Iwaku Podcast/Talk Show Idea

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  1. So everyone knows we got the radio show and everything and they do a grand job setting it up. What better way to compliment that than with something of a relaxing chat with Iwaku members? I've been thinking about this one for awhile now and I'd be glad to host a skype chat we can record. (I'll also do the editing and stuff)

    Mainly the little show would run anywhere from an hour to two and we'd talk about the subjects brought up. Partially they will be through just talking others will be prompted like news today and certain interests for members of Iwaku (ie games, movies, etc.) For this though there are a couple things that need to be true. These will be listed below.

    1. Mic quality has to be somewhat decent. Pretty much you'll have to make sure I and the people listening can understand what you are saying 90% of the time. Not trouble for most people I know on Skype but there are those inbuilt mics that are a disaster.

    2. You need to be able to put aside at least one hour and if not and you still want to be in, find someone to cover the portion of time.

    3. Most importantly you WANT to be recorded. Input is much valued in these types of things and the more input the more fun.

    4. No extremely controversial topics. Mainly meaning picking sides in a political type of debate, religious stuff, and sexual.

    5. Talking over one another. If someone is talking let them finish their sentence and if you must interrupt say something like "Sorry to interrupt you there but..."

    6. Finally respect is important as is always.

    So give me feedback on what you think, whether or not you'd be interested in taking part, and what you'd like to hear on a media source like this for Iwaku. If it launches I'll try to keep a steady weekly schedule for it so people can set aside a good time. Thanks and good writing.