Arsenal XA4

Name: Field Commander Carl McCarthy

Race: Human

Faction: INDEPENDENT State Armed Forces (Acting Commandant)


Normal Equipment:

-TC-19 Carbine: Essentially the AGR-16A4 Bullpup with the precision rifle removed, the TC-19 is a compact battle rifle designed for special forces and aircraft and vehicle crewmen. It uses 6.5X28mm caseless munitions in 50 round magazines.
-M-1911A1: Large caliber man stopper. The classic .45ACP pistol is standard issue for the ISAF.
-IBA Flak Jacket: Standard personnal protective equipment for the ISAF. The trauma plates can take several direct hits from large caliber bullets or shrapnel before the plates have to be replaced.
-Laser Designator: It is unknown if any artillery made it out of '57. Carl keeps it just in case.
-XM-32 Wraith ABT: Although still an experimental weapons system, this tanks was slated to replace equivalent weapons in Dystopian service. Then the Noobs attacked Underbase 57. Some Wraiths made it into the tunnels Jack Shade's forces dug, surviving. Until Carl can get to one he's just a poorly trained leg infantryman.

Special Equipment

General Abilities
-Expert, Rifle and Pistol: Carl scored high on his weapons qualifications. Although a tanker there is always that possibility that he may have to ground pound.
-Armored Warfare Specialist: Carl is a tanker, through and through. At present he is slitghtly disadvantaged. Until he can get to a tank he is but a poorly trained leg infantryman.
-Chain of Command: Carl has the trust of his men, from the lowliest of Privates the the most seasoned of Colonels. Through the actions of his subordinates Carl made Field Commander, an action he recognizes by rewarding his men for their own actions, regardless of how menial the task is. The men under his command will fight for him because he will fight for them as well.

Special Abilities

-Hindered Depth Perception: During the attack on Underbase 57 Carl lost his right eye. Being right eye dominant hinders him as he has to relearn how to shoot and put rounds on point.
-Poorly Trained Leg Infantryman: Carl is a tanker. With a tank he is Indestructible. He trained to fight from a steel chariot, not on his feet. Until he gets to a track he is at a great disadvantage.


Carl came to Iwaku with the original Independent Strategic Arms Foundation when Ryker was invited by Gabriel. He helped train the armored divisions and led them through countless battles. During the Admin War he was a no-name colonel who gained recognition only through being the tanker that shot Homac in the face with one hundred and twenty mikes of gun power, giving Ryker the chance to fall back. During the early years of the nation of Dystopia Carl's 51ST Armored Division was yet again a no-name unit until the Battle of the Jilachi Desert in which the 51ST and the 84TH rescued ISAF Expeditionary Forces from a mechanical foe derived from remnants of the Viper airship. His forces gained recognition and he was hailed a hero, something he humbly declines to accept. Now he is in charge of a broken army, trying to reign in whoever survived and call for reinforcements from abroad.

Name: Lieutenant Julius Ryker

Race: Lycanthrope

Faction: Church of Armageddon's Engineer, INDEPENDENT State Armed Forces


Normal Equipment
-AGR-16A4 Bullpup: Standard battle rifle of the Independent State Armed Forces. The Bullpup is a combination automatic rifle and precision rifle. It uses the 6.5X28 Caseless in 50 round magazines and, for the precision rifle, 7.62X51 rounds in 20 round magazines. The Bullpup can be fitted with:
-M-203 40mm Grenade Launcher: Standard frag launcher of the ISAF, this weapon is used to deliver 40mm grenades over long distances. Flavors of the monht are HEDP, CS Tear Gas, and White Phosphorous 'Flashbangs.'
-Dual M-9/40 'Cavalry Sabers': A pair of M-9 pistols rechambered for the .40 S&W. Ryker tends to dual wield these to great effect.
-Desert Eagle Mk XIX 'Tyrant's Delight': Ryker's hand cannon, Tyrant's Delight is a large caliber weapon surpassing the standard M-1911A1 in stopping power. Ryker has shown the ability to wield this weapon with one hand, something normal Minigunners are unable to do.
-IBA Flak Jacket: Standard personnal protective equipment for the ISAF. The trauma plates can take several direct hits from large caliber bullets or shrapnel before the plates have to be replaced.
-Oakleys Sunglasses: No proper villanous bad ass should be without an equally bad ass pair of shades.
-The Book of Ryker: Ryker's journal, filled with over twenty years worth of musings. Before the Admin War it contained the groundwork for the Independent State of Dystopia. After being touched by Homac it contained his mad ravings of events to come, including his time as a POW, a bloody coup in a Dystopian client state that he instigated, his return to Iwaku, and the Noob Invasion. He refuses to show anyone the rest of the book as his already knowing has driven him more off kilter than he already is. It has become the Bible for the Church of Armageddon's Engineer.

Special Equipment

General Abilities
-Pride of the Infantry: Ryker, through years of training and warfare, has become an Apex Soldier. His global experience has made him a fine tuned killing machine, a leg infantryman with no equal.
-The Charisma of Mr. BadGuy: Ryker also has a way with words, using them to bring people to his side. Soldiers, criminals, and terrorists flocked to him because they believed his words, his promises. Millions fought for him. Even more died. Despite that, those under his command continued to fight because of his words.

What's more is he didn't need to use a virus to make them follow him.

Special Abilities
-Lycanthropy: Whenever Ryker's adrenaline levels peak Ryker turns over into a natural killing machine, nigh unstoppable to all but the appropriately equipped. Even then those who know what they're doing don't want to remember the experience of a fight with Ryker. Ryker typically discards his weapons, flak jacket, and load bearing equipment before he turns.

-Ryker is a slave to his more primal instincts. As such Ryker is succeptible to more carnal impulses. Being a womanizer doesn't help. Being without his control medication doesn't help either. Silver is also a problem for him.


An ex-Marine disillusioned with the government system, Ryker took hostile control of a Marine Expeditionary Unit and turned it into a Private Military Corporation, the Independent Strategic Arms Foundation. They became known for war crimes and their brutality. Why Gabriel saw fit to invite such savage militants into Iwaku is beyond anyone's wildest imagination. What can be said is that the ISAF has never been subtle in Iwakuan conflicts, using carpet bombings, chemical weapons, and nuclear ordnance. During the climax of the Admin War Ryker was touched by Homac, exposing him to a wealth of information. He saw his destiny and left Iwaku, a Lieutenant in charge of an Expeditionary Force. Over eighteen years he went from client state to client state beyond Iwaku's realm, drumming up support for the Nation. He returned, as had been predicted by his revelation at the hands of Homac. As predicted an apocalypse occured. As predicted the nation has scattered. It is up to Ryker to bring them back together, so they may stand strong as they did eighteen years ago.

As it is written in the Book of Ryker.



Name: Puppetmaster Obskeree Seresuto

Race/Class/Type: "Blue" Fairy

Faction: Viridian Guard

Appearance: She stands at around 7 inches tall, with pale blue skin, golden eyes, long white hair in pigtails, and brightly coloured clothes. Sprouting from her back are translucent, butterfly-esque wings with blue veins in them, that she can make glow at will.

Normal Equipment: A large belt-bag -> inside it is a mini sewing kit, various fabrics and cottons, beany stuffing, some fragments of a mask, and 4 marionette puppets (Dream Puppets Slesh, Enga and Kass, and a puppet at the bottom she refuses to use but also refuses to throw away). In a side pocket, she has a standard pack of cards she made herself and some dice.

Special Equipment: Also in the belt-bag -> A box of magic string that is never empty, a gift from her father.

General Abilities: sewing, improvising (stories and lies), sleight of hand, performing (specifically: acrobatics, joke-telling and puppetry & ventriloquism).

Special Abilities:
- Artisan's Control - Obskeree has complete control over things she's created. This usually manifests in harmless actions anywhere from making her puppets change size or move on their own, to making the images on her cards move and change.

- Fairy Dust - her wings produce fairy dust, which can have one of three effects:
1) When blown into someone's eyes, it causes hallucinations and confusion
2) When compressed and applied into a wound, acts as a painkiller and anaesthetic
3) When surrounding her in a veil, can prevent her from being seen from non-magical beings (though if one knew she was around and actually looked for her, or she drew attention to herself by speaking, they would see her regardless. It's more of a poor misdirection glamour than anything.)

- Weak telekinesis within a radius of 5 metres.

Weaknesses: Temperamental and fickle, failure to understand severity of some situations, very frail with no physical strength. Though useful at times, her tiny stature can also be a hindrance (she's susceptible to strong winds, being stepping on etc).


Obskeree was the Court Jester of the Blue Royal Family. Upon the loss of her angel and subsequent conquest of the Red Type Fairies, she was exiled from her society. Some time later, she was taken to Iwaku by Porg from this other dimension near the end of the Elder Invasion.



Name: Sakura "Sakii/Saku"

Race/Class/Type: Magical Girl

Faction: The Crimson Cadre

Anime Style:


Starshine Battle Form: (without sword)

Normal Equipment: Sakura always has her messenger bag, filled with the necessities of a teenage girl (lip gloss, a notebook, color pencils, hair clips, hand sanitizer, lotion, and her wallet) as well as small first aid kit, a digital camera, a vial of poison, and little electronic trinkets she uses to build things. She has twin daggers latched into a holster on her right thigh and a customized silver gun slipped into a strap on the backside of her chunky gem-studded belt. She designed the gun with bullets shaped to a spiral point for a piercing effect. Also attached to the back of her belt is a lightweight, but lethal fold-over boomerang with a Batman insignia. It snaps open to it's full form and has both a normal form as well as a blade edged form.

Special Equipment: Enclosed into it's smaller form as a heart-shaped locket is Sakura's Magical Girl Wand (Silver with a red heart encased with wings at the top). With it, she can use the power of her Sakura Cards:

THE ARROW - This card has the ability to fire a volley of arrows. It appears in the first movie.

THE BIG - The enables whomever uses it to grow to a gigantic size.

THE BUBBLES - This card makes soap bubbles.

THE CHANGE - This card will switch two people's minds with their bodies, though the effects last only 24 hours. These effects can last forever if the card posseser does not switch them back.

THE CLOUD - It can manipulate clouds.

THE CREATE - This card looks like a book. If a person writes a story in the book, the characters and objects described will become a reality. This reality only exists as long as the writer continues to write in the book.

THE DARK - One of the cards that represents Yue. Dark is the opposite of Light, and both Dark and Light are considered the most powerful of the Sakura Cards.

THE DASH - The user of this card will be able to run short distances at an incredible speed.

THE DREAM - This card allows you to have dreams that predict the future.

THE EARTHY - The last of the four elements of magic, and the most powerful one of the four. This card can create earthquakes.

THE ERASE - This card can make things vanish, forever, if necessary.

THE FIGHT - This card makes the user a powerful fighter.

