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    Pirogeth: You join us at 'The King Gabriel Cemetary For Things and Individuals People Aren't Going to Shut Up About for the Next Five Years', where the funeral for the recently completed 'Legacy RP' is underway.

    *The camera shows Pirogeth standing in front of the ongoing funeral; a coffin is laid out and open, with a large gathering of people sitting in front of it. Palonis stands on a pedestal behind the coffin, adressing the crowd as Pirogeth moves to the side.*

    Palonis: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of The Legacy RP, whose story came to a climatic, dramatic and slightly egotistical conclusion two weeks ago. Before we properly begin the committing of the RP to the vault, we shall first bury the many characters, players and noobs who died during the progress of the RP.

    *With the repetitive peeping noise announcing it's presence, a truck backs into the cemetery, stopping in front of a huge mass grave. The container is raised, and a huge load of bodies slide out of the truck and into the grave. As the truck drives out of the cemetery, a hand rises from the grave, and Wolfie climbs out part-way.*


    *ISAF Security forces rush forwards and kick Wolfie back into the grave, surround it, and unload two full clips into the pit before returning to their positions.*

    Palonis: And now, we shall commit the Legacy RP to the Vault. Would anyone care to put forward any last words--

    *Asmodeus, sitting at the front of the crowd and clutching a tissue to his eye, suddenly launches himself forwards, sobbing and clinging to the casket.*


    Kitti: Someone get that pansy FUCK off the FUCKING cofffin!!

    *Asmodeus collapses into fits of tears and is dragged back to his seat by Vay and Megane, who sit back down next to each other*

    Vay: Dude, why the hell are we even here? We didn't even know this RP!

    *Megane stares at the coffin apathetically*

    Megane: Why do we even do anything, really?

    Vay:...I really want to hit you, right now.

    Palonis: The ISAF will now fire an honourary volley, in memory of the Legacy RP, as the coffin is lowered into the Vault.

    *Carl McCarthy stands, holding what looks like a detonator*

    Carl: Actually, we had a change of plans.

    *Carl presses the button, and half the city behind the cemetary is vapourised in a mushroom cloud from a nuclear device. The force from the explosion hits the assembled mourners, knocking many of the chairs over. Overhead, Diana, clutching the sides of a chair and grinning madly, whizzes by*

    Diana: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    *Diana collides with a tree and lands on the ground to the right of the mass grave, giggling*


    Pliskin: Sir, we did this just yesterday too, if you remember...


    *Palonis recovers from the shock quickly, and attempts to keep the funeral going*

    Palonis: So...ah...uh, we will now lower the coffin-- Hey! What the hell are you two doing?!

    *Torsty and Darkness, as the rest of the funeral attendants were distracted by the nuke going off, have seized the coffin, and are carrying it away to a Longship sitting on top of a pile of recently cut trees*

    Torsty: Anime-TARDS! This isn't how you do a funeral!

    Darkness: Shit, dude, that weed was fucking crazy... Can you see that cat, over there, dude? It's got fucking weird eyes.....

    *ISAF Security forces chase the pair, as Carl falls to the ground and begins to frantically masturbate in front of the mushroom cloud. Pliskin sighs and looks away. Amongst the funeral attendants, WMD and Grumpy are passing a whisky flask between themselves, and over at the food table, Porg has his head shoved under the tea machine, and is pouring the liquid into his mouth. TK and Psychosis are staring at Carl on the ground, and the pair simultaneously pull out a sketch pad and a notebook respectively. Kitti and Fluffy sit at the front of the chairs, and begin throwing rocks at Palonis*

    Kitti: Can you hurry the FUCK up, you FUCK?!!

    Fluffy: I have FUCKING places to FUCKING be, you FUCK-- Wait.

    *She turns to Kitti*

    Fluffy: Why the hell are we doing the exact same thing? I mean, we're both completely different people, with our own styles, hobbies and writing methods. Why are we doing this?

    *Kitti points towards Asmodeus, who is now rolling around on the grass, still sobbing*

    Fluffy: ...Oh. Yeah, I remember now.

