Iwaku Spring/Summer Goals!

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Why hello, you wonderful members of Iwaku! :D A few members asked, "Hey Diana! What can I do to make Iwaku a better place?" and "Say, what DO you bully staffies in to doing?" so I thought I would post up our Iwaku Goals so ALL THE MEMBERS could help us fulfill them!

  • 500 Members with a 50% Activity Ratio. We're at 288 members and 128 of them have been active in the past 30 days. That is not bad. I think with some good regular advertising we could easily hit 500 members. Fresh blood will give us more fun people to play with. :D

    If you would like to advertise Iwaku, make sure you follow the rules of the sites you advertise on. We don't want you getting banned. If you'd like a list of great places that are "safe" for posting Roleplay Ads, send me a PM and I'll pass you a bunch of links!

  • 1000 IC posts in EACH roleplay genre forum! Fantasy is SO close! Lets get the others up there too! Lets make an effort to get people posting fast and regularly. We can make an example by doing smaller private roleplays or going on posting sprees when partners are online together. More roleplaying = more fun time for all!

  • 100,000 Posts total on Iwaku! If only Staff Members post 5 topics a week, we'll have 960 new topics in 4 months. And if every staff member REPLIES to these topics and encourages members to respond... That's a lot of posts. Imagine how many MORE posts we would have if all of the members are helping out too! If you need ideas for new topics, I can try neat sites like The Daily Meme that's always posting interesting questions to talk about. Try not to SPAM, cause Spamming is not cool. D:< (you can see our REAL thread stats here!)

These goals are all really easy to accomplish if we all work together as a community. :D By accomplishing this, we'll not only be enjoying the company of each other, but we'll be bringing in new members and new imaginations.

So lets get excited and play for the well being of Iwaku!
Awesomeness. I will gladly help advertise.
Thank you guys! >:D Already seeing a small boosting in posts. I REALLY hope we can keep this momentum going.

Maybe people would like to play my post challenge game with me? XD I like to challenge myself to post a certain amount of times a day. Today was 100 posts. c_______c I dunno if I am going to make it, but it's really fun trying!
I perfer capitalism to socialism... but with goals like this a socialist choice IS a capitalist one!

I think it's possible.
Indeed! We are brothers in arms! Now I shall use these arms to TYPE!
Just made my biggest posting spree in awhile. 27 posts fof the day...yeah that's like an average day for Sakura XD.
I only wish I had the time to make that many posts Diana :P
Man, making 100 posts in a day without spamming is a LOT harder for me to do than I thought it would be! O__O I haven't succeeded yet!

I think for an "average" day 20 is easy peasy. XD

I really appreciate the people that are also posting and replying to these topics we're starting! <3 I LOVE waking up and seeing tons of new posts all over the forum! Makes me feel like we're doing a great job! >:D
We broke 1000 topics yesterday! :D Sweeeeeet!

And we're currently at 27,689 posts!

Fantasy forum is really, really close to breaking 1000 posts in it!

Modern, SciFi and Misc need some serious roleplay love though! D:
EVERYONE!!! GRT YOU ASSES INTO WoD !!! get the misc section rolling!!!!!!
Working on Misc with Elfen Lied! Working on SciFi with Darkstalkers!
Getting WoD: SILENT HILL up and running so we can get some posts into Misc.
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