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In Iwaku World, you can play whatever you want. Many of us play mythologized versions of our online personae. Since the roleplay reflects real events on the forum, this is the perfect place to play an extension of your ego, or your favorite fanfiction character. There is no limit on power. However, if you attempt to power game and create an unbalanced super-character, the world of Iwaku will punish you for it. Above all, be creative and choose an ability that compliments the story.

Characters do NOT need approval before you clan play!
Simple create and post your character sheet, then visit the OOC topic of your choice to get involved.




Appearance: (Please put images in spoiler tags)

Normal Equipment: (anything without magical/holy/advanced qualities)

Special Equipment: (anything that relies on magical/holy/advanced abilites)

General Abilities: (anything you can do in normal everyday reality, like today)

Special Abilites: (anything that relies on magic, holy power, advanced technology)


Origin: (How you got to Iwaku. Please put in spoiler tags)[/noparse]​

Name: Diana

Race/Class/Type: Human (Immortal Human?)

Faction: Order of Luna Ashe

Appearance: Long brown hair, blue eyes, average body structure. 5'7"

Normal Equipment: Handy little laser pistols, dynamite, tiny explosives, or a small knife or short sword, depending on occasion and what can be carried.

Special Equipment: The AFTA Space Station runs on the SPACEK technology. It's almost like living magic, taking care of itself. No other special or magical equipment. (Obviously cannot carry a Space Station with her.)

General Abilities: A way of words. Being charming, impressionable, easy to speak with. Knowing of people.

Special Abilities: There is the theory that Diana has the gift of "Creation & Rebirth". Making new life and land from nothing or from the ashes of the fallen. She managed to create her own realm once upon a time, and gave Iwaku a piece of it. It's still under debate how that was accomplished.

Her more notable gift is "CHARM". An interesting piece of Soulart; she draws people to her. Makes them feel comfortable and safe. It makes you want to like her. Want to listen to her words and follow her orders. It's very hard to resist.

Weaknesses: Diana is 100% physically human. She bleeds, hurts, breaks, gets sick, dies like any normal human. In a world where the inhabitants are often super beings, this is a huge disadvantage. Mentally speaking, she is prone to severe stress and has to "detach" from people for periods of time when it becomes overwhelming. Though she spends a lot of time dealing with masses of people, if she can't get away and have time alone, she can snap and have a crazy-person style mental breakdown. Once she hits that breaking point, ...stuff gets broken. Including things she did not want to hurt or break. Some will say her desire with not wanting to repeat past mistakes can also be a weakness. It has become an obsession. Has ZERO close/physical combat fighting skills.

Origin: (ABRIDGED)
There is rumor that Diana once knew Gabriel himself. Whether or not that is truth or legend, no one remembers any more. What IS known is her agreement with Rory. Iwaku needed a place to live and grow after the Admin War. Moonwings was long gone and Diana begun work on the AFTA Space Station. She happily offered up her realm to Iwaku, not wanting to see it destroyed like Moonwings had been.

While Iwaku went through it's 18 years of renewal, AFTA was struggling to survive. AFTA lacked that spark to keep it going. It is barely inhabited anymore. All that remains is it's skeleton crew and a few lone survivors.

Come to present date, somehow Diana was alerted to Iwaku's present troubles. She can not allow Iwaku to fall. It will be saved and rebuilt by any means necessary.

NOTE: Spoilers are really spoilers. you've been warned.

Name: Paorou-sama

Race/Class/Type: Living Cyclic Manifestation -
Direct Agent of the Old Cycle of Iwaku

Faction: Crimson Cadre

Appearance: He appears to be a black-haired, black-eyed, brown-skinned young man with a red cape.
That's where the similarity ends. People who knew the real Paorou and still remember him will be thrown off by his loss of weight and the difference of his facial features.

Normal Equipment: Nothing. Everything he uses is special - either created by Reality Bending or
provided and allowed only by the cycle itself.

Special Equipment:
- Supposedly, The Sword of Iwaku.
But he can't use it - apparently, the Paorou-sama of the Admin War sealed it away, and even the cycle cannot touch it.

- Crimson Jin, his steed turned weapon of mass destruction. Takes the form of a large dragon with wings of lightning and with the roar of a strange man-machine hybrid. Attacks using sonic booms just by flying past, and known for it's great speed.

General Abilities: Leadership via force, storytelling, and maintaining his composure despite pressure.
mimicry of human emotions, posture and culture.

Special Abilites:
- Cyclic Regeneration, the gift given to Paorou-sama when he was appointed the highest honors of Cyclic guardian by Gabriel himself. As long as Iwaku exists, he cannot be destroyed in any physical sense -
but he has to be in Iwaku for the soil to take on the shape of his flesh. His body is literally made of earth and dust, converted to mimic human flesh. The cycle has not yet fully remembered the true cyclic regeneration of the old Iwaku.

- Reality Bending of the highest degree. He has achieved Total Dominion - command over reality itself - in Insanity. They take the form of his Blood - manipulation of concrete space-time, and his Eyes - reality bending of alternate possibility. [To explain more simply, his blood is his ability to open portals/gunports for his beams/distort space, and his eyes are his eyebeams, which literally overwrite reality to destroy or deal damage.]
This isn't *his* reality bending, but rather remnants of the real Paorou-sama's power. He can't actually bend reality like the actual Paorou-sama or others versed in the ability, just use of the beams and the portals. He can fly as a result of creative portal usage, though. The sun of Insanity itself is the source of both powers.

- Cyclic Manifestation
Anything the cycle deems he must be able to do at a specific moment.

Weaknesses: Paorou-sama seems rather confused of this new world and the new denizens. He remembers things differently. He thus lacks knowledge, or even more dangerously, assumes wrong things in most situations.
He isn't the real Paorou-sama, just a puppet made of earth and sand dressed up like him. He may have the strongest abilities/manifestations of Paorou, but he lacks the versatility and full strength of the original. Plus, he listens solely to the cycle if he ever does consult anyone - this is a critical flaw, due to the cycle's incompleteness.

A longtime friend of Gabriel Zero, he then became one of his most trusted advisors and agents during the early years of Iwaku. Hailed as hero, villain and madman - he was one of the primary moving forces behind many, if not all, of the major events in the old world. He caused the massacre at the See Buchs, a bloody battlefield marred by endless wars against the Noob legions. This event sparked a war between Iwaku and another world, which ultimately caused Gabriel's grievous wound. It was this same wound that caused Gabriel to leave the world of Iwaku. The golden age fell in ruins, devolving into petty squabbles and feudalistic factions.

That single event changed Paorou, and he became the villain of the Admin War.

He shook the entirety of Iwaku with his scheming, his destructive power and his extreme methods. Countless people and heroes fell to the bloody war he caused. Not to mention the others who fell to his agents and fanatical devotees - the bread cult. He corrupted many to his twisted cause, including the Angel Asmodeus who fought with the heroes Palonis and Grumpy. After countless atrocities, Paorou killed a goddess, then a god, and killed the world itself.

In that blasted and dying world, after Rory and the others fled, he was the only living thing left.
This was his end game.

Then, in a strange twist, he showed an ultimate act of compassion and mercy.

Those who died in the war found themselves revived, and saw the new world lying beyond the mirror. The new Iwaku promised by Rory, the utopia that was promised to them. Thus, they began a pilgrimage to the new world, while others were left behind. They were those who remained on the soil of the old world, still believing in the words of Paorou. They called this land 'Insanity' - despite the land mass encompassing the entirety of the old Iwaku.

Those that were left behind eventually found the ruins of Nerf Castle mysteriously rebuilt one day - and saw that their mad king had been in slumber, while they rebuilt their towns and lives.

When he awoke, he had become a god.

He ruled with an iron fist and golden eyes. He ultimately promised them prosperity and glory, a feat achieved with the demonstration of his powers. He made ambitious projects, one of which was the revival of the elite bread cult army as opposed to the benevolent cult now in the new Iwaku. He began to collect relics from the old world, gathering them into an armory of wonders. While the mirror was upheld, however, he took no action against the kingdoms of Rory. The same could not be said to those who had unwittingly entered Insanity.

Those loyal to him served without question, for they could see that their work went somewhere. Factories and bakeries were built, creating an effective, independent economy despite the hazardous landscape. More relics were found wherever Paorou pointed. Their armies worked twofold, as guardians and providers of nourishment. For the first time since the Admin War, purpose seethed in their souls.

And even when the elders came, he held them off with his armies and his godly powers. Wave after countless wave smashed their way through Insanity, only to be destroyed again and again. Zealous Bread Cultists held their ground, even against the superior weapons of the elders and Paorou himself would kill them all with one blow.

This continued until one day, when the attacks ceased, that the mirror was crossed.
The crimson god slumbered, for apparently the battle was deemed an insignificant one.
That decision proved to be a fatal error.

After a great explosion that rocked the two worlds, he scrambled awake to see the mirror broken. He could clearly see the new world for the first time in ages. It was so similar to his memories, yet so different. It was at this moment that he began to worry, for the boundary line that defined his domain was broken - something that would lead to yet another conflict.

... And in the Iwakuan sky, he saw the ominous descent of a hundred stars.

The real story begins at the end of the admin war.

Paorou, already dying and at the end of his wits, shaped his promised world as best as he could. He quickly realized that he could never finish his work, and thus halted his efforts on the world he promised. Instead, he spent the last of his powers reviving everyone who had fallen. He hoped that he could at least atone for his failures by sending them off to the new world.

The real Paorou died, as the will that sustained his dying soul was spent to revive the last of them - The Angel Asmodeus.

As Paorou died, his countless memories and the pieces of his soul scattered throughout the world.
Some carried by the wind, resting somewhere beyond the mirror.
Some carried by the revived within themselves.
Some deforming the land with the very power they carried.

These were proof of his existence, metaphorical bits and pieces of his Reality-bending corpse. Despite his death, they carried his powers, knowledge, memories, and sometimes, his personality.

But in his death, he had forgotten that his incomplete cycle/narrative he had written for his new world was already functioning, and learning.

