Iwaku Podcast 2 - Robo Lulu

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  1. Technical difficulties will be up today.

    [UPDATE]So far my attempts to upload it have failed. So I'm making one more attempt registering the codec "exactly" to the guidelines in their upload help page. If that doesn't do it, I don't know what will.

    [UPDATE 2] I'm really sick of youtube right now. I have the podcast fine and dandy both rendered and compressed, it's just when I upload it more than 80% of the audio is cut out for some reason. (probably due to youtube's archaic codecs) So I'll see what I can do about getting it up there tomorrow.

    [UPDATE 3] Alright things have worked out in the way I didn't intend it to. Scroll down to the next post and there is the big old link to the podcast along with details
  2. In a bid of desperation and slight ingenuity, Pirogeth proudly presents:

    [align=center]The Iwaku Podcast 2 - Robo Lulu

    ^^^Right click, "save target as"^^^[/align]

    (also note you'll need to be able to play .mp4 format files if you cannot then I highly suggest the VLC media player. It's free and plays practically all file formats)
  3. Yay~ I get to hear my robo-voice~
  4. I fear that ratings may go down based on laziness of pursuing the podcast beyond youtube. xD
  5. Eh, one download to be able to watch as long as it's saved? Meh, not that different when it comes down to it. :P

    Either way, glad we have some way of listening to it, better than it just having no way of being heard/seen.