Iwaku Rhyming Slang

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If anyone has heard of cockney rhyming slang, they'll know it's a great way to piss people off and make them feel stupid.

To this end, we shall here endeavour to make our own Iwaku language, for use in the Cbox, Insanity threads and secret discussions.

All suggestions welcome (except the crap ones):

Please put the new word, what it means, the explanation for the word, and an example sentence.

Paorou: > Someone who spams > Paorou-Sama = Spammer > "That new member's a bit of a Paorou."

Rory: > The plot of an RP > Rory = Story > "What's the Rory here then?"

Piroed: > To lose your character > Pirogeth = Character death > "You've been Piroed I'm afraid"

Asmo-posting: > Talking about your character > Asmo-posting = Boasting > "For fuck's sake, stop Asmo-posting and get on with the Rory before I Piro you."

Dianas: > Your stats > Diana Notacat = Stat > "So, what are your Dianas?"

Coffeed: > Played > Coffeecakesadist = Played this > "Hey, have you guys Coffeed D&D lately?"

Mod: > Later > Moderator = Later > "I'll be posting Mod when I've got the time"

Homac: > Back > Homac = Back > "He'll be Homac Mod to Asmo-post about his Dianas when he's stopped Paorouing in another Rory."

And so forth...
Do we have to be write like chavs and write like "Oi mae', what's the bleedin' Rory?"
*Wearily blinks at the post.*

..... It's too early to decipher foreign languages... D: I'll be back Mod when you've stopped Paorouing to boost your forum Dianas.
lol@irony for mine.

too sleepy to be original.

I'll be posting mod, after a nap hopefully. :(
Is there a slang for me? I mean, it's very dickish to make a slang about yourself, you know.
Of course there is, Darkness! >:D You saw the latest censor!
Nic, you need to double-rhyme it. So it would be "captain".

"Stop being a Captain!"
Darkness => flame; insult (esp. to call a DarKnessDarKnessDarKnessDarKnessDarKnessDarKness)

Darky => Person who insults; flamer; troll

Darkness my dianas will you! You've got nothing to asmo about >=[

Field Commander => Person who uses exesive force at the drop of a hat,

Ryker => overkill

I think hes a bit of a field commander, he just went ryker on that darky.
Miru= Complete and utter random person

"Whoa, that Miru just Piro'ed our characters in 2 posts, just to increase his dianas!"


The clue is in the title.

RHYMING slang!
So like...(Not great example but,)

Harli:Been>Harliquinn=Been> "Sorry. I've Harli working all day. I'll post Mod."
...why dont we focus on rhyming and not try to put our own names into it
(though if anyone figures out how to do my name theres karma innit for em)
Out of Warmaster: > Out of breath > Warmaster Death = Breath > "Fuck me, my character's out of Warmaster. He'll have to hang at the Homac like a proper Captain."

For the Harley: > For the Win > Harlequinn = Win > "If we take out that bunker we'll get the Harley"
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Jacked/Jack> Betrayed/Betray> Jack Shade= betrayed/betray> I swear if that Paorou Asmo posts one more time I will Jack him in the back.
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