THE FIREY - One of the four elements of magic. The elemental cards are considered second in power to Light and Dark. All the elemental cards will have their respective magic (In this case, the power of fire), but they can also behave like an elemental creature.

THE FLOAT - It makes objects or people lighter than air.

THE FLOWER - It makes flower appear out of nowhere. This is a very playful card that loves to dance.

THE FLY - This gives Sakura a pair of angelic wings to fly.

THE FREEZE - This card can make things very cold, such as turning a lake into ice.

THE GLOW - This card makes small glowing bits that drift in the air. The effect looks something close to fireflies.

THE ILLUSION - The card makes an illusion of something, as the name implies. The illusions can be seen, but they are not tangible, nor do they have any other properties.

THE JUMP - Sakura can jump very far and very high without injury using this card.

THE LIBRA - It can tell if someone is lying or not.

THE LIGHT - One of the cards that represents Cerberus. Light can illuminate, but it vaguely represents the "forces of light" as well.

THE LITTLE - This card makes a person very small (About an inch or so.)

THE LOCK - It can lock rooms and objects.

THE LOOP - This card warps space. A piece of road will simply wrap around itself like a Mobius strip.

THE MAZE - It forms a maze that does not follow normal spatial physics, so it's possible that you can be lost in it forever.

THE MIRROR - When Sakura uses this card, Mirror will become an exact replica of Sakura. This replica will sound and look like Sakura in every aspect, except that it will have Mirror's personality. Mirror is intelligent and it behaves like a real person when Sakura uses the card.

THE MIST - This card forms a mist that corrodes/erodes anything that it touches.

THE MOVE - This card can move objects (even through walls) to another location, but it can't carry heavy objects or move the objects far distances.

THE NOTHING - This card was created to stabilize the enormous powers of the rest of the cards. This card is as powerful as the other 52 cards put together. It makes things disappear. It was sealed and transformed into the THE HOPE.

THE POWER - Sakura gains incredible strength with this card. She can easily pick up a car with the use of this card.

THE RAIN - It does exactly as the name implies.

THE RETURN - It allows the user to see an event in the past for a short moment.

THE SAND - It can manipulate sand.

THE SHADOW - This card can wrap itself around something, like a shadow. Or it can also "shadow" people, following them. Shadow can also be used to carry her magic through transparent windows.

THE SHIELD - It forms a spherical shield that will protect anybody inside it from physical or magical attacks. It can't protect you from the Sword card though.

THE SHOT - This card forms a fast-moving magic missile that will chase enemies.

THE SILENT - This card will forcibly eject a person from the room if they make any noise.

THE SLEEP - This card will put a large number of people to sleep. This is helpful when Sakura must capture a card in a public place.

THE SNOW - It does exactly as the name implies.

THE SONG - This card can repeat a song it hears.

THE STORM - It creates a powerful storm.

THE SWEET - It makes things taste sweet.

THE SWORD - It turns Sakura's sealing wand into a sword that can cut through almost anything.

THE THROUGH - It can pass through walls. However, the thickness of the wall you can pass through depends on you magical power.

THE THUNDER - It makes a powerful lightning strike.

THE TIME - This card can momentarily stop time, but this takes a large amount of energy to use. It can also turn back time 24 hours.

THE TWIN - It can divide objects and people in two.

THE VOICE - It can steal a person's voice so you can speak with it.

THE WATERY - Another element of magic, with the power of water.

THE WAVE - It can raise waves.

THE WINDY - Another element of magic, with the power of wind.

THE WOOD - It can grow a number of vines that can ensnare enemies.

General Abilities: Although not physically powerful, Sakura is very athletic. She is an accomplished gymnast and martial artist. She's quick on her feet and used to running at high speeds because of her love of playing tennis. She also excels at technology as a field science; she's able to put together scraps of metal and electronics to make new, makeshift devices or create explosions when necessary.

Special Abilites: Being a Magical Girl, Sakura has the ability to transform into her battle forms. Her original form is Illuminous, it consists of her light-based abilities: Affinity, Soul, Heart, and Voice.
Luminous Affinity allows her to affect and/or alter the emotions of the people around based on her own.
Luminous Soul is the power of the Sakura Cards (see Special Equipment).
Luminous Heart is a healing power that allows her to use her own energy to heal another's wounds.
Luminous Voice gives her the power to affect a person's mind through the use of her voice. This is close to Affinity, but differs in the way that it is use. (i.e Sakura can use Voice in an argument to convince someone to agree with her to a certain degree. Or she can use it to sing a lullaby that puts someone to sleep.)
After the battle with Asmodeus following the Elder Invasion, Sakura develops slight psychic abilities. These become her secondary battle form, Starshine This form consists of her new powers: Lucidity, and Memoria. Notably, this battle form can only be used when a friend is injured or suffers an amount of pain in a fight.

Lucidity: allows Sakura to temporarily copy a power from her injured friend/ally and use it for the duration of the current battle.
Memoria: gives her the ability to temporarily enter the subconscious of another person and search their memories. While using this power, Sakura leaves her physical body and enters the mind of the targeted person; the duration of the attack is directly related with the amount of energy Sakura is willing to spend.

Uncorruptible [SoulArts] - Sakura has been offered the temptations of power and resisted. She is incapable of being swayed by promises of power, wealth or personal gain. The Cycle seems to actively protect her innocence and all times and keep her pure of heart and mind.

Weaknesses: Sakura has no physical strength aside from the norm and sometimes overuses her powers, leading dizzy spells and/or fainting. She has a secret fear of the dark and cannot, under any circumstances, stand alone in any kind of darkness in which she cannot see her hand in front of her face; it would drive her insane. She has also MCSS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, which entitles that the slightest of smells (like strong perfumes) or an amount of smoke will always give her the general allergy symptoms: coughing, sneezing and watery eyes.


Sakura lived in Iwaku since she was a little girl. She came there through a strange portal while looking for a place to have fun and meet new friends. As the little sister of Razilin (Batman), she often had everything she needed and more. She spent most of days searching for adventure or helping the citizens of Iwaku with the little things that she could for them. As wars were waged and chaos erupted, Sakura somehow disappeared, thought to be kidnapped and taken to another realm. She has little or no memories of being away, but she does remember walking along a light-created pathway leading her back to Iwaku City. Sakura never took part in any of Iwaku Mythos, even though Razilin did. Although he is said to have died, Sakura believes that her brother's spirit is alive somewhere and always thinks of him when she needs support.

Before the Elder Invasion, Sakura spent most of her days about Iwaku helping people with the little things that she could do for them. During the invasion, she was in Shapeshift Town tending to the survivors in Myrondyn's castle and taking care of Asmodeus. At one point, she fights the power of the Sheathe of Iwaku when taking it from Asmodeus. Later, as he is released from his old curse and calls for the heroes to assemble, Sakura joins them. She does what she can to help barricade the castle and aid the infirmary during the invasion attack on Myrondyn's castle. Then, along with the others, she escaped on the Aegis that crashed in Airune Forest. Unconscious during the time Asmodeus acts out against his friends, Sakura and others are transported via Natalie to the latter's Fear Garden in Insanity. She is rescued by Jack Shade and taken with Soulless to Asmodeus and Drake. After resting in Soulless' house, they depart in search of Paorou via the Fidelis.

When Asmodeus snaps and turns to attack his friends, claiming he is the Anti-Hero, Sakura suffers a crash concussion and a cut in her side. She is later patched up by Drake, who moves to fight Asmodeus like everyone else, inspires Sakura to do the same. She fights alongside the others just as the Mirror of Insanity shatters.

The dimensional rupture alters Sakura's magical powers, giving her a new set of psychic abilities, the Starshine battle form.


Neko Archy

Name: Arachnion (Archy)

Race/Class/Type: Neko-jin/Human Hopeless Romantic

Faction: Viridian Guard


Normal Equipment:
-A small knife, taken from the corpse of Megane-kun. Previously it belonged to Feral.
Special Equipment:
-Magic Cellphone-it doesn't need any sort of towers or satellites to function, and calls who you want, provided they have a phone of some sort. Does not support texting.
General Abilities:
-Scientist-Arachnion is a scientist, and can do...science things. Yeah.
-Martial arts-exactly as it sounds, Archy's got some background in the world of martial arts.
Special Abilites:

-Heroic Will-Archy's ability to fight for his beliefs borders on the supernatural. When mustering the willpower to keep fighting, Archy is signifigantly stronger and faster than normal. This ability also increases his resistance to damage by way of simply refusing to die, and has saved his life at least once. However, as it is fueled by emotions, when depressed or unwilling to believe in himself it fails.

-MAD SCIENCE-not bound by such silly things as the laws of physics, Archy can create some truly miraculous things. Most have a technomagical bent, due to his experience with wizardry. When using this power to it's fullest extent, Archy tends to act just a little bit crazy.

-Full-contact Wizardry-Archy's personal fighting style mixes hand-to-hand combat with magical attacks and blocks. He only really specializes in shields and destructive magic, and attacks are easiest with a medium other than air, such as his punches, or some blood spit at an opponent.

-Gender Bender-Archy can switch between his standard male form and that of a catgirl. When a catgirl Archy has better hearing, but other than that the differences are slight-the only really noticeable one is that in one, he is a man, and in the other, he is not.

Weaknesses: Arachnion is extremely idealistic, and wants absolutely everyone to live together happily; as such, he will go to great lengths to make sure that even his most hated foes can live on and have a chance to redeem themselves. As mentioned earlier, his whole heroic will power does not work when he is depressed or believes the situation is hopeless.

While Archy is very capable in physical combat, her body is not particularly durable, and attacks hurt for her unless they are blocked with a shield. This means that in longer fights she'll end up seriously injured if she's not careful, continuing to fight by willpower alone.

Arachnion's a planar traveler, who goes back and forth between worlds by visualizing a set of stairs, extending off into infinity. He's not very good at it, though, and is liable to get lost or end up someplace worse than where he started out. Archy came to Iwaku after leaving his previous world for some reason, and made a name for himself as a major scientist for the shapeshifter guild. During the elder invasion he traveled to try to find the source of the attacks with others, and took his knife from the corpse of Megane. He still bears a grudge against Feral, who captured and reprogrammed his "daughter" Grace, and killed Megane. He knows and cares for Soulless, and is responsible for the boy's current shattered state of mind (though this information has not yet reached him)



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Name: Alice "Loveless"

Race/Class/Type: Human

Faction: Independent

Appearance: Alice is a calm person, standing at about 5'7'', thin, and fare skinned. She has a smooth face, with violet eyes (not contacts), and also dark purple hair (not dyed). There isn't much to her appearance at all, the eyes and the hair is the only thing that most people notice. She also wears a red kimono, wear her katana is also attached.

Normal Equipment: Alice, being taught the ways of the Samurai, (as her father was one), always carries a Katana, and as a back up she uses a dagger. She also carries a sack of money and bread. She carries a canteen of water on the right side of her belt.