    *JackShade watches Asmodeus as he rolls about on the floor, then begins to copy the movement. He pauses briefly to look up at Rory and Chaos*

    Shadey: ...Am I doing it right?

    *Chaos and Rory give him the thumbs up. Over by the Longboat, Torsty and Darkness are fighting for the coffin, the other end of which is being held by the ISAF Security Forces*

    Torsty: Go fuck yourselves! This is OUR coffin now!!

    *Palonis stares at the chaos around him for a moment, then throws the Bible down and begins to walk out of the Cemetery*

    Palonis: Oh bollocks to this. I should have expected this to happen, by now.

    *The majority of the attendees follow Palonis out of the cemetery. TK and Psychosis are still watching Carl and scribbling away at their pads, Grumpy and WMD are still drinking from the hip flask, and Paorou and Orochi are too angry to have noticed everyone else has left*



    *In the front of the seats, Vay looks around at the chaos, whilst Megane continues to stare glumly at the grave*

    Vay: Seriously, why did we come here?

    Megane: Why do we do anything...?

    *With a growl, Vay grabs a chair and starts beating Megane with it. Over at the food table, two ISAF security members are attempting to drag Porg away from the tea machine, who is clinging to it desperately*


    *Diana suddenly runs past them, holding the coffin and with Torsty, Darkness and the remaining ISAF members in pursuit*

    Diana: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
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    To be a graduate of the Torch, is to do so in the knowledge that in doing so you become another ember. A spark that sets aflame all dark things and brings light where light itself may be weak or nonexistent. Nowhere is that more evident then the battlefield known as the Ashen Front.

    Lately, on the planet of Ash, the Order has descended and turned it into a grueling war of attrition. Facing off against their forces, mercenaries and monsters, lie the Coalition and their allies.

    Commander-in-chief Gaius, stationed in Charon, commands the forces of the Coalition, protecting its native race from the brutality of the Order. As the site of a former Murder Game, the planet has been majority twisted into a ruined and ghastly land by a cursed energy known as malevolence. Upon the front lines, agents are sent in droves to turn back the tide of nightmares. In the chasms of the world, others sends out sorties to discover and map out the semi-collapsed underground, sealing up boltholes and fighting alongside their comrades in skirmishes beneath the surface of the earth.

    Whether you fight alongside your comrades at the front, protect the civilians who flock for protection on the dangerous road or seek answers in the dark, you are needed here desperately.

    Welcome to Outpost 98-A6, AKA "Ragnarok".

    You are one of many embers.

    Time to light the flame.

    • At its earliest days in its human history, Ash was a strange planet that consisted of arid desert continents separated by seas of inhospitable ice. The earliest people of Ash lived in interconnected tunnels underneath these desert continents in fear of the harsh climate above. They were sustained by reserves of water that melted off the ice and seeped into the surrounding earth, allowing plant life to grow underground. However, as time went on, the planet's weather shifted and sandstorms were less numerous upon the surface. The people of Ash explored above ground, and on the biggest continent of the planet, the people established communities on the surface. Trees that grew despite the lack foliage upon the surface, becoming a cornerstone for the earliest settlers in terms of resources, allowing them to construct shelter and form communities.

      Thousands of years later, Ash was a very different place. Minerals underground eventually led the way for a new wave of discovery as society learned to form cities of stone and steel. Two major cities were formed at the opposite ends of the continent, and it was these locations that the people of Ash flocked to. One was a city called Charon, which became considered the continent's (and planet's) capital city. The other major city was Kerberos, and though it was smaller in size, eventually maintained a population of a couple million.

      Though Ash was still a harsh planet, the cities thrived as time went on. By chance, Ash eventually became the site of a Murder Game. These games were created by an Arch Demon who could uniquely spread his influence across dimensions. He had discovered that the strongest source of power was the fear brought on by the pain and anguish of sentient beings, and so sought to create instances where such despair was optimal. The demon gathered beings from across the multiverse and put them on Ash, where his influence was at work to mind control the people of Kerberos to facilitate the game. As the participants were pitted against each other, the eventual result of the game was a simulated explosion that took out the city of Kerberos and killed the millions that lived there. This resulted in a chain reaction that sent the planet into chaos.

