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  1. [​IMG]

    It has been 18 years since King Gabriel's industrial revolution changed the world.

    We have entered an age of steam-power, magitech and inventions both wondrous and terrifying. The dazzling jewel of the empire, Iwaku City stands at the heart of industry, culture, fashion and exploration.

    These are exciting times to live in.

    But trouble waits around the corner...

    Our story begins a year after the death of King Gabriel. The greedy Emperor Paorou-Sama of the Eastern Empire has been driven back across the ocean, and the rebel Prince Asmodeus has been killed. With peace restored, Prince Rory has abdicated his rightful claim to the throne and passed the crown to Lady Diana of the House of Moonwings.

    A new age has begun. Diana has recruited the best and brightest minds to assist her rule. This League of Extraordinary Moderators are keeping an eye on Iwaku and watching for threats from without and within.

    And meanwhile, somewhere in the heart of Iwaku City, Lady Lycan of the Shifters Foundation has made it known that she is recruiting for a very special expedition...

    <table align=center><tr><td width=220>League</td><td width=340>Shifters</td><td width=190>Underworld</td></tr><tr><td width=218>The Iwakuan Upper Class. Members of the League are aristocrats and entrepreneurs with access to the finest technology. They are often employed by the Queen to come up with inventions or investigate criminal activities. Many have steam-powered servants and airships at their disposal. They live in lavish houses and are accustomed to the noble life.</td><td width=357>The Iwakuan Middle Class. Shifters get their name from their profession: the shifting of goods. They are merchants, pilots and guns for hire. Many come from the Old West and live for adventure. The Shifter Foundation, funded by the generous donations of Lady Lycan, take a particular interest in the collection or rare animals from remote parts of the world. This class does not have the advanced technology of the League, but they are often able to salvage parts and piece together whatever kit they need. The Shifter Creed is adventure, resourcefulness and tidy profit.</td><td width=181>The Iwakuan Lower Class. The Underworld is the name for the seedy backstreets of Iwaku, where disreputable outcasts hide from authority. Many are cursed with afflictions that defy modern science. They have no technology, but make up for this with strange and inhuman abilities.</td></tr><tr><td width=218>Anyone in this faction may have access to advanced weapons, mechanical servants and luxury travel. You must also live the life of a noble person, attending parties, meeting the Queen and entertaining guests. You may not have any magical powers, unless specifically explained by technology. You must be human.</td><td width=357>Anyone in this faction may have access to magic or technology, but neither in advanced form. Your equipment is salvaged or patched together and your magic is very slight. You must be an adventurer or mercenary of some sort, willing to take a leap for the chance of profit. You begin this roleplay as either a part of Lady Lycan's Foundation or as someone curious about it. You must be human.</td><td width=181>Anyone in this faction has only basic/cheap Victorian-era equipment. You are also cursed with a magical affliction. You live a tortured life, like the Ripper, the Wolfman, Jekyll and Hyde, or Dracula. You can be non-human, as long as it is explained as a dark curse or mutation.</td></tr></table>

    There is no character sheet for this roleplay. You play as yourself - i.e. your Iwaku username, or a character from the Iwaku Mythos.

    Simply state your interest here and give me an idea of what your Iwaku Character is like and what faction they are with.

    The genre is Victorian Era Steampunk. It's about feisty adventure, fantabulous inventions and glamorous parties. Please keep this in mind and respect the atmosphere of the story. Any characters that are ridiculously out of place will be snarked to death.

    [This roleplay is co-GMed by Asmodeus, Lycan Queen and Zeon]
  2. ((OOC: *cracks knuckles and attacks the keyboard with vigor))

    Summary: Lady Fiona Lillianna Lycan came from Iwaku's upper class, born into the prestigious Lycan family, and founded the Shifters Foundation. By day, she watches over her foundation, gathering rare magical and technological wonders all about the world. She is engaged to a man her parents choose for her, doing all that is necessary to keep the blood strong. However, the Shifter Queen has her own secret, as she uses her shapeshifting ability to go out into the world with the name "Fluxx", unbeknownst to her parents and most of Iwaku's upper class. There, she has fallen in love with the wanderer Zeon of the Twilight Blade. She keeps up this double identity with meticulous care, and now has been gathering adventurers from all across the land for a very special expedition...

