Iwaku, what do you want for Christmas?

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  1. The ONE SINGLE GIFT that would make you happiest
  2. Any gift at all would be one more than I usually get.
    That being said, a new computer that works for more than an hour before jumping up to 100% and becoming slow would be wonderful.
  3. My boyfriend to not be stationed overseas. Or at least to be allowed to take leave at the holidays. ;_;
  4. Have you tried opening the case and cleaning it with compressed air? Also when is the last time you ran defrag or a program like Ccleaner?
  5. You can open it without completely destroying the thing? That is news to me.
  6. A trip to the Red Wings vs. Maple Leafs Winter Classic being held on New Years Day.

    It'll never happen, but damn would that be a dream come true.
  7. Perhaps my gift would be that the girl that I love wasn't so forgetful of me. To spend time with her again would be a lovely thing, it's been more than half a year after all. ;~;
  8. I want an apology so I can plan a family holiday without awkward drama in the way. >:[

    But as for more material things... Hmm. O____O About 500 bucks should do it. Then I can pay some bills and have a little left over for dinner.
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  9. Id love a drawing tablet...the lure of digital art has caught me
  10. The collection of Edger Allan Poe.
  11. A new computer, I use my little brother's old cast off at the moment.
  12. The ones I find in distaste to go and find the nearest, meatiest dick and chop it off then double end that shit straight into Hell.
  13. Someone trustworthy to adopt my dog I can't keep.