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    [size=+2]Once upon a better time we understood this world.

    Once upon a better time we remembered our history, our past.

    But no longer.


    Welcome to the shattered World of Iwaku.

    The timeline has fragmented, history has crumbled. The Cycle barely holds itself together, caught in an endless stuttering of chaos and destruction. The very land itself has been broken into fragments of what it once was, floating islands circling above a bottomless abyss. On each of these islands parts of our history are preserved, but they are isolated and alone; until they are reunited we will never be able to recall the ages that have already passed us by.


    We are caricatures of what we once were, actors and posers desperately attempting to re-enact a half-remembered play. Until history is reassembled we will remain in this state, trapped in an endless limbo where we are doomed to make the mistakes of the past again and again.

    So we are trapped in this cycle, blind to the past and denied the future.

    And until the heroes of the past can rise again to forge together again the shattered Iwaku, trapped we shall remain.


    * * *[/size]

    [size=+1]'Iwaku Shattered' is a post-apocalyptic take on the Iwaku World and the Iwaku Mythos. In the aftermath of the Absolute War the realm has been shattered, literally and figuratively, into fragments floating above a vast and terrible abyss. History Isle has been destroyed and without it none can remember what came before this age. The floating islands that Iwaku has been broken into remain locked in a permanent state of war for reasons they can no longer remember, the faltering Cycle refusing to allow the bloodshed to end.

    Players take the role of their Mythos personas, or even take up new characters entirely, who are trapped in this post-apocalyptic Iwaku. The nature of the world means that each of these characters are fundamentally changed in many ways, unable as they are to recall their pasts. Mortal enemies are now allies, lovers despise each other, powers and abilities have changed but remain similar to what they used to be.

    The central plot shall follow the attempts of a group of characters trying to reassemble pieces of history in order to reconstruct History Isle and free Iwaku from the state it finds itself trapped within. Such an endeavour will see them travelling all across the broken realm whilst facing off against a mysterious conspiracy that seeks to keep Iwaku in the turmoil it is in.[/size]

    [size=+2]THE FOUR POWERS[/size]
    The Four Powers of Iwaku SHATTERED (open)

    Anything based on science and realism.​
    Binding is a power-source based on the ancient legends of physics and narrative - two systems which heavily control the story-world that is Iwaku. By "laws of narrative", this means the realistic telling of a story. Binding stops unexplained things and random events from ruining the plot-line, and ensures total realism.

    The weakness of Binding is that you are subject to that same rules of realism and can often fall foul of them.

    Half-remembered tales and stories tell of a legendary Binder known as the Dark Angel, who was able to create an area of effect that removed all unnatural powers from his enemies. He was also unable to be defeated by anyone who had not suffered and earned the right to be a true hero. But in the end it destroyed him, as his own Binding powers eroded the angelic powers that had made him mighty.

    Examples: Any realistic firearm and combat training; Any non-magical biological ability for your race that can be explained by scientific laws; Anything that enforces cause and effect.​

    Anything that can't be explained.​
    If Binding represents the story, then Shattering represents the re-writing of the story. Shattering is where things happen without logic or cause. It is similar to Chaos Theory. The power comes from sheer will and random desire and is believed to be one of the principle causes of Iwaku’s current broken state.

    The weakness of Shattering is similar to Binding, in that you can become the victim of your own powers if you let the chaos get out of hand.

    On dark nights and in hushed voices stories are told of the Crimson King, who stole an entire kingdom and hid it inside his Mirror. There he ruled the land according to his whim, forging and re-forging it as it suited him. Ultimately, however, he discovered that he could no longer leave the Mirror he had stolen the kingdom away to because of the amount of times he had Shattered it.

    Examples: Anything that seems to come out of nowhere, like returning from the dead, summoning bizarre objects, making things happen without reason. Or exploiting narrative rules, such as strolling out of a building because explosions only happen when the hero is running from it.​

    Anything that uses magical power sources.​
    Channelling is more along the lines of traditional magic. It is a power drawn from realms beyond the physical world, including the elemental planes, the realm of the dead, the shadow planes, heaven, hell, past, future, and so forth. A Channeller must tap that power and draw it into his own world before shaping it into something of use.

    The weakness of Channelling is that it requires a link to the other realm. This link can be severed, hijacked or go haywire if your ritual or process is disturbed.

    According to tales the greatest Channeller was the Trickster Prince, who was a master of time-travel, dream-walking and invocation. His greatest feat was tricking a Goddess into coming down from the heavens and using her to help forge a realm of his own.

    Examples: Necromancy, Shadow-manipulation, elemental magic, holy powers, infernal powers, shape-shifting, spontaneous healing.​

    Anything drawn from the soul.​
    If Channelling is the power from beyond, then Centering is the power from WITHIN. It is based upon the soul, the powers that are deep within the essence of who you are. The lesser known of the styles, Centering powers are often channelled through emotions and desires, and can range from empathic healing to hateful telekinesis. They can also manifest in Soul-Blades: weapons that literally embody a user's soul.

    The weakness of Centering is that it comes completely from your own body, so if you are injured or drugged or unconscious, those powers can be interrupted. It is also based upon strong desires, so your emotions must be in tune with what you want.

    A great Center-user from legend was He-Who-Walks-Beyond, who was able to tap a huge range of powers from within his soul, helping him to achieve feats of heroism according to his heart's desire.

    Examples: Second chances, lucky breaks, inhuman endurance, regeneration, great speed, heightened senses, berserk triggers, mind-affect powers.​

    [size=+2]WORLD INFORMATION[/size]
    World Info (open)
    The term 'post-apocalypse' can stir up many images in the mind; a lonely wanderer travelling down an empty, barren road, the remains of ancient cities that have been reduced to rubble, nature beginning to reclaim what civilisation once held.

    The world of 'Iwaku Shattered' incorporates many of these aspects into its setting. Set in the aftermath of the Absolute War, known to most people in the world as “The Shattering”, the realm of Iwaku truly is as broken as the title states, literally and metaphorically. No longer is there a solid land-mass; instead there are fragments of the land-mass that once existed, literal shards of the land of Iwaku, floating above a vast abyss of darkness and destruction, the aftermath of the terrible weapons utilised in the war that came before. These fragments vary in size and scale; some are massive and contain a variety of regions, whilst some are merely chunks of rock floating above the swirling abyss. They move in tiers; the higher the tier the more there is a semblance of some form of civilisation and society; the lower the tier the more barbaric and dangerous it grows.

    At the lowest tier of fragments, closest to the Abyss, the disease of Insanity has truly taken hold. The landscape is twisted and warped, the creatures and mutants that exist in such an environment truly horrifying to behold.

    Movement between these fragments is difficult, but some enterprising individuals are capable of doing so via airships. This has given rise to some fragments becoming ports, settlements where some trade is conducted. Geographical knowledge is a rare thing, and often it is an imprecise art; the fragments move and shift above the abyss (in some cases even crashing into one another and causing even more chaos) making tracking your destination a difficult art, though some do have the ability.

    Life in the world of Iwaku Shattered is harsh, brutal and often short; diseases run rampant across the fragments, killing indiscriminately, food and clean water is always in demand and there are always those willing to take advantage of you for their own personal gain; raiders and bandits are common aspects to the world. People congregate into settlements and tribes as there is safety in numbers, giving rise to xenophobia and fear of outsiders. Most people live out their short, painful lives as ignorant savages, the history of the world they live in lost to them.

    But then history is lost to everyone in this broken realm; History Isle has been desecrated, it's location lost to the mysteries of time. Most cannot recall the past at all, and even the wiser ones can only recall smatterings of our history, passed down in folk stories and songs. As such, those who once were the greatest of enemies can now live alongside each other happily, ignorant of their shared history, and the best of friends and lovers can walk by one another without any recollection of whom the other is. The abilities people once held have in many cases been altered by the Shattering, changed and in some cases corrupted. They remain on a similar theme, but are no longer the same.

    One can find relics of the old world that came before this one if one knows where to look; abandoned settlements, ancient technology, old secrets. All have suffered from the effects of mistreatment and the damages of the war, and often they have been utilised by survivors for various purposes contrary to what they were originally intended for. One thing that is noticeably missing from the world is Iwaku City; one can find remnants of the outskirts on some of the northern fragments, but the city itself has vanished and none can recall where it has gone.

    The war that left Iwaku in this state was devastating and widespread in its effects upon the world, yet even now it technically still rages; the factions who tore the world asunder still fight and make war against one another. Yet the loss of history has affected them as it has affected the rest of the world. They can barely recall what they are fighting over, what grievance they have against the other sides; all they know is that they are mortal enemies locked in a struggle against one another, sucking up more fighters every day, an eternal war brought about by a faltering cycle.

