Iwaku October Radio Show (#23)

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    The music between segments is all original done by The Cosmic Weiner Dog's ska band: The Casual Fridays. If you wish, you can download this song and several others (Many of which for free!) at this link:

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  2. Zen has a bag of dirt! She's got a bag of dirt! Guess what's inside it!
  3. ... I ate some more dirt last night. >.>
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  4. Somehow, I am not surprized.
  5. I made some of that stuff shortly after the radio show. Cept I used vanilla pudding. It was delicious.
  6. how do i audition for a segment or something? D:
  7. Drop a PM to CWD with your idea and join the group
  8. I have been waiting to see what this 'radio show' was all about.
    It was not disappointing, great job guys~!
    I look forward to the next one.
  9. CREEPY PASTA yesssssss lol Everyday there is something that makes this site more cool then yesterday.