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Being the first of an annual Community Ceremony our nomination and voting did not work out well at ALL. XD We lacked so many nominations and votes, that we were unable to get a decisive result. However, that doesn't mean we can't still give mad props and congratulation to ALL of our very talented and fantastic roleplayers of Iwaku.

Thus, we now present to you an introduction to our most active and contributory roleplayers of Iwaku. Your peers, your partners, your game masters. These people have been an influence in successful roleplays and all deserve a special thank you! <3

We'd like to introduce the following members as great active contributors to the roleplays.

Known for So Comes Our Retribution, Insanity's Embrace, and The Valiant, Angl often gives a dark twist to modern plotlines. You can also find her participating in roleplays such as Slice of Life, Dissentities, and a several Jump Ins. Many people want to get their hands on this excellent supporting lady!

A member for a year, she jumped in to roleplaying immediately. Becoming a great face in plotlines such as A Thousand Shining Stars and Iwaku World. You can count on her for energetic young woman.

When seeking someone to partner with, Alarice knows how to design characters that fit the bill. Best known for developing major plotlines in Katrinka's Dating Service, Moon, Blood and Wolf's Bane, Rokugan and Lethal Reword Series, but you can also find her Game Mastering successful private plotlines!

Elusive and hard to pin down, but once you capture Ampoule in to your plot you've got character gold. Shining in roleplays such as Moon, Blood, and Wolf's Bane and Marvel Uprising, she will always give you a distinct and developed character.

Aragon Draco
Known for stylish high fantasy plotlines, you'll see him most often starting jumpins that are easy to get involved in. You can find some of his highlights in plots like Worlds Collide, A True Mate for Miec-Kal, and A Not-So Clear Choice.

When you need a vivacious wench or a dangerous guy, Arachnion has been providing support characters for ages! Loving sci-fi themes, especially ones with a mecha twist. Rarely a GM, but you can see him running wild in several roleplays all across Iwaku. Including ones like Dark Reign, Fighting Our Reflections, and Adventures of the Starship Durandal.

One of the most famous roleplayers of Iwaku, known for taking the reigns and hijacking when players drop the ball. Having completed some of Iwaku's more popular roleplays, such as Legacy, he has left his mark in other works. Iwaku: Dark Reign has given a new spin to the Iwaku Mythos, while his Dark Heresy was much talked about!

Queen of the Damsel in Distress stereotype, when you need someone to play those women that give all the other characters something to protect, you call her! Having started the hugely popular Katrinka's Dating Service and Moon, Blood, and Wolf's Bane, you can also find her providing easy to jump in plotlines of all genre.

Easily the go-to girl for fantastic romances, Fluffy plays the men of every girl's dreams and the women of every man's fantasy. Taking up reigns as GM for games like Fighting Our Reflections and Born to Kill, and being a great part in private roleplays like Corrupting a Hero.

King of the D&D scene, Frost knows everything there is to know about Iwaku's favorite dice genre. His Lethal Reword series has become a famous addition, just as much as his quirky and unique characters like the ones you can find in Pantheon or his Rokugan series.

Standing out for his anime style blended with historical flair, Rory GMed the feature mass RP Project Genesis. Since then, he has more notably started a series of interesting private plotlines, most often featuring a feisty female lead, such as Sword of Embera and A Las Barricadas!

Inky Joey
Quiet and rarely gets to join us these days, Joey is one of the rare few that have completed multiple roleplays! Partnering up in private games, she is most notable in November Rain and Monreau's Daemon.

Jack Shade
Who is Jack Shade? He is the man that is hard to capture, but always sets the stage for great scene description and character types. Supporting cast in great roleplays like Project Genesis and Iwaku: Dark Reign, you can also see some of his fantastic writing in This One Realm.

Standing out in the crowd for great Leading Males, Jumi knows how to give male personalities that grit and gruff through his writing. Giving great character support in plots like Katrinka's Dating Service, he has also spun his GMing skills with the terrific This One Realm.

King Weavel
Not just a scary burger man, Weavel has been a vital part of the I Can't See Your Love series as well as Shintaion Resistance thanks to his brilliant handling of multiple characters and NPCs.

Known for playing romantic gentleman and quiet meek ladies, Kitti has her paws in several roleplays all across Iwaku. You'll find some of her best work in roleplays like Betrothed or Katrinka's Dating Service. But she also GMs great plotlines like Slice of Life, Summer's Dream, and Broken Dreams.

Possibly the most aggressive roleplay hunter on Iwaku, once Maggie gets you, you'll have a partner meering for new posts everyday! Most often in private IM based roleplays, but she is also featured in plots like Carnal Nightmare and War Against Werecats.

Playing energetic young characters, Miru dabbles in magical plotlines. Having GMed things like Mai-Child and Darkstalkers, he loves roleplays based on series and giving them new twists!

Moonlit Blade
One of the year's newer players, Mobi has gotten his hands in to all kinds of roleplays right off the bat. He's GMed plotlines such as Impure Light and Pokemon Adventures, but you can also find him in The Knights of Dys'Mariy.

