Iwaku Spooky Movie Night

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  1. Okay, so I had this idea for a night where, after more or less agreeing to a movie we all could withstand, a group of us get together using Skype & other means to watch a horror movie together. Or maybe even have it be a week of horror moves so that the movie selection did not have to get narrowed down to one. Some type of spooky movie anyway. At least during this month while I have the pre-text of this month's theme to get away with this event. Sort of like how Celest does her Kaoroke nights. But this would be without any of us singing. Well, not a requirement for those who are shy about singing. This way those that seek social interaction outside of RPs can hang for at least one night.

    And without potentially horror movie worthy meet-ups in RL!

    We could just sit quietly and jump at scary parts when they happen OR we could even just kind of riff on it off and on. I have no idea where to go beyond that really and was wondering if the members of Iwaku were even interested in such a thing.

    UPDATE #1

    Totally open to movie suggestions. IMDB is not hard for me to navigate.

    Dates and times are not yet set until I get a better idea of who all is interested.

    UPDATE #2

    Please PM me your schedules so I can start working on a date that works for everyone.

    If we end up with multiple movies, there will be different spooky nights with different spooky movies!!!

    UPDATE #3

    This should not have to be said but I will for the sake of being clear:

    I am not limiting the movies to PG13 or derpy movies. Movies that are rated R or even UNRATED for all I know. There is the potential for the movie to be something that will really make you squirm while you watch it. But look at it this way. . . you won't be watching it alone. You are among friends/ fellow Iwakuans. We will probably poke fun at eachother for getting scared or even all get scared together. Or LAUGH OUR ASSES OFF together.

    UPDATE #4

    Movies suggested so far:

    The Evil Dead
    Aerobicide: Killer Workout
    Any of the Hannibal movies
    Dead Alive
    Maximum Overdrive
    The Beast Must Die
    Let the Right One In
    Practical Magic
    The Grudge
    House of the Long Shadows
    Return of the Living Dead


    DO NOT LOOK UP TRAILERS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT FOR THESE MOVIES. . . it'll be more fun if you know nothing going into them. But do not worry I am "screening" these myself to make sure nothing "TOO GRAPHIC" that could "ruin" the night will happen. But I am not going to make these movies toned down to the point no one gets scared.

    UPDATE #5

    Due to the large movie selection I would hate for this to only be limited to one movie. So what I will do instead is have a movie every Friday this month. The time of night AND the movie itself can be adjusted based on who is showing up to tailor to their tastes.

    UPDATE #6

    If you do not suggest anything during the week, then show up the night of and complain about the selection I will not care. If you show up and you do not like the movie either watch it anyway in silence or leave. I will not have one person ruin or even NEARLY ruin a movie for the others just because they are not enjoying it themselves. If you do not have the presence of mind to remove yourself and keep causing problems, from now on I WILL FORCIBLY REMOVE YOU AND YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK.

    Sorry that it has to be this way, but there needs to be a way to deal with problem causers.
  2. This sounds like fun, Riri!
    It'd depend on my schedule and such of course, but I think that this could be interesting.
    Maybe we should decide some movies, too? >:3
  3. ...As much as I hate being scared, I'd be interested in watching.
  4. I'm down with this idea like a like a bag of marshmallows to the fat kid trick-or-treating. (just kidding they get reeces)
  5. I'd maybe be interested, depending on the date.
  6. This is a bad idea for me. I would never let you guys enjoy the movie. I'd just be going, "Ahh! Ori! Theres a...meh! MEH! >__< *Crashing computer sounds and incoherent mic static*


    If it were ANY other movie other than scary! D: But, otherwise, super cool idea, Ori.
  7. Well like I said the theme of this month is just a pretext to try this idea out. If it ends up going pretty decent the genre selection will expand in coming months.
  8. Challenge Accepted.


    ​time and date and my schedule permitting..

    . . . Are you all looking for a movie with jump scares? Atmosphere? Cheese horror? Foreign horror with subtitles? Supernatural horror? Sci-fi horror?
  10. I enjoy my weird, creepy, jump scare, cheesy, makes-you-think horrors.

    I'm pretty open minded.
    Being a film and video person, I appreciate any movie, really. - w-
  11. Im good with any kind of movie, as long as people don't mind my whining and shrieking at the suspenseful-sudden-jump-scares >.>;;
  12. I just realized, this must happen.
  13. Well given the fact 90% of people who said they were interested are not online, I guess this week there will be no movie.

    Maybe next week will have a better turn out.
  14. *flails* I'm usually online, but hiding ;_; But I am here!

    Sad that there's no movie, but next week >:[

    Next week for sure >:[
  15. Well if you're around I can start it.

    It just seemed like no one was around and I was trying to get a feel for who all was around.
  16. If I had cable/satellite I would TOTALLY do this! :( but AL and I are too poor to afford the luxuries of television TT.TT
  17. We were using television? Dear god.
  18. Piro's internet affected our TV?

    *Moon walks away*
  20. On the next movie night, I suggest "SHROOMS". 8D