Iwaku Resolutions

Jack Shade

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Magical, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci Fi, Steam Punk, Noir, HORROR, and I'm willing to try Romance.
Unlike a regular New Years Resolution, I'd like to submit the Iwaku Resolution...a resolution to improve something on the board, participate in something you haven't before, or start something new.

Do you have any goals for your next year in Iwaku? What would you like to work towards?

My Iwaku New Years Resolutions:

1. To make the Radio show much cooler and varied

2. To post up at least three roleplays and DM them myself.

How about you?

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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
1. I'd like to GM an Epic Fantasy RP (Taking aspects from Game of Thrones/Lord of the rings/ and the Gormenghast trilogy). One that incorporates many players, spanning over a vast world.

2. Take the creativity aspect of my writing to a whole other level, one that I know I could be capable of if I just put in a little more effort.

3. Work with Jack on the radio show, making it the awesome thing that he envisions.

4. Play character/genre types that I usually shy away from.

5. Take over the site and enslave everyone.

5. Help to make Iwaku an even better place through time and dedication.


Cos im gonna be damned busy I wont overextend.

But I would like to produce some iwaku-themed art.


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My goal this year is to connect with new AWESOME roleplay partners! To find "the ones" that are great roleplay matches for me and create badass stories! >:3


My rule is to just get better at role playing ^.^ Make new friends (as always), and collect all the JPop cards! RAWR!!

Fel of the Eternal Forest

To rageface in INSANITY more.

And to maybe finally finish an RP.


The Red Tower
I resolve to play a more active role in the Iwaku community in general. To be more productive, and creative in offering new and interesting content. And to contribute to community projects when possible.


Ahhh, new years resolutions. I have a couple!

1. To follow this advice my dad just gave me:
"pass through people's lives in such a way that when they look back, they think, 'oh, that was nice'..
Be like the warmth of the sun on a hot day, or the cool ocean breeze, give them a good feeling to remember you by." ~~

2. I think what I fell in this year, in college, was my first true love. It will be hard to get over him, but so far, it has
been a good experience. The girl he loves, she loves him so much, that when they're together, I can feel the warmth.
that's why, I think, this is was not my love to begin with. I want to get over him happily and continue to enjoy my
friendships with other people, so that one person doesn't become the center of my universe. Love and friendships aside,
in general, I want to be able to do things without my mind being clouded by a single thing. Whether it's a boy, or a worry,
or a fear, I don't want something that's always on my mind hindering me from studying or having fun, you know?

I want to become stronger than that.

3. I want to study like I used to when studying was all I had to be proud of. Now that I'm older there are many things
that I can honestly say, without bragging, that I am good at, but back then, I was just a good student, that's why
it meant so much to me. In the confusion and anticipation and anxiety of applying to college, getting into college, moving
into college, suffering through the first horrible grades, difficult tests, new environment, I lost track of why I was really
there. Everything became routine. I don't want next semester to be like that. I remember why I want to study so hard
and why I want to work so hard, and I hope I will stay motivated like this.

4. I want to make time to return to Iwaku because as always, this is one of the things constantly on my mind. If I
return, maybe take things slowly, I think it will give me peace of mind. Iwaku gives me happiness, much like all the
little things in my life. The teddybears I took to my dorm, my roommate and I messing around together, eating dinner
with my friends in a cramped little lounge; even with all those things, Iwaku was stlil on my mind, lingering about.
So, I want to make an effort to make it part of my hectic schedule again.

5. This is the elastic resolution clause. Haha, constitution joke P:, but seriously, it serves to be the empty resolution that I might make later on, but
could not make at the moment of new years because sometimes it's difficult to be completely honest with yourself.
I am still young and I make many mistakes, so this is the resolution for those things. I want to learn from my mistakes
from last year, and if I make new ones, I want to learn from them too. I want to keep growing and become a better
person. This resolution is for all those little things I might do wrong because I am young and clumsy.


My Iwaku goals..

1. To stop being a pain in the ass.
2. Become a better roleplayer. To be more supportive character wise in development and action, specifically. Not only that but in helping others to achieve their own abilities as a role player.
3. Learn to properly GM instead of setting a half baked plot to light.
4. Be more productive; less idle.
5. Make long lasting friendships rather than short lived acquaintances.