Mr. Brightside (TNT)
Another of our D&D gurus, you can see his contributions in many of our D&D based games like Ruins of the Dragon Lord. He was also a fabulous participant in roleplays like SUBSPACE, The Dark Tarot, and the Lethal Reword series.

Prince of Naughtiness, though everyone knows him for his shape-shifting in Iwaku World, not enough know of his prowess in the Smutclub. Setting up the scenes of romance and letting them flow in great roleplays like Marigold Manor, Xylina's Cave, and the very popular Alpha and Omega.

When needing a partner in adventure or a wicked witch, Ocha is your lady! With a love of steampunk and Victorian style, she is best featured in small private games. You'll find her in magical girl stories like Senshi no Uta, or adventures like Cassie & Babs and Crouching Leaf, Hidden Bean.

October Knight
A dedicated partner and a perfect supporting lead, October often plays the everyday guy in modern settings! Find him in roleplays like Carnal Nightmare, Inky Cells, Dark Nights: Outbreak and Euphoria.

Not as flashy and in your face as many players, Orion has been a dedicated contributor through-out many games such as Iwaku: Dark Reign, Moon, Blood and Wolf's Bane, Marvel Uprising.

Well known for playing a huge cast of characters, and always the man with the important mission, Piro's famous works include I Can't See Your Love and Shintaion Resistance.

Bringing youthful exuberance to every character she plays, Sakura's additions to roleplays will always give a new light to any plotline. GMing roleplays like A Thousand Shining Stars and Crack The Case. She has also been seen participating in Quest for Drymera, Darkstalkers, and Shintaion Resistance.

Displaying true manly badassness that few can carry off, Seiji's characters have flare and personality no matter what roleplay he brings them in to. He's been featured in roleplays like the Lethal Reword Series, Faulkenstein, and Soldiers of Misfortune.

Stillbirth Machine
Storming in with brilliant epic storylines, Stilbi took Iwaku roleplays by storm with his largescale and detailed plotlines. Soldiers of Misfortune was a huge hit and Dissentities showcased great creativity!

Currently one of Iwaku's Most Wanted Players, Tegan's writing couple with complex characters has provided many roleplays with that extra oomph that really makes them pop. Some of her best can be found in This One Realm, Moon, Blood, and Wolf's Bane, Iwaku: Dark Reign, and Fortune's Fools.

Trance Kitsune
Always available to play a character when you need one, Trance used her energy to drive through roleplays at stop speeds to get things done. Find her in plots such as Moon, Blood, and Wolf's Bane, Star Crossed Cyborg, and the Kazeyama Series.

Having risen through the ranks to become one of Iwaku's most dedicated players, Vay loves taking a stroll on the more evil side of character archtypes. You can find a lot of his stand out playing in Katrinka's Dating Service, Avatar: The First Fires, Lethal Reword Series, and 30STM.

Warmaster Death
A man of proud warriors and a fighter's spirit, Warde's characters often take on a mentoring role to other characters in a story. See him in Iwaku: Dark Reign, Lethal Reword Series, Soldiers of Misfortune, and Dark Heresy.

A lover of fantasy plotlines, if there can be a werewolf, you will find Xindaris! You can see his best examples through To Slay a Dragon, Leaving the Pack, and Quests.

Best known for feisty females, Zypher's little woman gets themselves in to everything! His top roleplays always have a popular anime spin, or a little Japanese style! Check him out in Kazeyama Series, Avatar: The First Fires, Senshi No Uta, Katrinka's Dating Service, and Euphoria.

Because introducing you to our entire roleplaying memberbase would take forever, the following players deserve special mention for adding their blend of stories to plotlines! Each of these people have taken part in Iwaku roleplays during 2010, many still being active players! :D

Celcius, Chaos, Char, CoffeeCakeSadist, Corvus, Crimson Cowboy, Dawn, Darkness, Effort, Flaremon, Grandmaster Karsikan, Grumpy, Inane Nihilist, Kamikaze, Katsugi Kaji, Kestrel, Kitty Kat, Krang, Leander, Loveless, Mara Jade, Maskannai, Megane, Necella, Patty Pixie, Porg, Psychosis, Quell, Quiet One, Ricarten, Ryex, Shadow Ike, Shiny, Slyen, Soldato, Soulless, Swifty, Tain, Torsty, Tuxedo Mask, Tyler Crane, Volatile, & Zacky Thrall

These newer members have jumped in and taken center stage as must have players! Many hearts go out to you, as we hope during this year you will become some of our most memorable and beloved partners.

The Raven's Song, Descaecula, Kyra, Uniiquea, Skitz, Lady Harpy, Maiihemm, Asha, Kairoga, Okami_Jigoku, Unsung[JUKEBOX]Hero, Katla, Makene, Releaser, Dusk Kitsune, PhoenixArrande, Elanora, Idylle, & Fawna!

Words are not enough to express some of the most active, most interesting, and most creative plotlines of 2010! So here, we direct you to the IC threads for a read!

And thus we conclude the honoring of 2010 roleplays! Here's to 2011 being filled with awesome!
Hooray for all those people making Iwaku a better place to be!
Thank all of you for supporting and making Iwaku such a great place to Roleplay!
To another year of RPs and Iwaku. With the RPs and sequels planned 2011 is looking to be even more epic.
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