It began to collect as many of these bits and pieces as it could, shaping the world according to the incomplete blueprint it had collected. Seeing as it's knowledge was still incomplete, the incomplete cycle decided to create a 'second Paorou' using the entirety of its collection. It hoped that by fusing it all into one existence, it would naturally recover it's lost parts. [like the organs of a biological creature.] The cycle hoped that the 'completed' Paorou would then, in turn, complete the incomplete cycle to full functioning capacity.

With such a flawed theory, it was no surprise that the second Paorou was as incomplete as the cycle that had created it. It remembered nothing. It lacked the will to reality bend. It was born with the mind of a newborn child. Yet despite that, it proved to be an effective tool - as the people left behind began to worship the cycle's new agent as the god king of Insanity. It began to educate and develop the replacement monarch with it's own incomplete knowledge and flawed ideas, making the new Paorou the god king it assumes itself to be.

Now assuming the Paorou ready, it began to order it's new agent around. It's primary mission to collect the other bits and pieces of the lost mad king and to keep them in one place. It also tried to bring order to the incomplete and constantly broken mechanism of the land, hence the strange, shifting landscape.

However, with the coming of the Elders, it became a much more difficult affair. The cycle concentrated its efforts in keeping the intruders out, which only served to frustrate it's efforts in ever achieving completeness. The 'god king' also began to experience personality shifts, apparently maturing in a direction not expected by the Cycle.

For when the mirror shattered, Paorou experienced worry and doubt for the first time.

The incomplete cycle also learned something new. It found a companion - another narrative different from itself. It was the cycle of the new Iwaku, a complete existence - unlike itself.

Yet, the 'completed cycle' began to grow violent, attempting to consume and absorb the incomplete one into itself.

The story of Insanity resisted, despite it's incompleteness, against the new narrative that came from beyond the mirror. It was a story of change, the destruction of the old, and the true hero - Diana.

The Old, incomplete Cycle just could not agree with that.

Name: Porg (also known as Jack)

Race/Class/Type: Human

Personality: Jack is a conflicted individual. His confidence in his own morals and convictions is countered by a low self esteem, and feelings of uselessness. He has a strong hero complex, which acts as a drive to protect those he holds dear, though his desire to be seen as a Hero by others is a trait he hates in himself.
Happy when he's got something to be confident about, he's a determined individual who has extended his morals and idealogical outlook onto the faction he has created.

Faction: Leader of The Viridian Guard

Appearance: Standing at only 5'2" Jack is very short and really scrawny, a deceptive appearance considering his abilities.

Normal Equipment:
A saami hunting knife, nothing special just a small well crafted knife.
A swiss army knife, held on a chain clipped to his belt.

Special Equipment:
The Neake's Feather - a gift from someone important, who has influence over Jack's fate, to symbolise their connection.  It oozes with magical residue, though it does not appear to have a function.
Soulblade - A manifestation of part of Porg's soul as a weapon, part of his SoulArts abilities. despite not having a sharp edge it can cut things as though it did, it's said to be able to block anything (It can't). It's power fluctuates with Porg's emotions as with his SoulArts.

General Abilities: While not an exceptional Swordsman, or particularly good at any form of martial arts Porg is agile and highly resourceful in a fight. He will use everything at his disposal to help him. Porg is also resourceful and highly adaptable outside of a fight.
Jack also has a skill for leadership, though a softer more relaxed touch than most.

Special Abilites:
SoulArts [SoulArts] Jack has skills in the most fundamental of SoulArts abilities. His SoulBlade, a manifestation of his soul as a weapon (which resembles a cross between a sword and a quarterstaff in use) is one of the most powerful in use, and can supposedly 'block anything' (it can't). His SoulArts also gives him impressive resilience against blunt force trauma. Under severe emotional impetus Jack can tap into extra reserves of power and receive a boost to his basic skills. Jack has been able to manifest his Soulblade and use his SoulArts (though it is dulled) within high and full reality.
Physical augmentation [Reality Bending] a talented reality bender, Jack however does not have much scope in his abilities within this field. Jack can augment his physical abilities using Reality Bending, allowing him to perform amazing feats, eg. jumping 40feet in the air, punching someone so hard they fly through 2 buildings etc. These abilities do not work for extended periods of time. ie: he could toss a bus in the air but couldn't hold it above his head.
Basic magics [Dreamweaving] Jack has access to a few basic magic spells: Firaja (a single fireball, which is small but powerful, explodes on impact. Aerora (whips up razor winds around Jack, that can cause minor cuts to those in contact and reflect some magics.) Cure (weak healing spell, useful for stopping bleeding, not for much else.)
Confluence flicker [Confluence] - While in the real world and under Coffee's tutelage Jack picked up a small amount of confluence skill. He is able to create a split second of high reality. Not too useful, but is enough to make most Reality Benders flinch. He can use this on the general area he is in, or focus it slightly into a single line.

Porg was removed from the cycle at some point during the Admin war, and thus is does not have a fate line. He is sometimes pushed out of a scene if the scene is important, but he is learning to force his way back in.
Jack has a low self esteem and is prone to bouts of depression or severe loneliness. These usually have to be triggered but can be devastating.
Jack puts others before himself on a whim, often resulting in his own injury.  often, these attempts fail, leaving him feeling like a failure.
Porg has never killed a person, and fights with the idea in mind that he will not do this. As a result he may hold back and if not would be affected psychologically if he did have to kill someone.
Porg can be self centred, he is not a selfish person but can get caught up in his own story. He also hates this, which can trigger his depressive nature.
Jack is a human, and while he is adept at avoiding damage, be it through evasion or durability, once he receives it he is stuck with it. for example, it's difficult to break his arm, but once it's broken it's broken, and only supernatural healing will heal it quickly.

Jack has been around since the cult wars, appearing as a being of 3 people in one body known as Porg. The three were elevated to second in command of the Shapeshifters guild due to a set of circumstances involving Jack Shade and Lycan Queen.

During the Admin wars Porg was briefly in charge of the ShapeShifters guild after Lycan was assumed captured. When it was discovered that she had in fact joined Asmodeus Porg defected from the guild, feeling he could not afford to side with anyone in this war, having friends on both sides.

Porg was present at the pivotal battle on History Isle, but found while trying to intervene, that others just passed through him and he could not change anything. The cycle had written him out in order to protect it's control over the outcome of the war.

Jack, deciding he couldn't do anything, left Iwaku. He went to the 'Real World' which split him from Gary and Norman, the three now separate entities. Gary and Norman returned to Iwaku and left Jack.

Jack travelled in the real world, training himself to fight in high reality and found that his SoulArts still worked to an extent under those conditions, and focussed his training on beating reality under the premise that if he could beat reality he could beat the cycle.

CoffeeCakeSadist found Jack and became somewhat of a mentor, brining him back to Iwaku at the conclusion of the Admin war, resulting in Jack's acquisition of the Sheathe of Iwaku. Jack travelled in the Real world for another year, (which transpired as 18 in Iwaku) before returning due to circumstances involving an old enemy and a beasty. Upon defeating the creature in the mall he ran from the police, and while running, something weird happened...

The time reset, and Porg was suddenly confronted with a slightly different Iwaku. He was approached by the Knights, who refused to let him join them but demanded he hand over the sheathe. refusing Jack eventually agreed to go with Grant, and when the Elders attacked he decided once again he could not do anything and was not needed, retreated back to his home in Porg's Meadow.

Due to a weird dimensional crossover caused by the Elder portals weakening Iwaku's barriers Jack met the Neake and brought Obskeree to Iwaku. Joining up with Palonis and then the group at the Mature tower. Taking on a sort of Pseudo leadership role he advanced with the party, gaining some bonds with the members.

Name: Asmodeus - - - DECEASED

Race/Class/Type: Ex-Angelic Mercenary

Faction: The Crimson Cadre


Normal Equipment: Asmodeus has a belt with hip holsters for his pistols. He is also copilot and engineer of the Fidelis hover-car.


Special Equipment: The Metatron Pistols. 4 pistols that hold the last vesitge of his angelic powers. Each has 21 rounds. Ammunition for the pistols is formed from tears wept as Asmodeus sleeps. He gathers them each morning.

The Tel'Nein Pistol: Armour piercing. Single and semi-automatic rates of fire. Never overheats.

The Casepheny Pistol: Waterproof with perfect trajectory through liquids. Unaffected by ice.

The Bowie Pistol: Short range with high stopping power. The pistol cannot be broken in any way.

The Reikei Pistol: Long range and high velocity, with perfect trajectory through gases.

General Abilities: Asmodeus has enough engineering know-how to fix up the Fidelis and similar-sized vehicles. He also has extensive knowledge about Iwaku and its history. Some vague memories of combat training remain. And finally, he has has a little of that old charisma that once toppled empires...

Special Abilites: Confluence Residue - Asmodeus retains a mild and latent Confluence aura. He cannot control it - it just simply exists around him, more to punish him than anything. Magical healing, holy powers and supernatural effects used on him are all reduced. Those who spend too much time around Asmodeus also start to succumb to this meta-reality, their pain getting more pronounced, their tiredness increasing, their weapons jamming or rusting.

Weaknesses: Since becoming mortal, Asmodeus has experienced hunger, thirst, disease, fatigue and traumatic pain for the first time. His immune system is all but shattered and he requires vast amounts of food and rest. He fears pain and resents exertion, trying all that he can to keep his hyper-sensitive body protected.

Asmodeus was an angel stationed in the infernal realm of Silent Hill, where he spent many years growing weary and despairing at the waste of souls around him. Then one day he heard the call of King Gabriel, Iwaku's first king who summoned the lost and weary to his kingdom. Casting himself out of Silent Hill, Asmodeus fell down the heavenly stairs into Iwaku and there began humble service to King Gabriel.

