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  1. This is now a weekly event being hosted via Skype.
    So far we play Cards Against Humanity, but other games are being added to the list to experiment with.
    Which currently includes:
    • Cards Against Humanity
    • Town of Salem
    • Board Game Online
    Current weekly time is on Fridays at 4PM EST to as late as people want to go.

    To join the Skype call group add me and let me know who you are.
    My skype username is: addictx360
    Though my display name is: Gwazi Magnum - 孟敢魏
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  2. Good ol' CaH. I can never find enough people to play it with me online.
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  3. Sadly something came up distracting me while waiting.
    So the room timed out and I need to make a new one.

    But I only got approx 30-40 minutes before I g2g anyways and no one else has shown interest yet.
  4. Never actually played CAH before. It's worth a try, though.
  5. Well there's two of us here now, so we only need one more to get started. :)
  6. Well, hopefully we can make this a sort of pastime if we can drum up enough interest.
  7. And now we're at 4 people. :3

    And we already hit Dalek Porn. XD
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  8. Awww I was working :(
  9. Oh I forgot to brag yesterday. I WON A ROUND :D First time playing too. Yaay. -Does a happy dance-
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  10. It's better to schedule these things in advance if possible. You'll get more interest and participation that way.
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  11. I know.

    But in all honesty I had only done it because it was Table Top Day.
    Something I didn't even know existed until the day of, so when I learned of it I was like "Well shit... I need to do something with people on Iwaku at least".
  12. Let's play Cards Against Humanity now and exclude Gwazi.

  13. Cards Against Humanity and me are like the perfect combination though.

    The game has dark humor and shows no mercy.
    I love dark humor and have no limits with it!

    Our chemistry cannot be questioned.
  14. I'm so mad that I missed this omg
  15. Im open to play this when you guys do it again. Just let me know, Gwazi. Hopefully I'll be online.
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  16. I would love to organize this again xD
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  17. anyone who sees this happening and doesn't immediately alert me by PM, email, skype, teamspeak, or chopper, gets throat-punched >=(
  18. Skype: addictx360

    If I host this game again (which given the positive reaction I probably will) I can shoot you a message on Skype.
  19. Add me to that list. I'm looking forward to seeing this.
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