Iwaku Plot Bunny Art Challenge!

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  1. Here is a challenge for you artists out there! :D

    Iwaku is working on making sure all of our site graphics, buttons, and images are 100% made by US! We want to be unique and show off the amazing talents of the members. It's so much more fun when we get to point at the graphics and say "Yes! ___ made that for us!"

    This art challenge is about creating a VERY SIMPLE plot bunny image that we can use for various graphical things.

    • The bunny needs to be BLACK symbol or drawing on WHITE BACKGROUND.
    • Make sure to clean it up, especially if you are scanning it from paper. Check that there is not background speckles and the bunny itself is nice and solid.
    • The image size should be a minimum of 500x500. Bigger is better!
    • Style? Up to you! Be creative! We can use these bunnies for EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. Lots of different style bunnies would be great to have.
    • You MUST draw it yourself via hand or graphics program! Do not use freebie brushes, or edit someone else's bunny off a picture. We want YOUR art.
    • If you want to do the challenge and DON'T want to donate your bunny to Iwaku, make sure to note that in your post!
    • You can do as many bunnies as you want! The more bunnies the merrier!


    These bunnies were made by [MENTION=1034]Cerulean[/MENTION] and you can see some of them featured as the default "No Avatar" avatars on the forum!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This bunny was made by [MENTION=1061]Ozzie Chanter[/MENTION] and you can see it being used as our current Now/Old Post images!

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  2. >.> ...

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  3. Oh yay! This will be so much fun!!! I may not be the best artist but I am going to make lots of bunnies for you, k? ^___^

    kawaii plot bunny.jpg

    killer rabit.jpg


    I could make tons more whenever my bunny drawing craving kicks in (Last two are sloppy :/ I'll fix that and reupload later)
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  4. [​IMG]

    >.> ...
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  5. bunneh.jpg
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  6. Untitled-1.jpg
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  7. Here is mine, it's kind of rough and simple, I will most likely be adding stuff to it at a later time.
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  8. Here are some bunnies. Let me know If I need to alter anything.

    Regular Bunny

    Huh? Bunny

    Grumpy Bunny

    Roll On Floor Bunny

    Hug Bunnies

    Bunny Kiss
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  9. My anime bunny's the best :D

    Edit: Just so you know, I meant it was the best out of the ones I made, all of you have awesome bunnies too and way cooler than mine if I do say so :P
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  10. Ink Bunnies :D Yeah, I have issues with clean line art but I try >.>
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  11. Ahahaha, love the new banner :3
  12. bunny.png

    Have I ever mentioned I can't art?
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    I insist upon MORE bunnies. :D These have been great so far, and I have even plotted up uses for many of them.
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  14. Faling piano.jpg
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  15. *Whispers at Chi* You are supposed to draw the bunnies yourself, according to the rules of the challenge!
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  16. Grrr paint lol. Drawing with a mouse sucks. So only one bunny made of plots XD

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  17. Because I'm different, notice the difference.
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  18. I do not have an art. But I do have an imagination. Perhaps someone could run with any of these? They're personalities/parties based off of the RP sections of Iwaku, all set to interact with each other in amusing ways - I think the 'plot bunnies' should be less pictures, and more like characters themselves: characters that interact with each other in amusing ways. Here we go!

    Show Spoiler

    Jump In Bunnies
    Carrot-Chan (Fan Bunny): The manifestation of fan-RPs in Iwaku. She has a great many interests, all of which she is quite enthusiastic about. Video games, anime, manga... whatever strikes her fancy takes up her entire focus at the time. She speaks loudly, quickly, and often without thinking - normally around Timothy Hop-kins, her crush over many years. Interestingly, she seems to gain the 'powers' iconic to her obsession at the time. This has lead to some dislike from the other plot-bunnies, but there's nothing wrong with her. In fact, she's one of the most fun bunnies to be around, as long as you're not her obsession.
    Iconic Item: A carrot hair-clip.

    Quickie (Misc Bunny): Laid-back and comfortable, Quickie's not hard to deal with. She's been the manifestation of RPs that don't last very long for a while now, and she's fine with that. Her life's been a series of short-lived but awesome blasts of inspiration, with no commitment or character sheet needed. Adaptable and friendly, Quicke's actually the glue that keeps the other bunnies together, and her ideas sometimes turn out to be much more impressive things - and she's more than happy to hand them over to someone else so she can get back to her nap.
    Iconic Item: A pillow.

    Fantasy Bunnies
    Bun'Kar the Barbunnyan (Epic Bunny): Bun'karlike to smash and hurt things! The manifestation of fantasy wars and the fighting genre, Bun'kar lives to see a lot of incredible maneuvers and teamwork.... Or seeing characters fight each other to the death! He's been in the same 'party' as the other fantasy-bunnies for a while, and while he's not entirely fond of any of them, they have their place. After all, what's a good fantasy tale without a fight somewhere in it?
    Iconic Item: A carrot-shaped sword.

    Celery the Veggiemancer (Magic Bunny): Magic has been an iconic part of fantasy for a while, and Celery has been there to see it through. A powerful veggiemancer, Celery's nutrient-rich magic has seen his allies through multiple times. He cares deeply for the other bunnies, but his attitude doesn't show it - he gets annoyed by idiotic antics very quickly, and has a surprisingly short temper for such a fluffy bunny. He also has a tendency to manifest powers that he didn't have before, did not write down anywhere, and will not explain where he got them.
    Iconic Item: A celery-shaped staff.

    Tasha Ears (Travel Bunny): After accidentally falling from the modern bunnies' side to the realm of fantasy, 'Ears' has had trouble adjusting: the fantasy stuff is just too weird! However, when the cards are down, she's good at injecting a sense of wonder into an otherwise mundane roleplay. Though she's of a very short statue, there's a lot of skill in this bunny... it's such a pity she's a little shy, and doesn't appear that often.
    Iconic Item: A radish bomb.

    Realistic Bunnies
    Timothy Hop-kins (School Bunny):The manifestation of 'school RPs' in Iwaku, Timothy has a wry attitude and a sense of humor, but he also tends to be spastic, and his papers constantly fly around, creating messes. His age is indeterminate, but he does know one thing: romance and socialization is far more important than actually going to classes. He's a huge drama-hound, and daydreams of being fought over by women... just not Carrot-Chan.
    Iconic Item: A book.

    Sergent Spud (War Bunny): The fact that 'Spud' has never been a part of a war himself doesn't really matter. He likes guns, tanks, planes, and using them on imaginary forces until the other side is gone. In fact, he'd be good friends with Bun'kar... if they weren't bitter enemies. Both take a different side to things that can only really be settled as soon as one of them admits defeat, an unlikely result. This tubby creature is bigger than every other rabbit, a fact he uses to pick fights.
    Iconic Item: An old military helmet.

    Sci-Fi Bunnies
    Johnny Awesome (Space Bunny): Johnny Awesome is the captain and pilot of the ship that routinely beams sci-fi plots into the heads of people all over Iwaku. This does not give him an inflated sense of ego, no sir. Getting his name changed from Stewart to 'Awesome' is just the tip of the floating space-iceberg, and he's not afraid to play it up a little... or a lot. He and his assistant, the robot BUN-9 (the whereabouts of BUN-1 through BUN-8 are yet unknown), are happy to take a break from inspiration to try and pick up ladies.
    Iconic Item: A pair of aviator's glasses.
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