    Lady Lycan (open)

    Fluxx (open)

    Lycan's Shapeshifting: This is done with a special magitech belt that she acquired over her years of leading the Shifting. She hides it underneath her clothes, and it has a few different settings. Mermaid, Centaur, Harpy, and Human. The non-human ones are very painful to shift into, and can only be done once a day for 3 hours. She uses them for mostly recreational purposes on her free time. The human form is her Fluxx disguise, though she can reconfigure the design at any point. This change isn't nearly as painful and can be done once a day for up to 20 hours. After changing once, though, the belt has to recharge, and if she were to attempt using it twice in one day, the results would be fatal.


    This belt is an EXTREMELY rare piece of magitechnology inherited to her from her family. She keeps it a SECRET, hiding it underneath her clothes, and using the various forms only at times she knows she won't be discovered. Unless you are her best best best friend EVER, you do not know this exists or that she has one.

  3. Well, I'm in it. If that were not obvious from the first post mentioning me by name. Zeon appears more or less as he does in my Avatar, though with two arms rather than six (usually) and he is part of the shifters.

    Zeon is the last of the order of the Twilight blade that he is aware of. He carries a gun called Twilight blade that is for lack of a better term, a magic gun, and works for the shifters hoping to find parts of it while on jobs since it's sort of last tech. In addition he has a small amount of power over light and dark magic, and carries six normal guns.

    In addition, Zeon has a sister I will also be playing, though a little less mainly (Unless she bully's her way onto the plot train) known as Zoe Twinscythe, Pirate queen of "The Stories End" many men whisper of the territory that her and her bloodthirsty band of pirates have taken, and how it's not safe for a man on the seas if they don't have tribute for her. She is cursed with the strange appearance of catlike ears and some say a tail to match, as well. She is also known for her raves of how the world they are in is merely a construct of beings from another world, a strange invisible wall separating them from these beings and how she's the only one who can see it. How it's her job to break it. Naturally, she's part of the underworld, but she's also intended to be an NPCish thing, and will stay that way...probably...
  4. What happens when the Queen's left hand woman disappears? What happens when a noblewoman is cursed? Also who did it and why?


  5. I'm in!


    Miss Juliette Trance

    She lives in the basic middle class of shifters, though, being of supposed "Unsound mind" she is usually allowed to walk from her home only if she is chaperoned, It gives her family a fright when she sometimes manages to give her shadow the slip. She's created many machines- most don't work, and some have even posed hazard- such as overheating and causing a fire. Most of these creations have been dismantled and thrown away.

    Trance's Creations:

    The sole reason why she has been fussed about in her family. Juliette is a doll maker- creating every little piece herself, though, its not enough to create these dolls- out of loneliness, she created a way to animate them, she can feed these dolls to a rather bulky machine that sits in her room. Once transferred, the rest of the power in the house may go out as it works, and brings her creations to life in some form or way. Inanimate objects don't cause much of a fuss, but sometimes, bringing the toys to life causes fires. Usually it is locked into its own storage compartment, which her parents hold the key to, not knowing whether to destroy it, or just dismantle it and sell it for parts. The only thing that she has successfully created, she keeps hidden- a small ball of white fluff, without eyes, but having ears and a nose far keener than any creature on the street. It's about half the size of a Pomeranian, and has small, black clawed feet, and it has a small tufted tail. She keeps it hidden in a small roomy pouch that she usually hides in her skirts, under her bed, or will have it sit on her shoulder, perfectly still, so it will blend in with her white hair. The reason she created these machines- especially the last one, was to bring the voices in her head to life- for right now, working on this seems to be relaxing to her, making her more manageable. She lives mostly in her head- too caught up in day dreams and thoughts- and figured that making these things would help her get out of her head, make her dreams a reality. She's not too social- afraid of other people for the most part. She wants to have friends, and also wants to be away from her parents. her single, sole creation might be enough, and she has contemplated whether or not she should just run away- perhaps finding a job creating dolls of the normal variety. She's child-like in nature and searches for a place where it's ok to be herself.
  6. Name and (Self Appointed) Title: Mabushii Kage, The Never There

    Appearance: Face is completely covered by a smooth mask, the left half of which is white, the right half black. The white half has an eye hole, revealing a piercing sapphire blue eye. The black have has half of a sharply angled red, toothless grin painted on, which extend up to about ear-height. He has long, silver hair which he keeps pulled back in a waist-length pony-tail. His clothes are styled similar to his mask (see images below), each half seemingly from a completely different outfit. His pants continue the color theme, and follow the common style of the times, but with the right (black) half being tight in the leg, and the left (white) half being loose. His knee high boots, as to be expected, also follow the contrasting design (see below).