    Organisation and structure are things almost unheard of in this broken region. Whilst some scattered communities with basic infrastructures do exist, they are few and far between; the majority of people in this world live in isolation from their fellow Iwakuans, cut off from the rest of society. A few basic trade routes exist, travelled by enterprising airship captains in search of profit in this apocalyptic land, but again these are rare.

    The further south one travels, the more one risks coming into contact with fragments and people corrupted by the bleed of Insanity. Insanity is one of the most deadly diseases in the world of 'Iwaku Shattered', polluting and shifting the land into twisted horrors and corrupting the minds of those who contract it, turning them into raving lunatics and murderous psychopaths. As such, most try to avoid going south as much as possible, for fear of being exposed to the disease itself or those who are under its influence.

    Such is the world of Iwaku Shattered.

    [size=+2]GROUPS & THREATS[/size]
    Threats (open)
    This section will be updated with a roster of the factions, groups, dangers and antagonists of the world of Iwaku Shattered as the characters come across them. If you have any suggestions or would like to put forward an idea for a kind of threat/antagonist, please feel free to PM me; I love it when players offer input to these sort of games.

    ISAF (open)
    [size=+1]The scariest kind of bandit is the organised bandit. And the sky-pirates known as the ISAF are the most organised of the lot. Flying out from the small fragment known as Scrap-Iron Fortress in vast airships, these privateers and raiders descend upon rural settlements and trade ships, ransacking and looting anything of value. By no means are they brutal thugs, however; these pirates pride themselves upon their efficiency and skill at arms. They are infamous for their involvement in the slave trade, often taking prisoners in their raids and selling them on for profits.[/size]

    The Collectors (open)
    [size=+1]The Collectors are as mysterious as they are terrifying. Wearing gas-masks and wielding whatever weapons they can scavenge, these enigmatic monsters attack settlements that stray too close to the south of the shattered realm of Iwaku, slaughtering and killing without regret or mercy. They are known for the particularly slow, brutal deaths they inflict upon their victims and for the fact that they are relentless in their pursuit of prey. They have earned their name, however, from their other victims, the people they abduct and drag back to their ships for purposes unknown. Few survive Collector attacks, and no-one knows the purpose for which they abduct others, for none of the kidnapped have ever returned.[/size]

    The Farseers/Blues (open)
    [size=+1]Also known as the Blues, the Farseers seek to destroy the past so that a grand and new future can be created. They have no time for old traditions and (in their eyes) outdated views, utilising deadly Old Tech weapons against their opponents. They are led by the Sapphire Princess, a petulant and brattish child-monarch.[/size]

    The Order/Reds (open)
    [size=+1]Also known as the Reds, the Order represents ancient and dark Iwakuan traditions, rejecting the new in favour of the familiar. They are as much a religion as they are a military force, feared for the tales of ritual sacrifice to great and terrible old gods. Their leader is the Laughing Prince, an insane master of Shattering.[/size]

    The VGA/Greens (open)
    [size=+1]Commonly known as the Greens, the VGA is a small revolutionary force fighting a guerrilla war against two larger armies. They are believed to operate out of the vast and dangerous Anirune Swamps, utilising hit and run warfare as well as terrorist attacks on their opponents supply lines and structures. It is believed that their leader is a man known as the Commodore, an expert in revolutionary warfare and powerful Centering user.[/size]

    [size=+2]CHARACTER STUFF[/size]
    Character Sheets (open)
    Based Upon: (If your character is a shifted version of a previous Mythos figure, please state who here [NOTE: This is entirely optional – feel free to create a new character if you wish to])
    Appearance: (Please put images in spoiler tags)

    Normal Equipment: (anything without magical/holy/advanced qualities)
    Special Equipment: (anything that relies on magical/holy/advanced abilites)

    General Abilities: (anything you can do in normal everyday reality, like today)
    Special Abilities: (anything that relies on magic, holy power, advanced technology; please state which of the Four Powers these abilities stem from)


    History: (What you can recall of your life on Iwaku. This will be everything that you recall occuring before the end of the world [Unless your character was born after this].) [/noparse]

    Rules n' Shit (open)
    • Please stick to the rules of Iwaku
    • Please include with each IC post a summary of your character's actions/events that occured etc.
    • Be sure to READ EACH OTHER'S POSTS THOROUGHLY; this prevents confusion and clusterfucks
    • Keep in mind the themes/setting of the game
    • Always remember that this game is about COLLABORATIVE STORYTELLING, not metaphorical dick-waggling contests; it's about working together to tell an awesome story, not to prove that you are the most awesome individual present
    • All bars are banned upon pain of death

    Failure to keep to the rules will result in Grumpy dispatching bear-ninjas to your home. You have been warned.

    [size=+2]PLAYER NOTES[/size]
    A Note to Old Players... (open)
    First up, welcome back and thanks for considering getting involved with this project again. I found myself more than a little burnt out by Shattered when I took a break from it a couple months back, but I’m hoping this time things will come together much more easily.

    If you are interested in re-joining with your previous character that’s fine by me, though you’ll still need to get them accepted (I fucked up more than a little last time in letting some things slide when I shouldn’t have, so I’m aiming not to make the same mistake again). You’re welcome to change things up a bit with your character if you want (just don’t go too nuts; if you’re changing a lot of things just make a new character). What’s transpired and changed will be explained in-game, so hang fast.

    If you’re instead wanting to join with an entirely new character that’s okay as well. Just take a look at the ‘Note To New Players’ for details about that.

    As ever, any questions please ask in the OOC.

    A Note to New Players (open)
    Thanks for taking an interest in Shattered. It’s good to get this game on the go once again.

    If you weren’t involved with the RP in it’s previous incarnation don’t panic; you’re still very welcome to get involved. New characters and returning characters will begin the game in separate locations (more on that later), but they’ll meet up soon enough.

    New characters will begin the game in or arriving at Fragment City, a vast settlement built on the ruins of an ancient pre-war city. The city is divided into two tiers; on the higher tier is the less ruined region, lots of markets, homes and a vague sense of order and civility thanks to policing performed by local guards; the lower tier is essentially a lawless slum, a no-mans-land filled with gangs, thugs violence and desperation.

    As ever, any questions please ask in the OOC.

    [size=+2]PLOT SUMMARY[/size]
    Previously (open)
    A motley group of survivors, wastelanders and wanderers arrive in the isolated settlement of Rift Town, unaware of what is about to transpire.

    Within a few hours of their appearance the town is burning, under attack by the enigmatic and horrifying Collectors. Banding together to survive the onslaught, they follow a woman named Aeolus to the centre of town, where an ancient airship is embedded into the ground. Despite the ship supposedly being impenetrable Aeolus manages to gain entrance, allowing the survivors to escape the Collector attack just before the town is destroyed.

    With the ship running on vapours, the survivors found themselves crash-landing on the edge of a vast desert fragment. The last they can recall is beginning to make repairs before something changed, and they began to drift off into an all-but-endless sleep…

    [size=+2]CAST LIST[/size]
    Cast List (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. [size=+1]
    Name: Aeolus
    Race/Class/Type: Wanderer
    Based Upon: N/A

    Normal Equipment: Handgun, Travelling Clothes, Staff, Lute, Messenger Bag containing supplies
    Special Equipment: None

    General Abilities: Unnatural strength and agility, immunity from disease and illness, skilled lute player
    Special Abilities: Aeolus's body is covered with strange, shifting tattoos that act as maps to locations she seeks and as sources of wisdom when she requires consultation. [SOUL-ARTS]

    • The Mission First – Aeolus is driven to find a way to restore the world of Iwaku to it's former glory to the point that it's essentially an obsession. She's willing to do whatever it takes to complete it... even if that means sacrificing those who also seek to save this world. As such, she comes across as distant and sometimes cold towards her companions. Not because she dislikes them, but because she knows that one day she may well have to betray them all for the greater good.
    • Hunted – There are things after Aeolus for what she knows and her abilities. Dark, dangerous things that will stop at nothing to claim her. As such, she's always on the run from these enemies, always watching over one shoulder for danger.
    Personality: Distant, quick-witted, driven, determined, and borderline obsessive. She has a dry, sharp sense of humour and something of a temper about her at times, speaking with a strange drawling at times that she claims she doesn't know the source of.
    History: Aeolus is fairly quiet on her past. Likely she recalls little of it. She's one of the few people to have travelled across much of Iwaku and knows her way around the world better than some.

    She is also one of the few people in the world who knows of the existence of the ruins of History Isle.

