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Iwaku is barren, Anirune is ash, Iwaku city and Shapeshifter town are rubble, contact with the Barship has been lost, and Insanity's bakeries have gone cold. The world was destroyed by constant war after war. Even the mighty armies of the ISAF have been decimated, and what remains are rogue warbands fighting with everyone else over the scraps of what little resources are left. Ego-Zombies ravage what few settlements that try and band together to eke a living out of this dead world. The elder invasion was only the catalyst, and Diana's coming was the funeral Hymn as the cycle literally tore itself apart.

But somehow, the world still lives on, broken and battered. Why? nobody can say. A few people also managed to escape destruction to History Isle. Thanks largely to the efforts of Commander McCarthy during Operation: Moses.

What the People don't know is that, cosmically speaking, the world has hauled anchor, hurtling towards it's own doom along the Path of the Condemned. To make matters worse, the waters that fuel the cycle have dried up, save for one, The Herald.

Character sheet is as standard for Iwaku World and shown below.



Appearance: (Please put images in spoiler tags)

Normal Equipment: (anything without magical/holy/advanced qualities)

Special Equipment: (anything WITH magical/holy/advanced qualities)

Abilities: (Only you characters Signature and/or Unusual abilities and their explanations, General skills and such are defined in your class)

Weaknesses: (Kryptonite for example, something that is one of your most closely guarded secrets and completely crippling if used against you)

Origin: (where you came from, and how you survived Iwaku's destruction. Please put in spoiler tags)

Cycle/Tributary: (To be posted by me when appropriate)

Name: Grandmaster Karsikan Banrae

Race/Class/Type: Grey Knight, Space Marine


Normal Equipment: (anything without magical/holy/advanced qualities)

Special Equipment:
Aegis Terminator Armor
Grimoire of True Names
Exsanguinatus: Nemesis Force Sword, Forged from the broken pieces of his Crozius Arcanum.
Master Crafted Stormbolter
XM-28 Payload Rifle

Abilities: (Only you characters Signature and/or Unusual abilities and their explanations, General skills and such are defined in your class)
Psyker: Karsikan, though only recently opting to utilize his psychic powers, is highly proficient in the Biomancy school, He is able to enhance his already formidable space marine frame, and even tap into the biology of others. He can do anything from mending the wounds of himself or another, to boiling the blood within his enemies.

Unshakeable Faith: Karsikan embodies all the Ideals of both his parent chapters, Valor, Purity of faith, conviction as well as martial skill. At times he's able to amplify his own considerable faith in the emperor, allowing him to overcome by sheer force of will what he cannot with skill and strength.

Inspiring Presence: Carries with him the amplified presence that any space marine has, his kin are more the heroes of the great epics than the common man. His mere presence strengthens the resolve of those beside him, when he speaks those around fall silent. This effect seems to have an inverse relationship to the condition to the world, or perhaps it's a latent psychic ability that he's always had. Nevertheless when the world is covered in darkness, one will find only light in his presence.

Weaknesses: (Kryptonite for example, something that is one of your most closely guarded secrets and completely crippling if used against you)
Psyker: That same power he draws on, can have horrific effects on himself and those around him if he's unlucky, or reckless with their use.

Gene Seed Deficiencies: The Black Templar gene-seed is the second most pure in the Imperium, but even it isn't perfect. He lacks the Zygotes necessary for both the Betcher's Gland and the Sus-an Membrane, making him incapable of spitting poison like other space marines, or surviving fatal injuries through suspended animation.

Origin: (where you came from and how you Survived Iwaku's destruction. Please put in spoiler tags)
Karsikan was born on the world of dusk, and was tithed to the Imperial guard as soon as he came of age. His unit was disciplined, though under-equipped. They attempted to make up for it by emphasizing tactical and strategic proficiency as well as Leadership potential, Karsikan's abilities were quickly discovered and he was sent to the Imperial Officer Academy. His unit was called in to do battle alongside the Black Templar Space Marine chapter. A battle that was ultimately won, but saw his unit's destruction. The Black Templar's took note of his abilities and took him in. He was tested, and then Genetically modified to become a Space Marine, mentored by Brother Konrad Alyxander until he proved himself worthy of becoming a full Initiate of the chapter. He was shortly sent to serve in The Deathwatch, with a Kill team of several different chapters. Most of his time as a Space Marine was in The Deathwatch, Serving as Emperor's Champion and eventually as a Chaplain.

Then disaster struck, during a final mission they were ambushed by Chaos Renegades, and his mind was twisted. Made psychically sensitive and able to channel the powers of the warp, He could never return to his home chapter again. This curse would not go unrecognized, especailly when weighed against the deeds he performed in service to The Chapter, Deathwatch, and Emperor. A discussion was held unbeknown to him, between the masters of The Imperial Fists and their successor chapters. Called by High Marshal Hellbrecht himself and Presided over by the Inquisition, What occured is Classified, privy only to the Lord Inquisitors and those Chapter Masters present. The ultimate decision was, that Karsikan was to be given to the Ordo Malleus, to become a guardian against the foulest darkness of the universe. A Grey Knight.

