OFFICIAL EVENT Iwaku Pride Contest 2024

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Slice-of-Life, Gothic, Horror, Fantasy

Hello queers and allies, it's me, ya boi!

Welcome to Iwaku's queer-focused writing contest! I'm Wren, your host this year. Whether you're all about that queer tragedy or want to celebrate queer triumphs, as long as it's queer, it goes! All queer identities and stories are welcome.

To aid your writing and our later judging, we are going to give you a few themes. They are as follows:
- Found Family
- Transformation
- Pining

You only need to incorporate one theme into your piece, but you are welcome to include multiple! Additionally, if you include an owl in your piece, you'll score special points with Owl Mom. Owl Mom Points will not earn you a higher ranking in this contest, but why not make her happy?

Submissions will be open June 1st to June 28th, closing at 11:59 PM CST, where they will then be posted publicly for the community to vote on. These votes will not determine the winners, but they will play a role in our judges' decisions.

Additionally, there will be a public reading of the pieces (with the author's consent) in the Iwaku Discord Server on June 30th starting at 3 PM CST. The winners will be announced afterward.

The top three winners will receive prizes! This year, we are offering a $25 Etsy gift card, a free commission from our lovely staff member @Dusk, and a $50 CAD Steam gift card from our other lovely staff member @Manna Beast.

@iridescent and @Sorrelfur have graciously volunteered their time to help me with the judging this year, and we are looking for a non-staff judge to volunteer their time as well, so PM me if you're interested!

Feel free to ask any questions down below. Good luck to all of the entries!

  • All submissions must be under 2000 words. Any submission longer than this will be automatically disqualified. Please note that if your entry is longer than 1000 words, it might not get read out over call due to how long it would take (it'll depend on how many submissions come in!)
  • All submissions must follow Iwaku rules.
  • The submission should, of course, be your own work and not anyone else's. Fanfiction is allowed, provided that you state what fandom the work is based on. However, just know that the judges who do not know this fandom might not understand your piece fully when voting!
  • The submission should include at least one of the selected themes for the month.
  • The submission cannot contain explicit content. Mentions of such things may occur, but you cannot submit full smut. If there is anything potentially triggering (e.g., self-harm, suicide, etc) in your piece, please leave a trigger warning tag at the beginning as well.
To submit a piece, please PM me and title the PM "IPC ENTRY" with this little form filled out to go with it!

Title of the Piece:
Word Count:
Chosen Theme(s):
Chosen Format: (short story, poetry, lyrics)

Remain anonymous?: Yes or No
Permission to read aloud during call?: Yes or No
We will be judging the pieces based on the incorporation of the chosen theme(s), the ease of reading, how complete the story is, and community vote. Grammar will not be a huge deciding factor in judging; we care more about the story you have to tell!

The prizes for winning can be transferred to someone else if you so choose, but you must tell any staff member that contacts you about winning before the prize is given.

The winners will receive a trophy and will also (with their permission) have their pieces placed in the IPC Showcasing thread!
First week has passed!
Tag me two days before the deadline and I'll throw something together last minute :D