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    Have you checked out the new Iwaku Video Tutorials?
    Do that first!

    Now that you have - do you think you know what tutorial for Iwaku I should make next?
    Chime in!
    Have any pressing problems with the video?
    Tell me about it!
    Learn brand new things that totally blew your mind?
    That's definitely the goal here!



  2. Someone actually did this! YES!
  3. I'd watch 'em, but I dun have a stable connection at the moment. So I dunno if this stuff was waaaay already discussed in the video.

    But some possible ideas that spring forward.

    - Include in the introduction description what the video contains (I.E. This video shows "How to make a thread... how to push Asmodeus down the stairs... etc.")

    - Potentially indepth video on how to customize one's profile (upload profile pics, etc.)

    - Brief expl'nation of the c-boxes, their rules... and what they is.

    - How to upload photos to places such as Photobucket, Iwaku itself, and dropbox... and include them in threads.

    Though most of this is probably coming in the future, so I should just shut my trap.

    [EDIT] Was just able to watch ah bit of it. Small niggle... Lady Kitti, are you able to record in something... higher than 360p? Maybe 480p? The text and all gets very fuzzy when enlarging the video link.
  4. Watch the video before you add ideas >:[ First bullet is already there.
    Possibly a "how to customize". Will keep that idea.
    We have a Cbox do's, don't's, and such guide already. The different roleplay boxes are described in their corresponding sections, I believe.

    And, no, this is the highest the screen-capturing software I use records in.
  5. New video posted!
  6. *Squints at online users* Yup, I made it into the intro video.
  7. just found out how to Change my Profile stuff. LOL