Iwaku Podcast Ep. 1 - Pilot

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  1. Hello everybody and welcome to the first Iwaku podcast like thing. Name's Pirogeth for those that don't know I tend to goof around and get some organization together to pull off these little stunts. Now to get on with the main attraction, the show itself. This is not like the radio show where most of it is scripted this is basically just like a couple of Iwaku persons getting together and talking about categories brought up. Depending on the group it will vary. This episode is...well you'll find out.


    YAAAAR. I love the art animations in dat ms paint. 8D

    Like. My maniacal laughter. Thank you. I got to be James from Pokemon for a moment. 8D
    All the ms paint made it so much more colorful. 8D
    You did an awesome job.
    I love these already.

    CONTINUE. o ^o
  3. *Shameless plug*


    It was nice to relive da lulz.

  4. Awesome! Indeed twas quite fun.

    Like the images in there too, lulz at the teabag.
  5. This was simply a natural progression what with the radio show and all.
  6. Amusing work, guys. Good fun! Love Staci's drawing.
  7. As I told Orion, GTA: San Antonio would be an awful game. We have like one nightclub and the Alamo and that's basically it.

  8. This was super funny! I would have derped during the entire thing... ;__;
  9. I might just have to see if I can't get my mic working or some shit. Need to do more interaction shit around here.
  10. Thank you all so much for listening in and glad you all enjoyed it so much. I'll definitaly look for some date to do this again later this month or early October. Guest seats are maxed at 5 so if you don't get in the next time there will always be more seats the next one. I'll try to get a rotation going so everyone has a chance.

    Viva la Wesker Batman
  11. Awesome and very entertaining.

    I especially liked the video editing. Nicely done!
  12. I drag from the dead so it is undead. But this thread is neigh undead but untread. That's right it is time to walk again and just in time for the month of Halloween. What I be talking about? Well of course I am talking about October, the 3rd to be exact. Yes come one come all bring your bags and I'll hand out treats, or in our case, seats.

    With the overall likable existence of this podcast I'm most obligated to open it up again to a new round of members who wish to match casual wits with trivial bits. And so I am offering to the Iwaku 5 chairs on October 3rd 12pm Central time (1pm Eastern, 11am mountain, 10am Western) to come and join me for a good ol' brewing and stewing of fact and fiction. If you do not have me on skype yet then this is what you'll need. My contact: "Pseudoping" Yes and do not be afraid of what picture you find as it will make sense in the mind. Bring your boots, your costumes, your hats, and your brooms and we'll enjoy time in one skype room.
  13. You are Dr. Seuss now? D: DAFUQH. Rhyming!!

    . . .
    I like it. - ^-

    October-sans should be in the October podcast.
    Uhm. Because.
    Also, Osso. 8D PRESSURE.