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  1. The IWAKU staff Loves their devoted band of artists, and they want to see as much love and art of themselves as they can get! how do we portray the Iwaku Staff for ourselves?

    This is a Traditional/Digital Exercise in LOGO/AVATAR making.

    (both traditional and Digital Art is accepted in this exercise)
    This is a lesson in exercising judgment skills, logo art, illustration and getting to know others.

    In this Thread we want to see you making Avatars for

    ~ Pick a staff member and create an Avatar you think suits them.

    ~ No need to ask for permission from the Staff to create their Avatars. Staff Members are not obligated to use creations in this thread, However, Staff Members may contact the artist to ask for permission to use their creations as their avies.

    ~ NO members Avatars, ONLY Staff avatars in this thread.

    ~ You can submit as many Avatars as you want.

    ~ Please make sure to TAG the staff member you create the Avatar of in your submission.

    ~ Have Fun 8D
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  2. Just saying. As much as I love Shinerai's rendition of Kilara's Illumarae prince Drejrael Dat booty doe, I would love to see someone do a rendition of my actual namesake:

    Malkuthe Highwind for this. He was one of my first characters and thus very important to me. ;). Just putting that out there. :D.
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Thread Status:
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