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  1. Has anyone else on Iwaku ever streamed a game, or considered streaming?

    I have done a few games, which you can see or see the highlights of at my Twitch page. My computer is not all that though, so I can really only stream low-intensity games where OBS doesn't eat that much of my framerate, or the game is turn based and framerate is not that vital.

    I've considered setting up a weekly stream to go for a few hours. Maybe play some Risk of Rain, Hearthstone, Blood Bowl, FTL, maybe Lone Survivor? I think that 8 PM Sundays would probably work well for the near future.

    But again, has anyone at Iwaku ever tried their hand at streaming a game?
  2. I used to stream, ages past. Primarily L4D2. I can recall my first time playing, streaming with a Canadian friend of mine, and the highlight was me frantically screaming "TANKS CAN CLIMB" for about a full minute as said Tankytank attempted to kick my shit in.

    Unfortunately, I lack the hardware and connection to stream anymore. I'd love to get back into it someday soon.
  3. Tonight, Sunday, at 8 PM Central US time I'll be hopping on my Twitch channel to stream a Hearthstone arena run!
  4. Bumping because I feel this should be a bigger thing.
  5. I've never actually streamed myself, but I watch livestreams like nobody's business.
  6. I've streamed once.

  7. Tonight at 8 PM Central US Time I'll be going live on stream to play Microprose's Magic: the Gathering at twitch.tv/spammyv!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.