    Through the tattoos on her body, Aeolus hopes to find a way to reach the ruins and discover a way to piece back together the history of Iwaku, freeing the world from the turmoil it is locked within. Unable to complete this goal on her own, she sought companions to assist her in Rift Town as well as a ship to allow them to travel across the world.

    Arriving just before the Collector attack on the settlement, Aeolus banded together with several other survivors to get the ancient ship in the centre of town working in time to escape, her tattoos allowing her to locate the hidden entrance and vaguely understand the controls.[/size]
  4. Name: Chanter
    Race/Class/Type: Necro Girl
    Based Upon: Yes.

    Normal Equipment: A faded jacket with a high collar.
    Special Equipment: Nothing at present.

    General Abilities: Chanter has a catlike quickness and reflexes, as well as immunity to all the various and sundry maladies of Iwaku.
    Special Abilities: As she understands it, Chanter can manipulate the bones of her own body, reshaping and growing them as she pleases. Some of her favorite tricks, for example, include growing bestial claws and snakelike fangs. This is all part and parcel of her Centering mastery, and she doesn't quite realize the full extent of her abilities yet.
    More (open)
    She also can't be permanently killed; her body resurrects itself, although she loses some or all of her memories in the process.


    Frailty - Chanter's constitution isn't the greatest. Despite her resistance to disease and ability to mend her own bones, she is physically frail and can be taken out of commission with minimal beat-down or through overexertion.

    Street Mindset - Much like an animal raised on the streets, Chanter has certain habits and instincts that interfere with her ability to respond properly to a situation. Food comes first and is worth fighting over. Others are not to be trusted implicitly. Things that are hers are hers and touching them is a challenge. Sudden movements or aggression may trigger a defensive reaction via threatening display.

    Calcium Deficiency - Too much bone-shaping on Chanter's part can deplete her body's store of calcium. When she reaches this point, she'll need time to replenish it.

    Personality: Somewhat feral, Chanter is a tomboyish stray who scrapes by on instinct and calculation. Underneath her facade of savvy and grit lies a soul troubled by scrambled memories and a deep sense of something lost, something which she is driven to hunt to the ends of the earth for.
    History (open)
    Her story is a long and interesting tale, one that gets a little complicated and tricky. She came to Iwaku from another realm, but not as Chanter. She was... practically something else entirely. The being she was then was struck down, shattered along with Iwaku, her own weapon turned against her.

    But not wholly gone. Something remained, something with all of her power and none of her memories. Something that became a terrible threat. Something that was sealed away, for a very long time, until it found a way out and was born anew, biding its time inside of its new body. It found opportunities, and it struck when the time was right... only to be defeated once and for all, leaving behind the body and the bit of itself that recalled her former true nature.

    And then, she too met fate. But not all was lost, for her body revived itself from death, with memories yet more muddled. All she found herself with was a need to find a missing piece of her mind's jigsaw puzzle, and a single word- No, not a word. A name, or what was left of one, a sorry splinter of a former life.

  5. Name: Raziel
    Race/Class/Type: Human
    Based Upon: N/A

    picture (open)

    Normal Equipment: Simple coat the doubles as light armor. Sword. Revolver.
    Special Equipment: None

    General Abilities: Tougher and faster than the average man, immune to many of the plagues that seem to drift over the ruins of civilization.
    Special Abilities:

    Shattered Space (Soul Arts):

    Minor Use: The burden of an incomplete soul is a heavy one to bare and Raziel is only able to do so because he knows no other way. But he can force that feeling on another. Only those of superhuman will can shake off the effects of such hollowness and incompleteness.

    Major Use: The unnatural incompleteness seeps into reality itself for an uncontrollable and random effect that seeps over a wide area. The effect and size of the area varies. A secondary effect of the aura is any sentient creature within it is assaulted with the same effects as the minor use.

    Weaknesses: Mild addiction to painkillers. He must take them once a week or he begins shaking and is tormented by ghost pains and hallucinations leading up to abject paranoia.


    Detached and reluctant to let anyone into his trust though one thing is immediately apparent, he searching for something, something he'd put his life on the line to find. Deep down he knows theres very little chance shes alive. He keeps his face uncovered so theres a chance she'd recognize him if by chance they met spurred on by the knowledge that if he closes his eyes and thinks back, he can't remember her face.

    History: The simple fact of the matter is as sad as it is definitive in his quest. Raziel never had a sister. But she is not entirely the product of an overactive imagination. Raziel's soul is a mere piece of a complete entity shattered long ago. His mind in its confusion rationalized the ache and need to find the rest of himself, a female entity cut from the same block as himself as a lost twin and his life in the wasted from the moment he came into existence has been to find this other half of himself. He has no memory of the world ever being any different than it is now beyond waking up in a wasteland without knowing how he had gotten there or how the world had come to be this way.

    Part of the reason for his addiction is the shadows of memories the plague him from before the shattering. Indistinct and difficult to place hes never entirely sure if they’re products of his imagination or even his, the rare cases when he catches a glimpse of himself in these dreams and visions it’s not his face looking back, but once they pass he can’t remember that face at all. Painkillers help suppress these, and let him function normally so long as he can keep that part of his brain numb.
  6. Name: Myron Dyne
    Race/Class/Type: Dream-Kin
    Based Upon: Myrnodyn
    His human form is roughly one meter and eighty centimeters tall. His most notable features are the long (often unkempt) blond hair covering his shoulders and back and (equally unkempt) beard. He is slightly overweight but has well developed arms. He is usually lightly sun-burnt on top of his tan, from spending many days in the field.

    His puppy form is an odd bipedal cross between a Jack Russel and a Labrador, holding a length somewhere between them. His short fur is spotted, but not piebald, the colors being brown on white. His ears are floppy and give him a goofy look when he's trying to be serious. Other features of note are the thumbs on his front paws and the lack of a tail.

    Normal Equipment: -A backpack full of excavation tools and one or two minor historical objects.
    -a machete for practical use and self defense.
    Special Equipment: An antiquated Transformation gun, modified and repaired over and over again.
    A pair of glasses made of a special material that clings to his nose so it doesn't fall off.

    General Abilities: Research, especially into historic sites and objects. General survival skills and trap disarmament. He can engineer or reverse engineer complex machinery provided he has the tools or the time, he specializes in old technology. He's also a fairly decent combatant.
    Special Abilities: -Limited Shape-shifting: Myron can turn from a talking puppy with opposable thumbs into a long haired overweight man. That's it. (Centering.)
    -Sharpened Senses: His canine hearing and sense of smell are a lot more acute then regular people. (Binding)
    -Regeneration: His dreamkin heritage, though he remembers little of it, allows him to recover more quickly from wounds. Mortal wounds will kill him, he doesn't have any innate damage resistance, but anything less than that will usually heal in under a day. (Centering)
    -Blink: This little puppy can teleport short distances by stepping into the dreamrealm and out again at a different point. Myron vaguely remembers being able to teleport larger distances, and taking people along, but the dreamrealm seems to reject him now. (Centering)

    Weaknesses: -Oversensitivity to sound or smell.
    -Prone to bouts of melancholy or despair.
    -Obsessed with the past

    Personality: Passionate, Obsessed. Full of energy in most cases though the occasional bout of melancholy or despair might set in at the worst possible moment. Myron is especially obsessed with finding out about Iwaku's past and what if anything, went wrong.
    History: (What you can recall of your life on Iwaku. This will be everything that occurred after the end of the world [Unless your character was born after this].)

    I'll do the History at a later time, since it obviously ties in with any skill changes I might have to do. Is this good enough, Grumps?
  7. Name: Captain Feyard Migelam
    Race/Class/Type: Sky Pirate
    Based Upon: N/A

    Normal Equipment: Single cutlass, numerous throwing daggers, a pistol, a hidden pouch where he keeps all his smaller stolen items, coat and hat, flippant clothing underneath, eye-patch, flask for booze, and some jewelry if he can ever keep up with it
    Special Equipment: None really.