Special Equipment: N/A

General Abilities: Alice was mainly taught the ways of the Samurai, but she also knows many more arts as she learned them from her Grandfather whe he had the spare time to teach her. She mainly uses the art of the Samurai, only if the opponent is really dangerous will she use more than that. Generally though, the ways of the Samurai is all she needs.

Special Abilities: Alice had never been the one to try and work with any special abilities but one. While in a fight, if she needs to, she can use fire. The fire surrounds her blade, and makes her Katana very very powerful.

Weaknesses: Her main weakness is her own mind and self. Having seen her own family killed in front of her, she has a hard time believing that she's alive. She gets many thoughts of killing herself or to drown in misery. Sometimes even in battle she will let her guard down and get severely hurt. At these known causes, she is known as Loveless.

An independent traveler, Alice has found her self in many many places. She never knows where she'll end up next. That is mainly how she found herself in the domains of Iwaku. She has very little ventured forth into Iwaku, as she is still near borders. Yet, from what she has seen so far, it is a very interesting place, and unique. She wants to venture the lands of Iwaku and from there, perhaps even finally find a place of which she can call home.





Independent for now

Soulless and Saneless are two people in one body. Despite the dimension issue he has been relatively unchanged. At most they have regained their medical eyepatch of the past, covering their silver eyes easily. When the right one is revealed, Saneless is in full control. When the left one is revealed, Soulless is in full control. They are also separated by their facial expressions, which shall be explained later. In general their body is small and sickly and doesn't seem able to stand up to anything but, paired with Soulless's lovely ability, it is surprisingly durable, living for the past generation despite near deaths and should-be-dead situations having laced their past.

Their body is clothed by a plain white shirt and he wears a cloak made out of stapled-together draperies. Although it looks a little silly, he(Soulless) seems to feel comforted by it so he keeps it on him even when it seems unsuitable (eg. when it is extremely hot out). For their pants, they seem far more worn and weathered than their shirt and drapery-cloak which almost seem new. Soulless/Saneless has never bothered to find new pants despite their new clothes, so the pants have stayed. They wear, however, a pair of well-worn shoes that are not quite as worn as their pants and not quite as new as their shirt and cloak.

Their hair is very messy and oily and generally unkept. This has not changed despite the dimensions being messed up. It is dark, but its original shade has been lost in grime and dirt and blood. Supposedly it was once black but now it can only be described as dark.

As stated before, Soulless and Saneless can be told apart not only by eyepatch but general facial expression. Soulless's face is always very soft in its expression, always happy or expressing some childish emotion. Sometimes it can be too happy and frighten people, especially in situations where a grin is particularly unsuitable. Saneless onthe other hand has very cold and generally angry facial expressions, making him look older because of his more stonefaced expression.

Normal Equipment:
They both hold a small carving knife with them to stab themselves with. It also serves to defend them if they cannot use their abilities and it is slightly hollow, allowing to be filled with blood for a nasty surprise.

Special Equipment:

General Abilities:
None. Really!

Special Abilites:
Soulless/Saneless's abilities are, for now, not interchangeable. In the future while they become closer they will be to a point.

Saneless has the ability of blood manipulation. He can manipulate his own blood to ridiculous proportions, pushing his body to the limit to produce massive amounts of blood he can do basically anything with. It is something that may sound ridiculous at first but becomes a deadly, destructive weapon to be feared above all else. It can be used as any kind of weapon, ranged, combat, healing, etc. The only downfall would be that it is in fact just blood and can be dried out or rendered useless by extreme heat or cold, etc. He cannot manipulate the blood of others.

Soulless is able to regenerate wounds as much as he pleases so long as his body has the resources for it. Potentially he could regenerate fatal injuries such as gutting and having his throat slit. However, this is his only ability and he has no other way to defend himself. When cut his blood shows signs of manipulation, but it against his will and it is in fact Saneless manipulating the blood from 'behind the scenes' so to speak. Soulless is completely unaware of his own blood and can only regenerate.

Something the two both currently share is seemingly eternal youth. They literally follow the terms 'you are as old as you feel'. Soulless, being young, immature and childish, is eternally young. Saneless is a little older, but that shows enough by his general demeanor.

As an added bonus, whenever Soulless embraces someone any damage to them is cut by half, as he makes the cycle do a little hiccup when he hugs someone to protect them, so strong is his will. Of course he receives full damage regardless.

Soulless is unaware of Saneless and Saneless is aware of Soulless. They have no real way of interacting. This usually causes communication problems.

Also, Soulless is mentally incapable for now of performing certain tasks. He has trouble walking, opening doors, etc. Although recovering quite well, it would always seem to the casual observer as if he is somehow disabled when he needs a little more effort to walk or grasp things. His mind is fine, but he has trouble controlling his own body. Saneless has no such problems.

Saneless/Soulless's abilities focus on having enough resources. Without bodily resources, both their abilities would only be suicide.

Soulless and Saneless came up to Iwaku from an unknown place. They just kind of showed up one day. In Iwaku they learned to adapt quickly in Insanity, finding themselves right at home in this world of crazies. When the Admin war came, they were invited by Paorou to defend his castle. Happily they did so, however when Paorou failed to succeed Soulless wandered around fairly lost. All he could depend upon was Saneless. The two grew mentally close enough to be able to use each other's abilities and think together without actually having to have more effort than thinking in general.

As Soulless wandered, he came upon Asmodeus, announcing the arrival of the hero and stating he required Soulless's help. Happily, he agreed, having found a person to follow again. However, all did not seem well as Asmodeus went insane and was now reduced to how he is now. Soulless and Saneless suffered mentally from the battle alongside the angel and now Soulless finds this new world completely different from his own so long ago.


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Name: Soo Jin Ya, "Sozrosse" (The name is Sino-Korean. Jin means precious, Ya means Elgance. & Soo means regaining consciousness. Old Chinese custom is use surname first.)

Race/Class/Type: Was born on one of the many islands that make up the realm Iwaku is located in; she comes from a race where humanoids have transcended the physical body and mind becoming ethereal. Her race is called the Shinzui and lived in an area that has many parallels to Ming Dynasty China. At birth, their minds are altered to only have the desire to work and open all the regions of the brains that allow them to again access to the Five Gogyô. The Shinzui use up to 70% to 80% of their brains, vs. the 10% of humans. This makes most of the Shinzui android like and lack what is considered to be normal social skills. If they do not have an assigned job, they will go out of their ways to find one.

Faction: Battle Mages


Normal Equipment: Scroll and Ink Pens. Since she is a researcher on societies and general activity of advanced races, she’s keen on writing things down.

Special Equipment: Chinese scroll papers, these allow for her to invoke spells easier than constantly hacking into her spiritual aura. The Chan Zi Dao is her main weapon of choice.

General Abilities: Hurricane’s Dance-Jin’s self defense movements. It is a strong style characterized by bold forward momentum. Jin maintains a low stance and moves in wide arcs, the inertia of the entire body lending force to attacks. Opponents are hard-pressed to maintain their ground in the face of such an all-encompassing onslaught. When her Chan Zi Dao is added to the Hurricane’s Dance, it gives Jin the elegance of the wind. However, she has to be in close range for this style to work to the fullest extent. She is also a capable leader, since she was the communications officer on the Legacy making her one of the highest ranking allies on Lamord's team.

Special Abilites:
The Five Gogyo: She has the power to use the Five Gogyô since she was trained to be an Onmyoji, an type of scientist that controls natural magic. The Gogyô is basically the five elements that make up a human being and their surroundings in nature:

Chi: Represents the hard and physical aspects of the world. This allows Sozrosse to use hard or heavy objects that she wouldn’t normally be able to carry. However, the time is limited to a few mins and this gives her risks when carrying heavy weapons.

Sui: Represents the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world. This magic allows for Sozrosse to form barriers. Since the spell is using her own ethereal mana, it is a risky spell to use for long periods of time.

Ka: Represents the energetic, forceful, moving things in the world. This allows for Sozrosse to use the body heat from those around her to form flame spells. She cannot use the spell for long periods of time because it can cause harm to people surrounding her.

Fû: Represents things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement. Sozrosse will use this with a combo of the Mind Meld. Mentally and emotionally, it causes an "open-minded" attitude and carefree feeling, making the receiver’s mind weakened. This spell is best used only when, she knows that she can count on an ally to take the opponent out. This power also includes Mind Overclock. It allows Jin to forecast future events, hers only, through mathematical calculation. As with all forms of forecasting, details only come in the form of complex numbers or images, making it impossible to form a completely understandable “prophecy.” She can also "split her brain" allowing her to run it in a parallel manner by separating her thought process, which allows her to maintain photographic memory, so much so she could be considered a living computer.

Kû: Represents those things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy. She can shoot out bright blue lights from her body to act as a distraction or at times like a laser beam. This is the power that she is best versed in and uses it the most often.

Weaknesses: Jin has very few offensive attacks, making her prone to be helpless at times in battle. Thus she has to rely on using The Chan Zi Dao. She is also very light, which makes her easy to smack around. Since she’s no longer able to fully transform into a spirit (like in the Legacy’s timeline), she can no longer constantly turn into a spirit form to intimidate foes. Mental weaknesses are that she still doesn’t go out of her way to interact with people making her seem snoobish and a know it all. Jin can also be rather self centered when it comes to debating.

Origin: Sozrosse was the last student of CoffeeCakeSadist, a well know mentor of many of Iwaku's historical figures. She was chosen by her fellow reality benders to be a recorder of history due to her ancestry and high magical potential. At the age of 12, she underwent an operation that made her a "grown-up," which suppressed her will to question events going on around her. CoffeeCakeSadist did his best to counter act this action but was unable to do so. Instead, he focused on training her to be a sage like being, much like himself. She became fairly aloof to her fellow beings unless it involved research. Coffee was the one that first started calling her Sozrosse, an old Iwaku gibberish term that means “Young but Wise Spirit.”

When the Rift Storms destroyed much of the Iwaku landscape, she joined up with Lamord's officers to help unite various new comers together. Sozrosse taught him many alien languages.

Her role on the Legacy has been a mentor and recorder of history and events. She has made close friends with an android named MAC, whom has a very similar world view as her own. Sozrosse does not take orders from anyone else besides for Lamord, himself. When the crew became a part of the living Legacy, she remained the same since she is a spirit-like being. However, she appeared no longer as a child but a young woman. Around this time, she became more open about her feelings with others.

To make a long story short, she is now the one of the Head Battle Mages in Iwaku Castle.



Name: "Bloody" Roseanne

Race: Looks human for the most part, except for the inexplicable mutation on her arm and the resulting Reality Bending abilities.

