Iwaku Rebuild

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  1. Since I am throughly dissatisfied with the destruction of The Iwaku World, I'm starting this because I want it back up, and since I believe the only way to truly see something done is to do it yourself. I start this.

    Iwaku is barren, Anirune is ash, Iwaku city and Shapeshifter town are rubble, contact with the Barship has been lost, and Insanity's bakeries have gone cold. The world was destroyed by constant war after war. Even the mighty armies of the ISAF have been decimated, and what remains are rogue warbands fighting with everyone else over the scraps of what little resources are left. Ego-Zombies ravage what few settlements that try and band together to eke a living out of this dead world. The elder invasion was only the catalyst, and Diana's coming was the funeral Hymn as the cycle literally tore itself apart.

    But somehow, the world still lives on, broken and battered. Why? nobody can say. A few people also managed to escape destruction to History Isle....

    And that's where my thought end.
  2. If Anirune Forest is in Ashes, TC will be pissed.

    but I think I can work with that. Especially since I have described a trip to a 'World of Ashes' in the Admin War.

    Which was the Path of the Condemned, a place dead worlds are drawn to to be destroyed.

    I wouldn't be against people having to work to revive Iwaku so it doesn't get taken into the Path.
  3. I'd be up for it.
  4. TC the Path of the Condemned is deliciousness.
  5. I'm all down for resurrecting Iwaku World
  6. glad you like it.

    I've had that idea for a good while.
  7. So I have kaze the herald... this advances things.
    TC's return from...wherever you were in an Adam Warock fashion.
    Arsenal wanting to get the boys back together.

    Hmm...could work with the four of us. Others joining in as they wish/are discovered.

    I'm seeing this go jericho style.
  8. Now that im back I'm willing to help.
  9. Main problem for me is that I only have a bioware RPG status plot. even less so because I only have a final, semi unattainable goal with no mile markers, or secondary objectives to complete before the main can be completed.
  10. well, I suppose we should decide why exactly Iwaku is dying, is it because the cycle was destroyed, or something else?
  11. Partially dead cycle, partially old people killing it.
  12. So there's myself, TC, JC, Kaze and Arsenal, anyone wanting to join in from this point will have to either justify survival or Simply Re-Roll.

    And arsenal what was your Escape plan called again? Operation Moses or something?

    Putting up an OOC, shortly. Be ready.