Cycle/Tributary Hero/ unknown.
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Name: Celcius

Race/Class/Type: Ice Apparition // Scout Mage // Water and Ice


Normal Equipment:
A knapsack full of bare essential traveling necessities (What? She travels a lot. Doesn't mean she'll use it in combat!)
A small pouch filled with powdered poison at her hip to coat her dagger with

Special Equipment:

A sickle that freezes the surface of anything contacts as long as Celcius holds and wills it to. To anyone else, it's merely an oddly shaped sickle.

Mizu no Mai: Celcius can manipulate and control water in any of its stages
Aquifer: Celcius can create water where there is none, but it takes a while to successfully create enough to use effectively
Floodplains/Avalanche Crusher: in a last ditch effort to defeat an enemy, Celcius can instantly flood a target area of a square mile with a twenty foot tall wave of water or snow, but this attack also strips her of all her powers for several days, including the ability to regulate the environmental temperature directly around her, a necessity to survive in most places in Iwaku

Heat susceptibility: Celcius can't tolerate constant temperatures over 70*F without high danger of heat stroke. However, she can easily negate natural environmental effects using her powers.
Flame/lightning/wind weakness: Celcius' ice attacks are weak to flame, water to lightning, and vapor to wind

Celcius originally isn't a soul from the land of Iwaku. She listened to the call that King Gabriel sent out from another land and her soul tore away to fly to his side. King Gabriel guided her for a while until she could stand on her own. She lived in Iwaku for a long time, but since her soul isn't from Iwaku, it can't pass on to heaven until it returns to the land it came from or is destroyed. Celcius' original form was that of a druid. She traversed Iwaku time and time again, taking note of many things that happened, sometimes participating in those events, though rarely so. However, as time passed on, the bodies her soul created around itself began to change.

When wars raged around Iwaku, she hid herself away, hoping that these would just be temporary incidents. Small wars brewed into larger ones, and those larger ones gave way to the infamous Admin Wars. Celcius was, at the time, a mere neko-jin at the time, powerless to do anything to help stymie the onslaught and, thus, her body was slain. However, as one of the immortals spirits, though not in body, her soul spun a new body around itself. However, the process was long and arduous, causing a severe fragmentation of her memory.

Though the cycle saw fit to rebirth her on History Isle, she herself remembers little of the past. Outfit with power, Celcius seeks the truth behind herself and the fragmented memories that lie in shambles within her mind.

Cycle/Tributary: (To be posted by me when appropriate)
I'd be willing to join in as one of the older members. Used to go by Imperial Edgecrusher as a spam and sci-fi junky back when Gabe was the admin.
I guess my interest would revolve around how the Iwaku had crumbled after I left for one of the many wars to which I return to, only to face a ghost of what I formerly remembered.

This was going to be a response to the interest check but luckily I found this instead.

Name: Imp

Race/Class/Type: Human Hybrid,Juggernaut


Normal Equipment:
Gauntlets - The large and strong melee based weapons that are added to the Tao suit help in taking on most vehicles and enemies up close if need be since his rate of fire is rather slow in his ballistic arsenal. These simple and some say archaic weapons are just assisted by mechanical measures that help by increasing the strength of the user.

Goggles - Imp wears a pair of goggles to help fend from the blinding light due to him being light sensitive. All they act as are sunglasses.

Special Equipment:

Imperial Collective Tao Armor - Special and limited in production armor that is made from several alloys. The frame is made to withstand from breaking apart and is specially made to suit the bearer. It is only produced for Juggernauts of the Imperial Collective. Every weapon besides the gauntlets all come with dimension compressing technology that turns the weapons into particles when unequipped and wraps around the armor.

Chronoscepter - A replica of an alien relic given long ago to the empire. It has been enhanced to be used as a massive club. When engaged to fire, this 10ft weapon's front sets of 'talons' begin to spin. When it is fired, the sets of talons spin faster in opposite directions which creates a timed explosive ball of breaking atoms in a blue hue. When reaching the destination, it detonates with a small blue nuclear-like blast. This blast is only made of an unknown matter and the explosion does not affect electrical equipment.

Cerebral Bore - A fine technological weapon that when fired, detects the target's brainwaves and launches out a small drill-like shell that quickly flies to the target's head. Once it has latched on, it immediately begins to drill into the skull and sucks the brain out in chunks. The shell then explodes inside the head as a complete finisher. This neat little shell will also attempt to evade any objects getting in the way and also is capable of drilling through certain metals to get to the juicy innards.

Death from Above - Imp uses his anti-grav propulsion system in his armor that sends him flying high into the atmosphere to which then he fires the chronosecepter downward in a much larger blast than usual. This however does cause the weapon to overheat and be unavailable for firing over a short period of time. This is the only time the propulsion system works, coincidentally.

Careless Yet Willful - Imp has been trained by not only his own chaotic mind but by scientists before the war to withstand moderate psychic attacks and hallucinogens. It is with this that he may carry on still while a psyker or drug is affecting him, allowing him to take out whatever is trying to persuade him.

