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  1. So over the last few years I've started giving people nicknames here on Iwaku. Mostly because I can and the awesome people actually respond. Here's hoping I don't forget any of my lovelies.

    Vay - Captain
    Diana - Mrs. Cider
    October - Sunshine
    Woodrat - Linus (My Sweet Baboo)
    Ozzie - Ossodoll
    Myrnodyn - Mr. Nodyn
    Gibs - Deadstuff

    Some are obviously play on their names, there are others I haven't listed that have "common" nicknames that I use to.

    What say you Iwaku, are there people on site you've given extra names to? Is there a fun story behind it?
  2. I don't give nicknames. I have a hard enough time keeping everyone straight in the Cbox.
  3. October - Octopie
    Hirohashi - Young Spirit
    Diana - Mama Diana
    Tetsuri - Tetsu-kun

    ...cant think of anymore.
  4. I usually just have a few.. - w-
    Bruds = Jinx
    Mirurururururururururur/rurururururur/mirmirmirmir/ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu = Miru~<3~
    Ely-sans = Elyd
    Auntie Sele = Selenite
    Hubbu = GMK
    Ilisisser = Iliana
    Modniece = Modest
    Grggybear = Grg

    I dunno anymoar.
  5. Gibs = Giblet
    Dawn = Dawnu or Dawnie
    Revision = Revilicious
    Tribs = Tribbles

    That's all I can think of, of the ones I consistently call people.

    And it's either Revi or Tribs that call me cammehbug. :3
  6. Stacisaur---> Staci-chan
    Iliana---> Ili
    Cammykittypillar--> Cammy
    Kitti--> Kit-Kit
    Layne--> Lay-chan
    Me---> Tenchi

    That is all.
  7. Tribute = Tribbles!
    Ninja Kitty = Nijaki
    Gibs = Lovebunny

    I have a lot more but I cannot think of any at the moment. o____o Anyone that has a really long name, or a name that sounds silly and not like a name, I'll smash the words together and makeup a nickname. XD
  8. Grumpy = Grumpalumps
    Unanun = Do Doo Be-Do-Do
    WMD = Whoremaster Geoff
    Acquariana = Ack-Acka-Cack
    Woodrat = Woody
    Diana = Cuntface
  9. Unanun: Unananananananananananana
  10. Moron - All of you horrible lot
  11. Sergeant Shovelslap - lol wants to be Darkness
  12. Diana- Diana-sama
    Gibs- EvilMan
    Cerulean- Ceru-sensei
    Tetsuri- Testu-chan
    Iliana- Wonderana (because that name was amazing)
    Hirohashi- Hero or Hiroshi
    Myrn- Myrn-perv

    That's all for now~ <=W=>
  13. Hmmmm

    AnglKate: Katepocalypes

    That is the only even semi inventive one I've come up with. Usually it's something really generic, like adding 'Bro' to the end of a dudes name, like VayBro or MoonlitBro or adding 'ers' to the end of a girls name...Like Dianers, Kitters or Dawners. Ocha is great at coming up with names for people..I struggle at it > <
  14. Mittens- Mit-Sama

  15. I call Gibs Gibsider because I don't want to give up "The Deadsider" as a moniker. Also I call Jinx Xnij because I am stubborn. (Or Xnijy-pie sometimes, since I am his Governess.)

    I tend to stubbornly call people what they introduce themselves as. 'Cause I hate nicknames based on my first name.
  16. Kitti is called Kittin because it's cute, and she calls me Fluffen. xD
    Moonlit Blade is Juice (inside joke, he calls me Apple) or J, because his name's John.
    Jinx is Billyjinx. Another inside joke.
    Loveless is Lovesis 'cause, we're like, sisters.
    Myrnodyn is Myrnymyrn because...I don't know.
    Harpy is the only one I address as 'doll' for some reason.
    Rory is sometimes called Roru, lol. Or DJ.
    Zypher is Zyzy.
    Seiji is Robin (long story) or Seiju.

    That is all I remember.
  17. I don't want to BE you, I just flat-out WANT you.

    Hence your title of Captain Smexy.

    bt srsly, I have no nicknames.
    Calling Diana "Supreme Overlord" is more of a thing done out of fear.
  18. I am under the impression that I am too terrifying for anyone to give me real nicknames, IRL and here at Iwaku.

    If there's any nickname-ish thing at all, it's just Ara.

    I call BulletVixen "Beev" though :D
  19. :T

    Since everyone calls him Asmo, 'Asmodeus'
  20. Well I try to add Y's at the end of people's name...It just a thing I have but sometimes they REALLY hate it X__x' so I stopped :C

    But I call Xnij, Boobie Man (inside joke) or Grudge Man (inside joke)