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This is for all you members who were around during the Post-Crash era of Iwaku, aka Iwaku 2.0

Again, I'd like all posts in here to be by the 2.0 crowd, for the 2.0 crowd, and about the days when 2.0 was running strong.

Format as follows:

Approx. Join Date:

I'll start.

Name: Razilin
Approximate Join Date: Immediately after Iwaku 1.0 crashed.
Factoid: Peridox deleted Iwaku 1.0 and didn't warn anyone. Everyone was frantic until Gabriel Zero dug up as many old members' emails as he could and brought us all back. I was one of the last ones to be recalled because I never gave my email out. Iwaku was revived was Iwaku 2.0 on the proboards servers. Gabriel Zero and Homac took control as administrators, with GZ being the more prolific and public face. This was when Iwaku thrived the most and really, Iwaku's membership was at its peak. Many excellent RPs were born and finished, including my personal favorite: a superhero RP by Dragonman.
Name: Pirogeth
Approximate Join Date: May 13th 2006
Factoid: 1. Witnessed the birth of the cbox on Proboards.

2. Participated in the birth of one of the longest running regular RP's on Iwaku. (ICSYL)

Now I got the right one.
I definitely joined a few months after the crash, cause I don't remember the site crashing...

Name: Necella/Necrid
Approx. Join Date: Summer of 2004 I believe. I know I was definitely in High School when I joined Iwaku
Fact: GZ brought me over to Iwaku from another forum. My typical crew that I hung out with back then consisted of Imperial Edgecrusher (Inane Nihilist), Torsty, and Jumi. Imp and I made a lot of RPs that were badass at first then...died out, lol.
Name: Trance Kitsune
Joined: January 18
Fact: GZ brought me and at first, I was very scared of Asmo
Name: Westy, Thomas-kun, Asbel, Masra Random, Rory....
Joined: Late June 2006
Fact: Joined in June, because a mod less than two months later... Made a Global Mod in Oct of 2006....Admin after a year of joining. God, that was a fast rise in power. :cow:
Name: Bazookaman/Orochi

Approx. Join Date: Early April 2006

Factoid: Was forced to join by Paorou in an attempt to troll Johnu. It worked. Never intended to join, but awesome people(GZ, Shadowform, Anne) got me to stay. Became the Insanity mod by Aug thanks to Paorou's recommendation, never left the staff ever since. 2.0 was the Golden age for me, I had so much fun hijacking threads, creating wierd-ass cults and just hanging out with awesome people(WMD, Denku, Wendu when she wasn't being a drama queen, Necella, LZ, Aki, WTTR etc).

The staff lineup was fucking awesome during the 'peak' of 2.0. GZ, Reikei, Bowie, Coffee, Marz, Paorou, Rory, Asmo, Ana thill, Torsty, Woodrat, Chopsticks, Sarkua, Imperial Edgecrusher, Comrade Sadako, Simica etc.

It was hella fun, even the drama was fun. The Great Exodus was so far the best plot we've ever done, but that's for the next thread.

PS. Diana yelled at me waaaaaaaay less back then.

Approx. Join Date:
September 2006

Joined Iwaku after Gabe spotted me having a slight interest in RPing at some lame-ass Final Fantasy-joint which was filled with sad ass elitists and cranky Finnish women.
When I joined I became good friends with Gabe through going on some advertising-raids for the site on my own(*HINTHINT*). Became friends with Rory when he helped me out with my writing. Joined the Bread Cult shortly after I had accussed Paorou and his minions for trying to brainwash me. Thats how I hooked up with the Filipinos. Joined the staff, met more cool people like Blood Dancer Ace, Comrade Sadako, Woodrat, :rose:Darkness:rose:, Kimama Satinka, Liquid Queen and Necella. Found myself some "enemies" in Liquid Queen, Asmodeus and Chopsticks.
Name: Diana Notacat (because I am ALWAYS Diana Notacat!)
Approx. Join Date: Eerrr... Heck if I remember. Gabe was the Admin. c__c
Factoid: Gabe registered on my website and asked me if I would like to be a sibling site. :D We talked about possible cross-site events and stuff. I really liked Iwaku cause it "felt" exactly like my own community and I really liked the personality and people of the site. I wasn't on staff then, but Gabe and Rory would always come asking me questions about how to handle drama and stuff. I'd usually lurk in the cbox, cause I'd be too busy on my own community to do anything else. >> Then there was this long period I was MIA because of megahuge real-life changes.

While Rory was admin, we did the evil April Fools day joke where we told everyone of both communities that I was selling my website to Gabe and that both communities were going to merge together. And everyone was SO MEAN about it that I spent the entire month of April hiding from people. x____X
Ironic enough, now both communities have merged together. :o
They didn't merge, technically. D: Just... just lots of crossover members!
Name: King Weavel
Approx. Join Date: Sometime in March 2006

1.A mod in some the earlier years, from when GZ was here and a little bit even after.

2.Also involved in ICSYL, one of Iwaku's longest running and finished RPs.

3.Used to be the Spam King, posting a ton of spam and having a rather unrealistically high post count but got sick of spamming and was surpassed eventually. No one real has that title anymore though.

4.Recruited by Gabe himself at another site. I came from the same place as Chopsticks and Dark Legacy and thus knew them before Iwaku.
Name: Grumpy/Necromanic Grumpy

Approx. Join Date: Some time in 2007, if I remember right

Factoid(s): I joined Iwaku after Fluffy left a link to it on another RP site (now very much dead) that we were members of.

Originally didn't have an undead theme to my characters; that happened after I pulled some sort of resurrection theme with my 'HAIR GUIZ I'M BACK' post and it stuck.

Wasn't even aware that Homac was still a functioning admin of the board until he twatted Asmo with the Demotion-Hammer.
Name: Darkness

Approx. Join Date: Some months before Asmodeus, didn't log in at all till around three or so months later.

Factoid: Got in through Woody's signature on the megatokyo forums and shit. Most of the time was spent lurking and shit until I started getting more active and then hit it off with Asmodeus and Torsty(<3), some time later I became the bestest troll in the history of forever, and my mod jokes remain jokes.

I still do believe Gabe and Homac were kinda faggets but you all already thought that.

Oh and I got kinda buddy buddy with LQ before I realized she was a cunt lolzzzzz
Might be an idea to post up little factoids about former-members from around this time, too.

'Cos I know you all want to giggle a bit about Johnu. Admit it.
I...THINK I'm part of this group.

Name: Myrnodyn
Join date: December 2007, I think (shortly after Porg joined)

Had known Porg for a while from a cute little game called dofus, he made his first attempts at RP'ing there (as far as I know) and I helped him/joined him. Then, when he came visiting some mutual friends at new years, I saw him on Iwaku and got interested myself, so I joined.

Been part of the Shapeshifters Guild right from the start, and I think I am the second longest active member of the guild. (After TK) Back then it meant something to be part of a cult or group...twas fun. I sort of miss that group feel. (Hopefully TK's Mur-zombie movement will bring that back.)

I knew Anathil was dutch, but when I came around she left before I really got to know her...I suppose the power of the dutch is of such level as that there can only be one on Iwaku at all times. Sorry guys, but I'm not sodding off to bring her back, I like it here.