Asmodeus distinguished himself in repelling the Noob hordes and fighting Lord Razilin in the Nerf Rebellions, and in time was promoted with Rory to a Prince of the Realm. But as the King's madness grew, Asmodeus began work on his own empire. He established the Asmodeus Roleplaying Corporation (ARC) and experimented on captured Noobs, eventually developing Prolific X, otherwise known as the Ego-Zombie virus. With this virus, he enslaved thousands of Iwakuan citizens to his will and monopolised the industrial and entertainment heartland of Iwaku. His popularity grew and he began to undermine the King with each passing month. Then finally, when King Gabriel passed from this world during the Nobody Rebellion, Asmodeus made a grab for power which led to a pre-emptive attack on Prince Rory. The Admin War had begun - a war that would devastate his empire and bring him to a desperate alliance with Paorou-Sama.

In the end, Asmodeus was slain by Palonis and Grumpy at Nerf Castle, and when he was finally resurrected in the Mirror Realm his sanity was restored and he fell into the deepest chasms of despair and regret. But in his darkest hour he encountered the survivors of the Legacy timeline - the dark future of Iwaku, and from them he learned how the world would end. Asmodeus swore an oath there and then to prevent this apocalypse, a promise which led him to Shifter Town at the outbreak of the Elder Invasion.

Gathering the survivors, Asmodeus led the short-lived resistance to the Elder threat. But his demise was orchestrated long before he knew it. Playing on his belief in the Cycle and the prophecy of the Hero to Come, the Noobs tricked Asmodeus into believing he could forge a hero from amongst his followers. With increasing desperation, Asmodeus began to challenge and torment the survivors of Shifter Town, in the hope that just one of them would stand up to him and thus come into their power.

Eventually, Asmodeus was destroyed by a joint effort from the other heroes, but with his destruction the borders of Iwaku were shattered, allowing Diana to arrive and the Mirror of Insanity to break apart. The angel's demise only added to the dimensional bleeds now pulling Iwaku apart.

And... more than all this... it allowed a new character to be found, stranded and dying in the desert.

Asmodeus had survived... but he was no longer an angel.

His journey continues...


Name: Rory James Silverstein

Race/Class/Type: Rory is a complex being, some call him a god, others an angel, and even a demon. It is best to classify him as a being of a higher plane, similar in regards to Sozrosse. He is best considered a deity, that breaks the rules of the gods or nature, sometimes maliciously but usually, albeit unintentionally, with ultimately positive effects. Rory fits in closer to being a folk deity since he has relatively few followers and those that do, are more so because of being of a similar cultural background.

Faction: N/A


Rory's over all appearance varies from realm to realm, and in general how the people around him choose to precieve him. To most of the people of Iwaku, Rory will look like a man of a military background consisting of a black tunic with a stand up collar, paratrooper Corcoran jumpboots, and black trousers. For a sign of rank, he wears a cape that acts as a shield from the elements but it can also be wrapped around the head to form a hood. Its function is similar to a Hebrew Pray Shawl. Hair was originally longer but since times have changed, he has lost the liking of it.

Personality: Rory is a trickster, above all else. He maintains a constant level of dualism and is often considered a kindly man. Like his brother, Orochi, Rory is a known womanizer. Rory is a fairly laid back man when not presenting himself in front of others. He lives for excitement, exploring the unknown, and unpredictability of the future. Rory follows his own whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom, which means he cannot take the role of a hero in the narrative of Iwaku. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions, which means he is not well suited for being a king and dislikes the current position the people of Iwaku have put him in. However, Rory does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). Except for sarcastic wit and put-down jokes, he lacks a sense of humor, and almost never laughs at himself. He has have "two faces" - one that smiles when others are helping to further his own agenda, and another that turns cold when others can no longer support his goals.

Drivers: To be his own man and to indulge in everything. Life has meaning, but his has the greatest meaning.

Equipment: Largely airships from the Steampunk era and Isodath.

General Abilities: In a fight, Rory uses sneak attack as often as possible -- otherwise, he is quite a weak combatant. Rory has considerable Dexterity, which means he is fast and can use a bow or ranged magical spells with great effect.

Special Powers:

Realm of Nightmares: Rory changes the reality around him and attacks the opponent in his dreams, where the enemy faces insurmountable odds and horrible imagery. Much like Asmo's Confluence, it appears as a shield for a few seconds. If the opponent attacks and the blow lands within the sphere during this time period, the super flash occurs and the opponent is blasted away.

Questionable Existence: Using his ability to mess with reality and the timeline, Rory literally phases out of reality for several seconds, avoiding harm. Major downside is that this move is very predictable.

Haras Olam- "Killing Forever"-The Field of Warrior's Revenge: Rory will shout in Hebrew. The battlefield will turn to a random series of scenes from various battles fought during the course of time. Soldiers from all eras seem to appear from the foreground and then their weapons are released into the air. The beings will then fade away; however, their weapons will not. Rory then grins and taunts, "Shalom." Then he will lower his hands and the opponent will be pelted with thousands of weapons being tossed from all directions. As the foe tries to recover, Rory will fire his STEN. A large blast will directly hit the opponent.

Weaknesses: While Rory maintains a high magical ability, he has very low levels of physical strength and is a light weight, meaning he can be knocked around fairly easily if a being is able to get past his powers. He is also very isolationist and doesn't present himself as an effective leader when the time requires him to take action. When he feels that a deed is too dangerous to undergo, Rory will not fight. Rory cannot brook criticism, even constructive, and his authority must never be questioned. He can also be cold, calculating, litigious, and rarely accepts responsibility for failure.

Background: Rory, much like many of the other beings that inhabit Iwaku, came from another realm called Serenity. His background in this uncharted world was as a humble leader of a mere 27 people. The Prince was not originally summoned to the lands of Iwaku by the will of King Gabriel. He was out exploring other realms when he was attracted to Iwaku by the means of his love at the time. Her original name and looks have long faded into the back drop as Rory gained more popularity with the Old Guard Knights.Little did Rory know that his own brother had achieved the ranks of Knighthood. For neither of them had excepted to cross paths again…..

For several months, he lurked around Iwaku, keeping a low profile until he learned of the many impressive roles Iwaku had to offer him. His presence would be cast in stone, when Rory's love soon grew bored with Iwaku and moved onto other lands. Rory would stay. His fleet of airships were first sighted at this time. Iwaku would gain a new people, the Dreamkeepers.

The Dreamkeeper was impressed by the knowledge and strange workings of Paorou-Sama. Thusly Rory soon began to spread his own ideas and surrealism to the world of Iwaku. This made both Paorou and Rory at times great allies, at others great rivals.
It was on the four year anniversary of his departure of Serenity that Rory was asked by King Gabriel to become one of the champions of Iwaku. His first assignment was the observer the C-box, which had always been the most weakly defended frontiers of Iwaku.

At the C-box, Rory became quick friends with another fellow knight named Imperial Edgecrusher. Together, these two knights ventured to the far reaches of the C-box defending it from beings like the Johnu and even for a while, they went directly head to head with an enemy nation that tried to overwhelm Iwaku's frontiers. It was here that Rory's and Paorou Sama's first signs of rivalry began. Paorou attempted to directly wage war on the enemy itself. In order to stop Paorou from causing complete havoc with Iwaku, Rory trapped him away in the Anima Vessel for a while. Having to inform the King of this, Gabriel thought of what to do. Nothing was done and eventually, Paorou found a way out. The war ended through the workings of both Asmodeus and Rory, a rare sight of direct fellowship between these two. Like many other events that happened in the long history of Iwaku, it is mostly forgotten by the masses.

With the following of these events, King Gabriel made Rory one of his right hand men. Rarely would a decision go through without these two men talking it over. A keen friendship thusly grew and it was as if a brotherhood and been established.

However, as all things come and go in cycles, Imperial Edgecrusher faded away into the annals of history. Rory would soon search for new allies on his quests. His first new ally was Chaos.

When he was not busy with adventures with his friend, Rory would attract the attention of many of the female members of Iwaku. It was Simica that turned into his next greatest ally. Her popularity made it seem like she would raise through the ranks at an accelerated pace. Rory believed that this was a good idea. However lurking in the dark shadows was a man named Mr. Nobody. He unleashed a plan to bring the noble woman down and came close to doing so. King Gabriel unleashed a reign of terror in his quest to arrest Nobody, persecuting the people of Iwaku, enforcing stringent laws. Even when Mr. Nobody fled, the King's madness continued and the people of Iwaku suffered.

While the events with King Gabriel unfolded, Rory and Torsty's Viking raiders found the local of Mr. Nobody. Using the Legendary Sword he received from Gabriel himself, Rory and Torsty banished the man to the Wastelands. The conflict might have been over, but the impact was about to be felt by all. Gabriel became obsessed with complete control. Rory waited to see what would happen next. The threat of Nobody was banished; yet, at the cost of Simica's influence in Iwaku. The woman returned to the Temple of the Moon, where she hid out for several months.

As Chopsticks began to poison the mind of Asmodeus, Rory became more concerned about the King. In one of the few times he failed to convince the King otherwise, Gabriel decided that he had to leave. He was driven out by his own decision, leaving Rory a bitter sweet farewell. The two have never spoken to each other again since that faithful day.Asmo had gained half the throne, while Rory would gain another. This position gave Rory a new found desire. He would act as a protector of those that need the greatest amount of help.

It was on the Night of the Timbers, that he first observed Fluffy attempting her first ideals of training. She was attracted to the ideas that the angelic prince created. The girl asked him for his help and being the heroic spirit, he is, Rory gladly excepted her into his ranks. Her passion and strength have created a lasting bond between the two, much like a brother and sister. Fluffy has proven to be his most loyal ally.During this uneasy piece, Rory began to develop new features to this airships, turning them from a small design to a large, almost spaceship-like, command ships. As a prince, he gained respect from the "NPCs" of Iwaku, being born in the world and they quickly joined up with his forces. A feeling of war was in the air.

Rory's role in the war was thus limited to skirmishes along the Tower fronts, leaving much of the war to be fought by ISAF against ARC. With Chaos' successful capture of the Fantasy Tower, Rory abandoned his flagship, the Emerald, to find a new "toy," the Legacy. It was here that Kitti revealed her presence in the war. She bore witness to the destructive powers of Genesis after she had been "reborn" into Iwaku. Defeating members of the ISAF and sending Simica packing back to the Temple, shows the true destructive power of Genesis. The being has set out to prove that Rory's will is absolute.