Faction: Independent

A wavy blonde-haired, red-eyed young woman clothed in a red, loose garment and black tights covered by a deceptive, short, frilled skirt. Her footwear consists of a rugged, leather, open-toed hybrid between sandals and high-cut boots. She wears loose, long fingerless black gloves, revealing sharp, manicured red nails. Her mutated arm's glove is marked by red stripes, and has a special hole over the center of her palm. She has a constantly malevolent air about her, reflected in her glare and facial expression.

Her movements are more bestial than human, especially in combat, using her unnatural agility and all four limbs to propel herself from perch to perch. Even outside combat, this bestial-like behavior still persists, as she hardly ever talks with a person eye to eye from a normal standing position.

Her voice can be described as soft, with a "forced" low pitch. (her attempt at sounding intimidating) She is known to subconsciously make whisper-like growling sounds.

Overtly cautious and paranoid, she trusts nobody easily. Her lifetime of being ostracized and living in the wilderness has given her a cynical viewpoint, where her own survival is all that matters. For this reason, she is very independent, and even outright selfish.

However, she has always longed to know what it is like to have someone to depend on and to be depended on. Being part of a community is something she secretly hopes to experience once again. This gives her a conflicted set of priorities in her life - independence from those who had ostracized her, or to be accepted once again?

Due to her twisted longing for companionship, she tends to toy with her intruders, killing them only after a prolonged battle. (or torture) Occasionally, however, she allows her victims to escape.

Normal Equipment: Her doll-like clothes, gathered from particularly memorable victims and put together by her, guided by what she remembered wearing as a child.

Special Equipment:
- Unnatural claws and teeth, from a lifetime of hunting and fending off undead wildlife and other unsavory characters.
- She also has an annoying mentor, some kind of spirit who possesses her shadow at inopportune moments. It takes the form of a gruesome humanoid with a single red eye and speaks with a nasal voice. Its 'advice' sounds more like temptations in most cases. while others may not perceive the red eye or the nasal voice, they do notice that her shadow has a life of it's own, creating weird shapes at unnatural angles.

Normal Abilities: Her entire style is based on combat and survival. If she can tear her way out of a situation, she will. If she can jump out and use a ledge to propel her away from danger, she will. She is very good at destruction and mayhem due to her mutation. Her limited Reality bending Powers also help her in these fronts, making her a truly formidable opponent. Like a Predator, she knows how to stalk stealthily and hide her presence, even holding her breath if needed.

Special Abilities:
- Beast-like Movement, Senses and Reflexes. Her long time in the dark forests bordering Insanity made her become one of the most dangerous predators of the region. This ability was gained from a childhood of blood, sinew, and tears spent in one of the most treacherous forests of Iwaku. For her to have survived alone all this time, to develop and possess this ability is hardly a surprise.

- Arm Mutation - Predatory Eye. The one thing that caused her to be ostracized, and then survive the horrors of the dark forests bordering Insanity. A mutation in the shape of a crimson eye on the palm of her right hand. It is said that if she opens this eye, and it meets the eye of her prey, it is instantly and neatly dismantled. Flesh is stripped from bone and sinew is separated from fat and muscle. The exact measure of this ability is unknown, but many have seen it affect even inanimate objects, destroying them at once. However, she can only specify ONE such prey at a time, and only that target will be instantly dismantled once the eye has set its sights.

However, some survivors have stated that confluence based trinkets somehow disrupted the destructive ability. Others say that merely covering oneself with some sort of camouflage or large object (to block the eye's sight) will stop the attack. The credibility of these statements has yet to be verified.

Weaknesses: There's only so much you can do with mayhem and destruction. She is also far from the strongest combatants out there, due to her limited fighting style and perception. Her limited knowledge and outlook on life limit her reality bending abilities to the functions of 'destroy' and 'escape harm'. Her social skills are quite poor as well, giving her few situations she can excel at.

A young girl birthed by a couple from the viking village, who was pampered and doted on in her early years. Her parents were actually refugees from the end of the last war, a veteran of the shapeshifter's knights who no longer wished to serve as a warrior, and a female non-combatant baker from the bread cult. the two did not want to have their relationship known, and thus started a new life right outside Insanity.

They actually started a small farmland and general store long before the vikings relocated as per Rory's amnesty. At first the vikings begrudgingly accepted their services, and they even accommodated patrolling ISAF troopers who happened to need supplies. At this point, Roseanne was 5 years old, and she had gone out of their farmstead unchaperoned for the first time, to see the flowers in the field.

A strange wind began to blow from the mirror, and right before Roseanne's eyes, the golden daffodils turned crimson.

Being a curious child, she touched one of them, and her hand was promptly struck by crimson lightning. In a flash the sky turned crimson, but returned to a light blue. Roseanne rolled on the grass, crying as her arm painfully surged and burned, crackling with energy. When the stinging pan finally stopped, a crimson eye opened on her palm, staring right at her.

Her parents finally caught up with her and quickly picked her up to see what had happened to their beloved daughter. They immediately noticed that her eyes had permanently changed, from a deep blue, to a glaring dull crimson. When they saw her arm, they knew it was an ominous sign.

Wrapping her in cloth, to hide her new features, they rushed back to their large house. They returned only to see that the vikings, who had been suspicious of them this whole time, were waiting. They had seen the strange phenomenon and suspected their immediate neighbors of witchcraft. This obviously led to a confrontation between her father and a particularly belligerent large man.

As tensions flared, Roseanne felt dread for the first time, after he saw the large man brandish his sword. Without thinking she held out her hand and called out for her father.

In that moment, the crimson eye opened, and the large viking turned to see his reflection. In the next moment, the viking dropped on the floor in a neat pile of bones and flesh. There was a stretch of silence, before the vikings snapped back to their senses an brandished their weapons. The father immediately yelled at his family to leave, grabbing his old sword from behind the counter.

Her mother quickly took Roseanne and fled to the dark forests bordering Insanity, with the vikings in pursuit. As her mother fled deeper and deeper into the forest, she tripped on a root and sent the young Roseanne tumbling into the darkness. Her mother yelled at her to "Keep running, and live no matter what."

These words confused her as a child, for afterward she could only hear the echoing howls of Vikings searching for her. As she ran, she hard the scraping of metal and a woman's shriek, only urging her to run even faster. The horrific sounds of yelling and howling did not cease for hours. She shuddered, stopping to hide under the branches of a great tree, until there was only silence.

After a few minutes, she finally cried out for her mother. There was no response. She cried out or her parents again and again. She received no reply. the tears welled up in her eyes, and she cried out one last time.

This time, a bellowing roar responded.

From the darkness, a small rabbit pounced through the undergrowth, only to be snatched up in the jaws of a monstrous creature. Roseanne watched the creature eat with both awe and paralyzing fear, how it tore the small creature apart with it's large teeth. Within seconds, it gulped down what little meat remained on the carcass of the rabbit.

The monster, apparently still dissatisfied with its meal, turned its eyes on the little girl. Roseanne fell on her butt and inched away, too shocked, worn out, and scared to think of any better course of action. the beast walked up to her, its large jaws hungrily gaping to ingest her tender flesh.

With a shriek, she covered her face with her hands, in a fearful motion. Her right palm faced outward, and the crimson eye opened. The beast met its reflection in the crimson orb,and was instantly torn apart. Chunks of meat fell to the forest floor, making a neat pile of gore, bone and muscle.

When Roseanne opened her eyes, she realized she was all alone once again. She simply lied down on the grass and the dirt. Her mind was too weary, and her heart was trampled and crushed. In an instant her life had changed, and she had no idea how it happened. She did not know the way home, and she was too scared to face the vikings. She was trapped here. She had yet to understand the consequences, but she had an aching feeling in her gut telling that she had nothing - that she was now just food for the horrors of these woods.

The pain was literal, for Roseanne was hungry.

She vividly remembered the rabbit being torn apart,and replayed it again and again in her little mind. She clearly remembered it on top of all the horrible events of the day,on top of all her traumas and crushed dreams. She had finally gone off the deep end.

The little girl finally stood up, and limped to the pile of meat.

She then took a bite off the beast's leg.

The shadow mentor is the spirit of the Predatory eye, which is in turn, one of the few sentient pieces of the real Paorou. Due to it's killing speed and the mentor's misunderstood compassion for the girl, It is assumed to represent Paorou's Mercy.

I'm wary of that predator arm power but I trust you won't overuse it.



The Murrstress
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Name: Murr / Trance Kitsune

Race: Kitsune/Unknown entity

Faction: Murr Zombies

Place of Residence: With Rory



Secondary apperance:

Trance Kitsune:

Personality: Most of the time, it’s easy to tell, although not verbally. Usually seems very happy, smiling, making odd noises, wuffling and burbling to herself when in her normal form. She seems almost childish. But in some cases, she DOES speak, and in those times, it will be very serious, and her demeanor will seem almost indifferent, detached. But usually, all and all, she’s a very physical, touchy-feely person.

Drivers: It seems oddly devoid of any reason. She seems to just be popping in and out of existence for merely kicks. Although at this point it might be to help her friend Rory.

Equipment: Pencils and paper, iPod Touch, A small pack filled with countless snacks that never seem to run out for some reason, A draw-string bag filled with small shiny gems.

Strengths: Always managing to wear a smile, even in the worst situations. She’s also agile and never seems to run out of energy. Due to her odd powers, she also has the ability to take energy from her enemies. Also, due to her primary power, if she has enough time, and if there is enough paper, she can always defend herself

Weaknesses: Water. Water will cause her gems to unravel. She’ll have to redraw all of her gems, which will slow her down considerably. She almost always has music playing, so it can be easy to hear her coming, or to sneak up on her. Needs to take in energy from others. She also is ALWAYS hungry, and in the even that she can’t gt to her snacks would leave her more or less powerless. She eats so much so that she doesn’t have to take energy from others. It’s also probably why she’s not in “TK” form all the time. Also, she IS a “Music Junkie” so it’s easy to persuade her to do something by dangling a new song in front of her. Also, her range of powers are limited by circumstances.

Primary Power:
Day Dream Doodles (Reality bending/Deamweaving): A type of summoning, she can use by simply drawing on a sheet of paper. The second she feels that it is done, the paper will fold up and turn into a small gem. These gems are then thrown to the ground, and upon collision will release what was drawn. If defeated or destroyed it will retreat back into its gem form. Sometimes she creates a move for herself using this technique. If she wants to make herself able to teleport, she has to draw herself using what she believes would illustrate teleporting. This power can be amplified by the secondary and third power. Creatures can only be summoned one at a time, and powers are limited. She can't use them on anyone else but herself, and she can't use her gems to get more power. If she was able to, she wouldn't be in her current position. Also, she has to use as much detail as she can when drawing to express what she wants.

*Example: If she draws herself in one spot, then as though she had just disappeared, the gem won't work because she hadn't drawn out herself appearing somewhere else.