    General Abilities: He seems to have a sixth sense for danger along with, a high tolerance for alcohol, a feel for the position of the fragments (navigation), and extremely good aim.
    Special Abilities:
    Iron will - Hes learned to turn his mind inwards to brush off pain and exhaustion for a goodly amount of time, this gives him a surprising amount of endurance for a man who spends most of his time in the captains cabin or a bar. He also has learned to use it to give himself
    Inhumanly fast reflexes and speed, he can even use these skills to hasten his bodies own healing abilities for a short while though it tires him much more quickly and takes a lot out of him.(Cantering)
    Burning eyes - Fey's eyes... or eye in most cases, glows with an inhuman light projecting emotion into any who are foolish enough to look him in the eyes. Fear, comfort, anger, he can instill them in others with a glance, though people with strong wills can shrug off his compulsion, and even at its most powerful he can only sway a persons emotions, not control them or any other decision(Cantering)

    Weaknesses: Acquisitiveness- Fey has an annoying habit of grabbing any little bauble that catches his attention, even if its on another mans finger, or tied to his belt. At times it is so bad that he cant bring himself to leave a piece of treasure behind without a fight.
    Conscience- While some may not consider this a weakness, it is in the pirate profession. Fey generally will not allow unnecessary killing, and refuses to condone slavery in any form.
    Contacts- There are many people in practically every real city or town throughout the fragments that know the name of Captain Fey, at times it may well get you hunted like a dog, though he does have his friends, they are few and far between.
    Patch- Fey wears an eye-patch to give his enemies a fair chance in a fight, his reflexes and sixth sense making him hard enough to hit, he figures a blind eye may make things more fun.

    Personality: Fey is a product of his times, though his demeanor may be slightly cheery and suave, it merely hides the instinct of a born survivalist, he NEEDs to succeed, to get what he wants, what he needs, no mater what may get in his way and hell use every bit of his considerable arsenal of violence to get it. When angered the man goes into a cold rage, violence burning under the surface, only exploding when he is sure he has some sort of advantage.

    Capt. Fey's history is an open book, free to all those who wish to hear it. Born in Scrap Iron Fortress, the son of a slave turned whore, and the captain of a small airship, he has nothing to hide. He will tell you happily of his days scrambling for food, stealing, killing, before his father finally decided the boy was ready to jump on a ship and fly with him. His smile will grow broad as he regales you with tales of his youth, his first time on an airship the wind through his hair, the first beating he received for failing to tie a spar correctly, his first kill, everything right up until he, at long last, kills his father and takes said ship.

    By that time the mans smile will have turned vicious, feral and wild, like a panther swatting and playing with its prey. Hell tell you of the ships hes taken, the towns hes burned, the mutinies hes crushed. But then hell stop smiling as he recounts the last days of his captaincy. Drunk and stupid he was, leaving his ship for the night he partied in the lower city, trusting his men to hold the ship without him. And he was right, his men held it... held it tight, the lot ran off leaving him, hungover and cursing, at the port. The lot of them tired at his insistence on wasteful killing, and the loss of profit from his refusal to deal in slavery.

    The captains eyes will glow with menace as he lists the names of those that left him, abandoned him, and taken his ship. His voice will drip with venom as he ticks off their ranks. And youll see in every fiber of his being, something dangerous, a snake ready to strike.... But then his smile will return, his earlier menace dropped like a shroud from his face, so quickly that you wonder if it was ever even there or just a trick of your imagination.
  8. Ooh, I also kind of wanted to add a warped version of Natalie into the mix, though she was already pretty jacked up to begin with. I also thought of an alternate Acqua since my shattered character is based off of Acqua Dalca's history and getting split into different people when travelling to Iwaku. Well, here's my sign up for my old character. If I decide which one of those two ideas I wanna do I'll add the sign up for that one to this post later.

    Name: Acquariana
    Race/Class/Type: Blessed Human/Wandering Musician
    Based Upon: Acquariana from the Elder Invasion/Acqua Dalca's history (mostly the bit about how Stefani's spell essentially created more than one Acqua and thus split her powers)

    View attachment 7461

    Normal Equipment:
    - A satchel with a couple of bottled flasks to hold water: The satchel itself is used to hold whatever food or special equipment she possesses that she isn’t wearing or carrying

    - A silver necklace with a large, tear-shaped pink sapphire: The gem used to be blue but was altered when the Cycle was tampered with. She does not remember how she obtained it or who it came from but for some reason she holds it very dear to her heart.

    Special Equipment:
    - The gem in her necklace: its role in her powers is currently unknown, but it always becomes the blue hue it once was when she begins to sing

    - Hover shoes: Her shoes possess technology that reduces the amount of gravity in a small field around Acqua so that she can hover a couple feet above the ground, make longer and higher than normal jumps for a human, and be overall more agile.

    -A mic: Not based on electricity, it responds to Acqua’s inner feelings and amplifies them so that her voice during her skills carries twice as far than it normally would. This is essentially what became of her staff that used to allow her to manipulate water as well as amplify her voice.

    General Abilities: Singing, playing instruments, agility due to hover shoes, and can improvise decently in situations.

    Special Abilities:
    Acqua a Cappella: The sapphire on her necklace turns blue as she sings simple, unintelligible notes to invoke an elemental of water to convert the water vapor in the air to liquid water. The more arid the environment, the less water yielded. Those listening will also be gradually and slightly healed of minor injuries. It can be performed twice a day at most.

    Voce del Cuore: Voice of the Heart. This is her principal power. Using her own emotions, she projects them out with her voice, creating a field of her own energy that extends out as far as her voice carries which can either deal damage or heal people. During this her hair becomes blue along with the sapphire on her necklace; furthermore, background music also plays, accompanying her voice. When she is happy, at peace, or determined, her singing will invigorate her allies and heal them to a decent extent (not repairing large bone fractures, but otherwise, most injuries will be mended or healed at least somewhat). When she is in despair, sad, angry, or nervous, her song will attack those who she perceives as enemies, draining them emotionally and physically until she stops. (They cannot die from this, though, they will merely fall unconscious for a brief time if they listen for too long). [Centering]

    Improv-Weapons: Before being transported to Iwaku, one of the things that she was trained to do was make use of various everyday objects as weapons. Because of this she can quickly think of things in her immediate surroundings that she could use as decent weapons in the emergency that she has to fight up close against someone. [Binding]

    Weaknesses: If an enemy or ally cannot hear her singing during Voce del Cuore or Acqua a Cappella, then they will not receive the effects of those two powers. In addition, the further away the listeners are from the sound, the less effect it has on them. If they’re not within 20 meters of her there will be hardly any effect on them at all. Furthermore, as a human without armor she is much frailer than most beings in Iwaku and can’t really take much of a hit. Her ability to improvise and create weapons out of everyday objects has its limitation in that some of them may be more flimsy and/or less effective than actual weapons. Further, she can only improvise with so many things due to her lack of physical strength (for example, she wouldn't be able to pick up a really heavy metal object and use it effectively because it'd weigh too much). Because of her non-fatal offensive capabilities, she is also relatively innocuous for someone with a lot of physical strength.

    Personality: She doesn't trust people easily, and regards most as dangerous. Because of this she is most often on her own, drifting. She has no fear of defending herself and will use whatever means necessary to do so. Despite this lack of fear regarding self-defense, she often only does so when provoked by an actual physical threat of violence, not mere verbal abuse. Even though she tends to drift alone, she has a desire to find a group of people that she can trust. This is because deep down she prefers assisting others and having others assist her to fending for herself all the time. To others she's hard to read because she barely shows emotion with her face. Most of the time, though, she isn't really feeling much of anything, just thinking or day-dreaming to herself. She is generally content, only saddened or angered when something particularly troubling provokes her.

    History: When she came to, she found herself near the edge of one of the many floating islands of Iwaku. She had nothing but a satchel with some clothes, a few flasks, a strange looking mic, and the necklace that was somehow already on her. She didn't know why, but the necklace seemed like something she should hold on to dearly. Little did she know that it used to be the necklace from her mother that she cherished before and during the Elder invasion. Further, it was one of a few necklaces with the same kind of sapphire, parts of her original self separated and contained within them. From the moment she awoke, though, the world was harsh. Traversing the strange island she was trapped on, she soon encountered bandits and enemies that wanted nothing but bad things for her. Barely escaping from these people, she learned to not trust most people in this broken land.

    The reason she managed to escape was simple; she managed to rediscover the powers she did not know she had. She managed to sing them to sleep, often robbing them of their food and making a run for it. She managed to snag her nifty shoes from a more tech-oriented group of thieves. And so she continues to drift on the sandy landscape of her domain, just north of Insanity's grip.


    Name: Natalie Rose (And Blu)
    Race/Class/Type: Maga/Mostly life-based magic
    Based Upon: Natalie Rose from Iwaku World post-Elder Invasion


    One should note that this is what most people would see. Only creatures or other Magi with decent magical capabilities would be able to see through her shape-shifting spell. It is her only spell that remains in effect even during night time. (Refer to weaknesses)

    Actual Appearance:

    Normal Equipment:
    -Clothes packed away in a satchel she carries
    -Three flasks for water or potions she conjures up
    - Black parasol

    Special Equipment:
    -A silver necklace with a pink sapphire gem: It is rumored to have mysterious powers, but Natalie is not sure what they are. The sapphire will sometimes become blue and Natalie will be able to hear a young woman singing. She keeps this hidden at all times for fear of losing it. (Refer to Natalie's history for further information)

    -Pink Spinel Orb: Small enough to be held in her hand, she uses this to channel her magic.

