Iwaku Theme Festivals Group

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  1. For those who didn't see it before, this is our new group for working on theme festivals. These will happen every other month. Right now, we really need people to join the group. If you want to be the committee head for a festival (we really need one for June's festival ASAP), if you want to just help, do artistic stuff, whatever, please head over there and read up!

    We really want member participation in this, and member leadership! This is a great chance to show you can shine! It is hard work, but well worth it!
  2. Ooh, I've never seen this for a forum before! ^~^
  3. It's nearly July, and that means that we're about to start work on the August Festival over at the group. This is a great time to head over to the festival group, linked in the first post of this thread, and volunteer. You can volunteer to work on the committee, to do art, or just to help out with miscellaneous stuff, but I suggest checking it out. It's a great group of people doing great things and we need your enthusiasm and help to make future festivals fantastic!