    Mabushii's left arm has been replaced by clockwork, all the way up to the shoulder. The gears and mechanisms are protected by a brass plate armor-style casing. There are three points that need to be wound once a week: The shoulder, the elbow, and the wrist. If they are not wound, the arm will become useless from the unwound joint down. On his right hand, he wears what he calls his "examination glove". This is a black leather glove with long needles at the ends of this four fingers (Think Freddy Krueger, but with long pointy things instead of blades).

    Clothing (open)

    Left Half (the half with the drape)

    Right Half

    Left Boot

    Right Boot
  7. sextan-shepherd-second-life.jpg Xion Caranthacus is the heir to the Caranthacus Corporation, a company famous for its cutting-edge technology and weaponry, and its fortune. He had a lively and memorable childhood where he spent running around the wooded regions of his family's estate, one of the rare ones left after the start of the Industrial Revolution. He was mostly home-schooled, and the hours before bed was spent being regaled by the stories of his caretaker, a former airship captain. Xion heard of epic battles between his caretaker's crew and pirates, love lost, mutinies and many other things that kept his eyes bright with interest. As expected of a consummate gentlemen, Xion's parents made him pick up multiple activities, swordfighting for example, which he participated in with great gusto due to the stories he had heard.However, at the age of fifteen, Xion's father began to show signs of ill health and was soon confined to the bed. Afraid that the throne of the Caranthacus Corporation falling into the hands of an outsider, Xion's caretaker was fired and he was put through an intensive education where the teenager was expected to turn into an adult. He was guided by a few loyal senior executives of the company through his duties and the sudden vanishing of his childhood changed him. Rarely did Xion smile in public anymore - He didn't like any of these aristocratic duties and things to do. The only reason why he did it was to let his father not worry himself too much, and to not let his entire family down. He didn't want to be the one who destroyed Caranthacus Corporation just because he wanted to have fun. tumblr_m10bzvk6ZA1qln9w5o1_500.jpg Xion's sword that he carries around. It is usually ceremonial but the blade is sharp and Xion knows how to use it. il_fullxfull.215254273.jpg A weapon for self-defence. The sword doesn't count. Not when people have guns.

    Attached Files:

  8. Gotcha Tegan -

    Well I was thinking of having her be a Messenger / Mail man of some sorts who's looking into joining Lady Lycan's foundation. Not only is Zen responsible for shipping rare animals, but she is charged with moving large shipments of metal and parts for ship building. Her equipment is very low tech, involving something close to a hang glider, a grappling hook, and boots with retractable metal blades. (The boots are meant to make it easier for her to climb buildings.) She's very interested in the belt that can transform people.

    [​IMG] Her hair isn't in dreadlocks, more long and flowy. Zeneba also has a large brown rucksack that holds her hang glider (It's collapsible) and her grappling hook is on her belt. When it it chilly, she also has a brown trench coat that typically goes under her rucksack.
  9. My Snark Bride pleases me. *drinks from the chalice of tears with Tegan*

    Right, here's me:

    Sebastian Dobson

    Sebastian was raised in an orphanage after his gin-drinking, abusive parents were mauled to death by a strange beast that broke into their home. It was a horrifying childhood ordeal that he's mostly forgotten. Growing up in the orphange, Sebastian developed a knack for map reading and engineering. He was the weird kid who hid his experiments in the basement and occasionally blew up parts of the building. On his 13th birthday the owners of the orphanage told him to go for a walk. They changed the locks while he was gone. Starving and oblivious, the boy wandered the streets and happened to encounter a wealthy couple who were lost. With his autistic photographic memory he directed them back to the main street and they gave him a shiney farthing. He realised he now had a profession.

    Sebastian has heard about the Shifter Foundation and how they build machines from salvaged parts. He wants to show someone his blueprints that he scrawled on the back of a poster.

    Scientist, noble, influential politician and member of the League, Lord Morosus is a part of the Queen's inner circle and the leading architect and advocate of the controversial science of human reanimation. Through cutting-edge methods and the combination of flesh and steam technology Lord Charles (known as 'Charles the Grumpy' by much of the population due to his infamous bad temper) has succeeded in finding a way to reanimate dead flesh, bringing the deceased back to a crude semblance of life.

