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  1. Iwaku: Rebirth



    Entry # 64

    I suppose when everyone's been trapped like this for so long dying and coming back when the cycle wills it, you can't expect a normal life.

    I can't remember how many times we've perished, or the range of experiences that change each time.

    Last time I died.... well, at least that time I helped.... as much as I could, given the situation.

    This time, the setting is different... The ruler is as unexpected as you could get...


    The dearest of all Iwakuians, suspended, nearly lifeless. She is being used as a figurehead for an unknown third party.

    Asmo and Paorou are missing, or perhaps in hiding- even stashed away in a jail. No one knows.

    The classes are more important than ever. Bar codes sting at the nape of our necks, with our information- available to see if you have one of the government's scanners.

    Iwaku has become a dark sprawl of a city, poverty evident.

    Without the defining characters, Asmo, or Paorou, it's been hard figuring out what the cycle wants from us this time. It's hard to figure out what we can do.

    Working with orphans is my job- it's fulfilling, though hard to deal with at times. Rebelling against your class.... trying to become something else, something more, is impossible.

    Your fate is decided for you- from birth, they brand you with that bar code. They decide what class you'll be, what job you're suited for, and in some cases- they part you from your parents to whisk you away for training for your particular class, if you're a good specimen- a good figurehead for what they want these classes to look like.

    Perhaps that's what happened with Asmo and Paorou.... perhaps they're just.... no.... that wouldn't be right...

    As I said, confusion is evident, pain is evident, poverty is evident, and moral and humane behavior is lacking.

    I don't know where anyone is... who ever is trying to be in control, I think they're trying to fight the cycle in a way- no one's near the right people. Everything's.... wrong...

    I think I've heard about Warmaster... I think he's in charge of the military sector.... Rory... is no where... it's like he doesn't exist.... perhaps they have him hidden away as well. Kitti's somewhere on the other side of this city.

    Sakura is our leader, as far as we can see, though- as you can guess, that would be impossible.

    So who's in control? Where are all the main characters to this story, and why are they being kept apart?

    Oh.... I forgot the part you'd probably be most interested in.

    Tegan. Tegan's a figurehead too, though, she's awake and mobile, she's an assistant to Sakura, but as far as I can tell, she's just as tethered as the rest of us. Diana never existed.... No one's seen her.... No one knows about her....

    The history is wrong, they're trying to change everything... They say it's for our good, they say the cycle is broken, and they're trying to fix it..... but I don't believe it. Our powers are limited and restricted.

    We have reason to believe that a third party, a group of the highest upper crust, are influencing the choices in this world.

    I'd say that I'm better off than last time, I've kept clean and made sure to keep enough money on the table, though, it's getting harder and harder each month.

    Cults are banned. They worry for our sake, they say the cults are dangerous.

    A new project is starting up, called "Angel Wing", in which we will theoretically be able to access memories of our past lives, being able to see them over, as if they were happening for the first time. This is part of a bigger plan, to figure out what went wrong with those times, to stop it from happening here.

    I'm slated for tomorrow... I've been warned that some memories might be painful, and perhaps I've forgotten important details....

    They want to know everything about us... every little detail, to know how to change this.

    Entry # 78

    I'm sure of it now, these visits to uncover my past lives are doing something to me... I don't think it's right... my head's always hurting and my powers are so weak...

    I've watched myself die quite a few times as they dig through my head and place the memories on a screen in front of me... they ask me if it jogs anything... do I remember this?

    No... no, I don't really... but... there was one memory that scared me.

    The fact was... it wasn't really a memory, I think. They told me it was... but...

    This memory... I'm sure it hadn't happened yet. IT... that person... that woman... it was me- this current-life, me. I saw myself.... using powers I had never seen... acting entirely differently...

    Everything about it screamed at me... something's wrong... I... I think they're trying to pull every character apart at the seams and try to... try to remake it...