She can not summon something of huge amounts of energy. She cannot summon a god-like entity, or create large explosions she can not effect the habitat she's in or the people around her, she can only summon creatures from her gems, or affect herself. She can create weapons for herself, but they are usually very breakable and very flawed because she doesn't have proper knowledge on weaponry. She can not summon attacks similar to DBZ' KAMEHAMEHA! (Happy now, Myrn? I put that in, just for you.)

Also, she can't summon one gem through another. And she can't summon a peice of paper or a pencil.

Secondary Power: Sudden Theme Music (Reality bending/Dreamweaving): The headphones she usually wears in her normal form will drop down around her neck and seem to enlarge slightly, and act like a speaker system, music will start blaring, the type of music depends on her mood. This will strengthen her odd primary power by helping her focus. Usually it speeds up her doodles and she’ll be done in half the time. Most times it will be trance or techno, or nearby those realms but it’s not odd to hear other genres. But if she is feeling a very strong emotion, the music will immediately turn up louder.

This helps her focus, but severely affects her awareness. Also, if the headphones are damaged in any way, they will blast out massively loud feedback for about ten seconds. This will completely disorient her (And possibly anyone within three yards) and leave her deaf and panicked for up to ten minutes. Also, if they are damaged, she has to use her own energy to repair it before using them again, or the feedback will happen again. The process of repairing it takes a couple hours and a strong amount of focus. And after she's done, she usually will have used up most of her energy and will have to rest for maybe three or four hours.

Tertiary Power: Trance Kitsune (Soulart): This appears to be her true form, but no one’s sure of why she isn’t in it all the time. It’s been guessed that her lack of stealing energy is to blame. When in this form, she can be her most serious or most mysterious. She can also speak in this form as well as fly short distances, Gems don’t need to be thrown to the ground in this form, all she has to do is crush it in her hand. Also, in this form, she is more liable to act like her race and try and gain energy from someone else. This is not the third power for being weaker, she’s usually her strongest in this form, actually. But it’s the last due to the fact that she rarely seems to be able to get enough strength to accomplish transforming and sustaining this form. The longest amount of time she's been able to sustain the form as of recent is only around thirty minutes. And that's under good conditions. If she's in that forum, using the gems, and the headphones, tops are only around ten minutes. Also, she's usually only able to get to this form twice in one day.
*Her other transformation: The fox form, would be under here too as a subsection. She uses that form for speed and it's size (For getting into small areas) she could also use it for evasive abilities in a battle. Beyond that, the fox form doesn't have much to offer, but she IS able to accomplish the feared and infamous PUPPY EYES when she wants something. It has a 100% chance of working if it's food. Especially when she fluffs up all her fur.

Background: At the beginning, it is assumed that she was created and not born. The fox/kitsune and human forms are tangible and her last form is partially spirit-like. The motif of music and art. All of it seems thrown together with no thought to the outcome.

Her first memory was turning her head to the side, sharply, popping her neck and looking out of the window of a house, someone asking her if she was alright. She was young, but she can’t remember the age. Normally, she doesn’t speak, but she could draw out what she wanted to say. It was like something stepped inside of her. Beyond that….

Memories are blurred.

A change of scenery.

Popping in and out of time and place as Trance Kitsune. Knowing that when she stopped even for a moment, it would all stop, she would lack the power she had currently. The odd ease with her powers. And yet… she saw things.


A crimson cape and a glaring red eye. A pair of wings, an odd angel.

Military formations….. Many weapons… A trickster…. Countless others…

She saw the rise and fall of many governments, but lacked the care to get involved. It was not worth it. She felt as though it wasn’t her place to get involved.

And then, something seemed to snap and she fell, tumbling out of the air, hoodie falling back to reveal heavy speakers and light hair, a distressed “Murr!” and then tried to figure out where she was.

Supposedly the store of power that she had was disconnected or had drained too much. But still, she laid low. It still wasn’t her battle to fight.

But that changed.

She recreated her ability to teleport and used it, but in the first stages of working with gems instead of being able to just do it by thought as before as Trance Kitsune was much harder. She ended up in the thick of where she didn’t want to be. She teleported right in front of someone named “Rory”. She ended up getting to know him slightly, having a small talk (He talked. She burbled out responses like “Murr?” or “Fwee.” He apparently understood her somehow) before trying to transport herself away. It took her five times, but she managed to control it.

Now she’s in much better control of her powers in their current degraded forms. She has watched as these new creatures appeared and then finally decided to get involved, at least to help the trickster and to find out more information about this odd world.

Now she’s trying to help him with whatever he needs, sticking to his side as best she can

Commendations: (Leave this blank. ONLY Mods can write in this spot, and they will use it to add any rewards or new powers that you have earned. If you have roleplayed well or have a history in the Mythos, then your commendations will reflect this.)

Needs to be in the new sheet format

Childish Grumpino

"...before turning the gun on himself."
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Name: Resurrected Grumpy, the High-Necromancer of Iwaku

Race/Class/Type: Lich, Necromancer

Faction: The Crimson Cadre


Grumpy is a monstrosity of a being that was once, a very long time ago, human. He has abandoned whatever claim to humanity he may once have held and has taken his 'War Form', a bizarre, shifting metal body.

Normal Equipment: There's really nothing normal about this guy.

Special Equipment: The Necronomicon - Whether it's the actual book or a damn good copy, Grumpy's not saying, but he can use it to summon all sorts of otherdimensional unpleasentries if given enough time to perform a ritual.

The War-Form (Reality Bending) - Forged deep within Insanity to act as the body for the High Necromancer, the War-Form is a terrifying artifact to behold, capable of inexplicably moving, warping and shifting from one place to another, even breaking itself down and reassembling itself. It's vulnerabilities are it's power sources (two large soul stones, which Grumpy must replace periodically), but it's blades are also extremely dangerous; the injuries they cause are particularly harmful to Soul-Arts practitioners, as they are said to cause the soul to leak out.

General Abilities: - Plotting, Planning and Malicius Scheming: Grumpy's always got a scheme up his sleeve, or he's working on one as you speak to him. He approaches things carefully, tactically, and thus rarely gets caught off-guard.

- Self-Righteousness: Whether he's right or not, Grumpy believes in his cause and it's mission, and goddamn if he isn't convincing. He is proud of the Crimson Cadre's work in defending Iwaku's past from destruction, and knows how to put forward his arguements convincingly.

- A Mind Most Ancient: Let's put it simply; Grumpy is OLD. Really, really old. In his many years, he has experienced much, and thus has a considerable pool of knowledge to draw upon when it comes to many matters, not just with necromancy.

Special Abilites: High Necromancy (Dreamweaving) - Grumpy is one of the most ancient and deadly Lichs ever to have walked Iwaku. His mastery of Necromancy is such that it could be seen as an art form. His art is a precise, subtle one. It is not meant to destroy armies, but focused upon one individual Grumpy can wreck havoc.

Weaknesses: - Terrifying Form: The War Form wasn't made to look pretty; hell, the thing's maddening just to look at, and staring could possibly cause temporary insanity. In short, Grumpy is not terribly pleasent to look upon for any period of time.

- Self-Righteousness: As much as it is an advantage, Grumpy's piousness is also one of his greatest weaknesses. His views are correct, his cause is the right cause and ALL others, without fail, are wrong. And not just wrong, they are dangerous enemies to the people of Iwaku and the Cycle, and must be destroyed without hesitation of mercy. Good luck trying to negotiate.

- Flash Rather Than Boom: Grumpy's powers have their limitations. They are not capable of targetting vast swathes of enemies and areas, instead they must be focused upon only a few targets at most. Quite often they are tied down to intricate rituals and motions that can take quite a long time, if Grumpy is aiming to pull off something particularly dangerous, meaning there's always a chance his spells will be interrupted before they can be finished.

- High-Magical Maintainance: It's a rather deadly body Grumpy's got, but it comes with a whole host of downsides aside from it being absolutely horrific to behold. As a Reality Bending artifact, outside of Insanity the War Form requires considerable amounts of energy to maintain it, meaning Grumpy is regularly forced to carry out ritual sacrifices to keep his body working.

- Dual-Form: Nestled in the back of the mind of the War Form, there is another Grumpy. This dimension's Grumpy, having been driven more than a little mental by the trauma he has experienced sharing a body with his other self. Somehow connected to the Herald aspect of the Cycle, the original Grumpy does occasionally manage to wrestle control of the form outside of Insanity for a certain amount of time, ranting visions of the future, dire warnings and bizarre threats.

Grumpy came to Iwaku many years ago, and fell in love with the land and it's ever-shifting beauty. He fought in it's defence during the Admin War, dying to give Palonis the chance to strike down the Dark Prince Asmodeus atop the gantry of Nerf Castle.

Years past, and though Grumpy reformed, he never felt the need to return to the world, wishing instead to watch it from afar as it regrew from the ashes of war and destruction. Until he began to get premonitions of a great threat about to strike at the land. He stole a Dimensional Key from one of the powerful entities of the Netherworld, and returned in time to witness the rise of the Elders.

But Grumpy's enemies caught up with him, and he was killed again. As he began to reform, the Temple of History's destruction meant that the phylactery he had many years ago stored his form within was confused with another, very similar one from a separate dimension.

Though he reformed mostly from this other phylactery, parts of the original Grumpy still came through, and now he finds himself trapped in a body with another, darker version of himself, slowly being driven mad by the memories that are his and yet not his.



A Relic of a Bygone Era
Name: Chaos (To the select few that know his true name: Justin)

Race/Class/Type: Human

Faction: Independent (For lack better of knowledge about the current status of the world. Will likely update in time.)

Appearance: Chaos stands at 6 feet tall with medium length dirty blond hair, often seen wearing a black duster coat.

Normal Equipment: Chaos still appears to have Jack Shade's gun from the Admin War.

Special Equipment: Ragnarok, the sword he created by fusing his old sword with the banishing blade is still in his possession. However most of its power has been sealed away, rendering it little more than what his old sword was. A blade capable of being charged with his aura. The weaponry traced by his projection falls in this category as well.

General Abilities: Chaos retains his fighting abilities, including the advanced stages of swordsmanship and skills with other various weapons.

Special Abilities:

-Tracing and Projection: These powers persist, but their versatility, like his other powers is limited. Advanced weaponry he could once create easily are lost to him. The only thing he can still recreate repeatedly are the pair of short swords he constantly used. The power now takes a much larger toll on his body.

-Lingering Soul Arts: Not as powerful as before, but enhanced Strength, speed, and endurance remain.

-Unknown Reality Marble: Chaos fears that the hill of swords that used to be his reality marble may be gone forever. The reality marble persists, sealed like the rest of his abilities, but if it is still the endless hill of swords is uncertain.

-World Sensitivity: Chaos can still sense threats to the world, but can no longer pinpoint the source at a whim, only the general location.