    A key architect in bringing about Prince Asmodeus' downfall, Lord Charles is a staunch defender of the Empire under Queen Diana's rule and works to maintain the peace and help the land recover from the wards that have beset it these last few years. Thanks to his research his reputation remains a dark one, but he wants what is best for both the Empire and it's people.[/size]

    This is very much a WiP/barebones idea of what I'm thinking Grumpy will be like in this setting. Less necromancer, more Doctor Frankenstein. Anyone who fancies bouncing ideas off me please do give me a shout.
  11. [​IMG]


    A new member of the League, Theodore rose to the upper echelons of society as the sole proprietor and chief engineer of Mayhem Industries, now a leading arms contractor for the military. Mayhem Industries is a vertical conglomerate that handles everything from metal processing and refining to machine assembly. Cutting edge steam machine advances are being made, and Mayhem is on the verge of a breakthrough in mechanical armour, the ultimate knight's steam power assisted battle suit.

    Although young and being not of proper birthright, Theodore makes up for this with bluster and cheerful nature. His enthusiasm often leads to him being cryptic, but many chalk it up to him spending too much time in the chemical laboratories.

    [No relevance to fateguard.]

    [Yes, I have a way to work my Iwaku alias into this.]

  12. Maestro Delphinium

    Threadbare traveling stage magician.

    Her mood is constantly swinging from eccentric to jaded to the point of melancholy. Word is, she used to be able to see things: things in the past, things in the future. Until her act was outed as a sham. Now, Delphi doesn’t see anything unless it’s through the bottom of a bottle. She still runs her show in the lowest of bar rooms, back allies and abandoned theatres. Keeps the company of whores and Nuub gypsies.


    Feline thief and master illusionist.

    Not much is known about her, except she has been a thorn in the side for both the Shifters and the League in the past. She employs a variety of optical illusions and toxins derived from strange tropical plants to carry out her purpose. Her services can even be employed, for the right price...
  13. Duke Armand Desaecula, The Soulless underworld gangboss

    Armands doesn't look like he belongs here. his skin is olive tan, and his mustache and goatee seem something exotic, instead fo commonplace. In truth, his family raised Armand in the noble class. but that was a long time ago. Armand Has since cut ties with his family. They are all dead and gone, and he remains, wandering the underworld of the city...For He is the only one left here, and he LIKES IT that way Damnit!

    Armand is wise beyond his Years, and A capable swordsman, leading him through the industrial revolution is his undying dedication to his people. the cursed. Armand suffers from a bloodthirst that rivals satan himself, and oh, does he FEED this need. his skin is sickly blackened beneath his eyes, a constant look of being bruised is there. His brown eyes are specked with red flecks, his eyes sunken back and his seven foot tall stature makes him one hell fo a scary freak in the backstreets of the city.

    Armand rules the sewers of The revolution, stealing what he can and selling it to the shifters. his empire of rats runs even through the rich parts of town... nothing happens without 'The Duke' knowing it... so they say...
  14. Jack 'The Shade' Morosus


    Adopted son of Lord 'Grumpy' Jack's origin remains shrouded in mystery. The noble was seen with the boy before Lord Asmodeus' downfall and has remained with the noble ever since. Pale and spry, the young heir of the Morosus family has a sharp tongue, a penchant for speaking his mind, and seems intensely knowledgeable on the day to day affairs of the kingdom. However, rumor has it that the boy is afflicted with a degenerative illness that has him looking far less than healthy on some of the days he's appeared. Lord Grumpy sees to his treatment, but a cure has been far from development. Jack spends his time among the upper class, but his manner of speaking and genetics seems to suggest he would be more at home with the lower class.

    Lately it has come to the attention of certain guttersnipes that the dead should be burned around Grumpy's manor house. They do not seem to fear the noble bringing their beloved to life with his machines, but a different sort of terror...one of the dead themselves rising from the graves to procure the living for some unwholesome extremes. Whether this has any connection to the enigmatic young man remains to be seen...although few, if any, have seen him after hours. While he shows a great interest in the machines his adoptive father creates and the further developments of the empire, he shows little to no inventive ability.

    Knowing his strengths do not lie with gadgets, the boy has devoted himself to swordplay, acrobatics, etiquette, current events, and relevant political and economy data...if only to be of use to the man who has shown him such kindness.
  15. We're thinking along similar lines Asmo. I had already brainstormed a bunch of electrical grounding concepts for the steam machines Mayhem produces to negate electrostatic discharges. All to win contracts.