      All dimensions have the potential to become corrupted, whether it happens naturally or from outside influence. While certain dimensions have resistance to such corruption, most are susceptible to an energy known as malevolence that is generated by an excess of negative emotions either in a concentrated location or by massive amounts of people. Ash was located in a dimension with low resistance to this despair energy, and so the planet became harshly affected by the Murder Game's explosive results. The explosion itself started a massive climate shift that not only rapidly melted the seas of ice, but evaporated large quantities of it. The seas, as a result, turned into what are known now as dead zones, where no living being dare go. The rest of the planet experienced great change as well. The tunnels under Ash's surface collapsed, cutting off many from the water and farming resources housed below. The area around Kerberos became a nuclear wasteland, while the rest of the continent became sick with malevolence.

      Though Charon and pockets of civilization still sustained life, living became far harsher for all. The beasts of Ash that were once hunted for food mutated into strange creatures, some becoming unfit to eat. The climate once again was harsh, and terrible sandstorms were once again a common problem for those on the surface. The Arch Demon saw Ash as a success story, and as he needed locations to house his creatures, used the planet for that purpose.

      A group that opposed the Arch Demon, the Coalition, became aware of Ash's terrible fate, and so sought to establish outposts on the planet and rout the demon's creatures from the planet. Many skirmishes were fought upon the surface, mostly concentrated in the area around Charon. The Coalition established their outposts and considered their time on Ash a success, but this didn't last for long. Horrible new creatures appeared from the dead zones, laying waste to the Coalition's outposts and forcing them to flee from Ash. The group lost contact with those on the planet, leading them to believe it was completely lost.

      After the Coalition defeated the Arch Demon, they reestablished their connection with Ash and learned that the planet had not been lost. Charon still stood, where one lone Coalition outpost remained. This outpost, Ragnarok, had protected the city.

      Even with the Arch Demon gone, the malevolence and corruption on Ash was still prevalent. With new resources, the Coalition and its allies sought to support Ragnarok and reestablish their presence on the planet. Unfortunately, the planet's status has caught the attention of a cult group that worshiped the fallen Arch Demon known as the Order. As these cultists descend upon Ash, it was inevitable that war would break out between the factions.

    • The Ashen Front consists of five key locations. The first is Charon, the capital city where the bulk of the Coalition's and United Nation's forces are concentrated. Considering the instability, it is a heavy task to keep order. Such tasks around the city include trying to prevent panic, keep the peace, rout outside threats, and root out acts of sabotage. There is a bar within the city that acts as a source of entertainment for soldiers in their downtime. Outside the city, across a battle-scarred plain, lies the front lines, where the agents spend their days before rotating out with squads, the wounded are brought in and treated and the fighting force is sent.

      From there, they head to the battlefield which is essentially a meat grinder against the forces. Defense of the city is high priority, while others seek to uncover ways to turn the fight to Coalition advantage. Which brings us to the Underground. Old subway lines, caverns and the like patrolled, blocked off and explored- As intelligence shows that something underground is being sought by the Order. If so, we have to find it first.

      The final area is the No-Mans-Land. The cursed earth that their fell magics has produced, creating a dark territory that claims more of our scouts the more we send them out. All drones and mechanical devices short out and frankly, we're at a heavy disadvantage within. Only the bravest... Or most stupid dare volunteer to explore, but whatever information is brought back has always proven to be crucial.

      Native nations outside Charon have either become despair-ridden mutants or have resorted to living underground. They possess a strong independence movement brought on by the Coalition bringing them into the fold, thus, into the war. That is not to say all of them would resent outsiders, but a large amount of them would turn into political extremism and devout preservation of their people, culture, and societies.



      The planet of Ash's capital city. Around thirteen million souls live here, with more constantly coming in by any means they can. Here, the city is used as the Command Center for the Coalition forces, as well as once a means of evacuation via portals-- At least, until it was proven the enemy could use them as well. Since then, the Coalition has opted to use more traditional means via shuttles to bring evacuees to a secure space station that circles the planet. Four gates, located on the points of the compass are the only ways known to enter the city besides flight.

