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  1. @Jorick Douchebringer, of House Douchebringer, First of His Name, has sent me to recruit bannermen to his cause.

    The clan motto: "Winter is cumming."

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  2. House Dontgiveafuckington does not have an opinion on this.
  3. Clearly. Razalin of the Dickride Clan needs to calm down. Or Jorick will be sore in the morning.
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  4. I refuse to attend to this request.
  5. You all have wayyyy too much time on your hands. o.o
  7. A white wedding is potentially worse than a red wedding if the motto is anything to go by, especially if the Poon Hound is there.
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  8. Or his sister the Twin Mountains

  9. This is what this thread makes me think of....
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  10. Bitch, the fuck do you think you're doing. What do you mean recruit bannermen? House Douchebringer conquers lesser houses and forces them to pay fealty for the privilege of continued existence. How dare you brighten the foul name of my house by implying any sort of honorable conduct.
    Who told you about that? That was supposed to be a secret plan.

    Whoever leaked the plan is gonna die. We'll give him the old whitewash treatment, show him the might of House Douchebringer and the true meaning of our words, the traitorous cunt.
  11. "Winter is cumming from behind!"
  12. What is your meaning?
    Winter has already came!
  13. Winter comes twice!

    It was a LONG winter! Like 10 inches of it!
  14. Found @Razilin and @Jorick a fitting banner song to march by. Fits their fascination with the phallic.
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  15. But Raz favors racks...
    Unless he IS A TRAITOR!
    What do I care.
  16. @Jorick douchebringer has my daughters and has forced me to proclaim him the first of his name, rather than the herald of RACKS.

    should i denounce him for the dickloving priest that he is, i run the risk of war across the Iwaku Kingdoms
  17. ...

    Uh ...


  18. You also run the risk of your daughters being given to the guards for their amusement for a fortnight before I dismember them and send them back to you one piece at a time. :bitelip:
  19. I don't feel like Jorick makes for a just leader. Effective, perhaps.

    I say we throw him out.
  20. Just? You're looking for just in our world? Hahahaha!
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