    Of course, the problem with steam technology is that one cannot miniaturize boilers or else all the pressure is lost. I propose that the entire city this RP runs in is furnished with 'steam outlets', sort of like the holes you see in central vacuum systems in houses. They connect to massive boilers that service sections of the city. Most heavy duty technology relies on these steam lines to function.

    The steam suits that Mayhem Industries is developing are run from mobile giant boilers that can be towed into the field with houses. If one is just augmenting normal human abilities the pressures required to move pistons and the like are a fraction of those needed to turn giant industrial machines. The drawback, obviously, is that they are all tethered to the main boiler by steam lines, like umbilical cords.

    Similarly, their main armament is the steam rifle, connected to the boiler or suit by a secondary line, used to propel slugs at high speeds, etc, etc.

    I'm also thinking about Mayhem developing some sort of Analytical machine a la Babbage. It could be a competitor to nascent vacuum tube technology from the electric competitor.

    It seems that your character's professed interest in the technology lies more on the side of Mayhem industries, so I was thinking of ways to consolidate and not crowd the place up with inventors. If you think a joint venture is appealing, let me know. If not, that's fine too.

    I'm trying to think of ways to deliver steam to cars or trolleys via a centralized system, instead of having them run on small boilers. I'm thinking of long pipes that are embedded along the center of the street. A 'feeder' pipe extends from the bottom of the vehicle and plugs into these pipes.

    Caranthicus is trying to get electrical transmission lines through the city, but since they have only developed voltaic pile batteries they are running on DC, which is inferior to the yet-undiscovered AC for reducing transmission losses. Also, giant batteries cannot supply the voltage needed due to material limitations, but if stacked large enough they can provide sizeable current. Problem is transmission losses are related to current, so for the time being they have not had success against the established steam technology.
  16. Harma Clavicus was the son of a merchant, being raised to be a merchant like his father. He took over the family business, Clavicus Shipping Co., when he turned 18. The primary things the company ships were weapons, but now that everything is peaceful, they now ship parts for the primary industrial companies.

    Appearance: Just like the avatar but with this armor: http://www.elfwood.com/art/y/a/yang/armour_23.jpg

    Personality: Probably one of the top most smart-ass people you will ever meet, Harma will always have a comeback for everything. He also has an aura of authority, since he is the owner of a shipping company. You will also not want to cross him when he is having a bad day.

    Weapons: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/3100000/awesome-sword-battleknight-3149678-150-150.jpg
  17. *Decides to claim herself before she gets turned into an NPC*

    Beatriz "Acqua" Donizetti


    Not in those clothes, obviously, not really in tune with the setting.

    Idea: Once in a wealthy family, the death of both of her parents left all of the money and property to her eldest brother and his wife, forcing her to become a waitress at a café. It is known for catering to the tastes of the wealthy. She often serves people of high status, listening in on their chatter about the latest advances in technology and the sciences. The couple owning the café cater at parties, dragging her along to stand around with delicacies piled on plates for the wealthy to pluck. Due to her low wage she lives in a dingy apartment about the size of a room where she used to live before she grew up. When not working the young lady does not take much time to rest, performing with her violin and voice in an effort to perk up her depressing salary, if only minimally. While this situation would cause resentment, Acqua has dealt with the shift by dropping the use of her name Beatriz Donizetti, assuming her current name. With her name change she is trying to start anew. Underlying her actions is a desire to be able to drift around and see the world, which is why the occasional chatter of a certain Lady Lycan's expedition among her work place's customers has her interest piqued.
    tl;dr: waitress at café in Iwaku City that also caters for wealthy people and singer on the street in her free time. Lived the wealthy life until her parents died and the money/property was handed over to her older brother. She has interest in Lady Lycan's expedition, which she's heard a little bit about from the conversations at her work place.