      Notable locales are the following within Charon:

    • The Command Center "Ragnarok"
      The nerve center of the stationed forces. Here, the overall strategy to save the world is made and the Commander-in-Chief and his staff are situated.

      The Ragnarok Garrison
      Since Charon has been declared under martial law, the Coalition keeps back a task force within its walls. Their objective is to keep the peace and protect the city, from internal forces, riots and enemy spies that may slip through. Its a full-time and thankless job, but an important one.

      The Supply Drop
      Scattered throughout the city, these are meant to help distribute supplies for the civilians in an orderly fashion. More often than not, its a full time job to prevent riots over canned food. Thankfully, the city hasn't gotten that dire but fear tends to fill the air like a noxious cloud, threatening the spread of malevolence.

      The Cog-and-Sword
      Some citizens have thrown in their full support to the Coalition forces in thanks for Ragnarok's dedication, such as the Cog-and-Sword, a friendly bar run by the sultriest bartender you'd ever meet. Great for downtime-- just don't cause a scene.

      The United Nations Volunteer Hospital
      An entire district of the city dedicated to the wounded and sick civilians, run primarily by the United Nations. Consisting of a mix of the Coalition's Mind agents, local medical infrastructure, and the U.N. people themselves, its primary focus are the civilian population and anyone else who needs them. Led by Dr. Maera.

      The Fight Club
      Located within the Outer City and hidden from public view, the fight club provides catharsis for war-torn soldiers and escapism for the Upper City elite. It acts as an even, if uneasy, meeting ground for both sides of the war.

      The Undercity
      Charon is a hive city, and its roots run deep. Down below, lies an entire city in the dark, run by those who keep the machines working. Its a dark existence, but crucial for all it is. What lies beneath, in that labyrinth of metal and shadow though its anyone's guess.

      The Upper City


      This is where those who bear influence and money in the city reside, along with their offices. The rich lie blissfully ignorant of the masses around them, barely affected by the Coalition and UN's takeover of the city's infrastructure.

      Of note here is the GOC PSYCHE Division Office (a subdivision of the United Nations organization), which holds no official power. The GOC is just here to support Strike Team Phoenix, their Anti-Cult Strike Team. The PSYCHE Division office just has a representative who investigates reports of possible Order activity, and then deploys the Phoenix when necessary.

      Medical Director Doctor Aline Maera's lab is also in this section of town. She and several other UN scientists work there in order to provide enough medicine for those in the Volunteer Hospital. It's designed after the Elysium Corporation from her world.​

      The Outer City


      The crime-filled cesspool of Charon. Anything can be bought here: Supplies stolen right off of a UN resupply? Yup, they're here. Want a potent new drug that will be addicting and run you into debt? Yes, that's here. Need your roommate killed? That's definitely something you can get here. However, these things all come at a significant price.

      A small sect of the Order reside here, meeting in the bar known as Moonlight. However, they currently don't have a way to contact any of the Order forces outside of the city, and with regular patrols into the Outer City increasing, they're losing.

      The Subway
      The mostly-abandoned subway system of Charon. While parts of it are abandoned, other parts are used in a similar manner to London's Tube during the Blitzkrieg as shelters and other resources. The line is used as an underground troop transport to deploy troops and deliver supplies to various places around the city quickly and covertly.
      Sancta Sanctorum

      The GOC's equivalent of a CIA Blacksite. A Sancta Sanctorum consists of guarded weapons caches, supplies, and other resources GOC and UN members require. Frequently, these buildings take up an entire floor of a building, or a townhouse, and consists of an armory, a library of magical tomes, a small command center, and supplies storage.

      There are currently three known Sancta Sanctorum on Ash. One underneath the PSYCHE division office within Charon that is used as a shelter for important personnel and storage of important supplies. One located in the Outer City of Charon which is used to collect soldiers before they move into a battleground. It's also used as a place to hold soldiers and supplies during riots. Athird located in the Old City on the battlefield, which is used as a Forward Operating Base by GOC and UN troops out in the field. It is also used as a temporary shelter and hospital for the wounded who can't return to Charon itself.​
      The Battlefield
      The heart of the Ashen Front. Located miles from Charon and situated roughly center of the main continent is where the bulk of the battles take place. As this was once the site of numerous Coalition outposts, wreckage and discarded equipment litter the battlefield. The the Order enjoy using shadowy means of attack, it is on the battlefield that the Coalition's forces most often meet creatures twisted by malevolence.

