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  1. So, first off, I'm going to make 3 threads over the next few weeks, each one named after one of the titles in the .hack//GU game series.

    The naming convention is quite deliberate and is a direct callback to the progenitor of Iwaku, Peridox.

    Most of you don't know this woman, but there those of us who remember the original Iwaku of 2003-2004ish. Back then, Iwaku was very different from what it is now.

    In honor of the changes in each era of Iwaku, I'm making these three threads.

    This thread, "Iwaku: Rebirth," commemorates the original Iwakuans, the aptly-named Old Guard, under the leadership of administrators Peridox. We are the members of Iwaku 1.0!

    The next thread that will appear, "Iwaku: Reminisce," will be for those who were survived or joined after The Crash that erased Iwaku 1.0 and paved the way for Iwaku 2.0 under the administrators Homac and Gabriel Zero.

    The final thread is "Iwaku: Redemption," honoring the latest of the Iwakuans. I expect everyone here, right now, to be posting in Redemption when it shows up, since you're all a part of the Space-Kitten.org era of Iwaku.

    So, here's how this thread works. Fill out the following:

    Approximate Join Date:
    Factoid: (state one thing you remember about Iwaku during that given era)

    Since this is a thread for the Old Guard, those few of us remaining should post ;)

    I will begin.

    Name: Razilin
    Approxmate Join Date: The first week Iwaku was launched.
    Factoid: Under Peridox, Iwaku was a Dot Hack site first and foremost, anime fandom second, and roleplay forum last. Ironically, Iwaku of the Space-Kitten.org era is now a Warhammer 40K site first, roleplay board second, and an anime site last.
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  2. Name: ArsenalXA3/Archetype/Lieutenant Julius Ryker/Field Commander Carl McCarthy
    Approx. Join Date: 15OCT2005
    Factoid: Moderator from approx. JAN2006 to MAY2006, under appointment by Gabriel Zero. Relinquished post for 2006 Gulf Deployment.
  3. Name: Pirogeth
    Approximate Join Date: May 13th 2006
    Factoid: 1. Witnessed the birth of the cbox on Proboards.

    2. Participated in the birth of one of the longest running regular RP's on Iwaku. (ICSYL)
  4. Did we have a C Box in Iwaku 1.0?
  5. Don't think so, it was added on right at the end of 3.0 and carried on to our 4.0 and 4.1 version we have now.

    But to go by your chronologics...it was added near the end of 2.0 and carried onto 3.0 (Don't exactly know the switch between 2.0 and 3.0 just know it happened.)
  6. Ah. I intended this thread to be posts stictly about 1.0

    Next thread for 2.0/Post Crash Iwaku, and the final thread for everything else.
  7. Oh sorry thought you were just gathering all information at once then making such threads to display the data. If you need me to I can go ahead and delete my post.
  8. Piro, note: Raz and Ryker go REALLY FAR BACK. Wait, wasn't this around Bowie, Gabe, and..... Damn, there's..... OH! Homac (Wow, I can't believe I forgot about that.) Kaoru, and Twilight's time, Raz?

    *Just trying to keep memories aligned, I'm know I'm from 2.0
  9. There's like 4-5 Old Guards left in this incarnation of Iwaku.

    *puts Paorou in a zoo*


    In a more srs note, I heard that Bowie/Mondu no longer have functioning kidneys and undergoes dialysis every 2 weeks or so. He's a famous MTG player here, they even made a vintage tournament to help his medical expenses. But a Kidney Transplant is hella expensive, it might take a while for him to save up for the procedure.

    So here's what I can remember about Bowie.

    Name: Bowiegranap

    Approximate Join Date: Oct 2005

    Factoid: Bowie was a Global Mod by the time I joined, I remember him giving me my first PM coz my sig was too big. He was the one that first banned Johnu because of his LOL ART thread. He left the staff/site immediately after Gabe left by the end of 2.0.

    PS. I'll try to bug miss Peridox on MSN when I see her. Someone look for Denku!
  10. Anya nods and close her eyes and focus on her thoughts.

  11. Yes.

    @Pirogeth: Don't worry about it.
  12. I also recall Shadowform, one of the more ascerbic and cynical members. He seemed to be a lot more active in 2.0, but was around in 1.0

    Reikei was big, too. He made a very fun play by post forum RP involving a world devoid of color and we were supposed to look for colors.

    Who else was there?
  13. Anne Bonny and wttr...they were around 2.0 (I think) with Reikei/Karmic Knight and GZ
  14. My name is Coffee, and I remember everything.

    Just kidding. I wish.

    Name: CoffeeCakeSadist
    Approxmate Join Date: I used to keep records, but I lost them. I recall the site was still fairly new.
    Factoid: I almost didn't accept the invitation. I joined along with a few other former Megatokyo members: Arsenal/Ryker, Paorou-sama("ZEAL!" MPLM!), KatanaCowboy, Kage, Shadowform, FemaleFox66, yalborap(?), Shweetlemon(?), etc.

    While I enjoyed them initially, I was becoming too thin-skinned for the Megatokyo forums and saw Iwaku as a friendlier alternative. Most of us eventually faded out though and didn't come back for 2.0.

    My forum persona involved innuendo and moderate amounts of false bravado. My avatars were usually black and white pictures of Maki Nomiya from Pizzicato 5 or Dowa from Blade of the Immortal. I dialed down the flirting before the forum crashed.
    I suddenly remembered I was on a strict "self-imposed no-flirting" policy until the end of the second era. That was part of why Asmo couldn't tell what gender I was. I only made vaguely sexual jokes and observations from time to time.

    I think the first Iwaku RP I joined was the the Street Fighter one Gabe and Raz started. I wanted to play a pair of characters whose gimmick was stylish double-team attacks. I almost didn't get the chance, but then I threatened to play a drama queen ninja pre-op transexual(ironic in hindsight). I was allowed to play the Twins instead. ^_^

    The second one I joined was started by Peridox but continued by Gabe. Everyone played insane characters. Ryker was an amnesiac super-soldier based on Leona from KOF and I was a ninja maid with a debilitating form of mysophilia that compelled her clean when she should have been fighting. Atsugohob(sp?) was a talking banana peel that unfortunately attracted my character's notice.

    A lot of funny, novel ideas. I killed some of them with my inactivity.

    I was still learning that you can't always trust writing advice just because the person giving it types in all caps. In fact, that should have been my first tipoff.

    This was made worse due to domestic issues. :(
    I hope he turns out okay. I remember he used to do Poser models of player characters by request. Pretty cool. I also recall his being the other medical authority besides you, Raz.

    I always wanted to read that but never got the chance. My saved backups were destroyed. :(

    I remember I had a bad impression of Shadowform from pre-Iwaku days. After joining Iwaku, he began to grow on me. Something felt different about him.

    Okay, I'm going into way too much detail and too much of it is focused on me. I think I'll end it here.

    Was Witchking around then? I remember he became pretty influential in 2.0 but I'm having trouble recalling if he was around in the beginning. I want to say yes for some reason.