  18. Verily, I must throw myself into this maze of malicious, merciless machinations and men!

    Introducing: THE COMMODORE - Exvind Constantine Delacroix. Current Commodore of Her Majesty's Police Force. His sole duty is to Organize, Optimize, and Operate the Browncoats (le common name for the Force due to, gasp, the trademark long brown coats they wear.) Old family, most certainly in the League, though his position is one more of bureaucracy, paper-pushing and diplomacy than the case-to-case basis that the Head Inspector and other like positions handle.
    A robust chap in his very late thirties. Strong chin, prematurely grey hair (which rather suits him) impressive moustache (handle bar of course). He is a taciturn man, quiet, but generally enthusiastic in his efforts to keep the Queen and Country safe. He wishes for his officers to have the best and latest, which requires quite a bit of appealing to the kings of industry. Even though he largely works from behind desks, or at parties, or reading reports, he works quite rigorously to maintain a good physical condition, enjoying aeronautics and playing the violin in the 'spare time.'
  19. Okay, here we go.

    Camilla del Bosque is a relative newcomer to Iwaku City. Her family's money, resources and charm helped them to quickly establish themselves among the aristocracy, endearing themselves to Lady Diana. Camilla hopes to make her own impression by developing fuel additives and other compounds to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of steam power. With super-heated steam and special sealants, boilers could be smaller, more powerful. Batteries and electricity so far are big, bulky, unreliable and notoriously inefficient. Steam was already proven, and only needed refining. Her family's coal mining and transport business supports her research.

    She has been nicknamed 'Gatita del Bosque' (Kitten of the Forest) by her family, who equate her to the solitary jaguar. She prefers to be left to her work, but like a kitten, sometimes acts surprisingly playful and friendly. When she's in the mood of course. Camilla enjoys the balls and entertaining of her status, but mostly as a quiet observer. A wise gentleman could get her to open up with the right topic, though.

    Naturally left-handed, her governesses and tutors forced her to learn to write with her right hand. Her own stubbornness not to be outdone, however, she can now write simultaneously with both hands. If she really concentrates, she can write in separate languages with each hand.

    She also plays the glass harmonica.
  20. Selene Luminar Pyroleuk is her full name, although she calls herself Selenite, or The Selenite, as sometimes she has the habit of speaking about herself in third person.

    This is her card. Periodically she leaves some of them in places such as antique stores, jewelleries and watchmaker shops, but also in fancy hotels and malls. One never knows where a client may come from...

    Show Spoiler
    The Selenite

    Professional Silversmith

    -Engravings on weapons and jewelry-
    -Hand chased silverware-
    -Antique Restorations-
    -Custom designs-

    ...and more...

    The reverse of the card has her address, which may make most of her fancy clients send someone else on their behalf; she lives in low-class area of the city, although not too far from the merchant's suburb. And she gets a wide variety of them; some, asking for simple jewelry repairs; others, fancy engravings on costly weapons; and others, those who know her, seek her services... as a forger. Or to value stolen goods. And more, as the card says. Selenite can't refuse to put her skills to work if she knows she can do it.
    She's usually seen wearing sturdy industrial shoes, leather trousers, and close-fitting garnments on her upper body... although tattered and worn, since her trade takes its toll on her clothes, even though she wears a brown coat to protect them as she works. She keeps only her long, dull-green overcoat in good conditions, since she needs to have something acceptable for whenever business with the upper class requires her presence. She also may be seen wearing gloves and protection at her wrists, and at least one pair of goggles, as she has many for her work (different magnifying glasses and monocles, clear eye protection, purple for working with fire, etc). Her hair is usually kept like this:
    Show Spoiler


    About her (open)

    She's a young artist; her area of expertise is in metals, be it engraving, hand-chasing, jewelry-making, or almost anything a client may ask in metal. Despite her young age, since she is just about twenty-two years old, she has great talent and an eye keen for detail. Although she keeps a low-profile, and is not extremely social, her skills made her known among watchmakers, jewellers, collectors, weaponsmiths and anyone related to her trade. She also enjoys painting portraits, which she sometimes sells.

    However, she is a bit schizophrenic. Her mood will shift often; she will also sometimes talk to herself out loud, see hallucinations, forget where she is, etc. But, the worst thing is her split personality. She will always have two different opinions about the same thing, no matter what; and is that constant internal fight with herself what makes her sort of unstable. It all depends on which side of her personality is stronger at the moment. The Selenite has a lot of internal dialogue going on. She actually hears the voices in her mind...

    Note...: there is still room for character development here. I just couldn't figure out (even though I wanted) what sort of curse, magical or not, place on her. I'll leave that open depending on how the story progresses. Lycanthropy? Vampirism? Some drug addiction? A disease(besides her mental issues)? Perhaps it's not even necessary, after all.
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