    -Blu: A merlin that follows her. (Refer to Natalie's history for further information.)

    General Abilities: She has a decent amount of stamina that she has built from the constant wandering, so she can walk or run for long periods of time without tiring. She also has a vast knowledge about various plants and flowers, which allows her to safely find food sources in the wilderness as well as identify toxic plants to conjure up poisons.

    Special Abilities:

    Spell: Night's Cape: Her primary shape-shifting spell, she uses it to alter her appearance so that she doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Casting takes several hours, but once cast it lasts for up to a month depending on her avoidance of the sun. During the month before her spell expires, she can switch back to her actual form and then reactivate the spell if she wishes, but when she does so she has to spend at least an hour with her original appearance before reactivation.

    Spell: Rose/Ebony Wings: Simply put, she calls upon fae from a forested world in a different dimension than Iwaku to temporarily grant her wings. The spell takes a couple seconds to cast and the wings last for about two hours before fading away. This spell can only be cast once every 24 hours. While flying, she can travel twice as fast as she could by running, but she will tire quicker, also. Depending on whether she has Night's Cape in effect or not, her wings will be either black or red. The wings resemble a fairy's, and are somewhat translucent. [Channeling]
    Biotic Aura: Emanating from her body is a greenish aura that spreads five meters away from her in all directions. It makes nearby animals and people feel less panicked, allowing her to interact with animals and other creatures that most would consider dangerous. However, this ability only occurs when she's not in her Night's Cape disguise. [Centering]

    Spell: Cloud Break:
    Her healing spell that she can only use when not disguised by Night's Cape, she raises her arm into the air, orb in hand as any clouds over the area part to let light shine down on allies. A healing over time spell, injuries ranging from scratches and bruises to non-fatal wounds are patched up over the course of fifteen minutes, while also minimizing damage received by those healed. She can cast this on up to three targets at a time. While she is casting the spell, she has to remain in place or else she will end up cancelling the spell. The targets also have to remain within her field of vision or else her spell will be canceled, since the magic being channeled is using her eyes to locate the recipients.

    Nature-speak: Her being a life-magic based Maga has given her an ability to communicate with plants and animals. This is what she uses to communicate with Blu. While this by no means guarantees that all animals and plants will love her, she can utilize this skill to command some animals to do her bidding. (The larger the creature, the less likely it will comply.)[Centering]

    Weaknesses: While she does have physical stamina, her spells often require a lot of it, as evidenced by Night's Cape. Also note that she is not agile or strong, and has little to nothing in the way of physical offense. Because animals and plants are not very common in this world and she can only reliably command animals and plants smaller than herself, most attacks executed through them will vary considerably depending on what animals or plants are in the area. Blu, being another person's falcon, still does not feel loyal enough to follow her commands or defend her when she would need him to. One should also note that none of her abilities or spells except for Night's Cape and Biotic Aura can be used at night. On the other hand, Night's Cape wears off with exposure to sunlight, the spell breaking completely after only three hours in the sun. While the spell is unraveling, her hair becomes lighter and longer overtime and her eyes revert to their normal pink just before the spell completely breaks.

    Personality: She throws up walls of all sorts around most people, ranging from silence to making up stories to avoid divulging any information about herself. This stems from her knowledge that if she let her actual personality show, she would have died a long time ago. What she displays in her real self's place is a cold and rational woman, who keeps to herself. Dancing through her thoughts while she maintains this facade are her true thoughts, which range from shimmering hopes to beautiful images of forests and meadows she has never actually seen. This part of her is where her kindness and sense of justice lie, and it takes special circumstances for her to show that side of herself to a person. Once someone proves to her that he or she is loyal, she will not let that person be harmed for as long as she's alive. She still won't talk much, but that's because she values her words. Thus, if she makes a promise, she will do everything in her power to keep it.

    History: Her first memory is that of waking up in the middle of a forest on a small floating island. Upon waking up, she found a parasol next to a satchel with flasks, an orb, and clothes nearby. In the next few weeks, she slowly regained her magical abilities. Living there was relatively tranquil until the island became the site of a particularly bloody battle between the Reds and the Blues, she barely evaded death by casting her flight spell and fleeing north. An unfortunate result of this escape was the loss of the spell scrolls she had not read on that very island.

    No matter where she traveled she almost always encountered violent or malevolent people. They would try to rob her, sometimes even attempt to kill or enslave her, but she would always just fly away to another land to repeat the same process. It was awhile before she finally found someone who was different. She came upon a young man with a falcon named Blu one day after landing on an island that had just been devastated by the Collectors. Most of his body was so wounded that her magic was out of the question; he was going to die no matter what she did. Giving her a necklace of silver with a pink sapphire, he told her about its mysterious properties and how it would turn blue and play a young girl's voice. Incredulous, she watched as the sapphire turned blue before her eyes, a voice ringing out. As she touched the sapphire itself, her disguise shattered, her eyes wide as a vision of the pink-haired singer filled her mind. The gem's magic forced her to sing the man one last lullaby in his dying moments. As he closed his eyes Natalie promised she would find the singer to ask her about the necklace's powers.

    Since then, Blu followed her from the sky, ensuring the safety of his dead master's necklace. Though Natalie asked Blu about the necklace's powers, Blu could not provide more information than what his former master already did. Hoping that the singer could be found in one of the few somewhat civilized areas, she ended up travelling to Fragment City.

  9. Name: Azazel (& Meds)

    Race/Class/Type: Ink Elemental (& kitten)

    Based Upon: The angel Azazel, who served in the Silent Hill (heaven) and was a great friend to Rory and the Goddess Cult. Also the antagonist of the Iwaku: Azazel installment.

    Normal Equipment: A long cloak, flame-retardant and waterproof
    Special Equipment: Meds the kitten - a young and shrewd-thinking cat who loves his master dearly

    General Abilities: Meds is a typical energetic kitten, very vocal and resilient to life in the wasteland.
    Special Abilities: Azazel is made entirely of black ink. He can shift forms, fit through small spaces (without his cloak), form writing and stretch himself to about twenty feet in any direction. These powers are entirely Channelling-based.

    Weaknesses: Azazel is slow. He can be outpaced by someone at a brisk walk. He has no weight or body mass to give him purchase, so strong winds and sealed traps can coerce him. High heat and running water can dissipate him, and it takes great effort to reconstitute. He cannot form sharp edges, blunt weight or constriction with his tendrils, so he fights primarily through drowning or blinding.

    Personality: Meds is friendly, playful and curious. Azazel, meanwhile, acts as a crucible. He tests and judges, uses rhetoric and treatise. He is a philosopher and mentor, seeking to guide others, to expose their true strengths and make them face their own natures.

    History: Azazel hails from the Silent Hill, a name given to the realm of angels in Iwaku. It is located, some say, at the grinding point of the Cycle, where its anomalies rub against the edges of the metaverse. It is a place of screaming angels, trapped souls, and broken landscapes. Not Insanity... no... but a heavenly empire come to ruin. Here the celestials wait and despair, cut off from the Voice of God. It was once a place of high order, where every angel had his choir and his alotted time to sing, and while many still cling, desperately, to the motions of the spheres there are others who follow the ruin, down into the material realm of Iwaku. Rory was one, Orochi another, and Asmodeus, and Kitti and Ozryel. Azazel was the caught one, who lingered between both realms, stretched like a pendulum, swinging between heaven and earth. Some say this was a punishment; others that he chose it.

    But with the Shattering he lost his hold on heaven. He was torn. He fell. And now, in the wasteland, he struggles with the memory of an old task, an old mission that he began with Rory and Ozryel. His only clue was the little cat that came to him across the wasteland, with the words M E D U S A scratched on its collar, which seemed to know him and long for his nuturing.

    Azazel and his kitten have been travelling since... drawn to the movers and shapers of history.
  10. Name: Rul (pronounced any way you want) a.k.a "Hawks"
    Based Upon:

    Appearance (open)

    Normal Equipment: A lighter. A tall, thin metal canteen. The cap has a rusty shiv welded to the inside, and a cloth wrapped handle on the top. The canteen is actually filled with his blood, and the porous, rusted edge has high surface area for the parasites to stick to. One side benefit of carrying the nastiest bug around: everything else pales in comparison. Binoculars.

    Special Equipment:
    "Shadow Raiment", a scarf with various inscriptions across the fabric. Crafted by Rastul before he succumbed to the disease, it acts as a conduit for the realm's paradox.

