Iwaku Radio Show MAY (#18)

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  1. April Showers Bring May Flowers

    Congratulations to Norwayfoo for winning the last pop quiz!
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  2. Oh, hay Diana can you wait to touch that until I'm...-
  3. All this music??? O - O
    you guys need to give me a Hipster segment and well talk all asbout wtf those young punks are doing

  4. If you're not just talking out your ass, you could, you know, start a discussion in the GROUP. Also remember that we want Iwaku related segments for the show. So you'd have to, you know actually talk to Iwaku and/or roleplaying hipsters. You know, work.
  5. Working is for people! D:<
    You know i dun do such crazy things like "work"
  6. hahaha lols #Ms_Wrong