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  1. Okay, so this isn't a dating game. But close enough and with the same idea! Welcome to the Iwaku Personal Ads!

    That's right, ladies and gentleman. It's come to my attention that a few people aren't having much luck with their requests for smutty and 1x1 roleplays. Sometimes it's really hard to think of a plot to put in there, especially if you're a newbie. Plus, it seems a lot of people are going back to the same partners over and over again. Wouldn't you prefer to find a character who clicks with your character better and get a new partner in the process? That's where I come in!


    All you have to do is submit a personal ad to me through the contact form listed below. I ask that you do this by form so that you aren't making a character specifically to fit with somebody else's - that's not the point of this! Once I get an application from a character that I believe would be a good match for yours, I'll notify both of you immediately so that you can get started with your plotting!​

    1. This does have to be for characters only. I'm not pairing up RL couples because I don't want to be responsible if they don't work out x3
    2. This does not have to be for a smutty roleplay. 1x1s are welcome as well.
    3. Amusing pairings may or may not be featured in the newsletter, so your application is giving permission to do so.
    4. You can of course ask questions in this thread if you'd like xP
    5. Have fun!

    The above is basically exactly what I put in the announcement for this project. Here, I'm going to put a list of people who have submitted a personal so that you can make sure I've seen yours! I'll keep this as updated as possible. If your status goes from Pending to Matched and you did NOT receive a message with the name of your match, please do not hesitate to PM me and let me know that I forgot to tell you so that you can get started with your brand new RP!

    Summerset - Matched!
    Isah Arcan - Matched!
    Evie Richards - Matched!
    Adam Jean Harrison - Matched!
    Priscilla - Matched!
    Mitch - Inactive
    Roxie - Matched!
    Melinda - Matched!
    Sven - Matched!
    Camdyn Eurus - Matched!
    Kura - Matched!
    Alizabeth Karkorif - Matched!
    Brian Degraw - Matched!
    Vuil - Matched!
    Azzurra - Matched!

    Missy - Matched!
    Evelyn - Matched!
    Runi Aesoah - Matched!
    Sita Martyn - Matched!

    Jasmine Briant - Matched!
    Renae Lockfire - Matched!
    Pyrell - Matched!
    Sen - Matched!
    John Mercer - Matched!
    Eliza - Matched!
    Iris Lancaster -Matched!
    Nikolas Fahr - Matched!
    Titus Villius Nerva - Matched!
    Epiphany James - Matched!

    Caelle - Matched!
    Wizma Della - Matched!
    James J. Mercer - Matched!
    Kashet Gear - Matched!
    Dante Esactun - Matched!
    Mary - Matched!

    Kira Muir - Matched!
    Kieara Biaer - Matched!
    Gabriel Stellan - Matched!
    Rayne Leannan - Matched!
    Eden Xerox - Matched!
    Kyoya - Matched!
    Celia Daemon - Matched!
    Triana Ghostwhisperer - Matched!
    Marie Angelique Gauthier - Matched!
    Natalia Korri - Matched!
    Isobella - Inactive
    Kinzee Bloodrose - Inactive
    Alice - Matched!
    Felix Cooper - Matched!
    Adaryn - Matched!
    Stephen Turi - Matched!
    Nicodemus Verum - Matched!
    Allen Riley Sanderson - Matched!
    Matt - Matched!
    Hiro Wong - Matched!
    Lizzie - Matched!
    Annette Jean Blundel - Matched!
    Krystal Tokko - Matched!
    Teur - Matched!
    Gunnolf - Matched!
    Zydrate Anatomy - Inactive
    Jeremy - Matched!
    Song - Matched!
    Annalee Greystone - Matched!
    Lula Day Rose - Matched!
    Snow Lea Makatu - Matched!
    Thorn Alexander Makatu - Matched!
    Annick London - Matched!
    Rae - Matched!
    Amie Moore - Inactive
    Dante - Matched!
    Maksim Tarasof - Matched!
    Rowan Kale - Inactive
    Ryan Forester - Matched!
    Rose - Inactive
    Jon Tellight - Matched!
    Kinsley Luce - Pending
    Ophealia Vondrak - Pending
    Rose - Pending
    Arlemar Zenfrie - Pending
    Cole Vastel - Pending
    Kimu - Pending
    Tak - Matched!
  2. My apologies!

    I was just informed that the link was not working, but I fixed it ^^ Sorry to anybody who tried to get to the form and couldn't. It's fixed now so feel free to submit!

  3. Be sure you check in to make sure I got your submission! ^^
  4. We need more male character applicants! Don't be shy, people! ^^
  5. Did somebody say male?

    I have one of those XD

  6. We've had 3 couples matched up so far! Who else wants to join in the fun?? :3
  7. I hope people send in testimonials if a match works out great too! 8D That'd be awesome!
  8. I thought I'd throw in another dapper male for a little fun.
  9. I'm asking every person matched to let me know how it works out when I give them the name of their match, Diana! I'm really hoping for some feedback!
  10. Also, just a reminder! You can use this service more than once if you have more than one character you would like to see matched up! ^^ Feel free to submit as many as you like - just try to mix up the genders if you have more than two or three!
  11. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who has submitted so far!

    In 2 weeks, I've gotten 22 submissions and made 6 matches!

    Keep it up! ^_^
  12. 9 matches! Wow! Keep up the awesome submissions, guys! ^_^
  13. I'm having an issue with the form. Whenever I try to submit it, it gives me an error and tells me the user Layne is not found.
  14. It's fixed now!
  15. Oh, sorry, that's probably because I changed my name for Fantasy Month! Thanks for fixing that, Diana ^^;
  16. 27 people have been matched! WOO!
  17. If I match 14 more characters, we'll have hit 50 characters matched!! Please help me reach this goal and submit any characters you need paired up!! ^_^
  18. I've gotten so many applicants lately which is SUPER but I really, really need more male character applicants! We have a lot of straight ladies looking for partners!

    You guys made my day!!!

  20. Do they characters have to be human or can they be other species?