      Notable locales are the following on the battlefield:​



      Before one can reach Charon, they must pass through a Coalition checkpoint. Those deemed suspicious or corrupted by malevolence are turned away. In the time since its conception, this checkpoint has turned into a hub of activity, where traders have set up shop to see to the many that pour through this location. Bartering is the primary means of transaction, with many on the lookout for food, water, health, and safety.

      Mercenaries make a name in Outway, tasked with protecting civilians and traders from beasts and people who would wish to hurt them. With the Coalition's attention drawn to other parts of Ash, mercenaries make up the bulk of the protective force around Outway.

      The Old City


      The old city is a former city a few miles outside of Charon. A hot battle zone, the old city is known for having many places where Order members hide out. An expansive storm drain and subway system stretch beneath the city, giving them lots of places to hide. The Order currently has a dig project to break through into Charon from the underground tunnels.

      The Airfield
      The airfield is always loud. Planes come in and out, soldiers loading and unloading from them, and cargo being counted and ready to send to supply drops. The old terminal is used as processing for those coming in and out. This is used as a base by the UN, which brings in relief and aid to those who need it. It's a resupply base for the Coalition and UN troops within the city, as well as providing some necessary aid to the affected citizens.
      No-Man's Land
      Situated mostly around the former site of of Kerberos is a largely barren land known as No-Man's Land. As Coalition forces dread coming out so far from Charon, the Order enjoys the area for its relative peace. Still, the land has traces of nuclear fallout and is known to cultivate horrible mutants.

      Notable locales are the following within No-man's Land:​

      The Cathedral


      Whoever this cathedral originally belonged to is unknown. The once sacred church has been perverted and corrupted by the Order members that reside within. The grand structure now stands crumbling, surrounded by dense fog. No one knows what lies inside of the Cathedral, as no one has gotten close enough to it, but whatever it is spells trouble.

      It's the site of a former Sanctum Sanctorum. However, several crazed former citizens have found it and have sort of fortified it against both other citizens, monsters, and anyone else.

      The Hunting Ground
      Former Charon Upper City elite that have fled the city and established a community on the edges of No-Man's Land have created an area they use for sport. The elite kidnap men and women from Charon and trap them within an enclosed maze. Often, the elite will hunt them down for fun and bet on the victim's odds for survival, but sometimes they will pit multiple victims against each other or let loose creatures to hunt them down instead.
      The Dead Zones
      The seas of Ash that have dried up are considered the Dead Zones. No one truly knows what lies within the Dead Zones, for no living being has traveled into them and lived to tell the tale. All technology strangely stops functioning within the zones, even as far as a few miles above in the air.

    • A list of vehicles employed by Coalition, UN, and local forces:

      Security VTOL


      A small VTOL employed for short distance jumps or for security patrols. Unarmed apart from whatever weapons the crew takes on board, it can carry three people and their equipment plus a pilot. Usually used for police patrols, rescue missions within Charon, and short transports of VIPs between locations.

      UN Vehicles


      The United Nations utilizes many different vehicles in order to get the troops and equipment to those who need it. Planes and shuttles are used to transport items from off-world locations to the airfield, as well as to drop supplies into combat zones on the planet. Tanks and armored vehicles are used in supply convoys to transport that supplies between the airfield and the city itself.

      Patrol Mech


      Operated via a drone, but with the ability to be manned. Mechs are used in heavy-duty patrols of places like the Old City, riot control situations, and environments too hazardous for human space. The mechs have miniguns for large encounters, and a smaller, semi-auto .50 cal rifle for more personal encounters. Contains arms that it can use to remove debris or pick up objects for study.



      The Brotherhood of Steel's main transport. Heavy duty and armed with a minigun, the Vertibirds can withstand nearly anything thrown at it. Used to deliver and/or pick up troops and supplies into combat zones, as well as air support. The Vertibird has proven useful on Ash just like it did back home in Fallout Alpha.

