Iwaku Photo Contest - October

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  1. Welcome to Iwaku's October Photo Contest!!


    This month's theme will be:


    Let me see your most scariest face! The winner of this month's competition will recieve a special prize!

    You can use anything like make-up, wigs, kids, animals, parents, pumpkins, and even toilet paper to acheive your scary face!

    The only thing you can't use is Photoshop 

    Photos due date is: October 29 
  2. I am Diana and I approve of this contest! >:D

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    I'm totally fine with that!
  4. Awesome! I'm gonna see if I have time to submit one! :DD
  5. This sounds very exciting.. o.o;
  6. Whats the special Prize>?
  7. All I can say that the prize will remain a surPRIZE


    but srsly submit yo' photos!
  8. [​IMG]

    It's late, but here's something.
  9. I HAVE PICTURES OF TABBY, GIBS, AND ISABELLA. but they are not on my computer. D:< so as soon as i can get them off the camera, I can post them.