Weaknesses: Chaos' projections powers take an even more extreme toll on his body that projection should be severely limited or risk his body tearing itself apart. Most of his projections tire him out much faster than before. His powers themselves are in a weakened state.

Origin: Chaos awoke washed up on a shoreline following the Elder War remembering nothing after the Admin War, though he seems to have some vague memory of dying, a fact that disturbs him immensely. Finding his old dwelling gone, and his powers mostly sealed, Chaos suspects that his old counter guardian contract with the Cycle has weakened in the face of some calamity. With his powers reduced to a shadow of their former self, his memory after the Admin War gone, and the world crying out in pain all around him, Chaos seeks to restore his powers and help save the world...even if he had no idea who are the champions of justice in the world anymore. The one thing he's still sure of is that one person may be able to tell him what's happening: Rory.

Approved, on condition that the Banishing Blade no longer works.


She's baaaaaack~
Name: Miru

Race/Class/Type: Neko

Faction:The Crimson Cadre


Normal Equipment: Light blue jeans, finger cut gloves, red in color, and a light blue shirt (No buttons)

Special Equipment: Miru carries a pair of elbow blades with him, which he uses to attack, if need be, and are used to channel magical energy.

General Abilities: Miru possesses boundless energy, and his thin frame allows him a wide range of movement with minimum weight.

Special Abilites: Injury Transferrence- Miru is able to heal teammates and take the damage himself. The wound closes while a slightly less serious wound opens on himself.

Barrier: Miru can form various sizes of barriers. The barriers can be shaped to be anything from flat to be circular, though the larger and more complex the barrier, the more energy it requires. They are solid, so people can jump and such on them.

Weaknesses: Transferring wounds obviously fatigues Miru, and they take quite a while to heal. He is unable to heal much of any wound caused this way. He is also hesitant to harm anyone, only willing to go that far in a life-or-death situation, or if a friend/teammate is in the same positiion. He is also a two-trick pony, and rather lacking in one-on-fights.

Miru came from an alternate dimension known as Gaia, which started off as a rather nice place to live. Slowly, however, thousands of outside armies began to place offers on the citizens, and began desperate to make money. So Gaia, Miru's homeworld, was slowly taken over by outside companies. Afterwards, the noobs began waging countless, pointless wars, and it was torn apart slowly but surely. A female known as Kitti warped them to Iwaku, but he arrived far away from her. Taking with him only his blades and innate abilities, Miru now wanders the Realm of Insanity, looking for any sign of life.



Name: Yuri Tepes

Race/Class/Type: Human Mage Student

Faction: Independent


Normal Equipment:

The clothes on his back.

Special Equipment:

Magic Tome - A research book of magic that was handed down to him by his master. While he does not need to rely on it for spells he already knows, it is needed for him to learn new abilities.

Focus Gloves - Yuri uses specialized gloves as a focus for his magic. While he is able to cast without them his powers are severally hampered.

General Abilities:

Yuri has been trained in martial arts to complement his casting style,and to help defend himself should his magic prove impractical.

Special Abilities:

Elemental Magic - Yuri is a student of a school of magic that focuses on altering the world around them through the control of classical elements. Spells are divided among 5 elements; Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Void. Each user customizes their spells to their choosing based off of those elements and whether it is an offensive or defensive spell in nature. While no one is known to have successfully done it, there is thought to be formula for transformation spells as well as summoning spells. Yuri currently only knows two spells.

Flame Hand - Yuri uses his control over fire to wrap his hands in fire, adding it's properties to his attacks while causing extra damage.

Earth Wall - Yuri wills the ground to extend skyward, literally making a wall.


Casting Takes Energy The less energy he has the less he can cast, the bigger the spell the more energy. Food and sleep builds energy

Introverted He will talk to people as needed but he is not in the business of making friends with every passer by. Due to this he also has some social awkwardness.

Techno-untrained He comes from a world where the technology level is more like that of the late 18th early 19th century though magic is a dominate force. Computers and guns and cars are all rather unknown to him though some of which he has heard of (Horseless carriages, rifles, etc. He has even ridden on a train once!)

Elemental Circle All of his magic has to do with one of the five elements his school teaches about. Each of the four primary elements is strong against another and weak towards another forming a circle. Water beats Fire, Fire beats Earth, Earth beats Air, and Air beats Water. The fifth is the Void and is balanced against the four primary elements. The Void governs the spirits of all things living and dead.

His magic is countered by spells of the opposing element and suffers under the environment in which he is casting.


In Yuri's world magic evolved side by side with technology. However religion began chastising those who practiced the art, deeming them evil. Yuri was a student at a school for teaching magic when a mob attacked it. It was the beginning of an uprising led by fanatics.

As they broke into the school's library where Yuri was studying he acted out of desperation, formulating an unknown spell which sent him hurtling through time and space



Name: Kitti Netsah'

Race: Mahoreopmec


Place of Residence: The Emerald


Drivers: Fiercely loyal to her family, as well as those she has vowed to protect. All the people she feels it is her duty to protect have her unshakable protection.

Beautiful sword given to her by her master, an amethyst and silver necklace from her husband, and a ring inset with an amethyst bearing the crest of the Shapeshifters.

Strengths: Agile and quick, Kitti has amazing reflexes and can dodge many attacks, aided by her wings which enable flight. A skilled swordsman, Kitti has a mind even more rapidly functioning than her body, with sharp wit and tactical mind.

Weaknesses: Kitti sacrifices strength for speed, meaning that it requires more energy from her to make her blows have power comparable to other people. Kitti has never had much stamina and must pace herself when fighting. Kitti would sacrifice herself to protect one of the people she loves, often being unreasonable when it comes to their safety.

Primary Power: Reality Marble: (Reality Bending) In a set area, Kitti can alter reality to reflect the desires and ideas of herself or the other person. Alternately, she can delve into the person's mind to affect their perception of reality, however the stronger the mind the more difficult it is to fool.

Secondary Power: Time's Flow: (Dreamweaving) Through study under Rory, Kitti has learned how to manipulate time to perform feats of teleportation. This can include shifting time to evade, or moving enemies elsewhere. The people must have, at some point in recent time, been in the place she wishes to send them and being in contact with them is essential.

Tertiary Power: Swordsmaster: (Confluence) Kitti is incredibly capable in the techniques of sword handling, able to parry and strike back with ease and grace. Though there are those who have trained more in depth with swords than she, anyone not devoted to the art would be subject to the skill.

Nightmare Onslaught: (Reality bending) Kitti draws the mind of her opponent onto another plane, where she dominates them through excruciating torment and manifestation of fears. The attack is devastating enough to permanently affect the psyche of the victim. This attack is only used by Kitti when she feels a loved one to be in immediate danger, however the more powerful the mind, the more difficult to trick and the less damage sustained.

Regeneration: (Soul Arts) Kitti can recover from minor flesh wounds at a rapid rate, though it still takes some time and life threatening wounds are very painful and take a lot of energy. This ability expends energy contained in her body to heal so quickly

Rory has cared for Kitti since she was young, taking her with him when they fell together. Seperated after this, Kitti wandered alone, unable to recall the memories of him. As she traveled through Iwaku, Kitti heard tales of Knight Chaos and Prince Rory, quickly falling in awe of both.

Kitti traversed the realm of Iwaku with one goal, to find the pair and attempt to gain an apprenticeship beneath them. Kitti made bonds in her search that pulled many to her side, yet others fell away.

Eventually, Kitti was found by Chaos and taken to be a pupil beneath Rory. Soon after, Rory and Kitti became entangled in a war. Kitti, with steadfast loyalty and devotion, carried out an airstrike that forced Asmodeus into peace talks.

Joining with Rory once more, she was spared from the destruction of other airships and traveled to the castle that held Paorou. Kitti fought her way through with Rory, her compassion finding her soulmate in Rory's brother, Orochi. Injured by Nic before the final battle, she was too weak to escape Paorou's attack and, brutally injured, she escaped the castle with Orochi after crippling the mind of one Soulless.

When Kitti found the Shapeshifter's Guild after the war, she helped them reform and rebuild, becoming the head of the guild. After departing on a venture through the wilds of Iwaku in order to find herself however, Myrn was placed in charge of the guild. Kitti returned to Castle Iwaku only in time to find her master abdicating the throne.

Captain Nic

Captain Nic

Race: Human Soldier (Reality Bender).

Faction: Crimson Cadre, Grand Empire of Teknika

Place of Residence: Nic has been transferred to the Imperial Battleship Byzantion. Again, this can change depending on Command issuances.

Appearance: Nic resembles a man in his forties, quickly approaching his fifties. His skin is of a medium brown tone; it is probable that he may be of Asian or Hispanic origin. He sports a semi-skinhead hairstyle, with black hair. Has dark brown eyes. Nic is of a slightly bulky physique.

Personality: Nic usually seems stoic - relaxed and laid-back in times of leisure, and calm in combat. He will occasionally panic, become frustrated or excited, depending on how things go according to his expectations. Nic, like most Teknikans in the Empire, displays some amount of arrogance, especially towards those who seem technologically inferior. That is not to say he is not benevolent, however; he is willing to make peace when it is essential, and he would spare the lives of those he could kill relatively easily for the strangest of reasons. After the Admin War, Nic has developed disdain for Iwaku's inhabitants, especially those who fought against Paorou's cause.

His facial expressions are not expressive of his emotions, which is usually the case.

Drivers: If the denizens of Iwaku grow strong enough, it could potentially contribute to the Empire's downfall. Though the Teknikans now merely observe the world, they are driven by this still inconclusive theory; Nic is one such person. He tries to ensure that the people stay in their 'rightful place'.

Normal Equipment:
1. An extendable shock baton, 22 inches in length
2. A combat knife
3. A 16mm repulsor pistol, largely used to incapacitate targets through sheer kinetic force
4. Imperial Surveillance System ver. 6.5, or better known as ISS - a device worn in similar manner to spectacles, which serves as a short-range radar and notification system, largely used for close quarters situations. ISS is military hardware with centuries of development behind it, with previous versions being wrist-mounted, or resembling miniature television sets. Nic received this only recently.
5. The standard Imperial Navy uniform (including officer's hat)
6. A flight suit specially built for personnel combat.
7. A flight helmet with a built-in targeting CPU.

Special Equipment:
1. A power module, which seves as his pack. The pack stores a 30mm autocannon (that uses 50 rounds per box) in a pocket dimension. A small console on top can be used to activate the device and 'download' the weapon into realspace, and vice versa. Nic treats the power module as a trinket which enhances his 'Arsenal of the Mind' ability. Whether or not it actually does is questionable.
2. Pax Imperia, a halberd which Nic is finding very little opportunities to use these days. See Arsenal of the Mind.

General Abilities:
Nic is actually more of a pilot than a footsoldier, though he has been pushed to the latter role many times over the course of his careers. He can drive most manner of vehicles and is capable of quickly learning the interface of non-Teknikan devices. His eye-to-hand coordination is still good in spite of his age. Nic is versed in mechanical design as well - he designed the experimental Advanced Armor Unit 'Fortitude', which, sadly, was lost in the Admin War. He plans to replace it sometime in the future.