In the Battle of Nerf Castle, Rory's fleet took on heavy losses and Paorou ended up defeating Genesis, turning her into a mere muse. However, by doing this Fluffy's inner powers were unleashed allowing her to become Engel, the Goddess. As the Battle of Nerf rage on the outside of the Castle, Rory and his small band of allies entered Paorou's domain and a battle was unleashed. Homac interrupted the fray but in the end was killed by Engel's will and Paorou's refusal to surrender.

Name: Grant Page

Race/Class/Type: Human Doctor, Knight-Commander of the Knights of Iwaku

Faction: The Viridan Guard



Normal Equipment: - Harness, upon which he holds his various firearms and weapons, which include:
  • x2 Heckler & Koch USP Handguns
  • Heckler & Koch MP5K Submachine Gun
  • Remington 870MCS Breaching Shotgun
  • Machete
- Messenger Bag, holding his food and medical supplies
- Sleeping Bag and Mat

Special Equipment: - Legacy Armour: Re-forged from metal taken from the wreck of the Legacy, this armour is a breastplate and set of pauldrons fitted to, and personalised by, Grant. It bears the mark of the Legacy's Eye, and has the names of the crew members he served alongside engraved onto it as well. The artifact is mostly a symbol, though it possesses a certain Confluence quality.

General Abilities: MEDICAL EXPERTISE (Confluence)
Grant served as a medical officer aboard the Legacy, and before that he was a doctor on Earth. To say the least, he's been trained well, and has years of experience treating a wide range of injuries and wounds, often with limited equipment. As such, he is an expert when it comes to medical matters.

When he first came aboard the Legacy, Grant refused to take up arms against any other creature, whether they meant him harm or not. He has long since abandoned this oath, however, and having spent 18 years handling firearms of various kinds, he knows how to use them well.

Special Abilites: IRON WILL (Soul Arts)
Grant's seen a hell of a lot; the end of his world at the hands of the Rift Storms, the destruction of Rift Town, the steady advance of the Storms as they destroyed the Universe. He was held aboard the Torment for months and tortured to the edge of his sanity, and yet when he returned he was still in his right mind. In short, Grant is a determined individual, and a difficult man to break, both mentally and physically. He can take tremendous amounts of pain without backing down, and his mind can be pushed to extreme levels of pressure without breaking.

IRON FIST (Confluence)
Grant gets things done, no matter the stress he's under. It's not exactly natural leadership, but people take notice of him when he's on a mission. Grant can organise people in almost any crisis situation and only the very strongest-willed of people will argue with him when he's trying to get something organised.

Weaknesses: Grant's drinking and smoking problems have only got worse since he and the surviving crew members came to Iwaku; he's a serious addict to both. He's also become slightly overweight, adding to his already considerable body mass. Another one of his major issues is his recurring nightmares, in which he sees the faces of all those he believes he could not protect or save on the Legacy staring back at him accusingly.

One of the few remaining survivors of the Legacy and it's flight across the universe to find Sanctuary, Doctor Grant Page is a man who's seen a hell of a lot, and lost a whole lot more.

Originally from contemporary Earth, Grant was a doctor in Edinburgh, Scotland when the Rift Storms came. Unlike most of Earth's population, he survived the Storms, and found himself in Rift Town, built in the ruins of Iwaku. He continued his medical work, and went aboard the Legacy to become one of the medical officers just as the Rift Storms caught up with the survivors again.

During the Legacy's journey, Grant and several others were captured by the Torment, the other angel ship that had been corrupted by the Rift Storms. Tortured aboard the vessel for months, he and some of the surviving Legacy members captured managed to escape back aboard the Legacy.

When both the Legacy and the Torment crash-landed back on Iwaku, now revealed to be the gateway to Sanctuary, Grant was one of the remaining crewmembers who managed to reach the gates. Together, they found themselves in Iwaku just at the end of the Admin War, and they began to travel with Asmodeus in the hope of preventing history from repeating itself and stopping the Rift Storms from occurring again.

Name: Warmaster Death

Real name: Silias Ventris

Race: Space Marine (Warhammer 40,000)

Faction: Barship Command/Crimson Cadre

Place of Residence: Barship


Personality: WMD's personality depends on whom he is regarding, to his freinds, he is calm collected and compassionate, tio his enemies he is relentless, stubborn and above all else implacably a foe.

to his allies (such as Ryker and Kitti) WMD is respectful, often adding the honorary prefix of 'Lord' or 'Lady' denoting hsi opinion that he is subordinate to them in terms of rank.

Drivers: WMD desires above all else to right the his failings, to make up for allowing Asmodeus and Paorou to destroy the world.

Lets begin with the Barship, an Emperor class Battleship retrofitted to not only function as a troop transport but as with recreational facilities and advanced medical facilities as well.

on WMD's person, he wears MK VIII Power Armor, with a MK VIII helmet, though he rarely wears the latter.

he always carries a bolt pistol on him (a bolt pistol is a select fire weapon that fires .85 explosive armor piercing rounds)

he also carries a close combat weapon, though this ranges from a humble chainsword/axe to a power sword WMD even has specialized and rare equipment such as a chainfist, Daemon Glaive and force nemesis sword.

Strengths: combat of any sort.
WMD can operate all 41st millennium vehicles, though he excels at operating superheavy tanks and infantry combat.

Space Marine: WMD's armor is thick and will deflect all but the most determined blows, even then his Adamantium shell is only known to have been pierced by foes of the Caliber of Asmodeus, Coatlbara, Paorou Sama and certain ISAF psychotics.

Barship Forces: WMD commands a force of hundreds of thousands aboard the Barship, these forces rank from standard imperial guard infantry through to specialized units such as Vindicare assassins and even the Imperator Mechanicus an Emperor class titan.

Cloning Vats: Having secured a Cloning machine during the elder invasion, Barship numbers are steadily rising, and they are now able to replace losses, though this process takes quite some time.

Weaknesses: WMD is terrified of archetype, though no one knows why.
WMD will often embark on a course of action with little fore planning, leaving himself open to manipulation.

Barship Forces: the flaw of having such power at ones command is that not all of it can be deployed at once, WMD's forces are constantly rotated when they are deployed,

Barship forces Strength 60%, 25% currently serving as "combat Refresher" trainers to the newly cloned forces


Born Silias Ventris, WMD has fought for over 10,000 years, beginning his career in the Alpha legion, with whom he served during the Horus Heresy.

11,432 years later, WMD, who had by that point shifted Allegiance to the Golden Throne Inter Forum Militia 10th Amphibious Airborne Armored Assault Group (the GTIFM10thAAAAG) with whom he served in many campaigns, even leading the 10th's expedition to Medusa V, and it was when his ship, the Ominous Drunkardous was returning from this crusade that the entire ship was lost in the warp, emerging over Iwaku.

thus WMD came to fight for Iwaku in the 1st and second Noob Wars, in which WMD personally slew over 400,000 Gaian Noobs, WMD also served the ARC in the 3rd war for Iwaku, only leaving his mentor Asmodeus' side after that conflict when the Angel created the Ego Zombies.

during the Admin war, WMD appeared to fight for and against Asmodeus, thoughg secretly he served neither Asmodeus, Paorou or Rory, instead intending to set up a 'Moderators Council' an ruling body which he would not be a part of, but instead champion, having great and influential figures such as Trance Kitsune, Arsenal, Ryker, Katsugi, Jack Shade and Kitti to name a few as joint rulers, so that the tyranny caused by the Rory/Asmodeus/Paorou Sama Troika after the Disappearance of Gabriel Zero would never again come to pass.

but WMD fell to Asmodeus and Paorou's combined might at the Great Lake, and rising from the shackles of death, WMD found and fought Asmodeus a second time, again dying at the hands of his once mentor.

as Iwaku was reborn, so too was WMD and the Barship Command, a group of individuals WMD relies heavily upon both to survive and to ensure that the Barship forces are commanded as efficiently as possible.

WMD's secondary new Iwaku goals (his primary mission is to ensure Iwaku's well being and safety) is to ally with the ISAF once again, and to find a permanent home for his barship soldiers and a mooring for the barship.

Barship Images:


The Watcher [SoulArts] - The Barship was the only major vessel to survive the destruction of the Old Iwaku and it has likewise survived the major events of history. The Cycle seems to protect it from much of what prevails on the planet's surface. If in high orbit, the Barship will usually be ignored by any potential threat. Some PCs may even forget that it's there, the Barship becoming just a figment in their clouded memory.

(Be assured that if you take things too far with your cloning, equipment WILL run out, or other things WILL go wrong. It's not that I don't trust you, but we have to remain fair in our judgment. Felt like this needed to be said. ~Myrn.)


Name: Mizdogg

Race: Ork

Faction: Barship/Crimson Cadre

Place of Residence: Barship


Personality: Orky, that is to say, he likes to fight, he likes to cut things up, blow things up, shoot things, he loves loud noises and battle

Drivers: Mizzdog wants nothing more than to go from scrap to scrap, fightin' an' winnin'

Equipment: 'Kustom Shoota', a twin linked Heavy Machine Gun that fires heavy calibre shells at an astonishing rate.
Also, the weapon is extremely loud and has tremendous recoil, meaning that it is neither stealthy nor accurate.
'Kustom Choppa' A big, nasty, extremely sharp axe, designed to cut things, armored or not, into chunks.
'Ard boy armor: A series of plates, straps and salvaged bits and peices that effectively covers most of Mizdogg's body.

Among his possessions on the barship is the following:

His Mek Desk, at which he invents stuff

His Fighta Bomma, in case he has to fly

Squigbait, his Gretchin translator

A Trukk, in case he has to drive somewhere

Mega Armor, for when something really bad happens and his 'Ard armor isnt enough anymore

other assorted plot gear.

Strengths: fighting, killing surviving.

Orkz is made for fightin an' winnin': Mizdogg loves to fight, and he excels at it, whether it be blasting away with his kustom shoota or leaping into a fierce melee with his choppa

Ork Psyche: to a great extent, ork technology is shithouse, and only works because enough orks believe it will, this is suspected to be why their libs can be crudely stapled back on, and a severed limb will heal (obviously this would have to take place soon after the injury or it wouldnt work.)

