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  1. Anya giggles softly as he finish up.
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  2. Rowen Alvain

    After recovering from the crash, and recovering included walking out into the grass and wretching, Rowen walked towards the crashed helicopter again cursing the person that created the infernal machine in every language she knew. She hoped never to have to fly again, at least not in something like that. Rowen was of course mostly untouched, having been strapped in to the helicopter before it crashed, and with her additional healing she had no problems recovering.

    After she reclaimed her weapons Rowen took a moment to quickly check them for damage before slipping the spear and shield onto her back and sheathing the sword and dagger. Of course, the warning Pendragon decided to give them all, along with his plan of action (if it could really be called that) was a tad too late. As soon as one of the other members of the team stepped out of the helicopter, bow in hand, five of the beasts who had taken the flying machine down appeared again and were promptly spotted by the bow wielding woman, one which was immediately taken down by her. Rowen grabbed her shield and spear from off the leather straps they were resting on and readied them. Though she was devoid of a ranged weapon she was confident she could strike down the beasts before they got to her.
  3. Name: Pirogeth
    Approximate Join Date: May 13th 2006
    Factoid: 1. Witnessed the birth of the cbox on Proboards.

    2. Participated in the birth of one of the longest running regular RP's on Iwaku. (ICSYL)
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    Raghnall merely laughed at her concerns about getting blood on his armor as he began walking with her towards the camp, calling out first to Pendragon after witnessing most of the gargoyles go down via Henrietta and the strange newcomer, "We should probably get moving on, yeah?!" before returning his attention to the now semi-blonde, semi-redhead in his arms, "Don't worry about it, this armor has been bathed in the blood of more men and monsters than I can remember. We'll get it tended to as soon as possible. I don't have anything on me right now to deal with it though."

    As they crossed the clearing and entered the forest, moving towards the camp, Raghnall couldn't help but remember how one of the archers had looked over him and Mylene and suddenly vanished into thin air. The Dhampyr suspected that there must be some kind of relation with either himself or Mylene, and considering Raghnall couldn't remember him, it must be the woman. Unfortunately, as they walked further, the Dhampyr couldn't help but feel his hunger grow, to the point where he decided fuck it. Dropping to a kneeling position to replace one of his hands with his thigh since they were fairly safe in the forest, the Dhampyr gently held her wrist and looked first at her fingers and then longingly into her eyes, a mix of hunger and something else in his own glowing emerald eyes, "...do you mind?"

    Interaction: Mylene @WanderingWriter
  5. Don't think so, it was added on right at the end of 3.0 and carried on to our 4.0 and 4.1 version we have now.

    But to go by your chronologics...it was added near the end of 2.0 and carried onto 3.0 (Don't exactly know the switch between 2.0 and 3.0 just know it happened.)
  6. Lucius sat the clothes aside and kneeled in front of her with the panties.
  7. Talk about a loss for words. Mylene was caught off guard as the undead took a knee before her, stilled even further as he held her wrist ever so gently, and her breath caught in her chest as he stared into her eyes. She wasn't usually one to be awe-struck, but there was something in his eyes that she wasn't accustomed to seeing. Once she had lived for adventure and battle, so there were quite a few expressions that she had seen, but this look captivated her in a sense. She had seen men staring at women and the like with hunger and desire, and while this seemed to mimic it, it wasn't best described as that. It was something that she couldn't quite put her finger on, but being the curious type, she wanted to see where this was going.

    She kept her eyes locked on him as she let him control her hand, pulling it to his mouth. She knew that his kind drank blood, but had never witnessed it before, it had seemed like an extremely animalistic and barbaric practice, but she stood frozen, in a strange state of curiosity, anxiousness, and excitement. Feeling the sensation of his wet warm tongue move over her fingers forced a sharp exhale from Mylene. She wasn't sure what to expect, but the feeling of fire and lightning running through her body wasn't it, and yet her heart was racing and she was breathing a little heavier than was necessary for someone doing nothing. His tongue danced over each individual crimson colored finger, only removing it once it was cleaned and glistening with his saliva. He then moved to the space between her fingers before moving to the next.

    Mylene actually had to bring her other hand up to her mouth and bite on to it, because she felt a voice climbing her throat that she'd be too embarrassed for anyone to hear. At the moment she was glad that Raghnall seemed to be in a state of ecstasy as cleaned the sanguine liquid from her fingers, because her face was flushed a bright red. Warm, wet, sticky, electrifying, taboo, and captivating. Those were simply the sensations and emotions that she could readily identify in herself at the moment. As he finally finished, she quickly moved to pull her hood further down over her face than necessary, she couldn't let her face be seen right now. She felt crazily embarrassed and a little vulnerable in a way that she wasn't use to. She could summon a torrent of lightning to crash down upon the surrounding area, and yet she felt how she imagined a smitten woman might feel. 'This is ridiculous! Pull yourself together! Get a grip, RIGHT NOW!' she shouted at herself in her head. She gripped her staff tightly in one hand while she stared down at her fingers that had been so meticulously and sensually sucked and licked clean. No words came to her, as she didn't even know what she could possibly say after something like that.