    General Abilities:
    Knowledge. Having seen most of contemporary history, he is an expert on social dynamics and science.

    Special Abilities:
    "Centering":Incongruence: Rul derives his powers externally, from contrast, contradiction, and paradox in reality. These manifest as typical vampiric strength, regeneration, and control over shadow. The greater the differences in reality there are, the stronger he becomes. Under these conditions, shattered Iwaku would have made him nearly omnipotent.

    ... Or so you thought. Apparently, the warped reality that is shattered Iwaku can give birth to many things. One of them, a particularly nasty blood borne parasite. Symptoms include: mental instability, severe muscle atrophy, and amnesia (plus naseua, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea). The parasite is lethally persistent and quickly metastasizes to the organs where it continuously feeds on the tissue to reproduce. Rul is now in a continuous state of decay. His knowledge is fragmented or completely lost; his powers almost entirely bent inwards to prevent himself from falling apart. In short, he is an average human.

    Drinking untainted blood seems to stay the symptoms. The real option would be to a total transfusion, but where is the equipment to be found .. ?

    "Carrion Beast": Rul's blood is pretty toxic. However, once it leaves the body, Rul no longer replenishes nutrients, and the parasites commit suicide in a frenzy of feeding and reproduction. The dark blood froths, turning various hues before gelling into a black, rubbery solid. The same fate falls upon any body part that is detached from him; he cannot recall any lost constitution but has to make it from scratch, making regeneration very difficult.

    Personality-post-parasite: Rul does not have much time for humour and other trivial pursuits as he fights the inside-out rot. He is darker, more cynical, insidious, serious, and deadpan. It's mostly the stress. To quote, "I'm more maggot than anything else!" Still just as talkative, inquisitive, and nosy, though.

    Prior personality (open)
    Rastul is best described as someone who attempts to parody himself and others, taking things to the point of absurdity. It is fun to speculate almost to non sequitur, it is fun to take an idea and run it into the ground. His favourite people to toy with are those who have strong beliefs. It's fun to show them their ignorance. Why does he do this? He likes to see people in psychological turmoil. Maybe it's because he's a malkavian. Questioning of one's core self is always a good exercise.

    He's not always like this, though. That would be boring, and it's only fun for certain types of people. Usually, he's just laid back and jocular, if not a bit incomprehensible.

    That being said, he's lived for a very long time, and while he likes to stay contextually relevant in whatever time period he inhabits, a vampire is still a vampire is still ostentatious displays of violence. He is prone to bouts of humanity, and throws himself into the endless, ageless cycle of human drama over and over.

    History (open)
    Rastul is a Malkavian vampire who spent most of his time dicking around with bunch of people before the Order of Mayhem collapsed, sending him into his own personal hell, Void, where he was tested to the very fiber by nearly perfect homogeneity. Someone negotiated a contract to allow him to inhabit another plane of existence, while meantime he was able to figure out a few things about transcending being simply an avatar. Unfortunately, his planeswalking adventures spat him out into this place.
  11. Name: Doctor Surgeon. Doctor Surge for short, Doc for shorter, _____ for shortest.
    Race/Class/Type: Anathema
    Based Upon: Not yet Revealed
    Show Spoiler

    Normal Equipment: Scalpel, Needle, Thread, gauze, antibodies, antivenom, antidotes, anti-other stuff, Chicken Noodle Soup, bandages, plaster, poultices, herbs, remedies, bonesaw, and other doctory stuff.

    Two antique revolver firearms- For protection and aggressive treatment strategies.

    Special Equipment:

    Plague Doctor's Uniform: The entire outfit is a self-maintained, semi sentient garment. It responds to the needs of the user and without being forced off by the clasps around the back of the head, it will not remove itself from the host. The outfit provides him with all the medical supplies he needs as he needs them, drawing them from pockets or within the coat. Likewise it serves as functional armor, the lightweight feel of a uniform and all the defensive punch of Kevlar and full plate armor. It is impossible to tell gender or even species wearing the Plague Doctor uniform, but all the vital functions of a body are still available. Food and drink are imbibed through the outfit itself, the nourishment directly reaching the body.

    Magic Strings: His primary method of defense seem to be magically enchanted wires he can call from multiple locations on his body. Capable of supporting impressive weight and able to stand against enchanted blades or other weapons, the strings seem to respond to mental command. Capable of being as soft as yarn (yet unyielding) or sharp as razor wire, it is unknown where Doctor Surgeon received this item, only that the magic suggests it is Pre-Shatter in origin.

    Dimensional Pocket: On his belt, Doctor Surgeon carries a bag that opens into a pocket dimension. This dimension is beyond time and space, and all that enter it face temporal statsis...infinite freezing as they were the moment they entered the bag. Doctor Surgeon is very protective of the bag and any who dare to get near it. He insists that the contents are "Not yet ready" or "Need some work"

    General Abilities: Supernatural speed, dexterity, and flexibility. Doctor Surgeon can move in ways that suggest he may not have bones...or if he does, they may be made of rubber. Able to defend himself quite well hand to hand, he truly excels in his wire fighting, utilizing angles, other objects, his own body, and the wires themselves in effective combative or defensive strategies. Doctor Surgeon, ludicrous as his name sounds, is a master of being both a Doctor and a Surgeon. He can treat almost any species in the Shatter and perhaps has the ability to cure many of the diseases passing island to island. Regrettably, Doctor Surgeon does not work for free and his sometimes ludicrous prices force the availability of such an antibody, rare. Doctor Surgeon is intelligent, perhaps too intelligent to realize that he's rather intelligent. His mind seems focused on some distant goal which he unerringly follows.
    Special Abilities:

    Functional Immortality(A mixture of Centering, Shattering, and Channeling): The Flesh is weak, the blood is weaker....the bones are stronger than both, but also a bit on the flimsy side. Doctor Surgeon is a husk. His body is hollow inside. What does exist within him is detailed lower, but first is the power his body has. One can cut it, dice it, crush it, or pulverize it. But so long as one limb exists, Doctor Surgeon will put himself back together stitch by painful stitch. Doctor Surgeon's body is not made of skin, rather the infinitely tiny wires that are an extension of his magical weapon. In essence, Doctor Surgeon IS essence. His body is animated by the raw magic of Insanity, forcing a peculiar hierarchy on his body that will respond when necessary. This allows Doctor Surgeon to make 'modifications' when necessary...sowing a bear arm where his left arm should be...for instance.

    True Surgery (Shattering): Doctor Surgeon is a fantastic Surgeon, so fantastic, in fact, that his abilities surpass the bounds of the physically possible. Perhaps most terrifying or interesting is his power of surgical removal and addition. There is little that Doctor Surgeon cannot splice to another being safely, even functionally. This power extends to removal as well. Provided the Doctor has time and a victim adequately secured, he can remove their powers, separate them from the body, and even fuse them into another being. This power encroaches on his limitations as a character, almost within the realms of a writer, but to its credit, the process is usually extended and cannot be performed on the fly.

    Soul Imprisoned (Centering): Not necessarily a power, but there is something that grants sentience to Doctor Surgeon. A soul of some Iwaku denizen from before the shattering resides within his chest, a beating heart that keeps him moving. Its identity is suppressed beneath the chaotic energies of Insanity, but every now and then memories bubble to the surface. This ability also makes possession difficult, if not impossible. As a soul animates strings to make Doctor Surgeon, he has no organs or muscles to control at will. Any seeking to possess Doctor Surgeon would need to do so through the Insanity mire of energy tangled in his form, and that is perhaps more dangerous than simply trying to possess him. It was Insanity that gave his body sentience and power, Insanity that binds one or many souls to him, and this power, should it be released from him, may in fact doom Iwaku with the most crippling of the Insanity plagues yet...along with the demise of the good doctor.

    Diagnosis (Channeling): Doctor Surgeon has the supernatural ability to identify which of the primary powers is strongest within an individual, what form these powers take, and likewise to tell if they have a cold, how long, and where in the body the bacteria resides. It helps his medical profession. This sight allows him the superhuman ability of perfect medication, practically supernatural healing, Doctor Surgeon excels at turning even the most mortally wounded individual into a fighting fit participant faster than most healing spells. The vision serves another purpose as well...it identifies (Whether by his own delusion or by truth) the part of each person's body where the Iwaku Hero resides...only one organ or appendage has this power within it, and it glows to him like the embers of a fire. Not everyone has it, only a select few, and Doctor Surgeon takes special interest in these individuals.


    Physically Frail: Doctor Surgeon doesn't have much strength. His abilities lie in his speed and dexterity. Due to the lack of interior organs or bones he's actually MORE fragile than an average human. He weighs very little and can be sent soaring with minimal effort.