A Bit Too Bright - Imp suffers from light sensitivity more so than others and often wears his goggles to keep from being bothered by the sun or any bright moment. Without his goggles, he will have a very difficult time in aiming and fighting.

Anti-Magnetic - High powered electro-magnets will cause Imp's weaponry to be stripped from in particles as only his suit can rearrange them into a shape. If he is close to such, tiny particles will shed from an invisible layer on his armor and collect on the magnetic surface. If and once the magnet is turned off, the particles can be recollected. His armor will remain as it is made of an alloy that is not affected by magnets.

The Purian, later codenamed Imp, was a clone from a former official in the early century of the Imperial Collective(IC). During the cloning process, he was genetically modified to be superior from the former host and added into the many ranks of the universally influential IC. Through various tasks and battles, he found himself becoming a representative for the empire for strange worlds such as Iwaku. Imp was scheduled to remain in Iwaku for as long as needed to welcome in trade and peace between the IC and Iwakuians and so was one of the first settlers on the young planet. Over the many years of his stay and the influence he spread, he began to show a random sense of humor and even joined with some friends who had similar qualities.

It was obvious that war was near as Elder Gabe began to lose touch with Iwaku and the noobs were gathering at the gates. Imp was excited to get back into battle and so suited up as per request from higher ups in the IC. He was granted to become a Juggernaut after some harsh training. Completing his task and adorning the armor, he entered battle with many others by his side. The fronts were drawn and the enemy surrounded the planet, even outnumbering the population by three to one. Although the noobs were slow mentally, in groups it did not matter as they swarmed areas, firing noobtubes and causing suicide bombings abroad. Imp's defensive march lead onward to an offense as an elite group including himself managed to take down one of the many capital ships. However, in due time, all was lost and Iwaku was overrun with the noobs who eventually killed eachother in the end. Imp returned alone from his front and saw the wasteland that was Iwaku. Welcomed by none, he combed the land for survivors and found few. He now is in search of a place called History Isle in hopes of salvation...

Cycle/Tributary: (To be posted by me when appropriate)
Name: Tyler Crane

Race/Class/Type: Phoenix Blood

Appearance: Tyler Crane does not resemble anything of what he looked like during the Admin War. His hair has turned Gray, his eyes are gone, and his face is scarred. His clothes are simple cloth clothing, stained gray with ash, covered by an equally gray cloak.

Normal Equipment: none

Special Equipment: none

Heightened Physical Abilities: TC is Stronger, Faster, and more durable than just about anyone on Iwaku
Dream Sight: TC sees the world, but he sees it as though it is a waking dream, this ability gives him almost prophetic sight.

Freezing: TC's abilities slow down in cold temerature, and if he becomes frozen, he loses them completely until he is exposed to fire.
Blind: Although he has dream sight, TC is ultimately blind, and there fore will miss things that are out of place.

TC came to Iwaku near its creation. He had been wandering from world to world after his original home, Anirune, had died. Although TC has lived on Iwaku for many years, he has done little to interfere in the world. His reason was simple, he had no reason to, whoever won whatever war made no difference to him.

This finally changed in the Admin War, TC joined with Asmodeus, but ultimately did little for the war, missing all the battles. At the end of the war TC traveled to the Path of the Condemned, a place where dead worlds are drawn to and then turned to ash. His own world had been spared this in that its core magic had kept it suspended above the ground. He took the core and with it, created Anirune Forest. This happened almost simultaneously with the end of the war. With that TC disappeared.

TC spent the next several decades in a prison cell, talking with hallucinations. He refuses to tell anyone where this prison was, or why he was imprisoned. He will say, that he finally put his demons to rest there.

He has now returned to Iwaku, and sees that it will soon start its journey to the Path if something is not done to stop it.

Cycle/Tributary: (To be posted by me when appropriate)
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Knowing that the realm of Iwaku is a lost cause, the Teknikan Empire recalled every unit in Iwaku back to their home dimension, guarding only their side of the gate that leads to the once-flourishing realm. Though the Teknikans have not stopped monitoring Iwaku for hidden potential, sending a few probes at a time, it has become a place of condemnation in their culture. Imperial prison ships will occasionally enter Iwakuan space to throw the most hardened criminals or infamous prisoners of war onto the surface of the dying world to endure their sentence.

And the sentence of these hated individuals? In damnatio memoriae.

Those few Teknikans who dare to visit Iwaku seek to test their mettle on the dying world. Those who survive and have been hardened by what most Imperial citizens consider to be suicide become prime recruiting stock for the Empire's elite.

Character sheet coming soon, if this lives long enough.
Celcius TC Impy and Nic. Let me go bug a few guys in the talk thread who haven't posted here and we should be good to go.
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been busy brother. take it for granted that the barship survives, but with a vastly reduced complement of both soldiery and equipment.

WMD and most of barship command survived.

my muse is being a whore and my mind is throwing shackles around my creativity.
Excellent, I don't have to bullshit our exit strategy. Hopefully I can have an IC up sometime today.
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