    They told me it was a memory- just a memory. But then... why did I have a bar code on the back of my neck?

    That's not a memory... I'm certain it's from the future... something I haven't done yet...

    I can't tell anyone... and I'm scared to even write this down... but I fear that if I don't... I'll go mad.

    Names change for past lives, this much is obvious.

    Ice 004, Trance Kitsune, Gingergirl, Chitchatkitkat, Julez....

    This wasn't a past life.

    I don't remember this name...

    They keep wanting me to come back... and I've been seeing some of the same people going in, like I have.

    I swear... what I'm going to write next sounds crazy, even to me..

    I looked into the mirror an hour ago... and I saw her... it... whatever she is... staring back at me...

    She's me... I'm her... I... think they're trying to bring her out.... I think they're trying to get rid of her...

    get rid of what I could be... get rid of what all of us could be.

    I need to find Jack... I need to find Rory and Kitti... I need to find everyone and figure this out... but I have to find a way to stay under the radar.

    Every building has a scanner on its entrance and backdoor, that scans the bar codes on our necks- obstructed or not.

    I have to keep being Trance Kitsune... I have to keep being myself... but... I think I have to save... save her..

    save... save myself.... really, I guess that's what it is.

    I know that if I can find Jack, this will make more sense. If I meet with him, I'm certain something will pop into place...

    I saw him in that memory with her... that me... that me that's yet to be....

    oh god, rhyming at a time like this...

    I have to find someone to take care of the kids while I figure this out....

  2. This is going to be a bit of a RP based on bits and pieces of other Iwaku Roleplays- but it takes place sometime after Dark Reign. Instead of a Noir feeling, however, this is more of a cyber-punk take.

    This is a bit of my own spin on an Iwaku World RP

    Every person in this city has a barcode on the back of their neck, and everyone's in some level of controlled supervision, think Big Brother.

    Every where you go. Everything you do. It's either controlled, or watched, and if they don't like what you're doing, they'll find you.

    Bread Cult- gone. Negitive Cult-gone. Smut Club- gone. Every club and cult is gone- a few times, people might try to start one up, but it's quickly shut down.

    Alright, I'll be dealing with some things, so I might be a little spotty on participation for a while, so hold strong, ok?

    Current Username/name:

    Past names/lives:


    Cults/Clubs: (Ones you were in, in past lives)

    Who are you supposed to be with?: (The characters that are usually with yours in your past lives)

    Who are you with now?: (These are people you were never around in other Iwaku Worlds)

    Number on your barcode: (usaully around thirteen numbers) Like this

    Current occupation: (Something you never would have done in the other Iwaku RPs)


    Have you been involved with the "Angel Wing" project yet?:


  4. Can you explain what you mean by "cycle"?
  5. Loving the storyline. But what could your provide some input on how we newcomers should approach character creation?
  6. Oh boy. Each cycle was a different Iwaku World RP (From my understanding), and there have been quite a few IW RPs.

    Each time, it's a little different, people taking their own variations and what-not, as well as the different settings and time frames. The TK in this one, is different in the TK from Dark Reign, and different from the TK in the Admin Wars (Hard to keep track, I think that's the one that was before Dark Reign- I'll check a bit later). Similarly, Jack Shade is different in every one, and so is Asmo- though he's always got the same basic thought process, just different reactions.

    Basically, you live, you die. New cycle. You live, you die. New Cycle. You live, you die, GUESS WHAT?

    New cycle.

    I'll come back on this post and put in more information if I haven't answered your question ^.^


    @ ThE_DeAd: Your character will have been born into the city, like everyone else. You just weren't able to tell their story until now. Perhaps they have a bit of a past history, but it comes from elsewhere- other RP sites and whatnot.
  7. Hmm. Are the characters usually aware of this pseudo-reincarnation process? Feels sort of fourth-wally, but not really. Cute concept.
  8. Well, yes and no.

    Yes, because in most of the IW role plays I've been in, most of the characters who were involved in previous IW RPs, remembered themselves.