    Don't open me up: If his body is punctured, so might the soul animating Doctor Surgeon escape. He can't have that, his work is not finished...so he will stop at nothing to keep his body within good shape if at all possible.

    Logical thinking: Doctor Surgeon's inquisitive and scientific mannerisms can often times ostracize him from others. His lack of understanding of social protocol, tact, or some emotional contexts can make him hard to understand, even cruel seeming. His own logical followthrough is flawed, some side effect of Insanity. It's difficult to get a read on Doctor Surgeon simply because he doesn't seem to think like anyone else. Perhaps this sort of insanity is something that can be cured, but for the moment, Doctor Surgeon operates on a logic only he seems to be able to follow.

    Personality: Jocular, Pleasant, Cold, Logical, Stoic, Inquisitive, Morally challenged

    History: Doctor Surgeon has been wandering Iwaku well after the Shatter. It is unknown if he existed before.

    Show Spoiler
    Doctor Surgeon was not always a Doctor. No...first he was simply_____ Yes, simply ____ and woke within the wastes of Insanity with that name in his memories. As you can well imagine, the language of the underscore name is a difficult one to communicate. It requires the most delicate silence and immobile presentation...as to maximize its full effect. Alas, _____ found that even in simple introduction, he was labeled stupid, perhaps even an idiot, frightening at worst. Regrettable, perhaps, that no one understood the divine nuance of such an omnipresent name, but without connection, he could not progress.

    He found the Plague doctor outfit in the ruins, always ruins. For awhile, ______ assumed humans simply enjoyed building structurally inadequate dwellings, which were then abandoned in reckless festivity. Alarming when he found that was not the case at all, but that some great calamity was visited upon the world. Unfortunate, most unfortunate. Perhaps those who would understand his true name had been those who perished...and so from that day and onward, ____ felt a particular resonance of sorrow when he passed any ruin, assuming here was where the last silent communicator of underscore language had finally breathed their last.

    A man once asked ___ if he was a "Doctor or Surgeon?" and when ____ found he could do both, he chose the names as his own. Doctor Surgeon, Doctor Surge for short, Doc for shorter, and _____ for shortest.

    No one ever understood the last part.

    Doctor Surgeon, by virtue of his unexplained ability to harvest wings from the backs of monsters and fashion them onto his back, was able to travel between the islands easily. He took some enjoyment in bringing a relief of pain to the sick and downtrodden, almost felt better about himself. It was hard, in the beginning. After all, everyone else had an origin story. They were born, named, grew up, did something partially cinematic or thematic and then perished. Alas, he had simply begun in the middle. There was no birth, no naming, nothing vaguely interesting about his journey...it was all a travesty, an irrevocable tragedy. So Doctor Surgeon made up his origin, augments and changes it as time goes on. Why not? No one else seems to have the blessing of amnesia. For all he knows, all he makes up could be exactly what happened and he takes comfort in that.

    To be honest, the idea to build the hero of Iwaku came to him in a dream. A child in some twisted tree, in the company of a half-rat man and some others took the pieces of many people and put them into a design. So many pieces, and yet the end result was a man! The Hero of Iwaku! Perhaps this hero could restore order! Perhaps this hero could save everyone.

    The people may not understand it now, but in the end they will praise the name of Doctor Surgeon. Of course, some must be sacrificed...it is necessary. After all, he can't build the Hero out of clay. Some people, important people, have bits and pieces in them that the hero will need. Doctor Surgeon takes these parts and drops them in his bag of parts, his magical bag. One day he will assemble this hero. Then, and only then, will he have created a present interesting enough to make up for his lack of a past.

    Some people just need to die first.

    But what does it matter? After all, there are soooo many people.

    Who's going to miss one or two dozen?
  12. Name:Zen
    Race/Class/Type:Human, a Warrior Monk to be exact
    Based Upon: Inspiration drawn from some Buddhist ideology
    Appearance: While her head is shaved, Zen's facial features are clearly feminine. High check bones and almond shaped eyes tell of an Eastern ancestry. She is garbed in red and orange monk robes, draped gracefully over one shoulder. Zen does not wear shoes, preferring to travel around bare foot. The only weapon that she has on her is a thin sword, kept sheathed by her hip. She also wears prayer beads around her neck.

    Normal Equipment: Aside from the sword that is on her hips, Zen carries with her a small satchel filled with rice, incense and a small jade statue of an elephant.
    Special Equipment: The prayer beads are blessed by the monks of her monastery aiding Zen in any magical spells or rituals. Zen was also gifted with a male Spotted Owl, given to her by the monks. He is named Tian.

    General Abilities:
    Swordmanship: Zen is one of the few monks that is female and allowed to wield a weapon. She was granted this privilege after saving an elder monk when she was little. Ever since then she began training with a sword.
    Kung Fu: Talented with unarmed combat, Zen hasn't yet mastered all of its secret. This is also due to the fact that the monastery lost a good portion of their knowledge on this art form.
    Chi blocker: Zen will target certain nerves on your body, causing temporary loss of control over limbs. The effect lasts up to at least five minutes. That is, if your body is human or close to it. She is not familiar with any other bodies.
    Special Abilities:
    Serenity: As Zen meditates, a calm aura radiates out from the monk. The calming waves will soothe anyone within feet five of her, allowing them to think clearly and slow their heart rate. (Centering)
    Empathy: Zen is quick to feel and relate to anyone's pain, heart ache or happiness. At times it makes it easy for her to make friends.
    Ritual of the Heavens: An intense healing ritual that will heal any mortal wound. This does NOT mean Zen will be able to regrow lost limbs. She is however able to heal large cuts or slashes, replace lost blood, and repair damaged organs. The process takes several hours as the monk mediates nearby. Zen not only relies on her own soul to go through the process but also relies on the Heavens. If the ritual is broken is becomes harder for Zen to enter this state again. (Centering and Channeling)

    Squishy: Zen only wears cloth, which is not suitable armor. It makes it easy for her to be injured by a sword or any other sharp or blunt object.
    Compassion: Believing that everyone's happiness is interconnected, Zen will hesitate to kill anyone. She would rather give another living being a second chance than be the one that lands the killing blow.
    Naive: Her empathy can also be Zen's downfall, as there are others in this world who would take advantage of her kindness.

    Personality: The monks taught Zen at a young age that her happiness relied on everyone else being happy as well. After seeing the world around her suffer, not just in the monastery, Zen found the strength within her to take up arms and try to find happiness for everyone on Iwaku. Despite feeling the pain of those around her, Zen is not a cynic. She smiles, she laughs, and makes jokes. She believes that it wouldn't do the world any good if she were to curl up into a ball and cry. Her smile is her shield and sword against the world's suffering.
    History: Zen was born shortly after the Shattering of Iwaku and grew up hearing bits and pieces of what Iwaku used to be. She found the monastery when she was little, about five years old, when bandits killed off her family. For the first few years of her life Zen met with opposing emotions from her care takers. While all of the monks sympathized with the child for her loss of family, they could not help but feel that she was a bad omen. It was so bizarre and eerie that a child so little could find the monastery. They acknowledge that the child was very passionate, sometimes easy to anger. They decided to name her Zen, as a constant reminder for the child, now a woman, to watch her anger and become at peace with herself. For years she had done what the monks asked of her and she was happy... At least until her mind learned of the world around her. Lamenting to her elders about her desire to help Iwaku, they relented. They gave her their blessings, some belongings and a sword.
  13. Name: Na'ava Anael
    Race/Class/Type: Cambion
    Based Upon:
    Na'ava (open)


    Normal Equipment: Claw blade gauntlets, a small rucksack with foodstuffs and important trinkets.
    Special Equipment: Sword of Merceris: Demonic blade that singes the flesh of any other that attempts to use it. Lighter than average swords but just as strong with a burning touch, it requires tapping into her energies to use, else it's heavy and rather blunt, essentially useless. To avoid using her energy as much as possible, she's stolen an average human sword of unimpressive construction as well.

    General Abilities: A swordsman with great constitution, Na'ava can take a beating and keep on going. As a half-demon, she is not prone to catching the illnesses of humans.
    Special Abilities:
    Infernal Beast (Dreamweaving): (open)
    By channeling powers from the nether plane, Na'ava gains a hardened shell coating of fiery crust that increases her size to roughly eight feet in height and incorporates her gauntlets as beast's claws. To channel this, she must be wearing her gauntlets and sacrifice her autonomy briefly, since it requires her pairing with another demon from the nether realm. Her mind is halved in this case and she only has enough control to direct the creature and specify one to two people that are not to be harmed. The infernal beast has a mindset akin to a beserker - kill everything in the path.