Orkz is made for fightin' an' winnin': whilst the Orkoid race are known for their combat prowess, they are also known for their gullibility, Mizzdog is no exception. he rarely sees through anything other than the most basic deception.

Ork 'Teknologee': Ork technology is crude, as such, breakdowns occur often with land vehicles, stalling occurs more often than not in aircraft, and ork small arms have been known to explode in their weilder's face from time to time, whilst this can to an extent be combated with Ork Psyche, there are some times where no amount of belief will fix the problem.

Background: he's an ork, i wanted to roleplay as an ork. he was initially a throwaway character, but now after all this annoyance and thinking, thats changed.
Now Mizdogg is the only known Ork to forsake his own kind for the company of a human.
as such, Mizdogg fought beside wmd in numerous battles under hte banner of the gtifm10thaaaag, though now he is more of a nomadic mercenary adventurer.

Commendations: (Leave this blank. ONLY Mods can write in this spot, and they will use it to add any rewards or new powers that you have earned. If you have roleplayed well or have a history in the Mythos, then your commendations will reflect this.)

Your weaknesses need to be expanded and you neglected to mention your special abilities.
Name: Myrnodyn

Race/Class/Type: Dreamkin

Faction: Independent

Appearance: His human form is roughly one meter and eighty centimeters tall. His most notable features are the long (often unkempt) blond hair covering his shoulders and back and (equally unkempt) beard. He is slightly overweight yet has very thin arms for a man his posture, he usually also looks a bit pale in comparison to others, a result of spending many days inside.

His puppy form is an odd bipedal cross between a Jack Russel and a Labrador, holding a length somewhere between them. His short fur is spotted, but not piebald, the colors being brown on white. His ears are floppy and give him a goofy look when he's trying to be serious. Other features of note are the thumbs on his front paws and the lack of a tail.

He usually wears a stained but special lab-coat in both forms.

Normal Equipment: (anything without magical/holy/advanced qualities)
-An underground (and hidden) laboratory beneath where Shape-Shifter town used to be. It has some equipment unique to the shape-shifters and their technology, and has no entry points whatsoever.
-Various basic (though not as basic as say, a hammer >.<) tools with which he can make make-shift devices, provided he has time and raw materials.
-A pair of glasses, made of a special alloy that makes them stick to his nose and ears.

Special Equipment: (anything that relies on magical/holy/advanced abilites)
-A multi-pocketed lab-coat that changes form to fit it's user. It is able to hold a surprising amount of small objects in it's six pockets.
-A set of adapting clothes, made of the same fabric as the lab-coat.
-A customized TF-gun (A weapon that can change the form of anything organic by firing magical bolts at it. It's unaffected by armor, but IS affected by magic resistance. The effects last from mere minutes to several days depending on it's settings.) Myrn's TF gun's programming specializes in personal upgrades and disguises, though it can most of the 'basic' stuff.

General Abilities: (anything you can do in normal everyday reality, like today)
Myrnodyn is a renowned scientist as well as an excellent engineer. Previous projects he has worked on include "the legacy", TF technology, and more recently research in confluence based weaponry. He's able to research and build things, though both time and resources are needed for this, the bigger the project the more resources and time are needed.

He also has a knack for diplomacy, though he is not particularly known for it. His calm nature and cool demeanor definitely help him get ahead on political and social levels though, though socially, he can perhaps be a little too distant and logical at times.

Special Abilites: (anything that relies on magic, holy power, advanced technology)
Phantasm Teleport: Myrnodyn has an innate and special form of teleportation that allows him to move into and out of the realm of dreams at any desired point. The only limitations to it is that he must know OF the place. Shielding Myrnodyn from the dreamrealm will remove this ability, as it is a form of planar travel. However his affinity with the dreamrealm means severing the link completely is very hard indeed.

-Soul over Matter: As Myrnodyn's body is primarily just a host so he can exist in this world, his body can take extreme trauma without Myrnodyn dying. The body also has a natural regeneration rate much higher than the norm, even in Iwaku. This regeneration, though not instantaneous, happens in under a minute, even in extreme cases. Poisons still affect the body though, and destroying both the heart and the brain will effectively banish Myrnodyn back to the realm of dreams.

-Form Shift: Without the TF gun, Myrnodyn can still shift from his regular puppy form into a human form. The human form is always the same form (as is the puppy form) and is based on the duality of Myrnodyn's existence.

-Last of the Shifters: Myrnodyn is the final link to the Shapeshifters, one of the largest communities ever to exist in Iwaku. As such, he carries the vestiges of their power. Myrnodyn can change form regardless of any magical or spiritual constraints placed upon him. He can change form when weak, when dying, when trapped, etc. Furthermore, his TF pistols work even in high reality.

He lacks any type of physical strength, can be absent-minded and distracted sometimes and isn't too aware of social norms and values. As a mad scientist his morals regarding sacrifice for the greater good are also somewhat skewed, and might be exploited.

Furthermore, the shape-shifters are a sensitive subject and his failure to protect shape-shifter town has made him emotionally unstable in matters concerning this particular event.

Origin: (How you got to Iwaku. Please put in spoiler tags)

Myrnodyn has never been formally born, but he came into existance in two different places at once. The first was in an ultra real universe, no magic existed in this place and science developed at an advanced rate because it was the only option for advancement. The second was in an ethereal realm. Much like Iwaku, this realm linked to many other realms at once, if not all of them, but unlike Iwaku, nothing in this realm contained any reality whatsoever, and anything that existed in the place was so random and unstable that no logical mind would comprehend or percieve it directly. Nevertheless there was a way to communicate between the realms. The unreal substance of dreams was one way in which the denizens of the unreal realm sought access to other worlds, and thus it became known as the dreamrealm.

Both seperate parts of Myrnodyn grew up in their seperate universes, developing in different ways and according to different concepts. It was during the teenage years of the 'real' part, that both parts became aware of each other through dreams and they found an almost instinctual kinship between themselves. Tens of years passed between them, they conversed in dreams, the real part becoming an anomaly in reality, as the dream part grew less random and more bound to the rules of reality. This went on until such a time arrived as where both became a danger to the existance of the universe they were a part of. For the dreamrealm, this was less of an issue as it could simply adapt to the presence of this new entity. But for the real universe, the presence of the new entity violated all the rules and endangered it's desired development.

As a result, the 'real' part was booted and merged with the 'dream' part, finally forming Myrnodyn. Knowing his rational part would not develop and eventually wither away in the dream realm, Myrnodyn sought a new haven where both parts could exist in peace. He found no perfect place, but he found one that could possibly become one: a perfect mix between both of his heritages.

He arrived in Iwaku at the start of the Admin war, hoping the war would change the world to better suit his purposes. Most of the war he spent simply supporting those characters he thought could accomplish this feat, but near the end of the war, the loss of newly made friends and the cruelties and senseless destruction of the war got to him. Slipping into hiding after the nuclear explosion near the sci-fi tower, he brought together a few stray shapeshifters and returned to his haven after the recreation of the realm. Finding that there was still too much emphasis on the Reality Bending aspect of the realm, and too much strife still to make it a perfect world, Myrnodyn began to research both Confluence and Reality Bending as a personal project, hoping to discover a way to balance the two in the world, perhaps by removing them completely as a last resort.

After the destruction of Shape-Shifter town, he traveled with a group of people from the mature tower to Insanity and eventually was partly responsible for the detonation of a 'confluence-bomb', a device powered by Asmodeus' powers. Myrnodyn believes Asmodeus to be dead now, and hopes he finally found the peace he sought, though it pains him he never TRULY got to know the angel.

Name: Captain Jack Nylock Shade

Race/Class/Type: Modified Human

Faction: The Order of Luna Ashe


Normal Equipment:

Two cyber pistols (Fires energy)

Mechanic Kit

Collapsible sniper (Same as pistols)

Daggers- Hidden, arm blades, foot blades...etc

Special Equipment: (anything that relies on magical/holy/advanced abilites)

The Legacy: In ROA universe, Jack was sentenced to eternally patrol the morning in the Legacy and captains it even now. Far less scarred than Legacy survivors might remember it, this colossal ship runs on celestial energy. No Rift storm to animate it, the Legacy is still an incredible warship to possess. Only Jack holds the codes to unlock the main guns and offensive arrays...as of yet he has only had to fire warning shots. The entire ship is captained by robots loyal to both Jack and Asmodeus...no organic crew was allowed to accompany the captain as part of his punishment. Jack is meant to endure loneliness within his prison. Capable as trained mechanics, cooks, and soldiers...these robots are produced within the Legacy and churned out when needed. One might akin their design to Razbots.

Neuro Arms- Embedded into his spinal column, these ten semi-organic tentacles were part of what made Jack legendary in the initial war. Capable, quick, and able to mold together into whatever shape he pleases. Usually fused to make angelic wings to look the part of Asmodeus's court, Jack can seperate them at any time and even lengthen them. Each single leg can support thrice his weight and when not looking angelic, bind around his chest in tough armor. The shapes these arms can take, while many, are not inexhaustible. Complex moving parts such as a firearm cannot be imitated although simple items such as a buzz-saw can. If it has a memory card or complex inner workings, the Neuro arms cannot copy it.

Legacy Shields: Tied directly to the Legacy's power source, Jack has multiple points on his body capable of tapping into the ship's latent power and manifesting shields to deflect energy or physical attacks. While not invincible, the shields certainly lend a hand when under a barrage of fire from hostile forces.

General Abilities: (anything you can do in normal everyday reality, like today)

Marksmanship: Jack is an incredible marksman and has excelled in firearms since before his service to Asmodeus.

Daggers: A form of combat Jack only holds for when made completely defenseless, he is mediocre and can wield his blades to at least a modicum of lethal ability

Mechanics: If it has a chip, moving parts, or a power source...Jack can usually fix it. As a technospeaker he can communicate with almost any device to discover the root of the problem and how best to manage it.

