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Meh not really a manga with a plot but I'm planning on drawing out some short strips like Azumanga Daioh. Anyway the only problem I'm having with are the characters

My question for you is who would like to be in it at all? and if you are please show me a picture of what you kind of want to look like. I will try my best to work it into my style

http://ike1694.deviantart.com/ Look in here for my style, my ID is the most updated picture I've got so yes I have improved since then. Anyway please help me out guys and girls, I'd much appreciate it if you can.
Just choose people bro or em XD That's what I did awhile back.
I'd be interested to see how you'd depict me. Though you could look in the triad discussion to see what people put for themselves there.
hey pao, I'ma making it. More to art then just lines yeh know, takes thinking for good designs XD