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This thread is meant to collect the plot ideas that people come up with. We want 'em all!

It doesn't matter how good or bad you think the idea is, put it up here anyways.

Don't judge other people's in this thread; use the Plot Discussion OOC or a thread for your subplot to discussion the idea. Feel free to use any idea whatsoever!
~Index of Current Plots~

From out of the Warp-Deamon forces from the Warhammer 40K universe invade Iwaku. Organized by Vay and GMK.

(Mythos) Moonwings Spire-Organized by Zypher. A remnant of the Moonwings city has shown up in the wake of the reality bleeds, and is no doubt full of artifacts related to the once-great city. The newly-crowned Regent Zypher is leading an expedition to investigate it right away, and reclaim the various treasures within.

~Index of Currently Developing Plots~

(Mythos) Preserving History-History itself seems to be fracturing, and if there's any place to find answers, it's History Isle. Organized by Diana and Chaos.

Declaration of War on Vandoosa-On the other side of the globe, two nations go to war for little reason. And it just so happens that Engel and Rory are caught in the middle. Organized by Rory.

Kitti's Banishing Militia-Organized by Kitti. In the aftermath of the Elder War, hordes of Noobs still run free across Iwaku. Are you a bad enough dude to stop them?

Coffee and Akiko's Excellent Adventure-Organized by Zephyr and CoffeeCakeSadist. Akiko and Coffee and others are going on a TOTALLY EXCELLENT journey across the land, having fun and seeing sights!

Wolf's Tavern and Inn-Organized by Xindaris. It's a tavern, a place to enjoy good food and meet new people.
Aaaaand post now. All ideas are welcome!
This is keeping in with the whole "the Iwaku World is like one great book, like an epic story that loops in on itself". What would be interesting is , since history is disappearing, if it was filled in instead with different genres different to that of IW, such as romance, horror, comedy, etc. Just a passing idea.
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