Neuro Arms- What Jack lacks in martial arts he makes up with in NEURO ARMS. These sinuous agents of destruction provide him with the lethality of close combat his mediocre knife training and lack of martial arts cannot.

Piloting: Jack can pilot the Legacy almost as well as Void could. This extends to most ships or vessels he comes in contact with...paired with his Technobabble, he is a force to be reckoned with behind a machine.

Special Abilites: (anything that relies on magic, holy power, advanced technology)

Technobabble- Any device can be communicated with...as each item has a presence...even a spirit. Jack's ability has progressed past the level of mere speaking and on to commands. Depending on the complexity of the device or the other powers augmenting it, Jack can command items of working parts (like a gun) to jam. The more complex the machine, the easier it is to command an error into the programming. Sentient programs or AI's have natural immunity to this ability, but may find Jack a rather charming convincer.

Cyclic Promise: Jack will one day kill Asmodeus. He will murder the angel and tear his soul from Iwaku. This promise was accepted by Jack during the war from a mysterious witch on the condition that he lose the ability to kill anyone else. While this doesn't necessarily make Jack STRONGER when fighting his intended enemy, it does carry a powerful reality bending into the battle...fate convines to fulfill Jack's destiny. So long as the promise holds, Asmodeus will one day perish at Jack's hand.

Cyclic Replacement: Jack is somewhat askew in the Cycle. Drifting from one world to the next, the captain is almost as enigmatic as Porg. Unlike the keyblader however, Jack has used this confusion to his advantage. With an intricate understanding of the Cycle, Jack can momentarily 'replace' his role with another role of the Cycle. Some roles are harder than others to 'become' and Jack cannot maintain them for longer than a few minuets at most...but sometimes it is enough. Of course this can easily cause Cyclic backlash depending on the severity of the action taken while 'role replaced' but as of yet, Jack has not experimented with the power.


Martial arts illiteracy- Jack cannot fight with the practiced jabs and strikes of a regimented warrior. He fights with fists akimbo and arms flying in a brawl easily circumvented by knowledgeable fighters. While Jack can throw a punch, his style is one dimensional and easy to figure out.

Mortal- Jack is for all intents and purposes, mortal. Enough bullets, fatigue, disease, or whatever will kill him as easily as it might another person.

Physical atrophy- He can throw a punch and hold a gun...but Jack's strength is just below average for a man of his age and size.

Circuit Breaker- Electrical attacks tend to shut down his Neuro arms if they scramble his body enough...and the knives he keeps on his person at all times can only conduct and intensify the damage done.

The Cyclic Promise- Jack cannot kill another being besides Asmodeus. So long as his destiny is imprinted with Cyclic Promise, he cannot give a mortal blow to any but the intended. Bullets will veer, blows will miss their mark by centimeters. While Jack CAN hurt other people, he cannot inflict a wound that someone cannot recover from.

Tied to the Legacy: In punishment, Asmodeus bound Jack to the Legacy's core...that they would be as one. This essentially means there is a small machine in Jack's heart that constantly relays information from the Legacy and back. Attempts to communicate or destroy this machine have proved impossible as it was made to resist Jack's ability. The farther he gets from the Legacy's core...the harder it is to operate and the more strain is put on his heart. Should the Legacy be destroyed, Jack's heart would explode. The part he is tied to is the core of the ship's power...a part roughly the size of a house...so an attempt to remove it would be pointless.

Jack Shade traveled to Iwaku with little more than a slingshot and his ideals. His promise in accuracy and tactics singled him out as Asmodeus's apprentice and as the years rolled by, Jack grew stronger. When the Admin war began, Jack was disillusioned by Asmodeus and joined Rory for a short time before forcing the Dark Prince to renounce his Insanity. Returning to his right hand, Jack fought willingly for the dictator and rose to fame as one of the more feared generals of the angel. When Asmodeus and Paorou fused together, the madness returned. Jack tried to continue serving the tower crazed emperor, but his loyalty faltered...allowing Rory to escape a deciding battle and retreating. Not one to run, Jack instead accepted his punishment by Asmodeus for cowardice...to be bound within a ship for eternity scouting Asmo's realm. Unlike Palonis who took to the shadows of espionage and sabotage with Myrnodyn...Jack was too afraid to stand up to this former mentor. When a rift in the sky opened one day on patrol, the Legacy was drawn inside and thrown into a world that seemed similar to...Iwaku...but one not dominated by towers and horizons of black smog. Unsure if he was the only one to be shifted to this realm, Jack flew his ship to where people seemed to be gathering. Heralding the New Hero, Jack could find no signs of Asmodeus's reign. Overjoyed but cautious, the captain is attending the coronation in hopes he can amend his cowardice and live free of Asmo's torment...and his past failures. Worried someone may have come with the shift, Jack almost expects the High court Necromancer to show its blood curdling face and drag him back to Asmodeus...alive or dead.

Name: Tegan

Race/Class/Type: Fallen Star; Human Shell

Faction: Crimson Cadret

Normal Equipment: Key to her (now destroyed) home, sedatives, maps, supplies.

Special Equipment:

Wires: Tegan's weapon of choice are razor sharp red strings she keeps wrapped around metal rings on her fingers. They have a far reach, and are malleable enough to ensnare or rigid enough to slice.

General Abilities: The body Tegan currently possesses was that of a dancer's. She is quick and graceful, which makes her an opponent not to be taken lightly. Tegan is adept at coming up with quick plans in a tight situation - plans that often outwit the enemy or cause convincing illusions. She would much rather resort to this than outright fight.

Special Abilities:

Celestial Light: Tegan can manipulate the ethereal light within her to do her will. It is especially useful for creating illusions and burning shafts of light. It has also sped up her body's ability to heal superficial wounds very quickly. This power is at its strongest when Tegan is surrounded by darkness.

Illuminated Sight: Since her journey to Insanity, Tegan has been plagued by strange visions. Some are memories of another Iwaku, perhaps the real Iwaku, and her encounters with its counterparts. Others are of this Iwaku, of things that will happen, may happen, have happened. . .

Tegan hopes this strange clairvoyance is a result of the Cycle's will, and not a delusion.

Weaknesses: The memories of Tegan and all of the lives she's lived are starting to overrun her psyche'. She sometimes goes into fugue states, hallucinates and becomes confused as to who she is. Tegan usually combats this by self-medicating with sedatives or alcohol to send her into a dreamless sleep. She also inhabits a human body, and is therefore subjected to its frailties.


Since Iwaku has ended, and I have moved on from this portrayal of Tegan, this back story has been taken down. I'm changing a lot, so this is to prevent confusion.​

Now Tegan seems to be following a new path, beginning with the Crimson Cadre, guided by some unseen force. Her motive are, for the time being, unknown.

Name: Grandmaster Karsikan Banrae

Race/Class/Type: Grey Knight Space Marine

Faction: Independent


Normal Equipment: None

Special Equipment: Exsanguinatus-Master Crafted Nemesis Eviscerator, Ageis Terminator armor, Master Crafted Stormbolter, Chaplain's Rosarius, Adamantine Mantle, Grimoire of True Names.

General Abilities:
Karsikan is a Space Marine, Physically Larger, Stronger, tougher and stronger willed than any human could hope to be naturally. He is utterly fearless in the face of danger and possesses near unparalleled and leadership and swordsmanship abilities.

Special Abilites:
Recent events have trigger Karsikan to break his fifty year Vow and use his Psychic powers to battle Asmodeus in the throes of his madness. Though he never used them in battle he still was trained as a psyker according to Grey Knight Tradition and is a Master of the Biomancy discipline, granting him the ability to manipulate his own body and to a lesser extent the bodies of others.

His faith in the God Emperor remains as strong as ever and he can still call upon the depths of his faith to push himself beyond the endurance and strength of a 'Normal' Space Marine

Psyker's Curse, though his psychic powers grant him phenomenal power, they also can take a terrible toll on both him and his surroundings, over use of his powers could result in physical harm to him, Corruption of his soul, Daemonic possession or worse an outright tear in the veil between reality and the warp, and daemonic infestation of the surrounding area.

On titan, The Grandmaster discovered an old overlooked tome in the Libraries of the Grey Knights Fortress Monastery. The text held the location of Iwaku and details of the darkness that held the world in it's clutches. He approached the inquisition with this information and they denied him the right to send a team to investigate. So he came himself, and barely survived the trip. A warpstorm caught his ship and crippled it, he only just survived by evacuating to a drop pod while everyone else in the ship died and remote dropped himself before the destruction of his ship.

I've got a feeling that people are going to Meta Game my character hard....

Name: Jumi

Race/Class/Type: Human Unimancer

Faction: The Crimson Cadre


Normal Equipment: Jumi is dressed in long flowing grey robes of what appears to be an anciant Magi order, and his face is completely hidden by a metal mask, tucked into his hood. His hands are protected by gauntlets, and heavy plate boots adorn his feet.

Special Equipment: (anything that relies on magical/holy/advanced abilites)

Tomb Eternal: Jumi possesses a tomb of magic he uses to record his spells that has limitless pages, and can be written upon by simply trailing your finger across it's parchment pages.


Sky Hammer: A metal staff forged from the memories of his past. This item keeps Jumi grounded to existance, and has for all intents and purposes become his soul. Destroying this staff will erase Jumi from existance, past, present, and future. At on end it has a large hammer, and on the other is a crescent moon blade.

The Sky Hammer, allows Jumi to manipulate the elements of Shadow, and Light to his will, and unless he is holding this staff, these elements are beyond his control due to their potentially powerful, and very chaotic nature.

General Abilities: Jumi is attuned to nature, and has extensive knowledge of the animals, and local flora of Iwaku. This makes him privy to knowledge of healing herbs, and survival tactics one could use in the wild, such as food gathering, and shelter creation.

He also possesses the knowledge of medicine, and is an accomplished physician, and surgeon.

Special Abilities:

Elemental Magic: Jumi is a skilled Magi, and has extensive knowledge on the manipulation of the basic elements of Earth, wind, fire, and water. These elements he can use to attack, defend, or various other purposes.

