Iwaku Radio Show

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  1. Borrowing (and slightly tweaking) a fantastic how-to compiled by Miss Elyd!​
  2. With the sad loss of some key elements to the usual radio show, we are redoubling our efforts to get more people involved!
    YES, I MEAN YOU. I want you to lend me your lovely voice and a smidge of your time.
    [size=+2]I want you to JOIN ME![/size]
    It'll be more awesome than fluffy kittens that burp rainbows.
  3. I want to join!! When can I start? :D and I also have Skype!! brandon.djclufix.moreno19

  4. Hi : )

    You should contact either myself, or Kitti via PM and we'll get you into a seg for a future show!
  5. This timid soul can help, but I'm not the best with ideas. Just tell me to do something (I'm good with a bunch of technological goodness) and I will follow the command!
  6. Awesomeness : )

    Feel free to shoot me a pm and we can figure out something for you to do!