Iwaku Radio Show Slogans!

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  1. I am going to be making the commercials for the Radio Show- so now is an awesome chance to throw in some slogans, jingles and anything else that you want to hear advertized. >D One-liners would be nice, becuse then I can make a 30 second script for them and get it done! My crew and I are here for your hearing pleasure- make up businesses, anything! All of them must be approved by Diana, before I get to work.

    < 3!
  2. I still like the "Featuring the Vocal Talents of All you Weirdos" line that came off the radio show banner.
  3. "Iwaku Radio Show - no, none of us sound like Morgan Freeman."
  4. These could be a commercials or something if expanded upon:

    Having trouble sleeping because of thunderstorms? Try Lstorm's Faraday Protection Service! Now with 90% more consonant-shaped weather formations!

    Looking for someone to babysit your children? Have no fear, Iwaku has the right person for you! Diana, our respected administrator will babysit your children and babies. Warning: Iwaku Ltd. is not responsible for any damage caused to your children by Diana.

    I will try to think of more later...