      Power Armor


      The main protection of Brotherhood of Steel agents. Power Armor is solidly built to withstand radiation, falls, and enemy attacks. Power Armor is used in environments where a mech can't be used, but the environment is still too dangerous to a regular soldier.

    • Ash
      Ash was once a major supply planet to the Coalition at its peak, and although it had a largely inhospitable environment, the planet was crucial for natural resources, mostly minerals and lumber. Not only that, but the near-frozen planet served as a morale boast, showing the strength of the Coalition to send their members to such a planet and have them not only survive, but thrive.

      The soldiers there were adjusted to very stylistic warfare. Like the British in Isandlwana, the Coalition's troops were trained in a very regimented type of tactics due to limited supplies and the general strategy employed against the Crossed, which was virtually modern firelines. Then, unfortunately, the dynamic nature of warfare had changed.

      The planet was evacuated of Coalition forces as a result of a major push by the Arch Demon's forces. What survivors remained turned into despair-ridden mutants or fled underground, though Charon was the least impacted in the damages. Native populations outside Charon would be reduced to something akin to Greek city-states, independent fully from the Coalition and often pursuing their own paths, whether that be militaristic, religious, mercantilism, or what have you.

      A group with the power to travel to different parts of the multiverse and who seek to eliminate threats to the multiverse as a whole. Their members enter Murder Games of their own free will in order to sabotage them, while also fighting in areas rife with instability.

      The participants of one of the earliest recorded Murder Games were imbued with an excess of the Arch Demon's demonic energy months over time. This energy, called Despair Energy (or Malevolence), was generated when the excess of negative emotions exhibited by the Murder Game's participants was cultivated by the Arch Demon, fueling his life and powers. Malevolence takes many default forms across the universe, though it is tied mostly to dark and chaotic energies. High concentrations of malevolence are seen as a threat to the multiverse, and thus purging this energy is a goal of groups such as the Coalition.

      Murder Games
      At the height of his power, the Arch Demon scoured the multiverse in search of sustenance to maintain his great power. He eventually discovered that the strongest source of power was the fear brought on by the pain and anguish of sentient beings. Tied to his own universe, the Arch Demon was forced to spread his influence across the multiverse in order to manipulate and control others into orchestrating events that would come to be known as Murder Games.

      The Arch Demon
      Now deceased. Having required drastic measures to prevent himself from being eaten away by his own source of power, the Arch Demon began to scour the multiverse to find suitable sustenance to allow himself to maintain his strength. Discovering the strongest source of power being the fear brought on by the pain and anguish of sentient beings, the Arch Demon began to orchestrate situations in which many strong souls were brought together and forced to participate in events that would soon be dubbed Murder Games.

      The Order
      A doomsday cult operating within certain vile pockets of the multiverse. Through the use of his power and having access to multiple time periods of any given universe, the Arch Demon came as a vision upon high ranking members of The Order in its early days and managed to insert himself as one of the religion's revered beings. The group's insignia, known as the Halo of the Sun, became synonymous for the Arch Demon. Despite his death, The Order still follow his ideals and work to spread an energy known as Malevolence across the multiverse.

      United Nations/United Universes
      A group that protects the Multiverse. The UN is responsible for organizing and monitoring the other groups, delivering aid and resources to areas in need, and supporting organizations that defend the Multiverse. They have worked closely with the Coalition.

      Strike Team Phoenix
      A Global Occult Coalition Anti-Cult Strike Team. They are a subdivision of the United Nations. Phoenix is a remade version of a previous team and is now focused on taking down the Order. Their responsibilities are to monitor the Order and similar organizations and to take them out with extreme prejudice.

      Brotherhood of Steel
      The BoS is a quasi-religious paramilitary organization stemming from the Fallout Alpha world. Despite ideological differences between multiple geographic chapters, the Brotherhood of Steel generally believes in the collection and preservation of technology. They have heavily supported the Coalition in their efforts.

