Iwaku World - A Brief History

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Iwaku was once a lawless wasteland, home to the Noob Barbarians. It was King Gabriel who first stood against them, driving back the savages and consolidating the borders of his new kingdom. With the Noobs gone, Gabriel called out to the distant lands for people of valour and ambition to take sanctuary in his kingdom.


The new kingdom of Iwaku prospered, but dissent was inevitable. The first noble to stand up to the king was Lord Razilin, an ambitious and ruthless tyrant who wanted more territory. Recruiting the bitter Noob hordes and designing his own mechanical soldiers known as Razbots, Lord Razilin started a rebellion against the king from his stronghold at Nerf Castle. He was eventually defeated by the combined force of the King's allies, incuding the ISAF, the Teknikan Empire, and two new angels known as Rory and Asmodeus.


Rory and Asmodeus were made princes of the realm, and Iwaku prospoered once more. But in time the King succumbed to madness and paranoia. He deserted Iwaku, and those he left behind fell into rival cults. The Bread Cult, the Shapeshifters, the ISAF, the armies of the Warmaster, the A-Cult, the Z-Cult, the Nekos, the Vikings - almost too many to name. Iwaku was nearly torn apart by these conflicts, till in time the Asmodeus Roleplaying Corporation came to power and began to be more of a threat to the cults than anything before. With the Ego-Zombie virus, derived from Razilin's early Noob control methods, Prince Asmodeus's tyrannical will began to dominate more and more of the population.


At the height of the Corporation's power, the Bread Cult and the Teknikkans conspired against it, framing Prince Asmodeus for the murder of one of Prince Rory's closest friends. The War that followed was catastrophic and almost destroyed Iwaku. Asmodeus's corporation was brought to its knees by Rory and his general, Chaos, who had as their ally the summoned Goddess of Iwaku. In desperation, Asmodeus turned to the very man who framed him - Paorou-Sama, the Prince of Insanity. Paorou-Sama unleashed a horrific genocide on the Iwaku public and raised the Sword of Iwaku, using it to almost destroy the world. But at the last moment, Rory and the Goddess created a Mirror Realm and saved the fragments of Iwaku within it.


18 years have passed since the end of the Admin War. Iwaku City has been rebuilt on the site of the old battlefield, and both Paorou-Sama and Asmodeus are presumed dead. Rory rules as king with the support of the Goddess and the alliance of Diana, from the sister nation of Moonwings. The ISAF has its own city, and the Shapeshifters are now the biggest cult in the south.

But the adventures have only just begun...
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