    Dark Heritage (Dreamweaving): (open)
    As the daughter of a demon prince, Na'ava can call form the nether plane one of the demons of her realm to help her fight. The largest, most powerful demons will not be summoned by her, since she is but a half-demon but the minor demons are thrall to her call. She can only summon one at a time and must have complete concentration to do so, with her hands unbound to invoke her bloodline and an object with which to draw blood.

    Soul of Fire: (open)
    Na'ava can't swim and contact with water lasting more than a couple seconds will leave her with damage, the result being much like a fire and burns to an average human.

    All the time in the world: (open)
    With an immense lifespan comes... zero sense of urgency. She just doesn't get what the big rush is for and being forced to hurry really puts her in a sour mood. She can't concentrate with all the rushing, so if you want her to do something it's best not to push her into making it fast.

    Conservation (open)

    Being only half demon, she does not have nearly as much energy to draw from as any full-demon counterpart. That means that if she uses the sword too much in one day, she cannot use her other talents, and the same with the rest. As such, she is incapable of summoning a demon from the nether plane and using Infernal Beast in the same two day span of one another.

    Personality: Dryly amused with life, Na'ava has a dark sense of humor and she's willing to joke about anything, all the time. She's rarely serious and when forced to tone it down, will still likely offer sarcastic responses and tongue-in-cheek remarks. This often gets her cast in an unfriendly light, since she's never pleasant or sweet about anything. She has some contempt for superfluous gestures and will often joke about humans and their frantic scurrying through life. Shunned from childhood, she enjoys company of certain qualities and is not as much of a loner as she would like others to believe, but has no intention of trying to seem welcoming, feeling that she should not change her overall attitude just to have people with whom she can talk.

    History: (open)

    In the remains of what was Iwaku, the planes became unusually close for a time around the wrecked Insanity Tower. This led to demons proliferating in the area, terrorizing the humans who happened to be near. The conception of Na'ava was a less than romantic one, but her mother became enraptured by the demon sire of the child and followed him around slavishly. This behavior did not cease when the child was born, an infant with glowing eyes and ethereally light, downy hair atop her head.

    The woman who bore the child refused to raise her when she saw the appearance of the baby, disappointed with how pathetically human she looked aside from the unsettling coloration. The demon killed the mother of the child and even took to raising her for a time, curious with the prospect of an heir. This was, however, more difficult than he expected and he instead forced her care onto another human woman, who cared for the little girl as though she were her own mother. When Na'ava was still young, but a proper child, the demon took her away once more to force her to learn skills with fighting since he was opposed to any child with his blood being disgraced in battle.

    A rough affection developed between Na'ava and her father but she retained a love for the woman who raised her, a mere human living in the waste and fearing for her life. When Na'ava returned from her training, her sword and gauntlets gifts from her father, she found that her surrogate mother had been slain by bandits and raiders. Furious, Na'ava's first act was to enrage and slay the group of raiders that had murdered the woman. After that, however, she was lost as to what to do.

    For a time, Na'ava wandered the land with little purpose. With her surrogate mother's memory in her mind, however, she vowed to restore the land to its former glory, which her mother had spoken of as bedtime stories when she was a little girl. She would make the world a more beautiful place in tribute to the woman she had called Mother.
  14. Name: XC
    Race/Class/Type: Human
    Based Upon: N/A
    Normal Equipment: A palm-sized notebook and a pen, pocketwatch, a necklace with a pendant in the shape of an X.
    Special Equipment:

    XC wields Excalibur, a magical blade that draws power from within himself, using his emotion and conviction towards whatever goal to fuel its deadly power. Emotions and such are channeled into its cutting power and radiance, whose blinding effects XC himself is immune to. The radiance can suppress those who are of weak-will, as it makes one feel like prey in the presence of a predator.

    The innate magic of the blade prevents it from ever rusting, tarnishing, becoming blunt or breaking. However, the Shattering has managed to affect even the great power of the sword and caused it to chip around the edges, becoming more jagged. The might of Excalibur also bolsters XC on a spiritual and psychological level, dampening the effects of anything that may affect him in these areas. The blade itself has a spiritual link to XC, and when the blade and owner is separated XC will be drawn towards it like a compass, but he will be unable to pin-point the exact location of the sword.

    Excalibur is also enchanted with his own brand of Shattering; when fighting against incorporeal, non-solid beings like ghosts or demons of smoke, Excalibur can solidify them when XC focuses on them and thus aiding in their vanquishing.

    General Abilities: Proficient in using a blade. Strength and speed of one who engages in regular relevant work-outs and exercises. Able to use sleight of hand. Street fighting.
    Special Abilities: The disease within him destroys any of the plague viruses that are rampant in the broken world when they enter his body. The disease will only allow itself to be the destroyer of XC's body.


    Only Human: Without the blade XC is nothing but a fit young adult.

    Broken: Due to his spiritual link to Excalibur, XC was also affected when the Shattering happened and he is found to be afflicted with an unknown disease that is eating away at his health. Although his youth manages to hold the sickness at bay, they are starting to appear; migraines, nosebleeds, bouts of nausea.

    Personality: Growing up in the broken world has left XC cynical and disillusioned. In order to survive XC is willing to commit whatever atrocity he has to, even if it involves the massacre of innocent, old, young, women. He likes to think that committing good deeds whenever he can makes up for the sins that he has done,
    History: Despite the broken blade, Excalibur's powers remain strong and in Fragment City XC soon found himself in the employment of Isaac Tyrone as an enforcer and quickly rose through his ranks - the single-minded young adult got many things done. Although not as ruthless as the others, he was more prudent and of course, with Excalibur, much more effective.
  15. Hehe c: I reworked the whole character x)

    couldn't choose between two pictures, omgomg x.x finally decided !!
    changed colors a little.

    Name: Lucille
    Race/Class/Type: Magical Girl
    Based Upon: Sakura, sister of Razilin.

    Normal Equipment: A silver dual-strapped belt around her hips. Latched onto the belt is a steel boomerang with spiked edges & batman's insignia on the handle. Clipped to the back of the belt is a medium-sized pouch containing small vials of various chemicals.
    Special Equipment: A silver ring, decorated with small pink flowers and green vines. A tiny engraving on the inside seems to be an ancient language*. She wears the ring on a golden chain in her neck. The ring protects** her from anyone's powers of
    [centering] that depict malicious intent.
    *The inscription in the ring says: 'Forever beloved' and is followed by three names: Razilin, Rory, Asmodeus.
    **The Cycle's promise to Sakura in the Elder Invasion; to actively protect her innocence and keep her pure of heart and mind is manifested into the ring.

    General Abilities: An agile gymnast, adept in quick movement, and a fast runner. Lucie also has a wide knowledge of explosive chemicals. The vials in her pouch contain powders and liquids that can be combined to create explosions.
    Special Abilities:

    Soul-mate's Cry [shattering x centering] - a strong impulse of emotions to save an ally results in the rewriting of the narrative, giving the person of choice a chance to redo the last moment of truth. (For example, if the ally has been stabbed, the power heals the wound to give the ally a second chance at the battle). It is a power that she does not actively control nor understand.

    Fortunate Soul
    [centering] - guided by the determination of the user, the power allows a certain amount of 'luck' in battle. The more people believe in her, the more likely she is to unconsciously use this power.

    Weaknesses: Low physical strength, emotionally fragile, foolish. A poor judge of the extent of her own abilities. Impulsively jumps to conclusions. Weak against

    ***channeling, magic powers which require a link to another realm, often trigger a flood of memory fragments to surge through her mind, leaving her confused and disoriented.

    Personality: A bright-eyed girl whose outward naivety depicts a soft fragility. Lucille is kindhearted and unafraid to speak her mind. With courage and determination, she often chooses to risk her own safety to save someone in danger. Scattered memories and recurrent nightmares have created a withdrawn inner self and a shadow in Lucille's eyes; she is not nearly as cheerful as Sakura was. She worries and she fears. Without an understanding of who she is and where she came from, Lucille sometimes feels that reality is suffocating. She wishes to be free of the shattered memories, but cannot escape their haunting.

    History: The remains of her memories are in fragments. A savior, a mentor, a guide. There are three hallowed figures that she cannot put a name or face to. And yet, in her heart, she knows these three must have been the reasons for her happiness. Although the memories are gone, the feelings remain. Her past existence, and broken memories of the people she knew, linger in her mind. The feelings of love, kindness, and regret, all mixed together, feelings towards people she no longer remembers and places she once may have been seek to drive her insane, but she buries them, along with angst against The Shattering, for destroying so many minds, twisting so many lives, and making her a pawn of her own memories.
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