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  1. First world problem I finally got a android phone with unlimited internet access. It would be awesome to access Iwaku while I'm waiting for class to start but the mobile forums are too confusing to view on my browser. I can't even see my alerts.

    Does anybody know how I could view and post in Iwaku? An app perhaps?

    I found the official app on the play store but reviews said it crashed often.

    I'd prefer it if I could post with BB codes.
  2. You need to change the style you view Iwaku with. If you have never changed the style before the best way is to go to the bottom left hand side of any page, below the home link, and you want to change it from whatever setting you currently have to "Rory's Brown (Non Responsive)"
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  3. Thanks. I'll try it tomorrow.
  4. I am not sure what the cost is to the website, but I know of a forum app for iOS and Android called Tapatalk. I have heard that there is some kind of setup fee but I do know from experience with other XenForo-based forums that it is compatible. It lays the entire forum out in a very mobile-accessible way.

    I think it also removes some formatting that makes posts hard to read - for example, some posts that are heavily formatted and indented show up very very poorly on my phone. In that case I think the app would actually help a lot.
  5. Skimming the app store it looks like they recently "improved" the app and made it worse so I think we should wait and see if they fix things to be user friendly before we invest time and later money into that. However it's nice to see that stuff is being made that is compatable with Xenforo!
  6. Wait, which app are we talking about that was improved but made worse? I looked on the app store and couldn't find a pertinent app to use for browsing the forum.
  7. Tapatalk on the Apple app store was getting some bad reviews from their latest update. There is also Tapatalk 2 which is a purchased app, though the orginal looks like there is in app purchases that the user will be compeled to get. This without looking at the back side to see what, if anything, Iwaku would need to do.

    Like I said before I skimmed the information, but that's what I got from my quick fifteen minute investigation.
  8. As far as I know, the only difference between the paid and unpaid versions are ads. I don't think there's a functionality difference.

    I haven't used Tapatalk recently as the other forum I use that previously used Tapatalk recently had a major back-end overhaul so they're still waiting to get Tapatalk functionality back up. So I am not sure if there were issues with the new update.

    From what I remember of it though, I thought it worked pretty well.