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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.


Start with a shot of concrete ground, sweeping up to a shot of Rory currently in reenactment clothes (OR WHATEVER IT IS). He fires a look at the camera and points his gun at it before Sakura (DRESSED IN PINK OH NOES) runs and tackles him over.

The camera does an upward panning shot and then a downward shot over a group of ragamuffin flamers being admonished by Asmo. Extreme close up on Asmo’s face as he angrily yells at them, he pushes the camera away before one of the newbs throws a wadded up piece of paper at him, the camera backs off to show Asmo raging at the flamers, then sighs and hangs his head, shoving them in front of eighteen-wheeler.

The camera switches to a shot of WMD and Ryker strategizing over a topical map, with figurines of tanks, planes and plastic military men, when the camera closes in on the map and figurines, all are swiped aside, making room for a board game as the pieces are quickly aligned on the board, the camera pans out again to reveal Jack Shade and Coffee Cake Sadist in between the befuddled Ryker and WMD, Archetype comes in and chases after WMD; Ryker, WMD, Jack, and Coffee staring after them.

Camera goes into a snowcrash state for a second and then moves to the next shot, this one of Zypher, drunk, slurring while Sho, October Knight, Alarice and Gibs egg him on. Zypher shoves Sho down the stairs while Oct, Alaric and Gibs watch from the banister. The camera slings back towards the closed double doors, pausing for two seconds, Kura comes in two seconds too late to see drunk Zypher in action.

Camera goes through the opened double doors to find Psychosis in a sandbox, cuddling a plushie Jolt from Transformers, a spray of water comes from the upright corner and soaks Psy as the camera moves to backtrack the spray of water to Darkness with an empty bucket, laughing while Diana shoves him into the sandbox, looking pissed. Camera zooms into the pupil of her left eye, the camera shot going black before appearing to be in a dark tunnel, coming out to reveal the cult/group area, the camera pans out and then goes left, coming to a shot of Myrn copping a feel Neccella, who slaps him before laughing. The camera whites out for half a second.

The shot then goes to a bar scene, TK, GMK, Slyen, and Big Redd drinking from frosted mugs, TK then shows the other three a bottle with a caution symbol on it, gesturing to the drinks, the three looking at her, eyes wide before she moves the bottle, exposing the other side that proclaims “LIQUID DIURETIC”. The camera follows the three as they race to the bathroom, hands over their crotches, then a shot back to TK, looking up at Darkness who sighs and pats her on the head, then accidentally takes a sip of one of the drinks, sprinting after the others, TK frowns and then drinks one of the tainted mugs and follows suit. The camera scans away for a second, facing Jumi as he plays his guitar on stage, many articles of female clothing, and a couple pairs of boxer shorts are thrown at him. The camera then goes to the corner, where Corvus and Vay are cuddling, everyone in the room suddenly backing away from them as they start kissing, and then as the kissing turns more urgent, everyone backs away to the OPPOSITE corner, the camera then follows TK into the bathroom, past QuellmyHeresy, who seems to be waiting for someone, revealing Patty Pixie at the mirror, working on her makeup, Katsugi straightening her hair and Isabella sneaking out of one of the stalls, only to be shoved out of the bathroom, the camera following him, then faces the floor.

The camera pans up again, showing Piro at a desk, writing out more stories while Ike is looking up pictures of furries, 4Got10 walks in front of the camera, who follows her into another room, breaking off to watch Razillian being cuddled by Sakura. The camera pans out again to reveal all the members are gathered in the room, Orochi and Paorou shouting through megaphones, most members ignoring them, save for a crowd of people sitting at their feet. The camera goes through the crowd, coming upon Porg sipping from a teacup in an over-stuffed reclining chair next to Torsty who’s on a couch. Torsty gets up and pushes the camera back, then goes back to his spot, the camera now has a full shot of the members of Iwaku and then pans upward, whiting out.


Best one yet!!

;_; My mommy will be so proud of me!

*Looks at 4got10*
We only got to kissing before people backed off, but the really scary stuff comes after the kissing O_o
I know, but this is only an OPENING; don't want to give away the good stuff.
Now we just need an amateur-proffessional animator to make this all possible.
*Directs you all to Paoruo-sama's thread of "Lesbian Ninja Witches" *

Oh and yeah the opening was awesome.

There were revealing photographs before that, just Amp's face was MS Painted out the same way. And yes awesome is a word that fits well with this. Although asking Paorou to do MOE Iwaku would be a task within itself.
;_; I can see it now~
EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!!! forgot to mention the noxious gasses exuding from my ass.
Hmm..this has inspired me to begin writing one for Iwaku World
Let's say I help you with this.

WHUT?! 0.o

Pao, I can't! I've been unable to complete any of my drawings in a year.
In that case, I can't promise anything.

That's a lot of characters (per scene) and scenes =_=
Wish I could help. I'm on the drawing cycle right now. but if it follows course, in a few months, I'll be back up and drawing.
I've got too many art projects on my head too otherwise I'd help, stoopid army slowly stealing away my imagination.

on the upside My character Sketch is nearing completion and Should be posted here within the week.