). Not 100% sure on that location, so if anyone can correct me, please feel free to.

When I heard fish people, I was thinking some stuff straight out of the "Shadows over Innsmouth" story by HP Lovecraft.

Basing this idea off of Fluffy's "Fighting our Reflections" and a little off of Asmo's "Dark Reign", maybe Dark Reign can suddenly appear next to Iwaku and all the characters there are mind controlled by the evil Paorou's reign. We'd have to fight these "dark twins" of ours, maybe mixing and matching opponents. Like Rory has to keel Paorou's twin, Fluffy Rory's, Kitti Fluffy's, etc. Could set up for quite a dramatic play. Plus, the ISAF are all undead soldiers, so we could throw the zombie stuff in the mix too. If a mad scientist (like TC) joins, his twin could be in charge of a fish army too lol. :D

Just tossing a few ideas out there.
I'd rather you didn't rape my meaningful spin-off timeline on the altar of superficial antagonism. KK THX BYE.
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