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  1. Heyo, so I play this game called Final Fantasy XIV which I love to pieces, and was wondering if anyone else on Iwaku played.

    I'm on Gilgamesh mainly, but I have characters all over, that's just where my level cap character is. I also typically main heals.

    Cirina Khatayin is my character's name on Gilgamesh. I haven't played her in a while and I'm honestly nervous to do so because my gear is shit tier (I can't even remember what it is anymore, that's how bad it is).

    Feel free to share your characters, too!

    Celaira's Characters
    Aether Datacenter
    S'lakshai Fhey - Cactuar - Lvl 8 Arcanist
    Senah Bellevue - Faerie - Lvl 21 Thaumaturge | Lvl 15 Arcanist | Lvl 19 Conjurer
    Cirina Khatayin - Gilgamesh - Lvl 60 White Mage | Lvl 34 Paladin | Lvl 22 Murauder | Lvl 33 Ninja | Lvl 48 Black Mage | Lvl 15 Pugilist | Lvl 50 Summoner | Lvl 50 Scholar | Lvl 30 Dark Knight | Lvl 31 Astrologian
    Saevira Nostraek - Mateus - Lvl 15 Conjurer

    I also have a bunch of Level 1 characters across a bunch of different servers. :)
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  2. That's still has the monthly subscription right?
    My free trial ended a while ago... So I likely won't pick it up again unless it's F2P.
  3. Yeah, it has a sub. If you buy the game you get another 30 days free, but I can definitely understand not wanting to play if it has a subscription.

    Edit: Updated the OP to give my characters and servers with various classes/jobs they have levelled.
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  4. I'm Lute Hyrie on Balmung. I do the RPs.
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  5. ... I'm raiding creator on Odin... I don't think I've got a lot of common goals haha.

    Outside of raids and specific mechanics, you can get away with putting on a regen on the tank then using cure2 when their HP goes below half. If you're not confident in stance dancing and/or dps is very low, cure is a weaker but more MP efficient heal.

    A lot of best in slot gear is bought with tomestones of scripture, which can be farmed easily In the most recent dungeons through expert roulette. There's like one pull where you might need to work a little harder depending on how many enemies are in the pull (mostly if the tank pulls the entire room after the second boss in Gubal hard.) In that case, divine seal, regen the tank, medica2, spam cure and fit in cure2 when the tank HP goes below half or cure can't keep up. Save tetra, assize and benediction for emergencies, but use shroud of saints whenever available and divine seal if the pull lasts longer than it's duration. Place your party UI close to the middle of your screen so you don't have to look too far away from your character when watching everyone's HP in case someone steps in an AoE.

    Swiftcasting stoneskin2 between pulls is also a nice way to get a little extra wiggling room (especially when DPS get aggro or stand in AoE.)

    This isn't exactly optimal to play (not enough PoM holy spam!) but it should fairly easily keep your parties alive even at low gear levels as you get more familiar with your skills and upgrade your ilvl.

    If you need practice, hit me up when 3.5's cross server party finder rolls around. I can easily tank a couple dungeons for ya.
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  6. @Kestrel You are amazing, thank you. I actually do want to get back into raiding, but I need to get back into the swing of things, first. I really appreciate the run down of my rotation. I'm hoping I can get good enough again to go through coil and get all that gear for glamour, I know I'll need the practice for Alex.
  7. I'm Rever Seurwit on Faerie. While I don't mind making a character on another server, I am dreading doing the MSQ to get to 3.0 content...Regardless, if you find yourself on Faerie, I main tank roles, typically picking which based on the content I'm going in on.
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  8. I used to play. I actually have a character on Fairie because that's the server my daughter started her character on. I might go back to it eventually. Right now I'm on a WoW kick and trying to get my fishing artifact. Only 10 more rare fish to go!
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  9. Good luck! Also, be prepared if you do come back soon, 4.0 drops on June 20th~!
  10. Sooo looking forward to that!
  11. I am too! Just trying to get as many classes to 60 as I can right now, though I'm more focused on getting my WHM to max ilvl.
  12. Right now my tanks are i252 but I just got back from a 3 month break. I have a static that will start with a9-12s for my tank gear. In the mean time, since I dislike being melee DPS, I'm leveling my BLM since I already have a i245 SMN they can share the same gear and I have enough goddess totems to get a new sophic weapon.

    I'm just curious to see the new tank, some people are wondering if it's going to be a Blue Mage and god I so hope for that to happen.
  13. I've just come back from, like a 5-6 month hiatus (I left after my WHM hit 60 'cause I levelled in such a short time and got drained). So I have a lot of ilvl catching up to do. I'm on i210 right now.

    I haven't heard much about the new tank in the way of rumors, but I am soooo hyped for Red Mage. I'm definitely going to switch to that for a while!
  14. Lvling blacksmith and armorer along mnk and mrd
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