Special Powers:

Nic has control, even if not completely, over his own life and death. He would take an otherwise lethal strike only to return some time later, with his body in perfect condition. This power also explains his age, and the fact that his physical appearance hasn't changed for more than a millennium.

Nic an also use this power to save lives other than his own.

Arsenal of the Mind:
Though sparingly, Nic is capable of 'thinking' objects into existence - the best example being his halberd, Pax Imperia. He may also 'summon' weapons he has seen before, but he often doesn't choose to do this.

Note that, for weapons and other objects he has seen, Nic may only spawn imperfect copies. In the case of magical or mystical items, a copy can be spawned that will have little to none of the intended item's innate properties. To be able to produce a unique item using this ability, the producer must think of an original idea, instead of simply remembering.

-Will usually go alone to draw attention (preferably hostile attention)
-The last Admin War has somehow negatively influenced his temperance, though the recent Elder invasion has him focusing his anger elsewhere
-Is still uneasy about what the Iwakuans might do next
-Has little knowledge of Confluence, and may affect his psyche in situations where Confluence is being used to ward off Reality Bending.

Nic has been a soldier in the Teknikan Empire for a long time, and has been fighting the Empire's wars for most of his life. In the Empire's search for a means to push itself forward, Nic discovers Iwaku, with the help of Paorou. The Bread Cult, the first of its kind, is formed shortly after Nic's first forays into the realm, which he readily and easily joins.

As the masses imitated the mold of the Bread Cult, Nic grew increasingly displeased, and through the past wars, fought for the cause of the Bread Cult against those who would defy it, involving the Empire in the process. The Admin War had fostered his disdain for the planet's inhabitants - one of the Princes had bound him to the depths of Nerf while his allies were scattered.

As he is freed from the chains of Old Iwaku, Nic sees a world not much better than the last. Disappointed, he leaves Iwaku as the Teknikan Imperial Expedition tends to its wounds.

The Elder invasion leaves Captain Nic and the rest of the Empire wary of what might happen next. The arrival of the Hero and the manner in which the Elders were dispatched is viewed with suspicion among Teknikan commanders. With the Mirror shielding Insanity from the rest of Iwaku broken and signs of interdimensional 'bleeding' becoming ever-present, Nic is determined that something unholy is brooding....


Field Marshal Argyle Taft

Race: Human Soldier.

Faction: Crimson Cadre, Grand Empire of Teknika

Place of Residence: Commands from the Imperial Battleship Byzantion


Marshal Taft is of a tall, seemingly slight muscular build, at a height of 6'3" (as candidates for Marshal are typically tall, experienced individuals). His skin tone is a slightly tanned pale white. He sports a buzz cut hairstyle, and his hair is dark brown. His eyes are colored green at the pupils. The Marshal, although he never smokes, is usually sighted with a small stick or a grass stalk between his lips or teeth.

Personality: Argyle is a brash fellow who shares the arrogance of his fellow Teknikans, and while he's not as mistrustful or cynical as Nic, he's certainly not idealistic either. His leadership style is considered unorthodox by some - while he understands the importance of commanding from safety, his pride usually urges him to enter battle himself and engage in personal combat. In spite of his impudence, he has great concern for those under his command; though he will usually act in accordance with his battle lust.

In battle, Argyle wears a combat vest, and a special tracker helmet with a large feather planted atop. When attending to noncombat duties, he sports the standard Imperial Army uniform. He questions the 'fashion sense' of his fellow Marshals and Generals, and thus does not wear a cloak or sash into battle.

Marshal Taft also has a flight suit for space combat.

-Wields a 20mm autogun (that uses 50 rounds in a single box) featuring a butt that also serves as a power hammer. In close combat, the rifle's muzzles must be closed off and any munitions containers removed in order to use the hammer aspect proficiently. The entire weapon is nearly as tall as the Marshal himself. Note that not all Teknikan officers of similar rank use the same weapon, and the sight of such a large firearm is indicative of the wielder's strength.

Special Equipment:
A bio-tracker implanted on his chest. The device will automatically transmit an urgent signal if the host is critically wounded. The device also contains a hibernating 'clone' of his own consciousness, thus serving as a machine component should he be called to serve beyond death.

General Abilities:
Recently promoted Marshal, Argyle is an experienced fighter who has caved in the skulls of hundreds of Alliance troops brave enough to face him (though he's placed a bullet or three in hundreds more). He drills daily and ensures that all his firearms can effectively be used as improvised melee weapons. As a person, he's very watchful of those under his command, and has a keen eye about personnel numbers and status (as an offcier of his rank needs to be).

Special Powers:
-Nemo Me Impune Lacessit: A Teknikan Marshal rarely fights alone, and in this regard, Marshal Taft, with the power vested in him, always enters battle with a retinue of around 4 to 10 troopers of varying designations, with hundreds more ready to replace the fallen.

-Field Marshal: Teknikan Field Marshals are usually placed in command of all the ground forces of a Landing Fleet. However, since a Field Marshal is an element of the Imperial Army, he is given limited naval command, with only 20 warships at his disposal. Any more is considered to be excessive, given the Marshal's role to secure worlds for the Empire - though, the authority given to the Marshal over Imperial vessels depends on the threat faced. Destroying a planet for denial against the enemy, however, is not the Marshal's decision to make.

Argyle's pride blinds him on occasion, and his arrogance and overconfidence sometimes leads him to believe that he is in control. While his temper isn't so short, it does not last long, either. Since he was recently promoted, and has never visited Iwaku before, he has much to learn... and may be trapped in the Cycle's grip in the process.

Having been raised in a Class 1 Teknikan colony, Argyle learned the ways of the soldier by the book. He was pushed into service at 22, and was given the necessary longevity implants should he rise to a prominent rank one day. He has since proven himself in the long cold war against the Alliance, attaining a preference for CQC.

The Elder invasion leaking into the Teknikan home dimension has prompted the top brass to send a sizeable force to contain the threat, and Marshal Taft was one of those assigned. He wonders why he has come to Iwaku, though he wouldn't question the Emperor about it. Orders are orders, and Marshal Argyle Taft will carry them out.



Name: Natalie Rose

Race/Class/Type: Human/Magi (shape-shifting + plant based magic)

Faction: The Viridian Guard


Normal Equipment:

Whip: A simple whip that she carries, she uses it for what else? Whipping enemies!

Special Equipment:

Orb of Life: A strange, spring green orb with swirling glitter and energy inside of it. It acts much like a staff would, enhancing Natalie's magical power. However, unlike a staff, it can float freely on its own, following Natalie so that she does not have to carry it.

General Abilities: (Barring the stuff that every human can do)

Gardening: She can take care of plants and gardens quite well. This ability was something that is somewhat derived from her special abilities

Special Abilites:

Biotic Aura: This passive ability comes in the form of a strange, somewhat noticeable, slight green hue that emanates up to 5 meters away from Natalie. Biotic Aura slightly increases people's strength and agility. It also makes people and animals feel at ease when near Natalie. However, higher beings such as angels and demons are completely unaffected by Biotic Aura. When Natalie falls asleep or unconscious, the aura fades away.

Nature's Disguise: Natalie can alter her hair color and eye color at will. However, her skin color, body size/shape, and age cannot be altered except for the following exception below.
Fae's Wings: For up to five minutes, large, fairy-like wings emerge from Natalie's back, giving her the ability to take flight. She can only use this special ability once every 24 hours.

Nature-Speak: Natalie can communicate with animals and understand plants. She can also direct them to do her bidding if she wishes. This is done with help from her orb.

Graceful Bloom: Flowers and trees within a half square mile radius of Natalie burst into full bloom, removing the pre-determined area of pollution and cloud cover. The area also acts as a much more powerful extension of Natalie's biotic aura, and heals anybody within the half square mile area. It can heal deep wounds and severe bleeding, but not broken bones. It can also relieve people of negative thoughts, and leave them relaxed, the aromatherapeutic scent of flowers wafting through the area.

Weaknesses: Natalie cannot revive dead plants/animals or create any that were not there to begin with. Furthermore, she is still a mere human, and is very easily subdued by guns (or even knife-wielders if they can get past her whip), more powerful mages, fire, and all the other hazards mortals can be defeated by. Her skill "Fae's Wings," while giving her the ability to fly, is slow in comparison to other flying creatures, and because of her light frame, she can be easily swayed by the wind, so she cannot fly any higher than 10 meters above the ground (flying in mountains is out of the question). Also because of the fact that she is human, a wild animal that she is communicating with could easily attack and injure her.

Graceful bloom, while very powerful, is the most taxing for her. Immediately after casting, she falls unconscious for at least a day. Also, it is a skill that she cannot voluntarily activate; it activates when she is under much emotional distress (which is quite rare). Her final weakness might just be the most crippling of all: She cannot go outside during the daytime without risking severe sunburn. It is only safe for her to go outside at night time.

Natalie was born in a small home to a strange couple who were suspected to have mental problems, and were constantly getting in trouble with the law. One day, they had stolen an orb that Natalie managed to get her hands on, revealing her strange, magical abilities to her parents. They thought she was a demonic child for being able to control animals and plants. They tried in multiple instances to abandon her in the waste of what was once called Insanity. However, each time she would somehow get back to their house. However, one night, she finally got sick of her parents' neglect and ran away from home at the age of 13, taking the Orb of Life that her parents had stolen with her.
Strange events soon followed. She encountered the thing that would alter her life forever: Sylvia. Sylvia was a strange blonde clothed in Lolita clothing. The scariest thing about the girl was her blood red eyes, staring Natalie down like prey. Unfortunately, Natalie was right about being eyed like prey. Sylvia was a demon of sorts that had just found her next victim. Posessing Natalie, Sylvia forced Natalie along until she came across some people in a town. The people that first saw her were alarmed and soon contacted the authorities.

A person whose name evades Natalie that night examined her and determined that yes, Sylvia was possessing Natalie. After a strange process, Sylvia was forced out of Natalie and back into the depths of the Underworld (or so they thought, anyway). Natalie continued to drift, depending on the kindness of strangers to get her by. For some time, she had to use her powers to amuse people, commanding pigeons to fly in intricate formations around her window during the day, and gardening/doing various chores for people at night. Eventually, she managed to get enough money to buy herself a whip. And so now at the age of 16, she has found herself on a strange ship in the air, heading to Iwaku City.



Name: Frederick Palonis

Race/Class/Type: Human Assassin

Faction: Viridian Guard

Appearance: Palonis is a smallish man, standing at 5'7" and having an average musculature for that size. Though it is normally covered by a purple hood, his black hair is frequently unwashed and cut short so as to not fall into his eyes. Due to events immediately preceding the start of the war, his eyes have lost their purplish glow, and are now merely brown. His skin tone has also darkened considerably, showing more of his Hispanic origin.

