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If you remember this thread, I don't need to explain it.

If you don't remember this thread, I don't need to explain it.

If Iwaku were Family Guy

Peter Griffin: ASMO (lazy, ignorant, offensive prick who has a crazy new scheme every week)

Lois Griffin: DIANA (long-suffering, sexy domestic type who looks after the men)

Chris Griffin: GMK (probably has the same laugh when he's writing gore-posts)

Meg Griffin: AMPOULE (gets confused for a dude and the audience don't like her)

Brian: PALONIS (sarcastic hypocrit who passes judgment on everyone else)

Ernie the Giant Chicken: CHAOS (our epic dual never ends!)

Cleveland: JACKSHADE (thinks he can run his own show, but really, really can't)

Quagmire: MYRNODYN (sex-pest with weird-shaped face)

Joe: RYKER (nuff said)

Tom Tucker & Diane Simmons: PIRO & SAKURA (random news people who aren't that relevant)

Adam West: RORY (weird guy who's inexplicably in-charge)

Herbert the Paedophile: DARKNESS (guy who lurks around being inappropriate and looking for fags)

Evil Monkey: PORG (just because)
The Critic

Duke Phillips: Fel (Alcoholic tycoon who likes bad movies and mechanical HillBilly Bears)

Doris: Jumi (Chain-smoking make up artist, possibly a zombie, disgruntled)

Eleanor Sherman: Diana (Prim and proper, keeps a gun in the fridge and a stuffed blue whale over the fireplace)

Franklin Sherman: Jinx (Billionaire who drank himself crazy, likes to dress up as cartoon characters)

Jeremy Hawke: Ampoule (Rugged lady's man, uses elevator shoes to boost manly image)

Margo Sherman: Sakura (Cute little sister, tries to do the right thing)

Vlada Veramirovich: Orochi (Strange foreigner, slowly poisoning everyone)

Jay Sherman: Asmo ("It STINKS!" Sticks to his principles, and is unloved for it.)
If Iwaku were Star Trek

Captain Kirk: JACKSHADE (over-dramatic guy who needs to date everyone he sees)

Captain Picard: ASMO (thinks he's too talented to be in this show)

Captain Janeway: DIANA (trying to stop her shit falling apart as morale plummets)

Doctor Crusher: TEGAN (gives Asmo shit and interferes with his decision-making)

Spock: PALONIS (points out all the errors in everything all the time)

Q: COFFEECAKE (turns up randomly to hold people accountable to obscure ideals)

Data: RORY (always trying to be a little more human each day)

Worf: RYKER (if in doubt, blow it up. If not in doubt, blow it up)

Scotty: PIROGETH (always finds something else to blame for the hold-up)

Wesley Crusher: PORG (you just want him to go away)

Seven-of-Nine: TK (gets far too much screen-time and has the ability to assimilate others)

Ryker: MYRNODYN (beardy sex pest)

Miles O'Brian: TORSTY (grumpy blond guy who doesn't do anything proactive)

Dax: CORVUS (has far too much irrelevant backstory)

Neelix: OROCHI (irritating and pointless, but a good cook)

Belanna: AMPOULE (moody girl with weird face)

Quark: XINDARIS (he sticks up for the common man and is always up to something that isn't really that interesting)

Odo: CHAOS (likes busting people's balls while refusing to bust his own)

Captain Archer: PAOROU (did something a long time ago but no one's really cares now)
What about the star wars trilogy, the actual trilogy not that pathetic excuse whose only saving grace was Samuel L. Jackson.