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  1. "Bachelor number one, if I choose you, where will you take me on our first date?"


    Okay, so this isn't a dating game. But close enough and with the same idea! Welcome to the Iwaku Personal Ads!
    That's right, ladies and gentleman. It's come to my attention that a few people aren't having much luck with their requests for smutty and 1x1 roleplays. Sometimes it's really hard to think of a plot to put in there, especially if you're a newbie. Plus, it seems a lot of people are going back to the same partners over and over again. Wouldn't you prefer to find a character who clicks with your character better and get a new partner in the process? That's where I come in!


    All you have to do is submit a personal ad to me through PM with the information requested below. I ask that you do this by PM so that you aren't making a character specifically to fit with somebody else's - that's not the point of this! Once I get an application from a character that I believe would be a good match for yours, I'll notify both of you immediately so that you can get started with your plotting!


    1. This does have to be for characters only. I'm not pairing up RL couples because I don't want to be responsible if they don't work out x3
    2. This does not have to be for a smutty roleplay. 1x1s are welcome as well.
    3. Amusing pairings may or may not be featured in the newsletter, so your application is giving permission to do so.
    4. You can of course ask questions in this thread if you'd like xP
    5. Have fun!



    -cracks knuckles and prepares to play matchmaker-
  2. Name:Summerset Age:16 Gender:Male Sexual orientation: [Straight] 1x1: Personality:Summerset knows nothing of the female gender, in fact dating is almost a myth. Its not because he is unattractive, those captivating grey eye's could keep a Succubus at bay. Its the fact that he spends alot of time using magic, any magic. Summerset is kind and thoughtful, always trying to make someone smile. He gets nervous and embarrassed easily. Last he will protect his friends with everything he's got, even if it resorts to blood magic. Anything your character really can not put up with in another person:someone perverted, or someone who is afraid of magic. Though he giggles at the thought..(*pulls rabbit out of a hat* "Look hunny this kinda magic doesn't explode!..at least i hope not..0.0." *Girl runs away screaming. Short description of ideal match: His ideal match..probably someone who could help put down a demon. Normal posting length:Honestly it depends.
  3. Just a reminder to send this to my Inbox! ^^; Thanks for making one, though!
  4. Did not see the gold text haha my bad XD
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