Though mostly unconcerned with appearance, Palonis does occasionally dress in casual lower-class clothing to hide himself in a crowd. When he is performing his duties of assassination, he will wear a purple suit that covers his entire body, covered over with a thin jacket to provide him with minor protection to his torso. A couple new additions to his suit, due to losing his powers, is a side pack attached to his belt that holds most of his required equipment, including his throwing weaponry, and a small sheath for his backup knife on the other side of his belt.

Normal Equipment: In the aforementioned side pack, Palonis carries a few throwing stars, a couple of smoke bombs for emergency escapes, and some bandages and other assorted first aid gear for quick healing in the field. He also carries a small knife in a sheath, which he uses for silent kills. Other equipment is usually procured on site, and discarded shortly afterwards.

Special Equipment: In addition to his regular gear, Palonis's main weapon is a katana forged by Jack Shade. It has lost most of its magical power from the same event that took the ninja's powers, but it still is completely unbreakable, making it an ideal weapon to keep around.

General Abilities: Through nearly a lifetime of training and practice, Palonis has become very agile and acrobatic, allowing him to do a number of complicated flips and maneuvers without much difficulty. He is skilled in martial arts, capable of holding his own in a fistfight. He is a master of stealth, allowing him to sneak up on people and infiltrate enemy territory without being detected. He is also very skilled with the use of a sword, more specifically the katana.

Special Abilites: Despite losing his ability to summon creatures, Palonis still has a way with animals, allowing him to earn their trust. Aside from that, however, he has lost all of his magical abilities, rendering him incapable of using his ninja powers.

Weaknesses: Palonis is a considerable lightweight. Any heavy foe may not even feel his physical strikes, forcing the ninja to rely on his bladed weapons to do damage. The ninja is also completely void of magical talent, and he only has human levels of endurance, meaning that any good-sized blow will probably stun him or floor him entirely. He is also susceptible to exhaustion, hunger, and thirst.

Before coming to Iwaku, young Frederick Palonis was a fairly ordinary boy living in a land very similar to and not completely unlike Mexico. On a Boy Scout expedition, the boy wandered off from the rest of his troop and discovered a deep cave containing multiple tomes of ancient knowledge. As he trawled through them, he discovered one near the bottom, with the foreboding title of "Ninjitsu for Dummies." Young and reckless, the boy followed the instructions in the book to the letter, and then came across a section on traveling through time and space.

Before the boy knew it, he had arrived in a strange land known as Iwaku. Adopting the persona of a ninja as he had seen them in comic books, he took on the moniker of "Palonis," as it seemed far more dramatic than using his first name, which he always hated anyway.

But as time went on, and he used these ninja techniques more and more, he also began to lose his humanity. He began to forget how he had arrived in Iwaku, who he used to be, and so on. And worse, he had also started to turn into something decidedly unnatural. This came to a head near the end of the Elder Invasion, when Palonis, almost entirely inhuman, was caught in the blast radius of a large burst of Confluence. The explosion, far from killing him, somehow purged the corruption from the ninja, leaving him completely clean of it. He had become a human again, but at the cost of his powers, leaving him decidedly in need of an alternative fighting style.



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Name: Sergeant Spears

Race/Class/Type: Human Drill Sergeant

Faction: Independent, ISAF


Normal Equipment: Sidearm, flashlight, combat knife, 1 charge of C4.

Special Equipment: Handheld camera containing evidence of Diana's origins.

General Abilities: One of the top ISAF instructors in close quarters fighting.

Special Abilites: Wheel of Fortune - Spears was a member of some random religious cult in Dystopia. He recites mantras to himself, over and over, to the point where all fear is removed. He takes whatever life throws at him. He is a true stoic.

Weaknesses: Spears can only think in rational, practical and militaristic terms. He has no understanding nor resilience to things magical, supernatural or advanced beyond his comprehension. He can fight on mortal and realistic terms, but is no match for the main characters. He also fails at ranged marksmanship.

In an alternate reality which never came to pass, Spears was set to be the Arch-Traitor to Dystopia - the man who would quietly and systematically betray its secrets and pervert its resources according to a Darwinian nihilism. But after the Legacy Knights changed the timeline, the cult that would have crowned Spears became little more than a boy's club in Old Moscow Town. He was raised on principles of Alchemical perfection and Tarot predestination, working these ideas into a militaristic framework. As such he became one of the most ruthless and most determined of the ISAF drill sergeants. After failing to qualify for SOCOM due to his ballistic scores, Spears became more reclusive, often spending his free time in the company of reprobates from the 51st Armoured Division. When the Elder Invasion struck, Spears took it upon himself to lead an attack on one of the Spiders, thinking to sacrifice his life in order to relay vital intelligence to Command and Control. But this was just the start of his adventure. Caught in a teleport stream with the Elder, Spears was transported to one of Diana's realms where he witnessed her coordination of the Elder attacks and her ultimate deception of the Iwakuan people. Right now he is the only one who knows for certain that Diana is a False Hero. But will he warn Iwaku in time...?




A Neko-jin that hides his feline characteristics to look manlier. He’s a hired mercenary that fights only on Diana’s command.

The Order of Luna Ashe

Regular form:

He’ll often times hide his ears in his hair and keep his tail against his back with hopes no one will see them.


Generally, a giant black cat with glowing eyes and spikes along the backside

Normal Equipment:
His armour.

Special Equipment:
- Ten daggers that vary in size, which intake the blood they make contact with. This enhances their power and when he speaks the magic word, Spike can make the attack a lot more painful.

General Abilities:
- Sees in the dark
- Very nimble
- Brilliant hearing
- Good ranged attacks
- Pain tolerant

Special Abilities:
- Two Forms: Aside from his humanoid self, he can also transform into a beastly one. He loses the ability to speak English, but he gains more bulk, speed, size and sharper teeth as well as claws.
- Weapon Tongue: Spike seems able to speak to magical weapons, mainly his own. He’s able to sense the enchantment all special weapons have and can possible figure out what it is if he can persuade enough.

- He takes too much pride in being a man. Anyone that teases him about his ears, tail and/or cat eyes makes him lose his temper. This puts him into a blind rage that potentially puts him into a lot of harm. He cannot communicate with his daggers when enraged and at times, starts ripping himself apart.
- No good at countering magic. Once someone directs a fireball, energy blast, etc. at him, he can only attempt to dodge it or take the hit.
- Because of his sister, he has a soft spot for women. Even if it’s demanded of him, he will try to find a way out of attacking one or at least stall until she loses interest.

He is the twin brother of Fluffy. The two complimented each other because they were opposite from their names to the cells of their bodies. Her kindness helped give him something to strive for while his courage and willpower served as an inspiration. When Fluffy transformed to Engel, she invited Spike to the world of Iwaku in hopes that he could find a purpose in life like she did. His previous one without her involved being hired for assassinations and the like. It wasn't enough for him, though, so he accepted what she had to offer. He wanted to make better use of his skills and be aside someone that could appreciate him more. So he now serves Diana with high hopes.



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[FONT=&quot]Can you feel the excitement?<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] Name: Roberta “Bertie” Novell[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

Race/Class/Type: University Student/Apprentice Alchemist

Faction: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]([/FONT][FONT=&quot]The Order of Luna Ashe[/FONT][FONT=&quot])[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

Appearance: [/FONT][FONT=&quot](Please put images in spoiler tags)[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

Normal Equipment: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Messenger bag<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Writing utensils<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Pocket knife<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Needle and thread<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Hooded cloak
-Pepper Spray[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]<o:p> </o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Special Equipment:[/FONT][FONT=&quot]<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Custom-modified A.R.C. commlink—basically a discarded prototype that’s been custom-hacked into a really advanced cellphone. <o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Gloves and shoes with pre-prepared Alchemical "Arrays"—A common “shortcut” of some Amestrian alchemists. Used to quickly make her favorite, commonly-used items out of simple materials. Later, elbow pads[/FONT].
[FONT=&quot]-Stampers[/FONT][FONT=&quot] with the same pre-prepared glyphs<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Winged Pet Cat-named “Coupon.” Talks, flies and can spit elementally charged hairballs. Surly and smartmouthed.<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
General Abilities: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Chemistry knowledge<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Fencing and handgun ability- Her parents made her practice these. She only took a liking to the first one. She’s the sort of person who does well in practice but has trouble performing in live combat situations.<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Decent Gymnast(Cheerleader experience)<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Father’s connections(Same as Rumi’s but on better terms)<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]<o:p> </o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Special Abilites:[/FONT][FONT=&quot]<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]-Amestrian alchemy – Operating on the principle of “Equivalent Exchange”—the principle that in order to gain a product, material of equal value must be lost—and studying the composition of materials, practitioners of Amestrian alchemy can instantly reshape matter through the use of arcane glyphs.<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]<o:p> </o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Weaknesses:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] <o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Ordinary human. <o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Alchemy is limited by preparation time and study of materials. Even her gloves are limited to a couple of items. <o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Swordplay and Marksmanship drop in effectiveness in real combat.<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]<o:p> </o:p>[/FONT]
She’s the daughter of an odd couple—an ex-A.R.C. Contractor of hidden Noobish ancestry who has, since the Admin War’s end, turned his scientific expertise toward helping Iwaku rebuild and advance(remember stuff like the South Gate) and a White Mage from Shapeshifter Town. Until the invasion, she’s had a fairly privileged and comfortable life. Facing pressure from both parents to follow in their vootshtops footsteps, she settled on Amestrian alchemy as a suitable compromise between science and magic.<o:p></o:p>
[FONT=&quot]<o:p> </o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]She’s been standard NPC material to this point. She goes to school and does well but feels a little bored with [/FONT][FONT=&quot]relative non-importance in the larger scheme[/FONT][FONT=&quot]—knowing who the big names(PCs) are and that no matter how hard she studies, she’ll never be one of them. Her father would insist, “Don’t mention this to anyone outside of this room, but… Hero or Villain, Asmodeus was the true protagonist of Iwaku. The best any of us could have hoped for to find meaning in this world was to become his Ally.” When Asmo had apparently died, he—like just about everyone else—refused to believe this, so the lectures continued. Roberta would continue to hold her piece until the moment came when her father was proven wrong.<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]<o:p> </o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]The hero—the Real Hero—the Real Heroine—appeared. Roberta became an instant fangirl. She has decided to join the Order of Luna Ashe on the spot. With her older cousin acting as her bodyguard, Roberta intends to find purpose outside of Asmodeus.<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]<o:p> </o:p>[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]She seems very comfortable with her cousin, though she does find her a bit weird.[/FONT]
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->
<!--[endif]-->[/FONT][FONT=&quot]<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]Bodyguard/cousin incoming later.
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