      The Torch
      The Torch, a Coalition based located on the main continent of an obscure world, is the first place new recruits visit in order to get a feel for the organization as well as train and decide which branch of the Coalition they feel most suited to, these including the Sword, the Forge, the Mind, the Cloak, and the Wand. Even non-magical folk for example can join the Wand, acting as either special forces, scouts or research assistants. Its all a matter of organization and, considering the role they find themselves in, it's something they can't afford to ignore.

      Current Commander-in-chief of the Ragnarok forces. Gaius is also a high-ranking member of the United Nation's security division. He was brought on due to his military expertise and as a result of the Coalition giving the United Nations commander privileges of the Ragnarok project.​

    • Hun'Gar


      A race distinguished by a reptilian snake-like appearance, named after an ancient nomadic people and a type of ancient fish. They were born via mutation when certain humans were exposed to malevolence on Ash. They have a human build, but are covered in layers of scales. Their heads most imitate that of a snake's, but they retain the vocal chords necessary for human speech.

      Though many are disgusted upon first witnessing one of the Hun'Gar and first view them as evil entities, those of the Hun'Gar have shown themselves to be a peaceful sort who value diplomatic solutions. Since finding each other and gathering largely into a single tribe, the Hun'Gar have kept good relations with the Coalition, supporting them in their efforts.



      A mysterious race of botanical humanoids who are believed to be native to Ash. They lived above ground in the earliest days of Ash, tending to the meager foliage that would otherwise have died off in Ash's harsh climates. They were believed to sustain a symbiotic relationship with the trees they tended to in some manner, which most reason is linked to an ancient magic. They have plantlike features, such as leaves for hair and bark for flesh. Many find them to be irresistibly beautiful.

      When man first came from the underground, the Fern retreated from them in fear. There was little contact between the Fern and the others. When the foliage and trees the Fern had cultivated began to be used as resources, the Fern developed a deep hatred for those unlike themselves that has sustained until the present time. The Fern keep to themselves, supporting no one, though it is known for beautiful plantlike enchanters to lure humans out alone, only for them to never be seen again...

      Nomad Factions
      A number of those living on Ash live outside the major areas of activity, either preferring a nomadic lifestyle or simply having no choice. Many new kinds of beings came into existence following the rise of chaos on Ash, and so many have gone undocumented or unseen. It's known that the Nomads divide themselves into factions, with some at war with others. The Nomad factions are made up of all kinds of beings, human and alien alike.

    • Ragnarok is meant to be an open-world sandbox roleplay where no specific GM is necessarily required for players to interact within it. Players would be encouraged to play with the setting, creating their own scenarios for other players to have fun with. Of course, GM events and interactions will go on, as well as an intention to change Ragnarok's setting as time goes on.

      An Ever-Changing Universe!

      Ragnarok is a canon part of the Murder Series universe, which means that it's part of an interconnected series of roleplays. The primary entries of the Murder Series are "Murder Games." These roleplays may seem disconnected, but they are part of a larger lore that flow together in what is intended as one long plot line. As a result, as other Murder Series events go on, there will be impacts upon Ragnarok depending on what has gone on in these other events. In this way, Ragnarok will be intended to be a dynamically changing roleplay, impacted by the results of other roleplays within the same canon.

      GMs or players can set up missions, which would basically act as mini scenarios within Ragnarok. Missions like the examples below would likely gather the players and characters involved before the scenario is initiated.

      Example Missions

      Bad Reception
      It's faint, but there. A radio signal calling for help somewhere out in No-Man's Land. A team is being gathered to track its origin. Whether it's actually a group of people who somehow survived, or an Order trap to take out the Coalition's troops is unknown. However, it's important to investigate this signal as it remains as a beacon of hope for No-Man's-Land.

      Moonlit Night
      Several murders have occurred in the Lower City. Not all that uncommon. However, these murders have been more ritualistic. The Halo of the Sun was painted in the victim's blood nearby, and several symbols were carved into the body itself. The murders have grown increasing in frequency, which is getting people worried about an inevitable Order attack from within. The citizens of the Outer City are growing more and more paranoid by the day, and are ready to take matters into their own hands. Evidence points to patrons of a bar named Moonlight. Perhaps that would be the best place to start...