Light, and Darkness: Jumi has also gained the ability to use light based magics that protect, or hinder individuals, as well as dark chaotic magic that is used primarily for inflicted grievous wounds. These wounds are designed to outright kill someone. He must have a hold of his staff to use these magics.

Weaknesses: Should Jumi's staff be destroyed entirely, he will vanish from existence, as well as anything else that hold information of him. For all intents and purposes... it will be as if Jumi never existed.

Jumi cannot concentrate at all if he is subjected to any form of music, and such music can cause him debilitating pain, and if forced to prolong periods of it, he can go into a coma, and begin bleeding internally in his skull.

Jumi is physically weak, and cannot hope to stand up to a physical confrontation when it involves a skilled warrior. He is first, and foremost a Mage.

Jumi is also prone to flashbacks of the many years he's spent in iwaku, and can be lost in his thoughts as he's forced to relive the events until he completes the memory... and these memories are not familiar to him.

Jumi the Cursed Lieutenant as he was once called, grew up in one of the small villages that laid at the bottom of a mountain range. Notably a culture of Warrior Bards, Jumi followed in step, and eventually became a wandering Musical Warrior who entered the services of Razilian during the first war under promise of serving a greater good. Without question, he followed orders, and commited acts of evil until he engaged the angel Asmodeus, and The Warmaster on the walls of Castle Iwaku.

He seemingly retreated, and vanished from known record. Tales recall a tall lanky figured dressed in a blue jumpsuit, with a bucket atop it's head, and a white mask over it's face wandering the world, with musical abilities that seemed to match the Cursed Lieutenants. Truth be told, Jumi had been captured by the gods, and punished for his betrayal to his lord, and bound him to silence, and brilliance.

He eventually wound up in history once more during the Elder Invasion where he engaged Asmodues once more, and was freed from his prison by the Angel's might. Once free he turned on the Heroes, and began attacking them due to being drawn to Asmodeus' terrible energy.

Ultimately he was lost in the wreckage of the Confluence Bomb... his soul as it was being completely erased from existence... and so came the Lieutenant's tormented existence of uncontrollable betrayal, and resentment.

The Gods wishing pity on the poor mortals soul, granted him renewed life as something he had hated in his life... that of a Mage in the hopes that such a life would cool, and temper his soul into what it should have become. Stripped of music, and empowered by the Arcane, Juimi now walks the world helping the injured, and empowering the Just.

Name: Zypher Hamasaki

Race/Class/Type:Human Gunslinger

Faction: Order of the Luna Ashe


Normal Equipment:
-A crashed space pod left somewhere in Iwaku forest
-A change of clothing, and some food in a backpack

Special Equipment:
-A large amount of enchanted ammo

General Abilities:
Trick Shot: Zypher can shoot in many different ways, making his bullets hit their marks from strange angles and areas. He can fire from the hip, behind his back, backwards, over the shoulder and even bounce bullets off surfaces to hit his mark.

Acrobatic: Zypher is light on his feet and nimble in his movements. He can do tricks and moves on his feet quickly and can use them in conjunction with his shooting.

Special Abilities:
J-Pop Beam: Zypher has the ability to fire a "セクシ ヒィム" (Sekushi Biimu) from his heart which creates phantom J-Pop music to distract, annoy and amuse those within a thirty foot radius. If anyone is hit directly from the beam they instantly must dance for the duration of the song, but can still act provided it's part of their routine.

Enchanted Ammo: Zypher's ammo has been enchanted to fire bullets that can affect even incorporeal creatures and creatures that normally are only affected by magical means.

Zypher is physically weaker then normal, allowing all of his abilities in his speed, nimbleness and guns. If stuck without his guns he is pretty defenseless other then dodging. He is also easily distracted when it comes to seeing people he finds attractive.

With the return of the AFTA Spacestation Zypher's history has bled back into Iwaku.
Zypher was once a proud knight working for the good of the people under the tuteledge of his mentor Sable in the grand city of Moonwings. He was dutiful and loyal servant to the Contessa Diana. As the city Moonwings fell and the AFTA spacestation was completed he followed his lady to the stars. After spending time on the AFTA station he noticed the shift of the worlds and was sent to Iwaku in a spacepod as an advanced investigator for his lady.

As he traveled the forest of Iwaku he came across Quiinn who spoke of Rory in Iwaku City and travelled with him to stumble upon another group at the mature tower. Joining forces with Faramond the two of them traveled to Iwaku City only to encounter the destruction caused by the elders. Following Faramond's advice the two of them joined Aki and Aya and continued traveling into the city. The group was attacked numerous times and eventually fought their way to the castle against hordes of noobs. After they were attacked on the bridge and were saved but teleported to the underground caves where the group met TK, Kitti and "Inari" where they are currently left. Unaware of Diana's arrival his goal is just to escape the caves.

Name: Kamikaze Sensei (Called Kaze)

Race/Class/Type: Boring Human

Faction: The Crimson Cadre


Normal Equipment: Notebook with pencil to record events on his travels. Essentially his journal, though used more for historical reasons than for personal reflection.

Special Equipment:
Bowstaff: Made from a particularly think and strong piece of wood, it is magically enhanced to not only be extremely tough while retaining its lightweight properties, but also augments Kaze's wind magic

Taken from the Temple of History, it runs under the wind magic of Kaze, making him the only person able to pilot it. Has seats for 4 as well as good cargo space.

General Abilities: Knowledgeable about the history of Iwaku, having been a scribe in the Temple of History. He also recognizes most historical artifacts with ease, though more information requires the use of his special ability.

Special Abilites:
Wind Magic:
The main weapon used by Kaze, he is quite skilled in not only creating large winds that can either cut or simply push people back, but also in augmenting physical abilities, such as increasing ones movements, whether it's his own or an allies, or even flying, though he can only make himself fly across the sky.
Item History:
The main reason he was employed to be a scribe within the Temple of History was his ability to look into the past of any item he touched, finding out the history of the item as well as its uses. This ability has helped tremendously in understanding ancient civilization artifacts.
Status Return:
By focusing upon an item, he is able to 'Turn back the clock' on any non-living item, returning it to it's former state, such as un-rusting a sword, or making a faded document legible. He can even mend broken items, but only if all pieces of the item are present.

Ruthless: A weakness in his personality is that he can appear to be quite ruthless, willing to sacrifice near everything in order to accomplish the task at hand. While at the same time it's a strength, it all depends on who he's working with and just how much must be sacrificed to achieve the task.
No Combat Experience: Having been given no formal combat training, his fighting skills are based purely off of instinct. So, while his fighting skills pale in comparison to someone who's been trained, Kaze shows promise.
Greenhorn: Being in the Temple of History most of his life, he's read up on several battles but has never participated in war. So, when exposed to the realities of an actual battlefield, he can easily breakdown and become useless, just like any rookie in an army.
Sunk: Having his wind magic, Kaze's never needed to be able to swim, able to make himself fly with his magic. So, should he be caught in deep water, he's SOL.

Based off of his unique powers in terms of historical significance, Kaze was quickly recruited to become a scribe in the Temple of History. He has lived there most of his life, and is very intimate with the history of many things, having a great memory of what he learned during his time there.

When the Temple of History came under attack, he was instructed by Chaos to flee the Temple rather than try to stay and defend it. Kaze nearly disobeyed until he saw Chaos slain with his own eyes. Realizing that living to fight another day was beneficial, he fled and is now seeking Asmodeus, one who Kaze believes can help him become strong enough to protect knowledge and history no matter the threat.




Appearance: He's a mild mannered young adult of average height (5'11" more or less) and a somewhat bulky built. He wears wire-rimmed eyeglasses, black long-sleeved polo shirt and black pants.

Normal Equipment:
one of Megane-kun's swords
A short wakizashi that originally belonged to Megane-kun. There were two of them, the other one seems to be with of Vay.

Special Equipment:
-- none --

General Abilities:
Faramond is out of synch with the Cycle, seemingly unaffected by certain things that happen. This a both a blessing and a curse, for he is unable to both affect or be affected by certain occurences. Faramond can choose to be unaffected by other people's powers UNLESS the power type is top of the hierarchy for that location.

Special Abilities:
Unlimited Emo Works
For some reason unknown, Faramond attained some ability, though this ability is powered by his emotions. When Faramond utilizes this ability, emotions of people around him similar to what he is feeling is amplified. This feeling, usually despair, could be amplified to such an extent that people could be immobilized by it, or even driven to suicide. For the time being, Faramond isn't aware of this power, nor is able to control it.

Weaknesses: He usually has less than normal physical strength and agility.

Due to some freak interdimensional accident, Vincent Vargas ended up being sucked to Iwaku World. Upon realizing he's in some strange world, he began calling himself Faramond.

Somewhere along the way, he realized that he is but a figment of imagination, and that he's in Iwaku World, which, as Vincent, he's familiar with (since he was the one controlling megane-kun's actions thru a computer before he himself got sucked in).

Faramond is preoccupied in returning to what he thought was his original dimension before he loses his sense of self and his freedom.

Name: The Pop N Lock Kid

Race/Class/Type: Human

Faction: The Viridian Guard


Normal Equipment: Skullcrusher headphones, two semi automatic handguns that fire concussive blasts

Special Equipment: "Can of Whoop-Ass"

The Kid has in his possession three energy drinks which he calls "can of whoop-ass". These energy drinks, when drunk, increase the Kid's dexterity, agility and strength, but also has the side-effect of making him vulnerable to attacks, magical or physical. The effects of this energy drink lasts for only around five minutes.

General Abilities: Dancing includes - hip hop, pop n lock, bboying, karate, gun proficiency

Special Abilities: "In the Groove"

When the Kid is 'In the Groove', he transforms into sound waves and thus, behaving like one. In this mode, he could pass through most materials such as thin walls, human and animal bodies, most plants etc. However, he would have difficulty passing through insulated walls, thick cotton garments, and other stuff that absorbs sound. Thick, sound-proofed walls would present him problems, since he could not pass through them. However, he could pass through cracks in the walls.

