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    I live my life pretty much in a constant state of DAYDREAMING and pretending Iwaku is like this cool fantasy kingdom is one of my favorites. 8D

    In the fantasy world of IWAKU - who are you and what is your role?

    We already know I am the moonlight owl queen. ^o^ I once ran a great kingdom that I had to destroy by my own hands to cure it's people of a vicious brain disease. O____O Now I sit in my castle tower with all my cats and owls minions and use my badass sparkle powers as a pillar to keep the evil brain weasels from infecting Iwaku!

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  2. That one bastard who appears at every major event with a notepad, skimming down notes for what everyone assumes to be a clandestine operation to prepare for the great migration Mongolian invasion's inevitable conquest of the land.

    In reality, I'm doodling ferrets and occasionally picking up my walking stick to whack a youngin' over the noggin' when they start spouting some terribly over-dramatic shit. All the while, the great migration behind me is more like a raggedy caravan of ex-knights, half of which forgot their horses, and one of which is outright blind and constantly runs into trees. Then, being a Canadian trope on legs, I apologize profusely for the tree-banger's offenses, and keep doodling more ferrets. :ferret:
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  3. That puppy that keeps running around the big people and wants to play, but although nobody plays with me I'll still skip around and wag my tail.
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  4. The thief in the caravan following Brovo.
  5. Wandering traveller at this point. I'd call bard if I had any musical skill, but alas.
  6. I'm a knight errant, meaning a wandering knight not attached to any lord's banner. Not always the most grand or morally sound occupation, but it's a living and I get shit done when necessary.
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  7. A whore most likely. Probably not even a pretty one either.
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  8. That one knight that no one really knows when he showed up or what he even does, but is always lurking in the shadows.
  9. Either some eccentric scholar (hells yeah magic) doing his own thing, or a very grumpy archer/sellsword who'd rather pet animals than fight people. Typically I make next to no impact when it comes to communities and lasting impressions.

    Or, you know, some random farmer or stable hand.
  10. I'd like to think I'm the underworld/undead lord type guy.

    Not many people know about me, but the ones who do can't get over the fact that I don't have a head.
  11. I'm a sort of... I'm my own thing! I travel the land teaching writing and trying to cheer people up. When a bar fight happens in the one buying drinks and telling jokes after someone braver breaks up the brawl. I'm the one wandering through art shows just to tell people their stuff is pretty, I sometimes get tired and disappear for a while but I come back recharged and raring to go!
  12. The bigoted Paladin who grew up in a sucky Order, so his views are bit screwed up, but He's willing to change them.
  13. The cutest mage in the land of course.
  14. <---- the Dark Knight of the land, of course
  15. I would have thought of you as the Bard who can't sing a word, but still chases all the ladies.
  16. thats not a bard

    thats a skirt chaser

    which i am
  17. So... You're the Prince charming?
  18. Based off my profile picture, I'd be a fancy demon stripper.

    But real talk, probably just another dime-a-dozen mercenary.
  19. Oh dear blord I thought this was a thread like 'So who do you think are the kings and queens of Iwaku? :3'.
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  20. Ain't never seen Diana engage in that highschool-ass divisive shit in all her years I seen her handle Moonwings and AFTA, not even durin' SMU.

    My ass most likely one of the random fuckin' dragons out in the countryside Diana contracts for the occasional burn control.
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