    No, because in this cycle, I want it to highlight not the process to get to the RP, but the beginning. Where your character came from, who they were first, and perhaps, who you want them to turn out to be- a semi-final product.


    My first character, was this really shallowly-defined alien that had come from another planet, with others, to take over, and kill off all humans. They had some super human abilities, and whatnot, and they were called "Elites". My character was named Ice.

    So, Ice, was the first real prototype of the current character, Julez Foxtrot (Trance Kitsune).

    I had been on Gaia at the time, I was.... eleven or thirteen, so It wasn't a well-developed character. Actually, it was kind horrible, pretty sure it would have made Asmo cry.

    But, It was the absolute beginning.

    TK is the current stage.

    What comes next is unknown, but this project might be trying to change the outcome.

    The cycle isn't something I came up with. Some of these things I'm talking about in this RP are borrowed (stolen) from other IW RPs. The Cycle is mentioned quite a bit in Dark Reign.
  9. Not going to be able to make this one. But if you intend to make Tegan a main character, I will tell you this:

    Don't fuck it up. >:(
  10. LOL, I promise, I won't. I'll figure something out ^.^
  11. Right on, I'm in. Who wants to start together? (One or two peeps)
  12. @Teek, what about a certain ship in the dark side of Iwaku's moon?

    [MENTION=50]Warmaster Death[/MENTION] and I are curious.
  13. PM me about it.

  14. shall we be true Traitor Astartes this time Kars? i feel the lure of chaos.
  15. ^.^ I am most overjoyed with the reactions to this RP.

    Oh, if anyone has need of questions and I happen to not be on Iwaku grab me on one of these:

    Steam: Hydronine

    Skype: julia.rudes

    You can PM me if you wish, as well.
  16. I'm gonna do this past rp sites history thing! Hail XC from Habbo!
  17. lol, I was wondering when you'd show up.

  18. Tempting....Steel panther noise marine character was more of a joke....I could just fudge around with black crusade and see if I come up with something
  19. HEY-YO! Everyone that wants to join this RP should join THIS group. It will help out greatly!
  20. name: Raum Valafar, Chosen Warrior of the Brotherhood of Darkness

    Past names/lives: Mickailas Canadra
    Appearance: Brotherhood_of_Darkness.jpg


    Who are you supposed to be with?:Not Available at this time.

    Who are you with now?: The Dregs of humanity, soon to sort the Chaff from the Wheat.

    Number on your barcode:N/A

    Current occupation: Despoiler/Renegade

    Powers: Standard Traitor Astartes powers, the usual.

    Have you been involved with the "Angel Wing" project yet?:

    Personality: "For Some, Violence is not a means to an end but an end in itself. Raum Revels in the Wanton Destruction of any who could be vulnerable to his actions. He has no fear of Repercussions, for he believes he is the most potent force of destruction in the Galaxy" - Mephistopheles, former Chapter Master of the Brotherhood of Darkness.

    "Anger is my Constant Companion and Drive, It is my firm belief that this Universe of wealkings and fools activly consipres against me, and that my success can only be acheived by exacting my revenge upon my oppressors!" - Raum Valafar

    History: The Brotherhood of Darkness are a Chaos Space Marine Warband of which little is known, what is known is that their Warriors are some of the old veterans of the Long war, and Traitor Astartes who have turned in the time since the Heresy.
    Raum's life before is not mentioed, but his Time with the Brotherhood is, For Tales of a Power Armored Astartes lugging around a Reaper Autocannon fitted with Recoil Baffles, Suspensor pods and a bayonet are rife in the Pandraxx Subsector, the most common and recent of these is a pair of Traitor Marines holding back a column of Imperial Guard chimeras, and decimating the mechanized guard formation to give their brethren time to retreat, one of whom stood atop a mound of dead Guardsmen, punching holes in the Guard APCs with his Reaper Autocannon.
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