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  1. Abigail KönigAbigail sniffed at this whole introduction thing. She knew what she had to do what she couldn't do, it was the same as every other year, and the next year it would be the same as the previous year. Nothing ever changed in this dreary place. It would always be the same rules. When the headmistress warned about death, she could only scoff. If this woman had the gift to give her death, she would have asked for it decades ago. When it ended, Abigail stood, and went to the middle table, where the K names were. She stood in line, and once she got to the front, she was greeted by a professor who she knew. "Hello Miss König. Here's your sheet, as usual." She nodded to the man, and looked at her list for her number. 12. She huffed a bit, and went on her merry way to her room where her things would be.

    BalukuonahrBalukuonahr sighed softly, not listening at all to the headmistress. It would take much more than a cranky old bat to stop him from having fun on this campus. At the end of it all, he made his way over to get his papers. He didn't have a last name, as was often the way with demons, so he was usually put in the same pile with the last few uncommon letters of the alphabet. He approached, and this turned out to be true once again. There was his name "Balukuonahr Z". Made him sound like an anime super hero. Or perhaps a villain in his case. He chuckled lightly, deciding it would be best to retreat to his room before beginning his final year of terror among the students here. It would be a fun time, and he was very excited for his plans of the last few days of the year.

    Guinevere CraneGwen was oh so excited to be back again for the school year. She loved it at Kaisei, it was just so much fun. She listened intently to the headmistress, and jumped up, her wings flicking in excitement to be around her home away from home once again. She hurried to the table, ready to receive her room assignment. "Hello professor!" She greeted cheerily. "Oh, Gwen, hello." He said in response. "Your folder. Have a good year." She grabbed it excitedly, flipping through it and finding her room. It was going to be so much fun this year! She hurried off to get to her room for the year, and decided to meet people once she was done unpacking.

    Alistair LeightonPerhaps it was the lack of undead, or perhaps it was the lack of people ready to die soon, but Alistair was not very comfortable. This was his first year at this academy, and it was unfortunate how it was also going to be his last. He was allowed for only a year to learn more about humans and their lives and customs. However, he was an intelligent individual, he was not concerned about being able to pick up information on human culture. When this leader stepped down, he followed the mass of students to find his assignments for the year. He was to keep a very close eye on the academy and those inside of it. He was to be personally responsible for all souls who died in the school, according to his higher up reapers. When Alistair approached the table, he took the pile of papers without a word, and began looking through it, finding a room number. He likely would be staying in his room much, and didn't feel the need to go there now, so he just wandered away from the table, ready to learn.

    Gabriel GreavesGabriel twitched, glancing to and fro at everyone. A wave of paranoia washed over him, as he felt people's stares like daggers. When the headmistress dismissed the group, he gladly left the room. He had been sitting in the back anyway, covered head to toe in clothes. His feet were exposed, as he wasn't able to wear shoes anymore. It was easy to see the scales on his body, and his attempts to hide were mostly futile. He approached the table to get his folder. "Name?" "O-oh, uh- Gabriel, sir." The professor stared at him. "Last name, Gabriel." He told him. "Oh. Um, It's, uh... Greaves, sir. Gabriel Greaves." The man flipped through the stack, and finally handed him a folder. "Have a good year kid." Gabriel clutched the folder in his clawed hands, and went to a place where he could sit down and try to actually turn the pages. As he fumbled the folder, his pointed claws kept piercing the thin paper, and he ended up just skewering the whole sheet, and reading it like a kebab.
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  8. Seph paused a moment, then placed a hand on her forehead. A soft green glow emitted, until finally, it faded. Seph had been hanging onto this, just in case. Horrors of war were something that wore on him worse some days than others. It seemed to him though, that not only was this his chance for the future he'd always wanted, but hers to heal. To move past something that hadn't really been what she'd wanted in the first place, if he knew either of his friends how he thought he did. As the glow faded, Lu would find that her mental scars, both around Gen, and around Chaos were fading. Her pain would dull and die. The memories remained, but they were as though she had mourned and moved on already.

    Once this was done, green eyes fixed hers again, hips twitching against her. Grabbed the wine bottle that he'd managed to bring with them, and took another gulp, letting the fire revitalize him. Then, slowly, deliberately, he kissed her again, letting sweet, fiery wine flow over his tongue and hers, before offering her the bottle. Edged his hips closer toward hers. "You sure, darlin'?" He asked, eyes heavy lidded with want, but tinged with concern.

    In the silence that followed, she could feel his tip twitch against her entrance with every pulse of his racing heart, edging just a little bit more without even realizing it, the tip parted the entrance to her, and stopped just past the ridge of the head. His breath was ragged with the level of control it took not to dive into her, his muscles tense.
  9. "It's what I have to put up with. People will always want something from me." Anya shrug lightly as she took another bite of her food, "The only person I trust who wants nothing from me is Lucius. He'd do everything for me and he never wants anything." Anya smile fondly as she thought of him.
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