Also, when the Kid is 'In the Groove', he transforms those materials that are attached to him, such as clothes and those materials he is holding, like guns etc into sound as well. However, if those materials are in one way or the other, got unattached to him, they stay as sound, until they hit another object. When this happens, the said material impacts the object and material would dissipate. (Like how ki balls behave).

However, when he is 'In the Groove', he is vulnerable to other sounds, particularly, low-frequency sounds such as bass. If other sounds are powerful enough to overpower the sound he is listening to, he might be knocked out, or worse, neutralized and dissipated.

The Kid also has more or less average strength.

Kid is currently twenty years old and lives on his own. He discovered this ability when he was eighteen after listening to music so much he became one with the music and turned into sound itself. His family also owns a farm out in the middle of a place resembling Narnia and when he visits he often practices is marksmanship with his twin semi automatic pistols, and because of this his uncle gave him the nickname Dead Eye.
The ability to pop n lock was born within him it the skills seem to have surfaced form no where as he has had no professional training, his body just responds to the music. His parents however did not find dancing to be a profitable avenue to pursue in life and thus he left his parents abode.

Name: Drake

Race/Class/Type: Kitsune Monk

Faction: Has views similar to the Viridian Guard, but maintains ties to Torsty in the Crimson Cadre

Normal Equipment:

Notched and worn daggers

Paper and Ink

Special Equipment: (anything that relies on magical/holy/advanced abilites)

The Harbinger: An airship relying on the energy of a Rift storm by the name of Void. Unprecedentedly powerful and fast, the reality bending abilities of the Rift Storm itself make the Harbinger one of the more powerful ships in Iwaku. Used usually as a flagship, the inside is plush and well decorated, capable of holding material and passengers but not in excess of forty men.

Jack's daggers: Melted down into dagger form, the original weapons of Jack have found a new home with Drake. The abilities they grant are far more mundane at this point in time, the right dagger issuing protection from Drake's weaknesses and the left augmenting his already prodigious strength and speed.

General Abilities: (anything you can do in normal everyday reality, like today)

Martial Arts Mastery: Drake has studied various disciplines throughout his life and has become familiar with various martial practices. In hand to hand combat, he excels beyond the ken of most in Iwaku.

Leadership: Drake runs the remaining forces Jack rallied together before the Admin war. Consisting of the Fantastical creatures of lore including Dragons, harpies, orcs, and trolls...Drake could easily pose a threat to some of the more unstable areas of iwaku. For the Kitsune though, it is enough to try and remake a home for them.

WarLord: Drake once led the forces of n00bs and experienced players alike from world to world...conquering and pillaging throughout the metaverse. His knowledge of weaponry while not complete, allows him an advanced modicum of control over even some of the more curious weapons. His knowledge of strategy also assists him in reading the enemy.

Special Abilites: (anything that relies on magic, holy power, advanced technology)

Kitsune curse: While not typically a lycan curse anymore, the Kitsune form has graced several augmentations to Drake's form. His strength, speed, reflexes, sense of smell, and hearing have all increased to beyond human proportions. While he no longer possess a full beast or hybrid beast form to transform into, the curse still grants protection on its vessel...even through a different form.

Regeneration- Part of the curse allows for a threshold for regeneration. While not the most quick acting rejuvination of cells and regrowth of organs and ligaments, it heals incredibly quick by human standards. Save for his curse weaknesses, most wounds can be recovered.

Magic: Mostly illusion as it turns out, but Drake has begun to find his Kitsune side has given him something in the way of the arcane. While still a beginner, Drake has proven to have a strange aptitude for his new abilities.

Cyclic Knowledge: Through some twist of the Cycle, Drake has been thrown into its gears. Those who become important through their fate lines or fulfill the role of the True roll in the Cycle give off a resonance that allows the kitsune to know their whereabouts and sometimes a general idea of what they are doing or feeling. He cannot control this power which can, at its worst, manifest in visions.

Weaknesses: Drake is a powerful creature by all accounts, but he is not without his pitfalls. Silver is particularly dangerous to him and causes wounds that cannot be healed through regeneration (Unless the silver is removed). Magical weapons can leave the same effect as well. Drake has acquired with his new form something of an appetite. If Drake cannot recharge himself he loses his ability to utilize magic and from there quickly loses capabilities latent in his body.

Origin: Cast out by his village for being born cursed, Drake was raised by a circus troupe for the first few years of his life. Moonlighting as assassins, the wererat was inundated into the art of combat and killing at an early age. From there his hunger grew. A building resentment inside of him bade him continue on, hurt more people, subjugate masses, and impress his form upon those who once looked down on him. For the majority of his life, Drake served as a commander of forces both fantastic and mundane in a great army that swept from 'forum' to 'forum'. He would depose the ruler, enslave the people, and leave the land broken and pitiful. During a raid late in his years as a conqueror, Drake was made to face what he could only now describe as a God. The pitiful hobbled creature had looked at him with the eyes of every soul he had butchered in his life...including his own. Cast in those gleaming eyes, Drake recognized the twisted reflection of what he had become and immediately cast away his blades in remorse. He left his army, stealing away in the night to join a monastery and swear off the act of taking another sentient life.

Jack Shade encountered him in this state, and interested, Drake followed the wanderer to the lands of Iwaku. Serving as a guide for a creature he recognized shared qualities akin to his own, the monk tried to council the angel. Angered by how Jack was twisted to win Asmodeus's affection, Drake took up arms against the mad Prince during the n00b invasion. With Shapeshifter town gone and few fighters left, the wererat turned to uncovered plans of a mad genius, Nylock, for help. Having the ISAF and Myrnodyn collaborate to build the Confluence Pulse Bomb, Drake made peace with the part of him that had sworn away killing and dropped the bomb on Asmodeus after draining his power. Now disillusioned to the Cycle, but haunted by the angel's last words...Drake seeks to return Iwaku to a state of true peace...and discern the truth of the Cycle.

Name: Acquariana (Often goes by Acqua)

Race/Class/Type: Blessed Human/Singer (Water-magic oriented)



Normal Equipment:

Mother's Necklace: A strange silver necklace with a large sapphire that used to possess magical abilities but now holds nothing but sentimental value.

Special Equipment:

Sapphire Staff: Her staff that she uses for the majority of her powers. It amplifies her ability to manipulate water and also serves as a handy blunt weapon at close range. It also has shapeshifting capabilities and morphs into a mic to amplify her powers not based in water magic (further explanation in further abilities)

Sapphire Mic: A different form of her Sapphire Staff, it uses a strange combination of magic and technology to amplify her voice without the use of electricity.

General Abilities:

Swimming: She can swim for long distances without tiring. Furthermore, she can hold her breath for longer periods of time than most people, allowing her to free-dive for up to five minutes without surfacing for air.

Special Abilites:

Hydrokinesis: She can manipulate small to medium-sized (Anywhere from a small drop to fifteen gallons) portions of water to her will. She can use water to violently whip things away or churn the water to torment a person that is trapped in it. She can also form weak, temporary shields by making the water float in front of her.

Angelic Notes: Acqua can sing using her Sapphire mic to heal people. Whilst singing, the listeners will be illuminated by a strange light that seems almost heavenly. Visual effects such as white feathers fluttering through the air or even petals often occur. One thing that always does happen when this skill is used is that a white circle around 20 feet in diameter appears with Acqua being the center.

Depending on how clearly the listener(s) can hear Acqua, anything from minor, superficial wounds to feelings of distress and hopelessness to more threatening conditions such as intense bleeding, pain, or dissociative states associated with trauma can be downgraded to more minor symptoms. However, things like massive third degree burns and severed limbs/shattered bones cannot be repaired.

Demonic Notes: Acqua uses her Sapphire mic once again, but uses her singing to attack enemies. Visual effects such as dark auras surrounding the listeners and a dark circle with the same dimensions as the circle mentioned in the Angelic Notes skill often occur. However, unlike Angelic notes, the thing that actually causes the damage to the listeners appears: the reverberation of Acqua's voice and the background music of the original song make the listeners' ears throb. Like Angelic Notes, the more clearly the intended listeners can hear her, the more of an effect it will take. The effects of this attack include sudden feelings of depression and hopelessness, and temporary deteriation of physical strength and agility.

*Note: Angelic Notes and Demonic Notes require Acqua to specify a listener or listeners before she sings or else it will just affect anyone within the circle. Anyone except for Acqua can freely enter or exit the circle unless they are too physically weak to do so or are already unconscious.

Weaknesses: Acqua has little to no physical protection. She is a mere human, and as such can be easily subdued by somebody with enough raw power (or simply a gun =x). Her abilities Angelic Notes and Demonic Notes are easily affected by her emotions, and one can unintentionally turn into the other if Acqua's emotions get the best of her. A second weakness to her two voice-based skills are that if somebody is wearing earplugs or can somehow block her singing out, they will be unaffected. Another weakness lies in her ability to manipulate water.

Since she is unable to create water (or at least turn water vapor into water), she is much more vulnerable in places that have no nearby source of water. Ironically, even when she's free diving, her water manipulation becomes weaker and weaker the longer she waits to surface.

Acqua was a drifter of sorts before settling here. Blessed with an innate desire to express things through her voice, she found that she had an unusual ability to sing. Starting off in a land called Serebii, her life there was somewhat short and filled with boredom until she moved on to other lands which were too insignificant for her to recall. And so through many short stays in various lands, she would run away when everything seemed to be falling apart around her, too weak to do anything. However, one day she came across one land and met a strange group of people that were to teach her.
They were a strange folk. People of the sea, the two that had taken her in had an interesting history. The wife was an Undine, a water elemental of sorts. Her husband was a human who had ventured through lands much like Acqua had in his day. Staying with these people for years, she had come to learn their way of life, learning how to swim and manipulate the water through her mind much like the one she calls "Mother". On her fifteenth birthday, her "mother" gave her the necklace and the staff that she holds dear to this day. Eventually, though, Acqua's stay with them would have to end.

A mysterious woman had come one day and had told her of a land called Iwaku. Her "mother" and "father" had thought about it for awhile and had eventually come to the conclusion that the journey would be best for Acqua, so they sent her off in a portal into Iwaku.