Iwaku, what's your favorite bug?

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  1. So, this is probably one of the weirder questions brought to you courtesy of your local amateur entomologist, but...

    Denizens of Iwaku, which bug is your favorite?
    Feel free to include insects, arachnids, myriapods, and other small arthropods.

    My vote goes to the Mantis. Specifically, the ghost mantis. They're fucking majestic.
    Show Spoiler

    Just look at that. Majestic as fuck.

    MANTIDAE: 1 (Ghost)
    TARANTULA: 1 (Goliath Birdeater)
    CICADA: 1
    CATERPILLAR: 1 (Cecropia)
    MITE: 1 (Red Velvet)
    FIREFLY: 3
    APHID: 1 (Wooly)
    SPIDER: 1 (Black Widow)
    BEETLE: 2 (Rhino, Lady Bug)
    BUTTERFLY: 1 (Painted Lady)
    MOTH: 2 (Hummingbird, Cecropia)
    HORNET: 1 (Japanese Giant)
    BEE: 1 (Honey)
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  2. Armadillidiidae aka rolly pollies. I love those things.

    You can never go wrong with a terrestrial crustacean.

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  3. Oh my god rolly-pollies are adorable! I used to love playing with them as a kid. XD
  4. [​IMG]

    Pufferfish is god. Pufferfish is all.
  5. Fish are not arthropods. :thumbsdown:
  7. Pufferfish ain't no bug... Anyway, my favourite is the


    Goliath Birdeater tarantula! It's creepy as hell, but sooo cool! Unlike what the name suggest it doesn't usually eat brids, and while it has a venomous bite, if it ever bites a human (which they rarely do) it will most likely end up as a "dry" bite, meaning no poison is injected. How cool is that? They're, like, conscious of things they don't want to eat and instead just scare them away by acting tough :3 They can however release their leg hair which greatly irritates the eyes and nose, but other than that they're mostly 'harmless' little critters. I would never want to run into one IRL though XD
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  8. My god has bigger balls than yours.
  9. [​IMG]

    Never underestimate the power of the Cicadidae.
    That is all.
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  10. You fools!! Such ignorance! Such ARROGANCE!!!

    *has anurism"


    That, my friends, is the cecropia caterpillar- complete with the limitied edition rave party skin bundle. Comes in yellow, red, blue, orange, or a mixture of all four.
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  11. I'm terrified of bugs, like, extremely so, but I love the red velvet mite


    You can read why here
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  14. I get nervous around bugs because of traumatic childhood events, but I do find wooly aphids to be adorable:

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  15. I am casting another vote towards the fireflies.
  16. Spiders. Love the wonderful arachnid species, doesn't matter what kind. Do my best not to kill them, as with any other bug, but spiders especially. They get rid of those other pesky bugs you don't want even more in your house. Only way I'll kill 'em is when they invade places that a spider obviously shouldn't be invading. Like my bed or shoes. Or that one spider brave enough to make a web inside my computer casing and ended up having a trip through a high-powered fan in the top of a PC casing, but that's a different story.

    Though if I had to choose one kind of spiders, it'd have to be Black Widow's. Just a beautiful shade of black with those two distinctive red dots on it. I've got a decent sized cage which houses a few types of spiders and I daily drop in a variety of insects to keep them well fed. Though I learned my lesson after pairing numerous black widows and over the course of a couple days watching a bunch of eggs appear. Otherwise, it's surprising they don't all kill each other since theres: Numerous black widows, two Missouri wolf spiders, two (or more) brown recluse (SW Missouri), one jumping spider (salticidae) and a variety of common garden spiders.

    I'm afraid of the day the cage top of breaks or a hole gets punched. I don't want to be on the receiving end of a brown recluse.
  17. Rhinoceros Beetles

  18. Awesome awesome awesome. ^^

    The only thing I'm not counting is Mantis Shrimps because of size. :c Sorry @LunaValentine
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