Iwaku Triad question

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  1. Sooo XD I recently became addicted to the Iwaku Triad games ^^' I was wondering 2 things:

    1) How the heck do you beat Uber Kawaii Bot TT-TT
    2) Are you guys looking for new decks ^^' I would love to make some~!
  2. That bot might just be there to forever vex you. XD

    And yes, we could use more decks! It's been a long time since we've added new ones!
  3. Oh ho ho ho *appears from behind a curtain of glory* I have just beaten Kawaii Bot (but am super scared to try again XD)

    Ne ne, how would I go about making the deck? Are there any specifics? o.o Like # of cards in a deck, the different levels of each card, colors, designs XD? Who to give the finished cards to? ^^'
  4. We have a group for submitting decks and talking about it HERE but it's been a reaally long time since we've been able to do an update. (About a year! o__o)

    What we would need is about 100+ cards with 7 "levels" of stats! You can see the way the other cards were made in the game. XD
  5. Oh XD I should have known *durr* Thank you Diana! ^.^ I will think about making a deck~ One a lot of people will be interested in *brainstorms*
  6. Hrm. I like the idea of making a deck to some degree... hrm...
  7. Let's do iiiit togeeether :D