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  1. Hello Iwaku! Today's announcement is going to cover one big shiny piece of site news and one smaller item related to the Discord.

    First things first, ratings! As those of you who use Amor probably saw, Amor is unfortunately going to be closing its doors in August. From the beginning, Amor was set up to have a split between their normal site ratings (which are very similar to Iwaku's) and its roleplay section ratings.

    For Iwaku, who was not set up with this system, it would be a lot of mess and work to institute the same system and would cause all the previous ratings on roleplays to disappear. However, with many people clamoring for the Amor ratings and noting some places where the ratings that we have could be tweaked to allow for a broader range of reactions. That's why the ratings "You Need a Hug" and "You Get a Cookie" are being removed.

    Instead, we're happy to introduce "T__T" and "Rofl". Now you can express sympathy and sad feelings in one, without siccing the face huggers on anyone, and let someone know if they made you laugh. These ratings will apply across the forum and will hopefully fill some of the reaction gaps that we were missing before!

    *Editing to add: the Go Home, You're Drunk rating has also been put out to pasture with many valid points made about it serving no real function and only existing to cause minor upset.

    The last bit applies to the Iwaku Discord. With the roleplay channels (group-rp, private-rp1, private-rp2, private-rp3, nsfw-rp) having been set up on the Discord about half a year ago and seeing no usage for chat roleplays, we've decided to trim those away for now to give everyone a sleeker Discord channel list. This decision is not the end-all conclusion in regards to chatrp channels on the Discord but for now, this seemed like the best option for everyone since the channels were not seeing any use.

    Thank you for your attention and enjoy the new ratings!
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  2. Um. Can we petition to replace the rainbow with the cookie????? I need my cookie rating ;___; it's a matter of life and death (and I hate that dang rainbow lol)
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  3. O_O
    No taking away mah rainbow plz
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  4. Thanks for the update! C:
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  5. No touchey the rainbow, please!

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  6. The rainbow is dumb. You can't EAT a rainbow! Cookies for all!
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  7. Save the Rainbow!
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. [​IMG]
    at least it's an unobtrusive update
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  10. Are the 2 new ratings supposed to be that big? >.>
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  11. Yes I am having the huge rating issue too. [edit: this has been fixed now, thanks]


    Also: Yay for the rofl rating

    Boo for the lack of the hug rating.
    Maybe I'm in the minority but I think the hug rating is better for more situations and more sympathetic than the T_T rating is/would be.

    Personally I still think the "go home you're drunk" rating should be removed and this would've been a great time for that.
    Unfortunately I'm 98% sure I'm in the minority on that one.
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  12. hi my dearest friends, i have this layout issue I think where the following reaction emotes are a bit too small: 'Like', 'Love', 'Thanks', 'Useful', 'You Get a Rainbow', 'Go Home, You're Drunk', and 'Nice Execution'. Hopefully they can be brought into line with the others!
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  13. There was a hiccup in terms of uploading the images.
    If they still look huge, @Vars, @HerziQuerzi and anyone else, if you could please try refreshing your cache it should fix it. Sorry about that!
  14. While you guys are at it, please add some sort of cat-related rating, please. It is a crime to not include cats in everything. Cats improve everything.
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  15. What happened to Dipper? D:
    EDIT: I just got it now, rip
    Poor @Dipper
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  16. Ripper in Dipper
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  17. New ratingratings, woohoo! I shall use them well, adminnim. :D
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  18. Why you take my face hugger and cookie away? I like my Alien face hugger.