    • Though Ragnarok is part of a crossover fandom universe, original characters can be played. Original characters can either be from a universe of the player's own creation or a native part of Ragnarok's setting, the planet of Ash.




      [Where they live/come from. Not the same as canon, think of it as their home town, country, or planet.]

      Occupation: [What they normally do for a living]

      Faction: [Are they a member of the Coalition? The United Nations? The Order? A Nomad faction? A citizen of Charon? Or an unaffiliated lost soul on the planet of Ash?]

      Character History: [A brief history and how they came to Ash, if from somewhere else]

      Canon: [What they're from (Such as Game of Thrones/Kingdom Hearts/Resident Evil/etc.)

      If the character is an original character, put "Original Character."]

      Other Details: [Optional. Extra stuff or info you may want to add that isn't covered by the application]

    • Players may submit their own races unique to Ash and Ragnarok that can be added as part of the RP's lore. It's suggested that races with special powers be kept to a minimum.

      Name: [Name of the race.]

      Appearance and Characteristics: [What do they look like? What makes them different than humans?]

      Origins: [How did this race come to exist? Are they a mutation of humans by malevolence or are they native to Ash?]

      Strengths: [What are the strengths unique to this race?]

      Weaknesses: [What inherent weaknesses does this race face when living on Ash?]

      Allegiance: [Does this race support the Coalition? Do they support the Order? Do they keep to themselves?]

    • What kind of characters can be played?
      Tons. Ragnarok is intended to be a crossover fandom roleplay, but both fandom and original characters can be played. Fandom characters include any character depicted in a publicly established work, including novels, graphic novels, web comics, web shows, live action television shows, movies, animation, video games, plays, and radio dramas. You may not play real life historical figures, religious figures, or real life people. However, historical figures can be played if a fictional version exists of them.

      In addition to fandom characters, OCs from worlds of your own creation, established fandom worlds, or those native to the planet of Ash can be played. Alternate universe interpretations of fandom characters can also be played. Your only real limit is your imagination!

      It is not recommended one plays characters with the ability to easily destroy nations or planets, or warp reality to a significant degree. While these characters can be played, the player has to give them a reason not to make use of these powers, whether it is through their choice or through their powers being dampened in whatever manner you choose.

      What can I get away with?
      First and foremost, it's important that all players keep in mind some basic limits. All Iwaku rules and guidelines must be adhered to, and as this roleplay is intended to be for all ages, no sexual content that would fly in a Redstar or Bluestar RP is permitted. When in doubt, just fade to black. As well, players should keep in mind some basic roleplaying etiquette, such as no godmodding or metagaming. If you're confused about these terms, do check out this blog post.

      In terms of plot, there's little you can't do. Players are encouraged to drive their own plots, or actively engage with those ongoing. If this requires the creation of some kind of gang or a location on Ash, then players can go ahead and make it so. You may not play another player's character unless given permission to do so, even if the character seems like a minor NPC.

      Is there a preferred writing style or length?
      Players of any writing ability and preferred post length or style are free to post how they like. One or six paragraphs, as long as it's in-character, it's fine. We also have no qualms with players wishing to use pictures or gifs in tandem with their posts, but do please keep image spam to a minimum and try not to use very large pictures. If you do use a picture, please make sure to include text as well, as posts consisting of just a picture/gif, no matter how in-character, will be considered OOC talk or spam.

      Do try your best with spelling and grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be understandable. An on-site guide to grammar you can read through for help can be found here: WORKSHOP - Grammarholics Anonymous - Your Grammar Guide!.

  6. *Laughs franticly*

    I WOULD do that!
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  7. *Road Rage digs Jack out of his hole.*

    First things first, buddy boy...

    *The TC headbutts Jack repeatedly until Jack's forehead collapses. He then tosses him back into the hole and drains the contents of half an oil drum into it.*

    Moriarty, shit burnin' time!

    *Moriarty lights the contents of the hole and starts stirring.*

    This is bullshit...

    Even the Jack smells like shit!
  8. My lines (and Orochi's) were awesome.

    They were short, sweet and completely accurate to the character.

    T_T Grumpy, you are a genius.
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