Iwaku Triad: The Collector's Way to Spend Currency

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  1. [size=+2]Iwaku Triad: Member Cards have been massively updated with tons of new members, as well as some reprints of old members![/size]

    Iwaku Triad is finally getting some much deserved tender loving care with a big update and scores of new cards. If you've been a member since before March, you probably have a card in there somewhere too! For those of you who've recently joined, never fear! This isn't the last update that the triad is going to receive. More than that, it's not just about collecting, you can also challenge the computer AND other members to matches.

    What's that? Upcoming tournaments? Maybe! If you've never played with the Iwaku Triad system before, now is the time to learn and don't just buy one or two decks - some of the cards are going to be super cool and hard to find!

    So, check out the cards HERE. To discuss the Iwaku Triad with other members (and me!), you should join this group!

    I look forward to seeing you guys in the Triad!
  2. I love my card picture! It's wonderful! Just sayin' x3
  3. This is all so confusing.