    Aya had taken it upon herself to try to get in to the throws of battle and ran for a Gargoyle that had landed. The crumbling and loud crack of breaking stone echoed around her as the others took down the creatures, but she simply moved with a single purpose. Upon reaching her target, she tried to draw her blade, but it wouldn't unsheathe. She was forced to dodge hard to the right to avoid a stone claw that would've crushed and torn her to pieces.

    She inhaled deeply on her pipe for a moment before spitting it out, knowing that Ooki would catch it before it hit the ground. Black mist began to seep from her mouth as she caught her balance and launched herself at the stone creature. As she did, she could feel one of the curses etching its markings down her right arm, but she didn't care. This time when she went to draw her blade a wave of demonic energy burst forth, and as the blade made contact with her target there was a heavy explosion of demonic power. As the dust cleared her target was gone and she simply stood there, her sword arm trembling as she awkwardly sheathed the blade. She coughed hard a few times, bringing her hand to her mouth, pulling it away to see black blood covering her hand. It wasn't as bad as she thought, but this wasn't a good sign either.

    "Let's go," she said to Ooki, who was staring up at her, "I don't want to hear it. I had to, or I wouldn't be able to pull it out. I should be fine for a while." She winced in pain as her sword arm burned. She had used the demonic essence of the pipe and inhaled it directly to give her power, knowing that it would also aid in powering the curses she was under. The penalty would be heavy in the long run, but she was hoping that she'd be able to suppress the kickback long enough for them to accomplish what they were here to do. She simply made her way to where the others were, planning on keeping her bad decisions to herself.
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    Thought of some interesting ideas for the pokemon rp (well I think they are extensions of your idea mainly)

    So I was thinking it may be interesting if our girls are friends who start their pokemon journey together. They become friendly rivals.
    One is the 'rival' who gets to the towns first and beats the gyms first. Often slowing down to challenge the other.
    The other is the 'protagonist' who finds the 'team rocket' style enemy first and such.

    They could potentially want the same thing or maybe not. Maybe one wants to be champion, or to be a breeder, or maybe just wants to explore the lands. I'm thinking my girl wants to have fun in the contests around the world.

  9. "No. your other brother."
  10. Anya nods and close her eyes and focus on her thoughts.
  11. Lucius walked up to the receptionist.
  12. Nora look up at them, "Hi. Anya, is everything ok?"

    Anya stare at Lucius.
  13. The unicorn eyed her suspiciously.
  14. My name is Coffee, and I remember everything.

    Just kidding. I wish.

    Name: CoffeeCakeSadist
    Approxmate Join Date: I used to keep records, but I lost them. I recall the site was still fairly new.
    Factoid: I almost didn't accept the invitation. I joined along with a few other former Megatokyo members: Arsenal/Ryker, Paorou-sama("ZEAL!" MPLM!), KatanaCowboy, Kage, Shadowform, FemaleFox66, yalborap(?), Shweetlemon(?), etc.

    While I enjoyed them initially, I was becoming too thin-skinned for the Megatokyo forums and saw Iwaku as a friendlier alternative. Most of us eventually faded out though and didn't come back for 2.0.

    My forum persona involved innuendo and moderate amounts of false bravado. My avatars were usually black and white pictures of Maki Nomiya from Pizzicato 5 or Dowa from Blade of the Immortal. I dialed down the flirting before the forum crashed.
    I suddenly remembered I was on a strict "self-imposed no-flirting" policy until the end of the second era. That was part of why Asmo couldn't tell what gender I was. I only made vaguely sexual jokes and observations from time to time.

    I think the first Iwaku RP I joined was the the Street Fighter one Gabe and Raz started. I wanted to play a pair of characters whose gimmick was stylish double-team attacks. I almost didn't get the chance, but then I threatened to play a drama queen ninja pre-op transexual(ironic in hindsight). I was allowed to play the Twins instead. ^_^

    The second one I joined was started by Peridox but continued by Gabe. Everyone played insane characters. Ryker was an amnesiac super-soldier based on Leona from KOF and I was a ninja maid with a debilitating form of mysophilia that compelled her clean when she should have been fighting. Atsugohob(sp?) was a talking banana peel that unfortunately attracted my character's notice.

    A lot of funny, novel ideas. I killed some of them with my inactivity.

    I was still learning that you can't always trust writing advice just because the person giving it types in all caps. In fact, that should have been my first tipoff.

    This was made worse due to domestic issues. :(
    I hope he turns out okay. I remember he used to do Poser models of player characters by request. Pretty cool. I also recall his being the other medical authority besides you, Raz.

    I always wanted to read that but never got the chance. My saved backups were destroyed. :(

    I remember I had a bad impression of Shadowform from pre-Iwaku days. After joining Iwaku, he began to grow on me. Something felt different about him.

    Okay, I'm going into way too much detail and too much of it is focused on me. I think I'll end it here.

    Was Witchking around then? I remember he became pretty influential in 2.0 but I'm having trouble recalling if he was around in the beginning. I want to say yes for some reason.